: This story doesn't sound right. I feel like what actually happened is: You got bored of league, you had levels, history, and most importantly, skins invested. You sold your account to recoup some of the money/time you put into the account, it ended up going to a toxic/racist/abusive player who is buying accounts because they keep getting them permanent bans. You find out it got banned, and now want to recover the account, and sell it again because the previous buyer won't notice. Or maybe some variation of the above events. Either story, you made a mistake, and you didn't feel like playing league anymore. If you want so bad you can start over, you're 7-8 years older than when you started league now, a few hundred dollars of skins should be a lot easier to afford.
It does seem that way doesn't it? Well I don't need to prove that isn't the case but you are right either way I fucked up and it's my fault. Although I am getting to understand why the punishment is a permanent ban. A lot of people like me could try and sell their accounts for money.
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: You won't be getting the account back. Sorry. If you loved the account and played League for such a long time, you shouldn't have given it away knowing that it's against the TOS. Even if you didn't know that, there was just no reason to give your account away. The best thing I can say is that you should be able to join your friends quickly if you make a new account. You only need to be about level 17 to gain full access to rune pages and stat shards. The next milestone is only 30 for ranked.
If I am brutally honest I gave it to him because I was extremely addicted and ironically that got my account suspended thus freeing me of my addiction for awhile. ^^ It's good to know that making a second profile isn't bannable.
: > Meanwhile some famous players have been unbanned even when they were perma banned. Who? And bear in mind, ID-bans being lifted don't count - so Tyler1 is off the table. > I would never repeat my mistake again if I was given a chance. But I've lost hope by now my last hope is that I get some kind of help here... All we can do is repeat what Riot Support has told you. Account sharing is against the ToU and is punishable by a permanent ban. You have the chance to not make the mistake again - on a new account. We can't change Riot's policies. Next time, if you fall out of interest in a game, _don't give your account to someone who's interested. Keep it to yourself - if that friend or whomever else is interested in the game, they can make their own account._
I guess you are right, it's completely my fault and there is nothing to be done about it. It does kind of sting to see some horrible players not being banned and I got perma banned for account sharing while I hate toxicity in games :/ Thank you anyways for reinforcing this fact.
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