: Nothing about the ranked system really changed (at least for regions that are not NA or Korea). If you're losing games at bronze IV, it's not because your team sucks, it's because you suck, especially if you are duoing with a friend. Remember, if you're good, your team can have a maximum of 4 shitty players, while the enemy team can have 5. If you have a duo, that's minimized to just 3 shitty players. Instead of blaming the ranked system, why not focus on getting better yourself first?
How can I suck when I get fed most of my games, but my bot lane always feeds, even if I gank them, and then they start trolling and flaming me all game. They feed the adc and then he one shots everyone. It always happens to me, almost every single game. I guess it could just be my bad luck too, I wouldn't be suprised.
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