Break Me (EUNE)
: well he is not actually a weak champ,yeah maybe his basic attacks against minions and so are weak but in lane if you got a lot of minions with you just E ,Q ,W and he will take a lot of damage from the minions and from you because of your taunt and after that just back off a little,farm and do it again when your energy is full but im sure you already know that and after you get sunfire that already got a small buff you will give a lot more damage and also don't forget about titanic hydra just use it when you land your E and it will do good and yeah i will be very happy if he will get a small buff and i dont think riot hate shen and soon he will get a new skin if you get trouble playing with him i recommend watching ''tricky travster'' on youtube he is really good with shen and he made alot of guides that can help you
thnx i will try more to play better with shen and ill watch tricky travster games but farm with shen is still a big problem
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