: Report Your Nexus Blitz Bugs Here!
1. The enemy has no finished items, but can one-shot us. 2. Their Nexus didn't move at all, but ours was at the mid-way point and under attack - no surprise, we lost. 3. The Cargo was moving at normal speed while we were standing in its circle, but moved twice as fast while the enemy was in it - then suddenly, from the mid-way point, the cargo LAUNCHED into our tower. It wasn't close to it; it was right in the middle of the map. 4. Swain gets his ulti cooldown, but the damage didn't go off - has happened about six times already. Never mind that the actual animation went off. 5. The loot Veigar/Teemo is pretty much always starts in the enemy territory, regardless of which team has more kills. 6. Capture the flag spawned at the enemy base. Sure thing, let us just get through their towers. I don't know who play-tested this, but I also don't understand how this could move out of Alpha. I've never hated a League feature so much as this absolute rubbish one. If they'd just spent 1/5 of the effort and resources to ARAM, I wouldn't even ask more. But no, let the already existing modes die, and spend every manpower on something that's so awful and should still be in pre-alpha. Yes, I really despise. Which is sad as my friends wanted to play it, but all of them stopped after a few games. Not to mention that it's managed to be more toxic than ARAM (but not quite as much as ranked) - rape jokes, "kill yourself [black person]".
: Nexus Blitz Feedback
I think this is one of the worst game modes that Riot has developed, and it makes me kind of sad that it gets so much resources whilst Twisted Treeline has been left to die unceremoniously, and ARAM doesn't seem to be regularly maintained at all (besides the Butcher event - one in two years...?) despite its regular player-base. Do we really have to beg for months, or even years for changes in a game mode just so someone maybe pretend to listen, but ignore it anyway? It's a cool concept, but it's still so unbalanced, and more importantly, just like any game mode, brings out the worst in players. Riot mentioned that they don't have permanent game modes as players leave after them. NO. They leave the game, because of players who ruin it for them every game. Nexus is not different. I've tried it in Alpha with friends and we tried it now. Just awful. It's the exact same shit it was in Alpha.
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: It was supposed to be grind. That was the entire point. Also, they didn’t “secretly nerf” the gain rate, there was a bug and they added the tokens you earned back once they fixed it
There might be a difference between players doing a frind for something rewarding, and the same players feeling it's a borderline scam... Just sayin'... I've grinded a lot of things in games, but very few was worth it. Maybe check what other games are doing that actually satisfy their costumers...? Anyway, I don't care. After the last 1,5-2 years, I don't know a single person who is still willing to spend on this game and support it financially in any way. But, yeah, all of my friends quitting around the same period, and rather buying the more expensive games to play on/together, than playing a free-to-play team-based games that _used to be_ one of the best is surely just a coincidence.... It's not like smaller, free-to-play games like Warframe and Path of Exile can implement good changes and bonuses just for free as well... wait a minute... Just take a look at this year alone. Wasn't this the year where most people quit? Didn't the contetnt creators, players, and even some pros say how much they didn't, no, couldn't enjoy it anymore? Weren't badly implemented changes that a certain class still haven't recovered from? Didn't Riot buff champs just so they will be used in Worlds yet barely being played at all? Was it even a thought pros might not consider them viable at that level anymore (not even mentioning all three types hating Zoe and didn't think it was a good addition)? Players feeling like they do not matter, only the pro scene... yet, some pros got their starting positions taken away because the class they've been playing for years was not playable anymore - some rather opted out willingly just to not play in those games. When was a time ever Faker had to be subbed out or had to be on tank duty? Yes, they ahould adapt, but would you enjoy getting replaced by someone else because your work conditions were changed overnight? People asking for changes to Wukong, and Karma for months, yet the new champ gets everything they wanted, thus creating a bigger discrepency between old and new champs and players. Scarra just might have more credibility than a random forumer, and even he acknowledged this. Any little change like these could be potentially bad, but all of them together? In the same season? That actually started out good but by and after mid-season it became one of the worst for a lit of players? The idea of the Pass was arguablx good, but even with that you can barely get the Prestige skin, and not much else unless you play a really fucking lot of games a day. Not to mention that doing most or even every mission gives you a max. of 2 orbs (if you buy one), and you can't even buy a chroma. "Free" players, and "payers" all being let down more and more every event as éoot gets even more expensive. Just... just might be worth taking a look at why you are constantly getting negative feedback. I'm with the complainers on this one. I grind doesn't have to suck, and limited editions can be exclusive without totally burning out players. Also, some kda skins don't even look that good in-game... Bu it's not like relatively poorer quality skins were released this year.... {{champion:497}} {{champion:498}} not even an ultimate...{{champion:21}} If we don't count those who would complain just for the sake of it, people complain because there's a problem. If you just listen, you might realise what that is and can fix it. Or watch the player numbers go down. "How can this be? our game is perfect, people are just stupid" ps:I'm still a regular player and it's still my main game. But it's gone down hill real hard real fast.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 22
I'm... not too into the new third mini-rune options. I thought we were done with the old 'runes and masteries' system that just made some "raw" stats (also, it was always a bit weird of a thought that others start the game more just by buying something - thankfully that's not in the game anymore). The only thing I change is _attack speed_ for ADC's, and _cdr_ for everyone else. If anything, it's just another small nuisance in the lobby. A lot of the other changes didn't affect ARAM, so no idea. Everything's good...? Don't know. You made a bunch of changes, but the last pre-season was more exciting, and actually had to think for a few days before everything becoming standard. But I understand that it's a contradictory expectation to have impactful changes and not have changes at the same time. A boring pre-season for the most part... which might be good...? (Just do it in one clear go, not being fragmanted, e.g. marksmen changes.) Also, {{champion:96}} {{item:3153}} {{item:3124}} is "back" again, and I'm really not into it. A Kog just [straight up murdered](https://imgur.com/a/w9UqGMb) our whole team during the whole game. I can't remember him orbwalking a single time. In the first 5-10 mins he died really fast, but then he could just stood in one place and we'd still loose. ---- I've only played one day since the pre-season started, but I only had to report a few people instead of the usual "report after every game", and I had matches where people actually played the game, and not the typing/hissy fitting mini-game. So, even, if you didn't do anything, take some credit for it. Ps. I wish there were more chromas for base skins available to buy (with _Blue Essence_), and Legacy Skins would occasionally get something for them. I had ~20k blue essence, but I also mainly got Legacy skins or things like that from loots. It's cool to have this (could be around all year, though), and I'm not saying I already bought half of the Bullet Angel {{champion:145}} chromas, but could be more available. It's not like I really use my BE, nor that I can use it for other stuff in the game. ----- I was keeping it for the new champion, but I'm not gonna buy it, I don't think. I thought it was gonna be an AP toplaner/bruiser/fighter/something with a flower concept/abilities. A "miscommunication"/misunderstanding might've happened somewhere as some people thought it's gonna be like that. I do hope though another release/rework rotation will bring something like that. That concept looked pretty legit on paper, and I was into that. From the gameplay videos Neeko's play-style is not something I generally like (ADC, mobile fighters, longer range poke mages, or, I guess, "demons"?? {{champion:50}} {{champion:8}} ). I'm sure others will like it, and I already "got" reworks I liked, so it's pretty fair. Doesn't make it less strange that basically horror villains and Disney-Pixar/Ghibli characters are in the same game fighting each other. (Not an insult. I like Pixar-movies. I think Ghibli is a bit overhyped, though. I knew people who were absolutely into them, but those movies are pretty didactic - even worse in non-Japanese dubs. Also, Disney owns Pixar. Disney owns everything. I'm surprised Disney doesn't own Riot - but again, that's for 腾讯(Téngxùn).) I know it's such a long comment, but did you guys know or even hoped how fair {{champion:6}} will go?? It's just a bit strange seeing the **disconnect ** between the "darker" themes of the reworks, and the more "lighter" with some of the new champs, if this makes sense. It'd be interesting to know if this is in any way intended, or if you even get what I mean...? It's not a complaint per se, but it's a bit disheartening? that in the past ~2 years {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} were the last thing that was genuinely super exciting and I still enjoy playing, while the reworks provided more {{champion:3}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:6}} I still like playing. Some of them even looked pretty good in the teasers, but I felt them to be a bit... lackluster in the games in comparison. {{champion:20}} {{champion:84}} - didn't care about them before, and I still don't really play them. In this very specific and personal sense, they are "failed" reworks to me as they couldn't suck me in. Whatever I played before a mini-rework, I still play.
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: To People Saying Neeko's Sexuality Should Be Part Of Her Lore
I don't really care either way. Lore is irrelevant in a MOBA/non-RPG-style game where choices matter. But to be fair, unless that's the only way to unlock team members, I never do love interest "side-games" anyway, or care about who can make out with whom. I think KOTOR 2 was the only game where I couldn't unlock 1 character each, though, based on my run. In my female run (if a game is good and worth repeating, I might do different runs), I couldn't get another female member from a temple(??), but could make my male companion to be force sensitive. The male run had something else, but I can't remember. I've played Heroes for years without knowing anything about the characters, besides how to play them. I might be somewhat up-to-date in the lore of the champs I actually play a lot, and I've read some short stories this year, but that might be about it. I don't even know all the voice lines from all the champions (or maybe I know them, but can't quote them, but recognise them) as, besides the SFX for the abilities, everything is an a lower volume in my client nowadays. ---- I'm not a 100% sure, but I had a (presumably) gay guy in an extra curricular activity (I guess you could say it was that) in high school with me, and most likely (?) a lesbian girl in uni that I knew. I'm not sure as we never talked about it. Why? No-one gives a shit, and it was not important to the projects we were working on. The guy also didn't know personal things about me (well, besides what we talked about during classes, so mainly movie preferences), the girl knew me somewhat, just as I knew her somewhat. All we talked about with the guy is how to do the media projects we were working on, what and how should be edited in. We were not friends, and have never talked outside of group projects, but it's not like we had any problems with each other. Neutral "work" relationship. The conversations with the girl were mostly about exchanging notes, small talk, talking about certain theories from classes, and random crazy conversations - as we had mutual, not friends per se, but, people we both knew. We also had a small group chat for a while for the weird conversations. I don't think it ever came up whom we like. There were hm, signs she was into girls (well, a specific girl whom she was hanging around and seemed to be together after a while), but again, why would I ask about it? That has nothing to do with me. And if she told it, it's only fair for me to tell her whom I like, but since that wasn't mutual, I didn't quite wanna talk about it. ---- As for in media products, all I can talk about is movies. I usually find those movies better in quality that don't "force-feed" you information, or a character gives a long explanation monologue (usually on stuff that the characters in the film's universe should now, so that's purely for the audience). A good and a bad example of letting the audiance know more about a character: Mister Robot: male CEO: If you need any help, come by and have a dinner with me and my husband. robot: no, thanks. but I appreciate it ceo: sure. think about my offer, though. you can come any time It's not verbatum, and I can't even remember it well. I stopped watching it after the first season. But we learnt in 30 seconds that the CEO has a same sex husband, but more importantly (as that was not meant to be the main point), that he deeply cares about his employees. Good writing. A typical American movie would've spent minutes talking about his husband while ignoring the focus of the scene. I don't mind watching American movies, there's a lot of I like, and they are an important part of movies, but some of them patronise movie-goes so much. While a (I think) Mainland Chinese movie called 小时代 (which is like tiny times, or selfish times) had a really phoned-in scene in terms of writing. A fashion company is hiring female assistants. A really flamboyant guy was among the canditates waiting and the whole joke was based around him getting an e-mail, because he's name is Vivian, and that's a female name; he wasn't using his Chinese (first and last) name. The whole scene is weird. To be fair, the whole movie is weird. It's basically the Chinese version of The Devil Wears Prada, but it's trash. It was interesting analysing it, and what it says about the younger Chinese generation, if I remember correctly... but the film itself is still rubbish, though. ----- Tl;dr: a lot depends on which medium we're talking about, and what's the purpose of it. For MOBAs, I don't care. The only thing that matters to me is gameplay and whether I like playing a champion. She doesn't seem to be something I generally like to play. But there had been reworks I enjoyed, and there will be release/rework rotations with something I like/fits my "champion pool" better. And that's fine. If you didn't like what I liked, you might liked other releases, or this new one. I'm gonna be honest, I thought we were gonna get an AP toplaner/something more of an AP fighter, and I'm kind of bummed out by it. Not really, though. I don't know why we thought the new champ is gonna be a toplaner. But, otherwise, I don't care. It was just probably miscommunication - either Riot wasn't clear, or we misunderstood a line in their blogs. Happens.
: Anti Troll Picks in Ranked
Report button/option in champ select, not just after the game.
: New Dark Harvest rewards poke champs
I haven't played on the new patch, and I also don't even understand how the new DH works. That being said, I don't really see the point of dealing damage to someone below 50% health (that's how it works, right?). * If someone can get you low, chances are, they can kill you as well. * If someone can 100-0 you in 0.5 secs to begin with, they can do it without this as well. I'd rather have it to do for 70-100% health enemies, or to tanks that have a bunch of health and resistences... I don't know... be a big first hit, or an actual way to "break" their armor (literally, if they get one passively, or from an ability, and figuretively, making it faster killing them). Just a thought. Also, I wonder how much DH and Coup de Grace help each other out. Btw, > If you are skilled enough to dodge their skill shots then I think that DH is balanced because somebody like Karthus can’t really reliably stack it on you. even on my best days, I can't dodge every single Q, and his ult is targeting your whole team, and it is a guaranteed hit on 5 (if living) enemies. Very little counterplay: {{champion:432}} ult {{champion:164}} maybe jumping to an enemy at the right time with ult. not tested {{champion:28}} not tested, but her ult should avoid it (being hit, that is, that's what I'm listing) {{champion:60}} ??? {{champion:105}} E {{champion:114}} W????? - even if you can parry it, it hits you, so {{champion:30}} gets a stack for DH. {{champion:420}} ult???? {{champion:10}} ult still might give a stack {{champion:141}} not sure how that interaction works - him ulting as being ulted {{champion:35}} not sure if him ulting avoids this type of targeted damage. in theory, you can dodge some with it, but I can never do it {{champion:8}} pool might avoid it. I should know this, I tried this before, but I really can't remember - can't remember all the possible interactions in the game {{item:2419}} {{item:3157}}
: PSA to ARAM Players for this current patch
ARAM being buggy, because it's not regularly maintained (or it doesn't feel that way) even though it has a regular playerbase? Nah, that never happens. Maybe just the time when I click left, but my character tries to bypass the turret to the right side. When you start on the left side, and wanna go to the bushes for control, so you're clicking the upper part of the map, but your character tries to path below your upper Nexus turret - that shouldn't even be possible; I clicked elsewhere, upwards, in a straight line. Or when I seem to not being able to go over the "air". Or when I get stuck into _a_ single minion. Not to mention a wave of minions, or when you can't hit the Nexus/defend it as supers body blocked you out of the way. Or when I get stuck into a fat poro (why is that even a mechanic, are they coded as minions if they get big??), and die. Or when you sometimes can't see the health relics, even though they're there. Or when hook champions suddenly have heat-seeking missiles in the form of their hooks and leech onto you even though it wasn't even close to you/wasn't shot into your direction, or minions and/or allies were standing in front of you and should've not hooked you ignoring everyone. The "fallen" part next to the rightside tier 1 turret is actually "fallen" so you can't click to it, and you get blocked by an invisible wall, so you can't always dodge skillshots there. Not sure if this makes sense without a video, but maybe, if you play a lot of ARAMs. --- But good to know. At least you can be the last line of defence inside your Nexus.
Saezio (EUNE)
: {{champion:39}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:39}} and I don't play ADC but I am pretty sure it would still be {{champion:39}}
Ah, yes. I was playing {{champion:110}} once, I had{{item:3153}} {{item:3124}} {{item:3004}}, and around 1500 or more health at that point, also had 8-ish kills. She Q'ed me once and gave me a basic attack. I was dead. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Name 5 busted champions you always ban depending on your role
I generally base mines on what's really obnoxious or annoying to play against. Obviously, you can't ban everything, not even 10 bans are enough, so some of them are just hypothetical - and sometimes you just panic ban something. Being top: {{champion:122}} (E is so buggy) {{champion:24}} (you can beat him, but he can still do 2k mixed damage just by existing) {{champion:14}} (5k+ health idiot ulting for your inhib and he can take it, if you don't stop it, but he can also take it after killing him, so you waste manpower on him) {{champion:6}} (might as well ban, if I'm not on him) Being mid: {{champion:105}} (I don't want her jumping around and that fish ulti is so annoying) {{champion:238}} (I don't like ultis that just "blink" or jump to you in a point and click way to you and champs that can hit the 1 {{item:3133}} powerspike and be unstoppable/exist in the game again with just that; am I a 10/4 {{champion:29}} {{item:3095}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3153}} against a 0/4 {{champion:238}} {{item:3133}}? Guess who's winning that...) Dishonorable mentions: {{champion:142}} (need no explanation) {{champion:45}} Don't really ban {{champion:157}}. A {{champion:157}} is always a free win for one team - but that team might not be the one he's on. Junglers in general: {{champion:120}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:121}} No ponies, cat-dogs, and bugs in my games with {{item:3147}}, thank you. Being in bot lane: {{champion:53}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:412}} To be fair, if I'm playing bot, I'd just ban all supports. They are so much more impactful now, and picking anything besides {{champion:81}} or maybe {{champion:236}} into bind/hook supports feels almost like a death sentence {{item:3690}}. Dishonorable mention: {{champion:84}} Weird champion. If you're not good with her, she's useless, but she can also do a lot of damage, even if you suck at her. I was playing against one as {{champion:50}} and I seemed to be winning lane with doing half of her hp in trades. We went back, she got a single {{item:3145}} and insta-killed me. I could not do anything from that point on. Excuse me, how do you go from reasonable threat to 100%, don't even go near her with a component. "A" component. That's why I dislike assassins as well. Kinda {{champion:157}} too. We were winning an ARAM game, and the actual 0/10 {{champion:157}} happened on the enemy team. But after he fed into his {{item:3046}} {{item:3031}} powerspike, he killed half of our team with a single ulti - might have been the first one he hit, take and won. I was not expecting him doing any damage.
Akalix (NA)
: No change for Twisted treelin? Problems will come again from duo jg(Especially for Twisted Treeline)
I've played ~15 or so games in TT this year (after not even touching it for years), and I think it has much bigger problesm. It's so out-dated, it'd need a complete rework, or at the very least more major changes to be good. It still uses the old banning system, the lobby is buggy, there are no defiened roles or even role-selection, the map is ugly and kind of meh, top is super isolated, I cannot tell when the alters are up/already captured by us, the spider ("Baron") buff is way to strong compared to towers, death timers are super high, kind of not obvious what you can build and should build on the map, and sometimes if just one lane loses, it seem to be over, also some junglers have so much influance. Which is a shame. Some friends thought about playing together, and it was actually fun. But loosing a game we were hard winning just because 1, towers are weak, 2, the spider buff was so strong 3, we had something like a 1-2 min death timer with the same amount of deaths that would be so much lower in ARAM was really not a good feeling. Also, I've never seen that strat that you mentioned. It definitely wasn't a thing in my TT elo. There was one game when the enemy didn't even had a jungler (or at least, not technically as she didn't even bring {{summoner:11}} ). But it's not like ARAM is regularly taken care of (it had like 1 changing perioed in the last two years? with the Butcher's Bay event, or whatever it was called exactly), even though, I'd assume that has a much bigger regular (or even exclusive) player-base. If it's not ranked (which I find to be the worst part of this game based of how much more toxic that is, and how easily people ragequit there, even if we're winning), or one of the "newest, bestest" ideas, it doesn't matter. :/ But it's the same with the "rotating" game modes. I vaguely remember them existing in the game. I wonder what happened to them? Some of them could've easily been permanent little de-tilting/"casual with friends"/mini-action-adventure-rpg/"metroidvania" (not really, but let's just say that) modes always in the client with just a few changes or developments over a few weeks/months based on player feedback. Wait, that sounds familiar. A game mode that gets constantly worked on based on testing and feedback. And it won't let to die and be forgotten? Naah, that's not possible. People would not play the game anymore, if that happened. Right....?
La Bello (NA)
: I actually dont think Neeko should ever have made it to PBE with her current kit
I'm kind of whatever about her. I might've misunderstood something, because I thought we were getting an AP toplaner (with much more of a flower thematic/"flower weapons"?), but I guess a new top laner/buriser/champ fitting my play styles (ADC, somewhat mobile fighters/bruisers, longer rage poke mages) will come in another release/rework rotation. But I do feel kind of the same. Her current kit cannot be balanced well. Obviously, I'm not a dev, but I've been playing this game for 3+ years, and it gives me the feeling of "taking over the game or nothing", and a sense of being obnoxious to play against. Not even OP _per se_, but I'd rather ban something that's just annoying to play against. There's not enough bans that both teams can ban every strong pick out. I wonder if wards can reveal her mimicry, or the clones have a different colour/shade. I'm not sure if {{champion:7}}'s clone has, but I think her clone always runs _away_ from the damage (unless you manually control it). I kind of think the direction champ (kit) desing is going can be "dangerous" as the new champs seem to have so much going for them. Unless, every new champ will have _just as much_, making a new one in a some role as an "overloaded" character would feel _lackluster_. Just like older and/or not-yet-reworked champ might underperform (even more) in the future. That's what I'm kind of concerned about. Some champs can take over games with a simple lead. So, either they have to be balanced themselves, changing their kits (if a "balanced" state cannot be achieved), balancing what they're interact with - items they use, and the champs they might face in their roles. (Pro play is nothing like our games, but it already happened there that {{champion:266}} {{champion:6}} laid claim to toplane (and mid), and so did {{champion:112}} as a counter to them, I believe. Or {{champion:120}} a few times. Pros _had to_ pick or ban either or both of them.) I think I get what you mean, but I think {{champion:202}} and {{champion:51}} are different type of snipers. Or, rather, {{champion:51}} is a hunter, just with longer auto range and a long rage ulti. But I also think {{champion:51}} had bigger problems that has led to this. I think the first one was changing her auto attack speed last year for pro play (not too sure, if this was ever changed back), then she became more trap oriented (I actually dislike this, I have to really on someone walking into one way too much for a good damage), then crit items were changed. Also {{item:3031}} which I sometimes just skip. ---- I also get being not even disappointed, but "whatever" about champions. Although, thematically they might have been interesting, I couldn't find too many champions that I _enjoyed playing_, and felt they were befitting me gameplay-wise. {{champion:20}} can be fun on ARAM, but I wouldn't pick it myself - I play it when I get it and can't reroll to something better {{champion:84}} didn't play the old one much, don't play the new one. I'm not even too into assassin in this game. {{champion:266}} not sure how I feel about him. I don't seem to win on him much, and I really hate that his Q locks you in animation - it's so silly when you die mid-air, mid-animation during his Q3 as you are in air, but the damage didn't go off yet. He's also probably the one I'm most disappointed by - not even a juggernaut that was promised; you're better off building damage on him. {{champion:555}} not sure. I'll play him on ARAM, if I get it. You can do really well, or not do anything. But the ulti is always somewhat relevant. {{champion:145}} not sure. Should like her, but she feels so number dependent to me. Sometimes she feels kind of strong, sometimes she feels weak. I can never do really well on her. Maybe I'm just "cursed" on some ADC's. {{champion:142}} wanted to play her after the teasers, but I realised she's deceivingly immobile (yes) and I just didn't enjoy playing her. I also don't particularly like playing against her. She's also a numbers champ. One-shots you, or not, but there's very little in-between. {{champion:28}} didn't play the old one more than a few times, but I like the new one. Not the most viable on ARAM. {{champion:141}} not sure. I don't play jungle, and he's not that good on ARAM in my experience. {{champion:516}} meh, I'm not that good with him. Also, I'm not that into playing "pure" tanks, with the exception of {{champion:78}} and {{champion:98}}. {{champion:498}} {{champion:497}} the last adc and support I was excited by, but Xayah feels very patch-dependent (and "me"-dependent hitting every stun, or not hitting a single one; her itemization could be slightly better), while I can always do _something_ with Rakan. {{champion:164}} probably the last that truely deliver her thematics to the gameplay to me. Okay, this might not make any sense. Whatever. She seemed interesting, and it was fun playing her. So, as an older (as in has been playing for years) League player I could find like 3-4-5 champs in the past 2 years that a, I was excited to see (the _abilities _looked interesting) b, enjoyed playing c, still enjoy them, or all of them. I'm talking gameplay-wise only. That's the only thing that matters to me in a MOBA. I used to play Heroes a lot, and while I kind of knew how to play every hero at the time I was playing, I don't think I know the story of any of them. The thingy that sticks to an ally's body just to be heal bot has to be one of the most boring and awful champ designs, while Nazeebo (shaman guy with frogs) is really good at "encouraging" your team mates to participate in the fights - by caging them in with the enemy. Wait wut? Nevermind.... I also know even older players in League whose favourites are still old champions. I obviously don't have large numbers on this, but some players might feel disconnected with some new ones, or can't find anything that fits their class-styles that they like within a year or two, or players in general might feel that every new champion _needs_ go a step above the previous one and give one more to it. Strangely enough, reworks bring the darker looking (or even edgy) champs, while the new releases seem to be disconnected from that, bringing happier looking ones. Not necessarily a problem. It can feel a bit confusing and funny seeing Disney/Pixar-ish (cause, yeah, they are one company overall, Pixar being a subsidiary) characters and basically horror villains in the same loading screen, though. Also, that's why I sort of think one of the new champs or reworks should be a top laner, then a jungler/or a support. If we go by roles as kind of these three are the ones that haven't gotten much champions recently. If we go by "opportunity space", who knows...? Something that can be flexed to every possible role and definitely will be balanced. x'D Kind of seems like Riot is not into the idea of champs having a defined role anymore - yet, players need to have one. Interesting... not relevant at all here. Ps. I forgot about {{champion:50}} and {{champion:39}}. Birdman, cool. Much more useful than the old one overall. I like him. Irelia. Liked the old one better. She could've been viable with a mini-rework; there were more champs in much bigger need of a rework. New one's okay, but some pro players mentioned that Riot "nerfed" her passive the wrong way. Just because they changed one of my favourite and one of my very first champs, I'm not sure I'll ever gonna like her as much as the old one. But I do admit the old one was just okay into everything, and wasn't always a threat.
Meddler (NA)
: Loading Screen Update coming to PBE
> stable launch Don't break our hearts with promises you can't keep. Otherwise, pretty nice looking designs (the rank borders could be all around broader, though). At least, we can read something during our 5 minute loading screen. Wish I was kidding... {{sticker:cass-cry}} Will there be positional ranks shown on the borders (e.g. 3 most played _and_ highest ranked ones)? [Warning, [trash Paint job example](https://imgur.com/a/wQjxyE3).] Additionally, your past rank could be shown as a horizontal "line" below the border. ---- Since you put mastery points visible: [Making the mastery system actually matter](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/ZxFvEWdQ-i-still-believe-that-champion-mastery-should-decay-over-time?comment=0004)
: Ranked changes coming to PBE for 8.24, 9.1, and 9.2!
Hi, 1. Will there be positional ranks shown on the borders (e.g. 3 most played _and_ highest ranked ones)? [Warning, [trash Paint job example](https://imgur.com/a/wQjxyE3).] Additionally, your past rank could be shown as a horizontal "line" below the border. 2. These changes can go really well, but are you guys gonna try to do something about soft-hard trolling, inting, ragequitting, and toxicity in ranked? Because that is the biggest reason people (I've talked to) hate ranked (or have quit League for good, even though, they were players from the old swamp-looking Summoner Rift). It's a bit absurd that I didn't had a single quality game in my past 60 ranked games, and the good-bad ratio seem to be 1:6-8. There were games that were so toxic, and trolled, I felt ashamed and dirty, but I wasn't even doing those things. I've had more serious, _and_ competitive matches in ARAM where neither teams were flaming, but playing the game to the best of their abilities, plus, it was a good, old-fashioned (30-40 mins games League was used to none for) games where the last team fight decides everything, and not an unstoppable snowball, or a single push that takes 2 of our towers in 30 secs, even though, we dominated in the first 5-10 mins. Ranked doesn't feel competitive anymore; it has lost its competitive nature a long time ago - unless, it's about who can be the biggest troll. Even sadder thing is, no matter what new thing you put into the game, or how many times you guys reference players quitting in mass amounts after a rotating game mode - pretty much everything in this game is mostly ruined by toxic players. I have about ~120 screenshots from casual negative attitude to racism, and straight on "get ebola and die", or "get raped". 'Kay, I'm reporting you, but how am I even supposed to react to that? Our free time is ruined by one person in the first game, who might've just logged in to start the game with (not verbatum) "surrender then kys retards". With how you designed your feedback system, who knows any of them have been even dealt with? Some with random game modes. We stopped playing all of them, because all of them were being trolled after the first day. Whether it's ARAM, RGM, or ranked, it's the same thing. 3. Do you _really_ think positional ranking will be a good idea? I can see it encouraging trolling even more, and it can go down a rabbit hole real fast. [Huzzy has also talked about this](https://youtu.be/hzSIiURVTB4?t=1145) - if I'm not mistaken, the two of you have talked about this. It's quite possible it'll bring more trolling and champ selects with "jg or troll" starting packs. It's mind-boggling to me that problems from 3 years ago (when my friends were still playing) are still the same as today. Nothing has changed, nor had been done about it. A possible solution could be (what, if I'm not mistaken, is present in every MOBA, even MMO's) a report button in the lobby. When someone's trying to steal your role, you report it. This gets cross-referenced with your selected roles, the one you were officially given in the lobby, and the lane you've spent the majority of the first 10 mins. Heroes has an in-game report button. 4. Do you think with the new system most people won't get bunched together into Silver and be assumed to be on the same level? Even in Silver, and even between tiers only, the difference between two players are really vast. Random: * [Making mastery system actually matter](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/ZxFvEWdQ-i-still-believe-that-champion-mastery-should-decay-over-time?comment=0004) * [Rewards and possible solutions to some toxicity](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/community-moderation/WdU7vaWI-there-can-be-no-glory-without-honor?comment=0008) - even, if you think anything else is rubbish, just think about integrating sport psychological advices into the game/client. ---- Will there ever be something done about autofill? I don't know a single person who likes it. I also always get autofilled for support - which is whatever, but if I wanna play that, I can queue up as; I used to play a lot of support -, never something else. [Pro player Vizicsacsi talking about autofill problem in Challenger](https://youtu.be/rlyvXetAAB4?t=2764) So, the stream is in Hungarian. I'm gonna give you a shortened version, not a full translation (~15-20 secs in total). I can give you later if you want, but it's almost midnight here, and you can see my message not being totally coherent. His team has two support mains in the bot lane, while the enemy (red) team has two adc mains. So why can the system put one of them into their actual roles? I get it, you guys can never admit, if you ever made a mistake (just speaking in general), but some systems and approaches in the game are... yeah... Otherwise: Although, I'm an ARAM-player (the above mentioned reasons included as to why), at least visually and on a concept-level, the ranked changes seem good. The client's looking a bit better as well. Not sure if it can handle it, as it always not working after a patch, but whatever. But while we're at it. If nothing else changes, can you guys, please, move the recent honour reports and the first win of the day pop-ups move down and up just a few centimetres/inches in the client, respectively? They are super annoying as the first one block the end-game stat screen and the inventory/loot menu, while the latter one blocks the new game button. I have to inefficiently click 4 more times just so I can see same data, or go back to the party screen. If I play a lot that day, I have to click a hundred times (with honors I get, and reports I send). Same with completing any mission during events. The whole screen gets blocked. Just make it so there's an icon next to the mission icon for completed missions. ---- Good changes to the placements. Although... they are the weirdest part of ranked games, and that's where I've seen the most toxicity and ragequitting. But the "transparency" changes make it so much better. But it's not like anything's gonna really change...
: when you accidentally push decline instead of accept on que
https://www.twitch.tv/vizicsacsi/clip/MushyDifficultAdminTBCheesePull Not even pro players can be saved from this.
: Anyone here put off by Riot's current art decisions?
You kind of have a good point there. I'm not against anime-style looking girls per se (also, since that's movie territory basically, I'd argue it's not anime as that has certain connotations in style, and where it gets made - just like there's no single definition for a "noir", even though, it has its genre, but when you hear this name, and have something that was called this before, you have certain expectations, anyway...). I think this animation is more """American"""/maybe Pixar-style. That's not necessarily a bad thing in itself. But might not be a good fit, if you prefer a more mature look for animation. (I like both, and both has its place.) But, I'm kind of disappointed, as I thought we're gonna have a top lane mage. That also has something to do with flowers....? I don't know, I had a different champion, thematic and play-style in mind that I was kind of looking forward to as (not counting reworks) not many characters released in the past 2 years made me excited, or they just didn't live up to the teasers, trailers, or the concept of the characters. I wanna see and test how it plays out, but just from the video, and my years of experience playing League (and games) tells me, this champ might not be a fit with the champs I like, or my general play-style in League. I can think of games where it'd be a fit, but I don't play them. And looking at the champs released in the past two years (not counting reworks), releasing a top laner (and to be fair, probably a jungler, though, I don't play that role) wouldn't be an awful idea, as they are the ones not represented in the roles. I don't wanna go into wild theories based of off a teaser that usually tells nothing and feels very scripted... being said that, if she's gonna be anything like Zoe, I have a feeling a lot of players will not take it kindly, and might even leave for good. Again, we need not only the video, but a full week or two playing as, with, and against it to have a really good idea as to how it works and where it fits in the League Universe, if this makes sense. But it certainly shows "a" direction where new champs are headed, and I'm a bit concerned about it. I don't know, it just gives me the feeling of a champ that's either useless, or super obnoxious, and could not be balanced without changing its kit. You know what I mean? > League used to be much more than this. Now all I see are edgy boys and hot chicks. I get what you mean, but I don't really care. You could give me the ugliest voidling creature, with an almost shapeless form, just a mass of void with tentacles. If I liked it, I'd still play it. Also, by ugly I mean not attractive, but it still have to be aesthetically good, fitting the thematic of the champion, and the overall League Universe. But just from the video, her kit seem to contain a lot of things players hate in League, and getting compared to Zoe (even with a different lead designer) is not a good sign in LoL. Yes, Zoe had a really interesting kit (even though, I think she's kind of boring to play as), but that also means it's always either too weak, or too strong. A really interesting addition, but also something that's really outside of the League Universe, and she has had to be a god(???), diety of some sorts to be explained. I'm not that into lore, so I might not know fully what she is. But I know, I don't like playing against something that can one-shot me with a single ability, but I need a full combo rotation for that. I wanna see what the next 1-2-3-5 champs will be as that'll indicate even better where the general champ design is headed. I also get the edgy boy critisism, and I do kind of agree, but we had thematically darker champs as well - but most of them came with the reworks. I've never really thought about it, but there seem to be a disconnect between "new" champs, and "reworks", both thematically and which League universe they exist in - the one that's a Disney/Pixar movie, or the one where you have to fight for your life against humans, invaders, dieties, gods, etc.
: Neeko
This is not what I imagined it would be. I thought we were getting a top lane mage, and I was kind of excited about it - and looking at the champs released in the past two years (not counting reworks), releasing a top laner (and to be fair, probably a jungler, though, I don't play that role) wouldn't be an awful idea, as they are the ones not represented in the roles. I don't wanna go into wild theories based of off a teaser that usually tells nothing and feels very scripted... being said that, if she's gonna be anything like Zoe, I have a feeling a lot of players will not take it kindly, and might even leave for good. Again, we need not only the video, but a full week or two playing as, with, and against it to have a really good idea as to how it works and where it fits in the League Universe, if this makes sense. But it certainly shows "a" direction where new champs are headed, and I'm a bit concerned about it. I don't know, it just gives me the feeling of a champ that's either useless, or super obnoxious, and could not be balanced without changing its kit. You know what I mean?
: I actually despise Neeko.
This is not what I imagined it would be. I thought we were getting a top lane mage, and I was kind of excited about it - and looking at the champs released in the past two years (not counting reworks), releasing a top laner (and to be fair, probably a jungler, though, I don't play that role) wouldn't be an awful idea, as they are the ones not represented in the roles. I don't wanna go into wild theories based of off a teaser that usually tells nothing and feels very scripted... being said that, if she's gonna be anything like Zoe, I have a feeling a lot of players will not take it kindly, and might even leave for good. Again, we need not only the video, but a full week or two playing as, with, and against it to have a really good idea as to how it works and where it fits in the League Universe, if this makes sense. But it certainly shows "a" direction where new champs are headed, and I'm a bit concerned about it. I don't know, it just gives me the feeling of a champ that's either useless, or super obnoxious, and could not be balanced without changing its kit. You know what I mean?
: Why does Neeko need an Amumu ult? How does it make sense, thematically?
That's actually a pretty legit question. From the teaser trailer it seems she's very squishy, and more of a _trickster_. It doesn't really makes sense for here to go into the middle of a fight. (Also, I kind of thought her _mimic _ was her ulti. I guess, it's her W, or passive, then.) But I'd like to see an actual video of her, know the numbers, and test it out myself. It was AOE, but the {{champion:498}} also pulled back her feathers at the same time.
: Pulsefire Twisted Fate Animations
I really hate that skin (it's one of those skin lines that feel awfully unfair to play against, but got green lighted and made this way anyway). Just yesterday I was playing against one. I can barely see his Q, and W, and I died, because he ulted next to me (not to a bush, or anything, next to me in plain view), but I didn't see it. I'm not even colour-blind, but there are so many skins and abilities in the game that are really difficult to see, or get lost really easily in all the cluster of animations, you can just die and not know why. They might have difficult to see animations, a shade of colour that gets lost in all the animations and abilities in a team fight, or it's not distinct enough from the whole background of the game. Really high on my hate list are: Lunar {{champion:51}} (traps) and Death Sworn {{champion:112}} (laser, and cage) skins with their almost invisible abilities. Then Star Guardian {{champion:16}} (her E animation on the ground is smaller than the actual hitbox, so it hits you anyway), and Star Guardian (hm, am I suggesting a pattern here...?) {{champion:99}} - same hitbox problem with the her Q; it's definitely didn't hit you, but stuns you anyway. Also, it's kind of strange that while pro-players get a list of skins they can't play (I think Vandal {{champion:79}} is one of them), they can exist in our "normal" game; yep, that's totally fine... Come on... Some of them do give some advantage...
: I still believe that Champion Mastery should decay over time.
I think it should be _dynamic_, if you will. I can't guarantee that I can write well at this moment, but bear with me for a second. It's not a flashed out idea, but I'd probably prefer this to the current one. (Also, I've seen players try to soft bully others out of their champs to give it to them, just because they have a mastery lv. 6-7 on them. So? Irrelevent. Plus, why are you playing ARAM then?) Instead of being a simple levelling thing based on how much you play with a champ, it should be based on (or a variation of) win/games. The system takes into account the last X (let's say from a hundred) games and whether you have a positive winrate on that champion. Looking at your profile, you seem to like [{{champion:22}} ](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kKhtVm0gJs) [a lot](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5kKhtVm0gJs). If you can keep that 56% winrate on her, you then have a mastery. That could also be a little icon showing in champ select, or the loading screen. There are 3 variations I could think of (that shouldn't necessarily follow the current one, also the 7 levels): 1. Always have a "mastery", but get your level based on your performance. So, something like a mastery lv. 1 would be 0-20% winrate, and what is now lv. 7 is above 80, or 90%. 2. The mastery only shows up above a 50%, so (net) positive winrate. 3. You can go up to a certain level in mastery, but the higher ones are "capped". So, you can be mastery 1 and 2 in Silver, but can only be 3 in Gold, 4 in Plat, 5 in Diamond. (Because you can have the [most mastery points](https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=highest+mastery+points) in the world, but still be in Bronze. That's totally fine in on of itself, but giving advice or making a guide on your champion would still be a bit iffy. Might sound harsh, but the point of a mastery system should be showing how good you are on something.) It's a very RPG-like thing having a one-way linear progression bar on champions, but since it's not really an RPG per se, and you can't even unlock stuff with it, it's meaningless. That tells zero information on you, besides that you played that champion a lot. I have mastery lv. 5 on champs I'd never pick by myself, nor do I really enjoy them. I got it from ARAM, because it's random10 - you get the same champs over and over again, and not get some champs for months. You don't even have to be decent on them. That beind said, I'm certainly not opposed to the idea of tying chromas (as they require much less resources to make than skins) into the mastery system. Whatever champs you end up having an X mastery level on (by the end of ranked season - as that's usually when the season officially ends, so you don't have to have 3 separate dates for rewards), you get a chroma for at the end of season. Or, at the very last, a specific champion mastery icon. Yes, that would mean making maybe even 5 icons (for the 5 mastery levels) for every champion, but making an icon is not as pricey as making a skin, I assume, and it only needs to be done just once, after that it just needs to exist in the system. Should that happen, yes, that's an invesment they need to make for their players. It'd be interesting to know how much money, personnal and time is needed to make a chroma compared to a skin, though. (Also, it might sound cool at first, if you could get a free skin; any one from the list, or all five, as a reward for having X number of mastery champs, or being this rank, etc. They are for each role, but you may not play any of them, so it'd be totally useless for you. I don't know, just an idea of the game being more rewarding, if you actually play a lot.) Also, if we really wanna talk about tying mastery to skill, and also giving rewards, it's not totally out of the question for mastery to be only atteinable in ranked.
: The PRE-pre season shouldn't happen.
Take a break, de-stress, discover new games, never come back.
BambiTheNub (EUNE)
: Name Change on EUNE with Korea name
Ulanopo (NA)
: There Can Be No Glory Without Honor
I _personally_ don't think you should have any rewards _at all_, and this feels like a slap in the face for those who stabely maintained their honor level, have never been punished, and tried not to be the toxic part of this community. Feel free to hate me for this all you want, I don't care, either way. ---- **That being said**, I keep seeing more toxicity every year, so changes need to happen. A whole paradigm shift needs to happen - both by Riot (yes, they let it get to this point) _and_ the community (we can decide how we want to people in games - even though, it can be really hard to not get affected by everything that's happening in the games). If it was up to after some of the things I've seen in my games, I'd do massive permaban waves. But, sadly, that's not a solution, just putting out a sympton, but if and when new people come and become toxic, we might as well ban everyone until no-one plays the game anymore. But I do wanna make a distinction, a threshold, between players. If you're wishing ebola on everyone in the match, or talking about how you'd rape someone's mother (he technically said fuck, but I'm translating it as rape in the context), then you'd castrate them, I'm sorry, but not sorry, please, don't play a competitive team based game and think about talking with a professional for possible anger issues. You should be perma- and ID-banned. Anything below for those who are not up to this point. You are not awful people, just got really emotional, and couldn't handle it. I'd rather play with you, then someone who's intentionally trying to throw the games by 1, being toxic and affecting everyone's willingness to play well 2, actually throwing it as well, and potentially ruining a whole day of just wanting to play with friends. If you just stop typing, and play the game again, we can win. How knew? It happens very rarely, but there were times people stopped it, and started playing again. Guess what, we won. But if you are ragequitting after going to every lane to give a kill to the enemy intentionally, chances are, we're loosing. We were winning before? Doesn't matter. A non-complete list of possible solutions for the problem itself: * Like I said, this is a _competitive_ team-based game in a "stressful" environment (a video game, irl football competition, university project with other people, applying for a million euro scholarship with others - they all have similarities. Thus, it should be treated as such. With the help of professional sport psychologists, coaches, athletes, LCS/LCK/whatever C pros making a **"guideline"** of some description. A detailed guide implemented in the client, as well as short videos on how to deal with competitive environments, stressful situations, competitive stress (which is not a bad thing per se by in itself). There should be a separate menu point for all of these **within the client**. It should be always accessible and updated, but also gets triggered every time you reach a new honor checkpoint or other "milestone" either way (down _and_ up, warning and positive re-enforcing ones, respectively). *Even if that's "not how the system works" (we wouldn't be told the 100% truth anyway), but if you get 9x'ed in a single game, or you've been consistently reported in your past X games, you A, get a time-out to take some break B, a video will first pop-up with relaxation and breathing techniques (mandatory to watch it to the end, otherwise, you can't access the client) C, you are watching then a video about red pandas or whatever cute animals you're into playing in the snow. Don't even fucking argue about this point. If you can't take 2 mins to relax a bit, you're done for today. * Better incentives and rewards for being honorable and levelling up. I wouldn't even totally rule out choosing a chroma from a list (of already made ones) should you finish the season on honor 5. That being sad, harsher and more immediate punishments for really toxic people, hard trolling, and inting (ragequitting included). Increasingly harder punishments for repeating offenders. You had a bad loosing streak and that got to you? Okay, that's a few drop in honor. But if you're consistently raging, flaming, etc., you will not have your chat **AND** pings (yes, this too - if you're flaming, chances are, you are spam pinging as well) accessible to you for the rest of the season, no matter how much there's left of it. BUT, you still have a chance to be honor 2. * Stop fucking legitimizing trolling. A, the botlane diversity B, The _inting_ {{champion:14}} being okay'ed by some Rioters (while others saying no - as far as I've heard from League-partners) C, the _badly_ implemented "is it meta" pre-season video. I'm serious. These gave us official precedents, and examples, so you have a reference point of doing something stupid. But guess what, you're team mates might not agree, or you didn't do your research as to why and how to do something. {{champion:102}} used to be a top laner, and has a so ridiculous AP-scaling on his E and ulti (better than mages, I think). Okay. {{champion:131}} can be flexed. Okay. But building {{item:3091}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3091}} is actually griefing. I'm a 100% reporting you for that build. Having fun, trying builds, playing not "meta", or the most optimal stuff, and actually trolling are not the same. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion/NWtPi4Vs-thanks-for-the-is-it-meta-promotion?comment=0001 If you're telling people to do stupid things, they will listen. Might work, might not. You're team doesn't have to agree, but that doesn't mean they won't report you. I understand both sides here, but some builds and picks are just stupid and shouldn't even work consistently. (Not to mention that I think the new positional ranked will encourage one-tricking more...) * Youtubers won't change their full-on click-bait videos about "broken" builds and strategies, but please, have a moment to think about it critically, and not follow them blindlessly. You don't know the full context of those videos. * Better distinction of not the most stressful, fun game modes, and competitive ones. I truely think ranked has lost its competitive nature (at least on EUNE for sure). *Better, I guess, dispersion of players. Since most people get sorted into Silver, the difference between two players, even in the same tier, can be as much as between Bronze and Gold. Do you think jungler was bad? Maybe he was having a bad game, but maybe he really isn't on this level yet. It's fine. But when you matched together with people that actually should be there (even if it's just one tier up), that can be really obvious and frustrating. Or when an unranked player goes against a plat player during placements. Or when you seem to get all the trolls in your promos (my personal idea is that if you're doing well, you will then matched with people who are not doing so well, and against those who are doing well to equal it out). These are all flaws in the system _by design_. The same can be true to _autofill_. Even though, when I started, my friends taught me how to play the game, not a specific role, and I'm sure had they been still playing, they could go anywhere and do just fine, I don't know a single person who thinks autofill is good and like it. I can't remember which video it was, but I was watching back Vizicsacsi's stream (toplaner for S04) who pointed out that the enemy has 2 support mains in botlane and they have 2 adc mains in their botlane - why couldn't one of the adc/supp mains be matched into the enemy team? My whole point here is that you didn't even started the game, but you've already been put into a worse position (figuratively) that you had no control over. **Not everything is on the players, but they can also choose or learn how to react to certain situations. But also needs to be understood that not everything works well in this game and should be advised to looked into.** So yeah, if a system is bad, tell it Meddler every week until he will listen. But don't start raging or trolling the team. Do you not wanna win? How non-competitive are you? Why are you playing this game then? But also, if you tell me you were chat resticted 200 times this season, maybe got suspended for weeks or months, but still want all rewards... no. Also, don't assume that players who kept their honor level high consistently without dropping, and have never been punished (I have about 3 years in League and about 3k-ish games the season, if my ARAM stats show the season and not in total, but zero punishments or warning - I had arguements though, but I'm still h5 since it was introduced, 2 seasons straight) will ever gonna like this lenient system, or will think it's fair to them. (That's not even mentioning that even being the highest honor level doesn't really give anything worthy, and it's not even doing it consistently. There's not much difference between 2-3-4-5.) https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/EX1AbpXW-what-the-dick-is-this?comment=0001 https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/3IVqffrd-suggestion-for-making-ranked-a-more-enjoyable-environment?comment=0001 https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion/kWNYdmr3-found-an-incredible-way-to-teach-laners-that-rotating-to-crab-is-important?comment=0008 https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/yPHMkkPJ-look-riot-i-get-it-2-win-streak-in-my-promos-but-can-you-at-least-try-to-make-it-convincing?comment=0005 https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/uFu7iXQH-honor-should-reset-downwards-for-everyone?comment=0003 https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/Qkireyxy-what-ever-happened-to-honoring-opponents?comment=0006 https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/uk7Xghst-improving-the-report-system-clarity-on-the-report-window?comment=0005 https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/uFjWLhMV-why-is-lane-stealing-never-punished?comment=00060003
: > [{quoted}](name=Kowai Clown,realm=EUW,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=uJ6Jzb61,comment-id=0011,timestamp=2018-11-16T15:32:02.442+0000) > > (Hey Meddler, if you don't have time for reading, skip to the TLDR). > > Not a balance comment, but rather asking about VFX, SFX, animations, etc.. for Shaco. {{champion:35}} > > You stated in your last QGT that the candidates for these new running animations are unlikely to get a VGU anytime soon, which is true for most of them, including Shaco _(whom was removed from the last high-priority list that Reav3 shared)._ > As you know, Shaco is a 2009 champion. He's one of the oldest champion in the game that didn't get a significant update of any type (outside of his mini-rework from Assassins Update). **Hell, his E throw is basically his autoattack animation, and his ult (R) animation is his Taunt, just sped up.** > Also, Shaco doesn't have any Epic+ skin, and the ONLY skin which have different VFX is Masked Shaco (only the smoke and the dance are different, that's all), and despite that, his model is very, very ugly (his face looks like some smashed human's face, instead of a golden mask). > > Another thing, you guys remember how you promised to update all of the old splash arts of old champions? You ended up replacing them with (let's be honest, UGLY) chinese art instead, while waiting for an update? Lot of champions ended up getting them (Miss Fortune, hello, because popularity I guess?), but not Shaco. We're still waiting. > > **TL;DR**: Don't you think Shaco deserves some love for his visuals (splashes, animations, skins) because he isn't a candidate for VGU anytime soon, AND he's a very old champion? Make him pleasant to play atleast? Please, Shaco mains feel unloved and forgotten, prove us wrong. You are absolutely right.
I'm not a {{champion:35}} player by any means (besides some occasional ARAM games), but I've seen people do splash arts and skin concepts for him. Even just based on how those looked, I think he should rather have a rework, mini-rework, or something. I've seen a very few better Shaco players outplay us, but he seems kind of one-dimensional, but good be a so much more interesting deceiver/jester. I think he's one of those champs that have so much more potential in them, but that's not what they are currently. But again, he might not be even near the list of champs that are in a much better need of a rework.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 16
I'm really not trying to BM, but seeing how you guys are not opposed to having a working and maintained game mode, I do wish you could occasionally do something with ARAM (looking at certain items, pathing issues (your champ going to wrong way, not where you clicked, or getting stuck into a minion, a poro, or even nothing and dying), maybe testing some new features, having a different map once in a while from other parts of Runeterra, having a sort of non-linear progression system that rewards playing and certain achievements (but not limits to progress to A->B or nothing)), and Twisted Treeline. I haven't played TT in years, but turns out, it's kind of actually still fun, and it's easier to get the 3 of us than a full team - I don't have many friends left playing League; they just had enough. But it shows how old it is, and how long it has been updated last. The whole lobby and the map feels buggy, clunky and just out-of-date. I think the ARAM post-game lobby shows your games this season alone... I've about 2,5-3k games this season in ARAM. That's where I mainly play. Having the Bench was a much needed and awesome change, the aoe health packages has changed the game as well (now, it's often a contest, or the team pings to get everyone there). But it can be super frustrating as well. Some champs can get away with way too oppressive builds (not joking, AP{{champion:54}} alone can one-shot full squishy teams and win the game alone; Dark Harvest {{item:3147}} {{champion:21}} can one-shot you), and no matter how well you dominate, after just one team fight, you can loose 2 towers within 30 seconds. Feels really bad. Also, I've had literally hundreds of games where we lost in the loading screen. Full support team vs an actual comp, or they just out-ranged all of us. I'm not sure it can be balanced, but maybe an earlier surrender vote could be implemented (if it's anonimous, it'll go through, if not, we play more). The assassin item changes were not well implemented (way too forgiving as they could teleport back even when cc'ed), and some of them didn't show up on the map), but the general idea of having map specific items or new things were good. It kind of feels like sometimes that you always try to new things, but at the same time leaving already existing modes to be forgiven and essentially die. I actually wouldn't mind having multiple working and always accessible game modes in the game. I know you need to deploy resources for projects, but some regular, quaterly or something maintaince, or "testing this out, give us some feedback" would be nice. I do think so much more could be done with the already existing ones as well as with new ones. I actually had friends wanting to play Nexus in the very first test - had to stop it after 3-5 games because people were trolling. I liked Odyssey, but most of the difficulties were too easy, but the last one was only possible in a pre-made, but we couldn't get that - normal people just went afk after loading the game, if they didn't get the missions. I 'came from' Diablo, and those old RPG's. I'm fine doing something like that in this universe. Star Guardian was okay too. Blood Moon sucked and I didn't understand where the thingies were spawning based on the map, but it's nice having these. But it's also nice having a "main" mode with a regular player-base get looked at once in a while. But I'd still like to have something in the client. Even if I'll never touch Blitz, I want it to do well, cause that means new possibilities. To be fair, it looks so much nicer when we had it in Alpha. Seems pretty legit now. (And yes, should you want, give me a few days, I'll give you all the ideas in the world about ARAM. lol But seriously. You want a page, or a hundred? I'm way too bored now, I have way too many games in it, and have nothing to do. xd) Ps. not having news is usually good. We should enjoy it. Slow days are underappreciated. Pps. Give some love and a princess skin to champname(randbetween(1,140)), cause why not. xD I think it was something like this in Excel. I haven't used it in years.
: PSA For those playing Ranked games
https://imgur.com/HAhleN3 https://imgur.com/ftByIOa https://imgur.com/ubVC1sd https://imgur.com/SMJlVSa https://imgur.com/M5svGiz https://imgur.com/2K6EVeD https://imgur.com/7j3ElZx {{champion:555}} has a 48.72% winrate at the time of writing this. You need to be reported for intentionally trolling in two of your games. {{champion:50}} 48.65% https://imgur.com/x7LHSIt You were clearly on a trolling streak. Or is it maybe possible a winrate doesn't tell you too much in itself? Or a champions viability varies based on your and the enemy comps? Or maybe you have fluctuating performances in different games? Nah. It's all trolling. But you were too, mate. lol
: What I'm hearing is... We need to explain glamour, somewhere! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Glamour cannot be explained by words, it shall be showned. Presented in such a way that goes beyond what our mere mortal minds can accept; not limited to that of spoken sounds with arbitrary meaning. {{sticker:leblanc-funny}} {{sticker:sg-ezreal}} {{sticker:vlad-salute}} {missing Taric emote -> need to be coded in} Btw, I have no idea what you guys were talking about, but yes, show it.
ExpStealer (EUNE)
: GJ Rito, now Fiora will dominate top lane and have ZERO counterplay
Do you mean her Q will go right through the [counterstrike](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWin1hBTjwU)?
: What does everyone think of Ahri?
I think she's overhyped. Not overrated, not overpowered, just too much, I guess, hype surrounds here. She's not awful, nor the most interesting champ in the game, but I could never really get into her. Without my ulti, or my charm, I feel really unimpactful. And she's deceivingly immobile - you'd think she's more mobile, but not without her ulti. It's a bit strange that she always gets new skins, while, if you look at the champs released in the last two years (http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_champions/Skin_catalog), some of them barely, or didn't get any. But I get it, I'm assuming both female and male demographics buy her skins. But that also means they have that money to use on other things. Am I mad about it? No. I don't really care either way. But it can be pointed out that some (new) champs don't get much attention. Understandable, though. But it's your creative limitation, if you can't make a "sexy" {{champion:516}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:240}} {{champion:223}} video. You need a wilder imagination and need to get more creative, not just with a simple mythical archetype. xD (Also, resources.) A "gumiho" (might be different in Korean folklore, but I'm not that confident with folklore/myths in general), or a nine-tailed fox is an easy concept to work around. At least, I wouldn't think so... As a challenge Riot, give {{champion:101}} a skin that is not just a different colour and shows something new, even a personality, or an alternative version. But I have my doubts about it being able to sell much, and that's a huge point of a business. Back to {{champion:103}}. I don't know, there are a bunch of champs I could never get into. Even if they have a good concept, they just don't fit me well, or I can simple never be consistently good with them, and it's not worth for me putting the time into it. I don't think she's difficult, but I only play her on ARAM when I get it randomly. I like {{champion:163}} but I can never be consistent with her. I didn't play/enjoy the old {{champion:84}} , I don't play the new one, either. From this perspective only, it might be a "failed" rework, as it should potentially widen the player-base of a champ. Although, I've seen a few of them one-shot me with a single component which is really wierd, but I don't think she's super strong. I don't even know, I haven't seen her in weeks in games. So, yeah, I'm kind of neutral about her. I can't be bothered banning her, I don't mind playing her too much, I never feel she's so strong, she needs to be reworked/hard nerfed. But it's possible a recency bias. If I only saw her in games, I'd probably dislike her more. Her charm might be a bit too strong now, but it's not like she'll always hit it, or I can't dodge it some of the times. As for her merch, don't know, don't care. If you like it and can afford it, and is of good quality, buy it. If not, don't. xD
: What to do against 4+ assassins as an ADC
There's a Bear Grylls clip which you can loo up, but I'm probably not allowed to link: > just lean back and think of your country But it all comes around when the mister [cat-dog](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54Afdxd6sUQ) {{champion:107}} wants to jump in, but you're with {{champion:78}} that game. But... that comp _should not_ work.... I guess everything goes. I mean... if they get ahead and can finish the game fast, it's good. I... don't think if you were grouping, they couldn't have been stopped. {{champion:58}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:79}} together should be able to kill a {{champion:238}} or a {{champion:107}}. I don't think the 1/10 {{champion:157}} was solo carrying. He seems to be a farm machine, though. The {{champion:58}} maybe needed more armor before wanting to finish that {{item:3052}} {{item:3748}}, the {{champion:79}} could'be built armor, {{item:3025}} {{item:3109}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3027}} or just more ap instead of {{item:3135}}. {{item:3026}} or {{item:3080}} for you instead of {{item:3813}}. I don't understand that {{item:3174}} {{item:3135}} {{champion:99}}. Not even {{item:3504}}. Or just straight damage. You were the bait that game, and your team should've killed them. I don't use the new {{item:3508}} ever, but it might be worth something. But I don't think it was _that_ good of a choice. Sadly, there's not always a point in going for survival. Do as much damage as you can before you inevitably die and hope for your team to finish it. Obviously, it's really easy to tell all of this stuff after and outside of the game, but sometimes not being able to implement it in our own games, but it was kind of lost on bad builds. And maybe not grouping...? You should not hard loose in a team fight, and you can pick off people as well. That match wasn't really about you - only if you can somehow survive an initial jump on you, or can wait until they go on someone else. Also, maybe some of you could've invested into {{item:2055}} and a {{item:3363}}. With a shutdown gold from the {{champion:238}} your top or mid laner could've finished an item. But yeah, welcome to Silver-Gold where Bronze and Platinum are matched together, and the difference between two Silver players are as big as between Bronze and Gold. Not BM-ing any of them. It's just a weird system that everyone gets put together in Silver and they are on the "same level". A new division could've been here somewhere as well. Edit: you weren't in ranked. Never mind then. But Silver-Gold is still a weird place. Also, the {{champion:238}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:107}} were pre-made.
: Thanks for the "Is it Meta?" promotion
I told it in another post, this is not the first time trolling was legitimized and given a precedent to reference by Riot themselves. You can pick anything you want anywhere, but that doesn't mean your team mates will be okay with that, even less should you loose that game, will report you, and you might get punished (taking away your honor, or chat restrict you, if you start raging in chat). The sad thing is, I do get the sentiment and the joy of experimenting, and with just some changes, even the video would've given the relaxed pre-season feeling, but also not encourage full-on trolling. I don't know who made this video and who approved this, but nice one, we got [trolled](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ). I really wanna see some statistics as to who many people got reported, or punished for something during pre-season compared to regular season. Also, trying new things and trolling doesn't have to mean the same thing. But yeah, when you suggest that {{item:3091}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3091}} , you are wanting people to do troll builds. Plus, I have seen Press The Attack, or AD Janna a bunch of times in ARAM (and, yes, you can try new builds, no, just because we're ARAM-ing, you don't have to troll _as well_ while doing so, and will be reported). They loose the games for the enemy team about 8 out of 10 times. I don't even think they are doing it right with the {{item:3153}}. No, the {{item:3285}}, no boots, {{item:3135}} {{item:3135}} (yes, two) is not good either. At least do some research or spend time in practise tool as to why and how should you do something. At the very least, your build should make sense, or you have a plan. I think this is a reasonable request. Again, I get what they were going for, but I can also see this leading down a dangerous path on hard trolling.
Wuks (NA)
: Most downvoted player on the Boards
Here you go, mate. {{sticker:vlad-salute}} https://imgur.com/a/pUHSWhq
Eman1326 (NA)
: Suggestion for Making ranked a more enjoyable environment
I rarely play ranked, but all I (mostly) want for that is to be "the" competitive environment. Loosing sucks, but what I really don't enjoy is loosing a game we were actually winning, because our jungler ragequit, and we couldn't do anything after that. You might get an enjoyment out of it, but if you are likely to quit during a ranked game (and not even for a good reason, but out of a hissy fit), please, don't play a competitive, team-based game. It's fine, there are a ton of good single-player games out there. There're also a bunch of MMO's you don't have to play with a team. But I can only admire how strong of a mentality you have. You'd rather loose a game, than to ignore everyone. I don't even know what happened, I wasn't reading the chat. I think someone wanted the dragon to be warded, then a few lines later our {{champion:20}} started spamming "ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff". Cool... 1, The whole mentality of the community needs to change. 2, The punishments should be harsher (in ranked games). Should the first one happen, the second one would be unnecessary. --- What you're suggesting - while it makes _some _ sense -, will not be implemented. That 0/8 could've been trolling, but could also have been autofilled (which is not a good system - I'd even rather where there are no set roles in the game, and you play what you get as we should (eventually) be able to play all roles, than put into one), hard camped, hard camped without her team helping, or that one bad game. I've had people in my games with 10+ kills who were trolling us, toxic, and just generally awful team mates. The scores alone doesn't tell the full story either way. It could also be argued that you didn't use your advantage to get her back into the game. Or maybe you couldn't do that with all your lead - then you would've lost the game, either way. Not to mention, that what happens to your team mates who weren't trolling, but still ended in 3/4, 0/5 (that might be the support), 6/6. Should they also get less LP for the same won game? Or flipping it, are you gonna be fine having 3 LP when you are not doing well, but your team wins? But, yes, trolls needs to be looked at more. I get way more in my games (more so in ranked) than before, and it feels really annoying that you first have to 'fight' (not typing, just mentality registering they will never help the team, and should not listen to any of their pings) your own team mates, before even meeting the enemy. Sadly, I don't think an automated system is (yet) to be able to detect trolls and inters precisely. But with a better report system, I'd send the game replay and timestamp the parts where I think someone was trolling, so that the human support team could look at it. But I wouldn't be against the idea that if you quit a ranked game, you get decreased LP for your next X games, or maybe you don't get anything at all for X amount of games.
: Please unban Apdo
It's not like he doesn't have accs he plays on... He might be a good player (hopefully that's why he's admired), but made a business out of boosting people. How is that good for a competitive game? Let's say he gets officially pardoned. Should he be allowed back into pro play as well? What happens, if he gets caught again? I think he can just stay banned.
: Champion Idea; A sonomantic area of effect damage dealer and disruptor.
This will not work; not in a MOBA anyway. First of all, this will become super annoying to the player as well. I might have to mute my client just so I won't get mad by the constant, monotone sound of it. Then, what is even the role of this champ? It affects jungler monsters, has a CC ultimate, but also wanna build crit? What are even its core items and its build path? As far as I can tell, {{item:3124}} {{item:3115}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3031}}. Kind of like like a {{champion:145}} or on-hit {{champion:110}} build. What are you even supposed to start it? How much access do you have to your champs full kit, should you not try to build all of them? > Passive: Activation in time with the beat of the music being played causes the ability to critically strike, dealing increased damage based on critical strike chance 1. Giving an RNG, no less crit chance element to any ability is dangerous territory 2. Activating in messy team fights can be only done with varying results: might not even happen, might happen, or might not happen _consistently_. > Active: Sends out a beat manually that functions identically to the music passively being played. Don't understand this. I'd take out the whole W. It sounds unique, yes, but it doesn't seem to be too useful. Slowing minions could theoretically give you high level wave controls, but does this only benefit high level players? Or is it for jungling? Slowing jungle monsters is not the problem. > Movement Speed: This champion has reduced benefit to movement speed items, instead also gaining slight movement speed from attack speed bonuses. vs > Passive: Cast range increases with movement speed bonuses. So it does benefit from movement speed. So, you build attack speed that also gives you movement speed bonuses, which also gives you attack range. Sounds fair... What happens to temporary movespeed bonuses? A {{champion:26}} or {{champion:15}} speeds you up - do you get an increased attack range for that duration? > Ability casts also function from the speaker, regardless of how far away the champion themself may be. You get a {{champion:74}} ulti turret with all of your abilities and bonuses that you can control from anywere on the map. > Speakers persist even if the champion dies, playing the beat without any bonuses or effects beyond the base damage. Why? Does it not have a health? Is it unkillable, therefore making a small portion of the terrain uncontestable? How long does it even stay up after death? This character has 4+1 (speaker) passives each of which working and scaling differently. If you think people hated {{champion:142}}, how do you think they'd react to this being in the game? It's gonna be either trash (not having a good build path, and a clear powerspike, or an exact role), or so broken, it'd be permabanned and petitioned to be completely reworked. Which is also a problem in designing champs to a MOBA (in my opinion). It can be strong and unique, but cannot be so strong as to not being able to play against it. It can be fun for you, and it doesn't necessarily have to be fun to play against, but cannot be unbeatable. You already start the game with crit chance, thus giving you a very good, but very RNG advantage in lane. {{item:3095}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3124}}. Obviously. Also, what is its base range on any abilities? It is the same as {{champion:37}} auras? Or {{champion:51}} basic attack range? What are its ratios and scaling? How much can it spam its abilities? Probably not for a MOBA. Put it in an MMO, it'd be cool.
zoliking (NA)
: What the dick is this?!
I understand the 'sentiment' (of relaxing in pre-season, get familiar with the new changes), but I really dislike the direction this is going and what is actually shown. This is the second time this year Riot has legitimized trolling, the first being the bot lane diversity changes. Even if that's kind of gone now, it showed a precedent of "anything goes". Hm, actually it's the third one with the inting {{champion:14}} being the second one. It's a really weird season as we were told to watch pro play for missions (if you cared about them, or pro play in general), yet you can also do anything you want, in any lane - regadless of who you might come across there (that can probably kill you). This _used to_ be a competitive game, but now there's no real distinction being "casual" (that still doesn't mean you shouldn't try a bit to win, or you can ragequit, or intentionally feed, or throw the game, though) and "competitive". Like, there should be a different game mode for the latter one. You know, maybe a ranked mode or something. Wait a minute... Btw, I see Press The Attack, or AD Janna a bunch in ARAM. It's like 8:2 of the loosing rate of that in 10 games (8 losses). They are "strong" very early, but become increasingly useless. When you play with a bruiser, they just annoy you with their tickles, and they (should) loose to an actual adc with the same build. Same with AP {{champion:236}} {{item:3285}} loosing 7/10 times to an actual adc although that W does a suprisingly lot of damage very early on. It kind of feels the lines between "meta", "off-meta", "kind of sub-optimal", "trolling", "not trolling per se, but didn't do any research and now feeding", etc, are all blurred. {{champion:102}} top? Well, sure, it used to be a thing. {{champion:131}} top? Well, sure, we need some ap damage. But building {{item:3091}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3091}} . Come on. What about any of these? {{item:3001}} {{item:3155}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3102}} ? If I see something like this (and chances are, they will be trolling regardless of this), I'm reporting it for _negative_ and _intentional_.
zoliking (NA)
: If fixed your stupid promo, Riot, you are welcome.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 14
Minus points for not using your own song for the Leblanc walk animation. lol But given how musical this video was, can we assume a Riot Games Music Label? Tapping into that sweet kpop market was probably the best idea you guys had all year. Does the {{champion:114}} run mimics an actual fencing position? My uncle used to do fencing, and I might've seen something like this before. Or maybe not, and I'm just imagining things. I personally don't care either way how she runs, but maybe she could assume that position (more dominantly) when she's "in combat". Why some of them some more... lively? It's gonna be the weirdest feeling getting one-shot by such jolly fellas... {{champion:35}} {{champion:45}} > Hope it treated you well if you took part! Nah, it was absolute thrash this year, more so than before. I don't know what has happened (on EUNE), but it doesn't feel like a competitive game anymore and the general game quality overall has decreased. I don't know what exactly happened in mid-season, but starting from that the whole season went downhill (not just the patches as most of them were just meh; the season went from pretty good to mediocre, to meh, to bad, and stayed on ah, whatever; it was weird) - more people started trolling, and the games became more toxic in general. I rather gave up on the {{champion:61}} skin (I don't play her a lot, but the main and the Amber one looked really nice - though, to be fair, I think {{champion:163}} should've gotten it... but I think you start working on these skins around the start of the season...?), than to spend another game, or even another minute in ranked. :/ 38 ranked games were more awful, super toxic, inted or just trolled away than about 3000 ARAM games. I didn't have a single quality ranked game. I've had more competitive, serious, trying games in ARAM (those good old 30-40 mins ones League used to have) where no-one was flamming, but playing to their best of skills. I really hope something gets done with ranked. Either the matchmaking, the punishment for soft and hard trolling, or leaving even a winning game due to ragequitting, or something. It's not just that unranked players can be matched against players divisions above them during the placements (wow, those games were permaban worthy toxic - I felt ashamed and dirty, but I was the one not flamming), but the whole mentality needs a paradigm shift. Everything keeps getting better in and outside of the game, but all of these have happened and has been happening from years ago - this is the only constant thing in League, but it's really not good every player have similar experiences, and friends who quit years ago in really big part due to this see no difference in "old" League and "new" League. Also, since the most people get sorted into Silver, the difference between two Silver players are easily the difference between Bronze and Gold players. ---- As for the new runes... until I can try them, I don't care really care...? But sure, implement new and unique stuff. Even if I never use them, it's never a bad thing to have variety. But don't assume most champs will not have a/the optimal runes and will not get away from those. But sure, give me them crazy stuff. Show me the craziest interactions you can think of between runes and champs. (But giving more damage and cdr was a problem with the old runes as well, so, yeah, I'm not quite sure about that one...) Since we already gonna have a third row, can we get a pre-made-able sub-rune page for it? Like "turn aggro to 11: ad, as, cdr"? So, it doesn't have to be changed before every game. I know it was so long, but serious question: https://imgur.com/a/ft7SaXf Which rune does this animation belong to? It's been bothering me for weeks now. And what's the one on the third pic? My guesses are Chrysalis and [can't remember the name] armor/mr one, but I haven't taken any of them in months. At least, Second Wind is always up and useful, and is not situational. The other one takes too long. Can we get a rune-animation catalog into the client? Not everything is super obvious - if you don't even take them, or a "new" animation gets introduced into the game.
: Extra Credits has a good idea about challenges in games... a new way to design champs
>take empathy and intuition. Maybe there's a champ governed by mood and both the player and the other side have to recognize his mood and play the champ accordingly How does that translate into gameplay (in a team-based tactical-fighting MOBA)? Yes, we already have "rage" as a mood ({{champion:150}} {{champion:68}} -> you can't use your abilities when overheated which changes how you play, thus I'm categorizing him as such), but that's a bit more than random, and you work around managing it. > Perhaps the champion has 3 or 4 moods and his skills will alter based on what mood he is in, but the game doesn't **explicitly **tell you how he's feeling. That might sound interesting in a single-player game where the whole game is based around that concept, but I don't see it being applicable in a MOBA - it's not only RNG, or at least can be, but you don't have the time in a team fight, or a "stressful" situation to recognise a mood. Plus, what happens when there are more than exact moods and have shades of them as well? What happens if your champ is supposed to deal damage (to the enemy), but heals (your team - who might not even be there) instead? You are probably gonna die, if you've engaged. Not being explicit to you **AND** the enemy might be the single biggest arguement against it in a fast-paced team game. Also, what changes them (yes, RNG, but still, that has to be programmed in a specific way, right, not just moodrng(1:10))? The environment, your health change compared to your total health, being in combat, how many people are surrounding you? You seem to have very little agency with this in this type of games. What happens when you're character is depressed? Will it not move, or won't attack? What if that happens multiple times in a row, and loses you the game? You'll get reported by intentionally feeding. I get what you mean, but it will not work in a MOBA. Good idea for an indie game, though. But if it's a fighting game of some sorts (among the indie ones), you are destined to fail the fights and start over again until you fully understand the mood differences. I'd absolutely hate it. That's pretty much the Dark Souls route, and I'm not into that. >Maybe there could be a champion that revolves around moral choices, for example every few levels he could have a "moral choice quest" of some kind that will shift him around what choices he took. Again, not a MOBA. That's RPG-stuff and I'm totally fine with it, but the whole context is different. I think in KOTOR 2 if you played as the female character and were mean to your first companion, you could turn him into force sensitive - but you couldn't invite a female companion to your team; only with the male character. Or you could choose between helping a corporation, or not helping them. Let's say I have 10 kills in a game. 1. From my perspective, I'm doing well. 2. From my team's perspective, I'm carrying the game. 3. From the enemy's perspective, I need to be stopped, and they don't want me doing well. Does any of them influence my morality? What happens if I farm my top lane opponent over and over again? Will I loose something for being effective? In the very worst scenario, this morality meter might threw the whole game for you and your team. There's no gameplay-based morality, nor should it be in this type of a game. There's only player-based (whether you're inting, being toxic, or trolling). >Well what if we made a league paladin where every time he levels up his ult, he has to choose between damage, protection, and healing or something like that That's not a moral choice per se, that's a _tactical _ choice. That exist in Heroes. I can't remember which heroes (well, to be fair, all of them can choose between two ultis), but some could choose between a damage ulti and a protection one. {{champion:10}} could choose between a range and damage buff ulti, and the current invincibility bubble. Or maybe she needed to choose between being able to cast it _only_ on herself, or _only_ on team mates. Even that's a better moral choice (and I'm using it on myself). >So maybe he gets during the game he gets a few quests that ends when he does X damage, tanks Y damage, or heals Z health and he gets the bonus based off of which aspect triggered I wouldn't be too against this, and we already have the {{champion:107}} vs{{champion:121}} on ARAM (I'm not sure if it gives a damage buff?), but again, it can be RNG based. Let's say {{champion:107}} needs certain champions in the enemy team for the quest to pop-up. You know that, so if you can counter-pick a rengar, you will never pick those into him. And, if the whole champ is based around that, you mitigate most of his kit. What I think is doable is the {{champion:141}} transformation-way where you need to make a conscious choose of what form you choose. It's kind of RNG as you cannot see what fills your meter, but it's also somewhat influencable. But what if you had to make a choice at the very start with your champion, and live with the consequences should the game not go your way? Actually, a "choice"-mechanic could've been implemented to all darkins. But to be honest, I think darkins have one of the worse design in the game. While Yordles, Vastaya (and Ionians), Void creatures, and humans are more or less recognisable, you wouldn't be able to tell {{champion:110}} is one, or {{champion:141}} and {{champion:266}} are the same at first, and they don't really have similar play-styles or feel to them. Ionians are reminescent that of an imaginary samurai and ninja class in an imaginary Japan-like country (if that makes sense) who are also mobile. The Vastaya are "animal-people", the Yordles are smaller then everyone and all of them are super obnoxious to play against. Anyway... > both his teammates and the enemy's team would be **forced ** to participate in that game. While you are already forced to adjust yourself based on who's in the game, but forcing both sides would not be enjoyable. >Here's a great challenge to build a champion around in league terms: minion management. Something I constantly hear higher elo people talk about is how low elo people don't know how to use minions to your proper advantage. So what riot could do is create a champ that forces people to learn the macro elements of the game and forces new players to learn minion management and rewards the higher elo people who do it naturally, or help them get to the next level. Yes, it's more of a logical puzzle, but it's a league flavored challenge they could build a champion around. This will create a huge discrepency between more skilled players, could potentially alienate newer ones, and make the game even less enjoyable. Even, if I managed to freeze a lane, and just last hit, it's super fucking boring. Unless, I can deny everything, I have to eventually push it into tower anyway - more so when my lane opponent just went to roam out of frustration. I'm fine with having players improve with new changes, but some could be really anti-fun. If the whole game was decided on your laning phase and minion management alone, do you not think people would quit? People quit because adc items were changed (_and_ they were weakened to the point of supports having more relevancy in the game at most points, and champs introduced to their lanes who can farm them early and mid-game). These can be doable mechanics, but not in this type of game/context/environment. That's a change/mechanic for the sake of having that change/mechanic in the game. I'd say, unless it's a heavily or somewhat RPG-based game, it wouldn't be too good for it. But it can work in partial action-RPG's as well: I think the Yakuza-games (or whatever it was where you played an undercover cop in the triads in I think Hongkong) where you could unlock more, different abilities based on whether you were law-abiding, or straight-up gangster. But having any chance of your character or your abilities not working or not being available due to an outside factor (that's not even CC, and may not even have counterplay) doesn't seem like a good design idea. I know I wouldn't play that game.
: Daily Reminder: Mute and Report are two completely different category
While there are times when someone's just a bit too annoying, types too much useless/irrelevant stuff, or making wrong pings, so I'm muting, in most cases: if you had to be muted, the chances are you were for a good reason, and thus will be reported. I think the problem is when I don't even mute you... then you're being really toxic, and I'm just screenshotting everything you type... Come on, you've insulted _both_ teams and have been calling everyone all sorts of names. Do you think someone will not report you?
: I want leads to mean something. I could be 8/1 as jhin but OH NO, HERE COMES A 0/4 [Assassin] WITH ONLY A COMPONENT TO ONE SHOT ME.
^^ Who wins: a 10/4 {{champion:29}} with {{item:3095}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3031}} or a 0/4 {{champion:238}} with {{item:3133}}? Or a literal 0/10 {{champion:157}} with maximum a {{item:3046}} went from not existing in the game to unstoppable after one ulti he managed to hit and one-shotting us. 1. I don't wanna be insta-killed by half of the existing champs, and even most of the supports. 2. If a game lasts long enough (30 mins is pretty long), I wanna have that late game. Kill me all you want early game, but the late game should bring me to the state of doing the same. A compensation of some sort for having such low survivability. After 30-40 mins, I want to be more of a deciding factor than even my support. 3. (Maybe a better itemization. Since the {{item:3031}} changes, sometimes I totally skip it and build something else. And it's not that good against tanks, either.) I liked the {{item:3504}} meta, or the one where adc ran around one-shotting each other. While none of them were that super balanced, if your support/team protected you, you could kill everything - but if they got to you, you were still dead. I like playing ARAM, and even on there, I had adc games where I had 10-15-20+ kills, but still lost because an AP {{champion:54}} one-shot 4/5 of our team, but was still tanky enough so that we couldn't punish that build. I lost a game where I had a penta and a quadra with {{champion:429}}. Not sure if it was the same game, but I think we lost to a {{champion:74}} ulti-R killing half of our team instantly. Like, come on, I killed your whole team with 3 items, how can I not be stronger with a full build?
Keyru (NA)
: 2018 End of Season Rewards and Honor
I understand that this might come off as not being nice, but please, take this part away: >no matter how many times you were chat restricted. If someone has multiple chat restrictions during the "grace period", please don't let them have anything as they should be thought of as habitual offenders. I do understand how important second chances are for personal improvement, but I also see the negativity, toxicity and intentional trolling and feeding (even in ranked games) of this community. I have more than 100 screenshots just from this season about people being negative, flamming, threatening, or racist. I don't even know how many of them have been actually punished for that, regardless of the proof. I'm sorry, but I have my personal doubts about these magical reforms. Or it should be taken as a true second chance with strict rules for being believable. I've been consistently honour 5 since I've been playing more actively, and so are my friends who still occasionally play with me. None of us had any punishements for all these years. Doesn't feel quite okay not being among the toxic part of the community, see that quite literally every day we play, yet some of them can enjoy this amount of leniency. Some of you don't deserve this opportunity as you were actively making this game and the experience of it worse. But should this make League slightly better... good. Do it, and it's better for everyone. You still don't deserve it, though.
Reav3 (NA)
: While this Champ was designed by SolCrushed, CertainlyT is indeed working on a new Champ, but that's very far off
I'm just one of millions of players, but here's my unwanted, unasked for input: I don't find his champs _as_ problematic, as I see from others. They are pretty niche, I guess, and it's never a bad thing (usually) to add more, and more unique stuff to a game. Yes, some of them are super obnoxious, and have so much in their kids, and can take over games. That's probably the main reason. I've seen unstoppable {{champion:122}}es, I've gotten a penta and a quadra in the same game with {{champion:429}} after I got to my {{item:3153}} {{item:3085}} {{item:3124}} (still lost, though), and I've seen a 0/4 {{champion:157}} come back to existence after a single good ulti. The champions either really strong, so that they can just take over, or just really meh. But if you take away just one thing from their kits, they'd seem more... balanced??, I guess. It's not like I've never beaten a {{champion:157}} before (mostly with {{champion:50}} just pulling them under my turret after a wrong dash), but taking away his passive shield, or making him slightly less mobile would be just enough. But to be fair, I just don't like how much he can do with {{item:1051}} {{item:1042}} alone versus for example {{champion:164}} with her true damage and {{item:3077}} - those two items and this one should not give equal benefits... probably. I like {{champion:429}}, and I play a lot of {{champion:51}} as well. And it's not like at least half of the total champion pull are not super obnoxious in the right situations. Have you played against the abomination called AP {{champion:54}} on ARAM who one-shots 4/5 of your team with his ulti that only has a minute or so cooldown later on, and your flash has 2,5 mins there? And you can't even do enough damage to him, if he has just one tank item? It's one part who you personnaly hate to play against, and also probably, I guess, recency bias. If some champs are all what you see in your games, that's what you won't like. But if you never see one, you might forgot how annoying it can be. {{champion:412}} is kind of a fun champ to play, and it's not that difficult to play against per se, but just like all of the other hook/stun champs ({{champion:53}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:111}} ), he can be super buggy. When it's not buggy, you can just dodge it, but I've had (so are my friends) so many games when the hooks turn into heat-seeking missiles. You can get hooked behind your minions, and team mates standing in front of you in a straight line, {{champion:32}} Q was shot at 12 o'clock, but leeches onto you at 2 o'clock, or you get stunned by someone hitting your aura (yes, hitboxes, but what's not a hit, or dare I say it was a clear miss, should not get you). This and the new pathing issues that started around mid-season (everything that made this season awful, and in my 3-ish years the worst after that) started around that time, and sometimes make one of the most played and best games in the world look like an early access game. What I actually have problem with from him are {{champion:142}} and {{champion:84}} (well, kind of). {{champion:142}} had so much damage (still, though). Way too much on her Q. There are not many champs that can just walk up to you at lv. 1-2 Q you once, basic attack, ignite and you are already dead, or being able to hunt you down in the full length of bot lane without ever slowing down, and still catch you after you threw your W with {{champion:115}}, used {{summoner:4}} and already started from a distance advantage. That's just absolute bs. {{champion:84}} is different. I think some champs are more dangerous, if you are good with them. Does this makes sense: a champion dealing more damage, if you can play it? Maybe not, but maybe you can understand what I mean.{{champion:39}} was not a problem when it was released as nobody could play him and were doing the stupid full ap build. But no that people can play here, she can be unstoppable with {{item:3748}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3091}} and with her passive stacked up. 1 singular Q and 1 singular basic attack killed me as {{champion:110}}. (To be fair, half of the support roster can solo kill adc's now. So, it's not like she's the only offender. Predator{{champion:30}} with two items ults you for twice your total maximum health, or Dark Harvest {{item:3057}} {{champion:37}} two-shots you.) I was playing {{champion:50}} versus an {{champion:84}} once and I was doing okay early, but after we went back and she had just one component to her {{item:3146}}, I could not fight her anymore. How did I know that? She Q'ed me once, basic attacked me twice, and I was dead. Maybe I got her E as well, but she _went from minimal/respectable threat to 100 and stayed there for the rest of the game_. This is what I don't like about her. Or when a champ can jump that high up in terms of damage with just one component, not even a full item. Although, there were a few patches when ADC's could just run around blowing each other up and the rest of the team have no say in that whatsoever when adc's still existed in the game (jokes aside, they have a harder time getting to that promised late-game) - ah, a game where I played {{champion:51}} vs {{champion:202}} with both of us dealing absurd damage and we win because I shot him (finally, not the sheriff was shot) first with my {{item:3094}} outranging his. Ah, fun times. But that wasn't that healthy, either. (Yes, the shroud is annoying, and if I remember correctly, Riot themselves told us she's gonna get reworked because of her shroud as one of the main reasons. But there are things to pick into her that just might do well against it: {{champion:266}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:8}}.) But, just to contradict my paragraph above, I can't provide the same damage output with her. I suck at new {{champion:84}}. Only played the old one in ARAM when I got it, and I wasn't particularly enjoying her. Same with the new one. I just don't care about playing her; nothing made me wanna put more time into her. But that is also why I think of reworks in two categories (note that the categorization and champs below are subjective): 1. Reworks ( {{champion:6}} , {{champion:19}} , {{champion:3}} , {{champion:266}} ) - they feel different (the champ and how they're played) 2. Upgrades ( {{champion:50}} , {{champion:84}} , {{champion:81}} , {{champion:20}} ) - they are essentially the same, but with arguably a better kit, but with the same problems. Okay, it turned out to be not about CertainlyT, but you can't really not look at the game holistically. They are not isolated from each other. From what I understand {{champion:112}} top came as a counter to the absolute dominance and diarchy of {{champion:6}} and {{champion:266}} in pro play and in Challenger. The existence of Klepto helped this indirectly, and directly the lowered cost of his {{item:3196}} (or whichever the first is). My guess is, the new champ of his is gonna be unique, but obnoxious. Still might be worth it, though. And I assume it's gonna have a higher learning curve which forces players to become even better thus raising the standards. But maybe, if it has fifteen hooks, it doesn't need a passive shield... ^^ Or just give us Cho'Gall. lol But when a new champ comes out, please, don't hotfix it the first day, or even the first week. Let's have some time until you have enough data, and the players actually learn how to play it, what to do with it. While a champ might actually be rubbish, or super broken, it's also possible we just don't have enough data (playing with and against it, seeing what you can actually do once you understand the combo, what to actually build) on it. I remember when {{champion:516}} came out everyone was missing the ulti and they tried to smash it with E. It was so funny, though. ^^ Just a thought.
: In your opinion whats the most underrated rune?
Hm... not sure, if I have one. Most of them are either good on something, or started to, you could say, underperform (or I just can't feel them doing much, but might be doing a lot, e.g. life steal ones by themselves). Or I almost never use them, so I lack "data" on them. I'd say Nimbus Cloak on champs you can pick it (mostly as in your Primary Tree). {{champion:68}} so that you can catch people after your ulti. Same with {{champion:266}} if you can ever fit this rune in, but I'm not too sure about this (unless you go Comet). Cheap Shot might be a good canditate as well, but if you have enough damage to burst someone, you probably don't need an extra 8-40. lol Most overrated probably is _Bone Plating_, but I don't pick anything else in that row.
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: Ashe versus Ashe
I was misled by the title... {{sticker:leblanc-funny}}
EdwardrV (NA)
: Look Riot I get it, 2 win streak, in my promos, but can you at least TRY to make it convincing?
It might be just my server (EUNE), but the quality of ranked games are so awful. At one point I've had a 65% winrate after my placements, then I suddenly started getting more and more trolls into my games (Silver 2 after placements, almost exclusively playing with and against Gold 5-2 players). After 4 of my promos were trolled in a row, I'm starting to have the suspicions that, if you are doing well, you'll get matched with players with a lower/negative winrate on your team and/or better winrates on the enemy team, or something like this. I didn't even get to Gold as I couldn't be bothered to waste time with ranked. This game has lost its competitive nature. The only competition now seems to be about who can be the biggest jerk, or who can troll more. In my past like 10 games I've had a 1:6 ratio of good games to bad ones (I can't remember the other four; hopefully my mind deleted them). 1. I didn't play well, my team didn't play well, happens, but it's just as much on me as on everyone else. 2. I was first pick and I made the huge mistake of wanting to help my team as I had everything they were hovering. Our support told me to "pick {{champion:99}} kurwa" - never mind that you're starting the game by calling names, but sure, I'll pick it for you. We had a lot of remaining time as she was 4th pick, we can get me what I want, so I told her I wanted {{champion:68}}. She didn't have it. Sure, don't have champs, but you want yours... Within a second without asking for my opinion, another top lane pick, started to type "hehehe {{champion:54}} is good, play that" and instalocked it. I don't have Malphite, never have, never will, and I don't even enjoy playing "full" tank champs. I've played Lux top that game. Strangely enough, it took the enemy team about 12-15 mins to first kill me - the fed enemy {{champion:112}} came, I binded him under tower, and went for a 1-1 trade. It was my first death, and he gave me a 600 gold or something shutdown. At least, I really annoyed the enemy {{champion:86}} by playing really safe and not walking up to him in melee range. He tried {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:14}} ulting me a few times, but I've always survived with 10-20 health and walked away. Nevertheless, we lost. Also, just on a side-note: that support went{{champion:54}} support without flash, and I didn't see him ult a single time in the game. Good stuff. Why didn't I dodge? Why would I? I'm not the one who fucked up. Or maybe, I am by ever trying to help my team. I'm not gonna wait minutes just because someone decided to troll a bit - that's a punishment for me, not them. Also, SoloQ is winnable as long as the enemy team decides to just throw the game. 3. We had a {{champion:20}} jungle and a {{champion:80}} mid... and none of them were trolling by their picks. The Panth was a Zed counter-pick (I think), and the Nunu was actually ganking. Everything was fine until 10 or so mins, then something has happened. I wasn't reading everything in the chat, but I noticed that Nunu was suddenly spamming "ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff", then told us he's going afk - so did he went. Wtf? Why are you quitting in a ranked game (and don't even have a good reason for it - I'd understand if something in real life would come up; I had to go afk for a few mins in ARAM before when a family member called from the hospital... and, sadly, we already lost that game and were just waiting for the surrender vote to be available :/). How non-competitive are you? top - I was {{champion:68}} against {{champion:14}} and sure I didn't have any kills, but I was melting him. He survived with a hundred health by always ulting away (and one time by me fucking up my heat control). I was doing okay and getting my items. mid - that Panth had 10+ kills bot - our {{champion:67}} had a lot of kills and was getting strong our support... I'm not sure about him. But he was sometimes going on a weird path and was not with us in fights. What was Nunu's problem? I have no idea what caused him to ragequit. We were doing well. Had he just camped even one lane, we could've won. Panth stuns their carry, I ult, Nunu ults as well, Vayne goes pew-pew, and we probably win the team fight. What has happened to this game being one of the most competitive games? Something has happened, as I see even more trolls and inters than before (there few quite a few last year and before that too). I find it problematic that I've had more competitive, difficult, not one-sided, "try-harding" (a bad word, but as in no-one was raging, or spamming the chat, but playing to the best of their abilities, and as a team), enjoyable games in ARAM, than I had in any ranked games in the past 2 years. I've also seen better communities and team-play (with actual tactical discussions before the team fights every week) in "silly" MMO games. Maybe I just suck on this map/game mode as I don't seem to be able to do much in hard trolled games. I've won hundreds of those in ARAM (and getting carried by hundreds of those). I rather didn't get the {{champion:61}} skin than to play just another second of ranked. Also, this year was about {{champion:163}}; I'm kind of "sad" and confused she didn't get the skin as she deserved it way more. 4. {{champion:68}} (yes, it was a Rumble day, and why not pick it against tanky guys when we also needed ap sometimes) vs {{champion:86}}. I'm quite "mad" about this game as well as the Nunu one. I know it sounds BM-ing but that Garen was really bad - I can't even remember him ulting me once, or giving me a really hard time; it's a problem when I can walk up to a Garen into melee range, and smack him. I told this to my team that we can punish him any time we want, but nothing. He was split pushing all game, but was more reminescent of the inting Sion strat. He was so farmable. **He asked us in all chat to intentionally throw the game so that he can get into Gold**. Wtf is this mentality again? 1, no 2, you shouldn't even be there. Didn't matter. Our bot lane hard lost, or I don't even know what they were doing. The {{champion:222}} seemed to be doing fine, but {{champion:497}} was in something like 0/6-7, and they lost two towers. Our mid was opened to the inhib by ~15-20 mins. The Rakan was always following me for some reason, and not the adc. I appreciate it, and would've loved it any other game, but I was doing fine, stay with your ad and protect her. That Garen can't kill me. Regardless of me doing well, or playing absolute garbage, I seem to loose. There's a really high chance I'm not touching ranked ever again after this season. Starting from the placement games, most games were toxic, inted, trolled, meh, or just generally of bad quality. Sometimes by having the troll on the enemy team. One game the enemy had a {{champion:51}} top against our {{champion:240}}. That Kled was farming her so much, both teams were flamming her (they mentioned something like her thinking this is the new meta....?!), she tilted her own team so much, they pretty much opened, and the game turned into a troll one. A free win, sure, but where's the quality? Sure, the free skin would've been nice, and it looked kind of good, but yeah, no... Sure, if I had started playing just a few days/weeks earlier in the season, I could've gotten it, but putting any time into ranked doesn't seem to be worth it in any way.
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