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: I've spent over 40,000 IP on runes
> I don't care if I get a single point back it's a bad system and if it's addressed (and fixed) for newer players and it gets more people interested in the game then it's worth it. Oh give me a break. I have spent even more IP than OP in runes and rune pages! And it's all before May 30th. The problem is that in order to have that many runes, I didn't buy champions and so I only have about half the champions!! If I spent my IP in champions, I would be missing 10 at most (I haven't done the math, but you catch my drift). I agree that It's a bad system for newer players, but here's an old player who got burnt by it and there are bound to be others too... I'm sorry I haven't played enough so that I have all runes and all champions and 100k IP to spare... Then I wouldn't care either. So yeah, I request a refund!!
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: Azir Q&A: Creative - COMPLETED
Multiple question attack! GO So what happened of the emperor after the ritual where xerath tricked him? where did he go? how did he ascend in the end?? what is ascension anyway? where did he come back from?? PS: this champ looks and sounds amazing, good work and thanks in advance. I look forward to playing as him.


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