: https://twitter.com/Mortdog/status/1098288262152519680 Man, you wish it was another grind. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Lapis (OCE)
: How long does maintenance usually last?
No one knows. its determined by a lot of things
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Pyrosan (NA)
: I'm an EUW player and I refuse to play on EUW.
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: If Kayle really does deal True damage every AA at level 16
jesus thats for real what they're gonna do...
: Kayle is becoming a damage god! Remove Damage immunity on her ult and make it a strong shield
Shes an hyper carry that actually scale like an hyper carry should be. Why remove?
: Pings Shouldn't Be Limited
: Red Post on Silver Kayle/Judgement Kayle??
: day 2
: Having trolls on your team shouldn't mean that you are the one that should get punished for it.
3 lp dosent affect your mmr. A lose (-16+) does affect your mmr. Tell me whats better.
: Old skins were made in a different time, under different standards for what they were.
> [{quoted}](name=Sona Ping,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MZbXEonn,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2019-02-19T21:03:21.607+0000) > > Old skins were made in a different time, under different standards for what they were. even then, the skins are updated to be 1850. the morgana one isnt
: Ever rolled it in Hextech Chests? It's her only skin that has a Red Ruby assigned to it. It's not really a Legendary, in my opinion, but NONE of her skins particularly have that flair. It's from the days before Riot considered special lines for Legendary skins. Kind of like Gentleman Cho Gath
the skin cost 1350 rp. they put the Legendary on it just cuz she's old and didnt have one. just like Annie in Wonderland. but they did change it to 1850 on annies case
Alzon (NA)
: Hey, I love my immobile melee champions >:^( {{champion:14}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:53}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:68}}
: Why is Blackthorne Morgana being made an accompanied splash art?
: Daily reminder: Garen is useless and requires a QOL upgrade.
: Hey you know what, Kayle dealing true damage at level 16 is okay
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: Hey Riot, You Promised You Will Keep The Supportive Aspects Of Kayle. Look At Her Ulti
: Tips for an silver player
stop playing random things. (like you did with jhin talon and xerath) and play the champs youre good with. (like lucian) look at me. i did this and now i have 66% wr in 29 games and i got to silver 1 so fast when my best rank last season was silver 2
SIayton (NA)
: How to counter Yasuo? I have a 100% lose rate to him currently.
: Can we make Zyra's E a little bit easier to see?
sorry but i for real. not flaming. think you need to go and check your eyes...
: That is not the "f-word." The f-word is **fuck**, and it's totally allowed. Fuckity fuck fuck. The word you used is a ***homophobic slur***, which is not the same as the f-word. It is a zero tolerance offense, and earns an immediate 14-day ban.
: 14-days banned for F-word
: Is there a botlane matchup you actually look forward to?
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: Because there is a differencr between afk and d/c in the system. Could you please be more clear on if they never connected or went afk?
we got a "A summoner has disconnected" the sec we got in to the match. but why wont it let us remake if its a dc? how is this our fault...
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Uriel (EUW)
: This was my most disgusting game seen so far.
Magnjus (EUW)
: Team banning my champ
this guy made a post about it. i agree. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/Klqq8oNY-pickshoversbans
ladtagex116 (EUNE)
: I hate this game
like i said on my post here " if your teammate was toxic. and you were toxic towards him because if it, it doesn't mean you shouldn't get banned because "he was more toxic"" you got banned if this game is so "shit" its a good thing!
: Any planned Zilean nerfs? He has been the highest winrate champions for at least 3 years....
: Considering hes making the game unplayable for me, telling the enemy where I am, taking my jg, and inting. You really honestly think that games winnable? Goes to show what bracket you play in if you think that's the case bud.
: Glad I AFK and get punished but someone can follow me, take my jg, and purposefully int, and nothing
Kaisha (NA)
: Yup... because defending ones self is wrong!!
: Uh yes lets ban free speech and the idea of defending yourself. What a great message that I should just let everyone step all over me. Also its more harmful than not because people flame and then you can't respond back and so you basically don't get your opinion heard and your point across and so you end up not being able to do anything. Also you tend to sit there frustrated because you can't speak your mind and don't want to get banned so you end up just frustrated for the rest of the game instead of being able to get it off your chest and continue on. Not to mention that riot and most of the players who are saying stuff like "toxicity is a problem in league of legends" don't even understand what toxicity is. If your baseball coach tells you that you played like garbage and that you need to practice your swing more that's not toxicity that's him trying to help you win. If a player on your team says that what you did was wrong that's not being toxic that's him trying to open a dialogue with you to try to sort out the issue before the game is over.
: if u dodge at 0LP u go to -3 LP lol
It has nothing to do with what i asked.
: I Don't really see what was so bad this gamechat.
: Ban Appeal - I don't think this is justified
If there are no chat logs. Nothing. And they say you got banned for being toxic? I dont think its the reason... its 1 shield ban 2 what tyoure saying isnt true
Ngozi98 (NA)
: Vayne - "Truely" Abusive
lvl 13 vs lvl 18 (or 16 i cant really tell) and vayne is a dueling champ. and its ezreal vs vayne. i dont see how its a good clip to say she's broken
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Hópe (NA)
: This ''leaving'' before a game is about to end needs to stop.
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FFrazien (EUW)
: Was Darius' season 3 Ult nerf reverted?!?!
: vayne mains told me adc items rework would be a nerf to vayne
I think it is more of a nerf to split pushing vayne. I am a vayne main and i do thenk she need a nerf. If you know how to play her she dosnet have any bad matchups. She has a good early game (not Good camile lvl vut not bad.)
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: 100% winrate Soraka in diamond
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