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: what honor level are you? also do you have chest available on your profile?
I do not have a chest because I could not get it. It does not show me the honor, whoever is locked in ..
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Alzon (NA)
: Have you already acquired a chest for that champion? You can only get one chest per champion per year. Check Collections > Champions. You can earn a chest for any champion whose portrait doesn’t have a border.
I did not have an earned chest with that championon. I used to have a variety of champions who did not earn S but could not get it or a fragment too
Alzon (NA)
: Nope, you’re thinking of Mastery tokens. Chests are earned from any game mode.
I can not get them, and I did not have a chest with that champion. I do not know what the problem is.
VortexV9 (EUNE)
: In what game mode you got S? Only summoners rift modes ( draft, blind and ranked ) count for chests...
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