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: Goth Annie Splash Art "Update"
Why do you keep ruining Annie?!? I don't understand! Why is she bothering you so much? Rito Pls! (ง︡'-'︠)ง
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: Ok
: > [{quoted}](name=Sukishoo,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=2F12eYzc,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-03-09T18:55:13.759+0000) > >... can you tell me what? I'll tell you, it's Udyr. Its definitely not Udyr, I mean, i dont see any Udyr there.
No dude, It is "Most Definitely Udyr". Seriously, the others are disguised to look as normal as possible. While Udyr is dressed to **point out** his abilities and character. What is most sad is that udyr has the potential for the greatest "Definitely Not" skin,** EVER!** Here is the concept: * Q: Puts on a Bunny suit with a promotional propaganda T-shirt saying "Freljord Crunchy True-Ice Serial" * W: Puts on a Broccoli Suit. * E: Puts on a Hot-Dog suit, starts dripping Ketchup and mustard when he starts ruining faster. * R: Puts on a Rooster suit that wears a bucket with a logo "Ionian Original Chilly Wings". Now That is a "Definitely Not Udyr" Skin. And that is of the top of my head, the possibility with him are endless, and can be full of puns. Hell he can have A "Definitely Not " skin every year.
Sukishoo (NA)
: So about the Definitely Not series
There ware couple posts about this when it hit PBE. Opinions ware divided. it can be "Definitely not" skin but still there ware so many names suggestions that more fitting. I cant remember them, just "Mascot Udyr" and my favorite: "**Most Definitely Udyr**"
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: Ice-born Ezreal:
Dont know ur preferences... But to me it looks like u found Janna irl.
Nivloc (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=HandheldBrandon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TQWLsBcJ,comment-id=000b0000,timestamp=2016-02-14T22:05:43.962+0000) > > Blue Ezreal is different. > > Hes good right now because hes incredibly difficult to catch and provides massive utility on top of massive damage while having godly amounts of kiting. His team almost never has to worry about him because of how well he can protect himself so it allows all hands on deck to focus on fighting instead of protecting their ADC. Its a huge advantage born of an extreme abuse case of Iceborn gauntlet being able to be spammed at such a huge range with a massive mana pool. > > It doesn't help that he has a blink on top of this massive kiting potential so on top of that hes incredibly safe where if things get sticky he can blink right out and then go right back to kiting and if you try and get on top of him again after taking a pot shot or 2 then his blink is already back up. ^ This
Yeah that! Couldn't said it better even in my native language.
: I think that the things you describe as making Ezreal frustrating are the same things that define his niche. I think we're in Ezreal's meta right now due to emphasis on safety, yet other marksmen are still viable, which suggests that Ezreal isn't much of a balance problem. I think it would be better to shift the meta back to one that is less punishing and let Ezreal fall out of favor naturally. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind if Iceborne received some small ranged-only nerfs to encourage Ezreal to use Trinity Force more often instead. There are three things I don't want: 1) Iceborne to be weakened for its other users. 2) Ezreal to lose his build flexibility 3) Ezreal to lose his safety niche just for thriving in a risk-adverse meta I would probably be okay with Ezreal getting some small damage nerfs, but I think he's definitely not a huge balance problem. I mainly just want to go back to a meta where front lines {{champion:201}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:98}} are stronger and people don't feel the need to play the safe adcs {{champion:81}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:429}} who peel for themselves.
A ranged champ should not get a **CC **and **AOE **on hit **every 2 seconds** while having **mini flash ** available every 8 seconds. Even if I surprise him and catch him he still gets a really good chance of escaping with his life. I dont mind the damage , but that Slow needs to go!
: I build Ezreal Iceborn then rylais then frozen mallet. You cannot escape me.
{{champion:44}} : I dont want to escape you boy. {{champion:44}} : ;D {{champion:44}} : I just need you to follow me in the bush.
: This thread makes no sense... You claim Ezreal is crowding out all of the other marksmen in the game except for Lucian, yet you say can't afford to ban him because you need to ban Kog'Maw... Who happens to be a marksmen... And then you just ignore champs like Graves who is a marksmen dominating top and jg roles. Here are the marksmen that are popular right now: {{champion:236}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:96}} There is no lack of viable marksmen. Ezreal is not crowding anyone out. If you are referring only to pro games, then I couldn't care less about who gets played in those. Ezreal will always get played in pro games whenever the game is too punishing/snowbally because Ezreal has always been the "safest" ADC. I don't play Ezreal, so I have no bias. If Ezreal is being picked too often then it's because safety is being overvalued due to the game being too punishing right now with snowballing, long death timers, overly reliable assassins, and weak front lines.
Dude I would ban 3 champs in a heartbit if i could. You know what I mean. Ez is stupid with Iceborn, he is unreachable, Kalista jumping on steroids. I can deal with any ADC as a support main, but Icebor-Ez he is... U dont see Jhin using {{item:3748}} . Ez should not be able to Use Ice-born too.
: PBE changes will help a lot. Without restricting it to melee only, too.
What changes?! His R cool-down? If that How is that helping?
UrPalAl (NA)
: This, sometimes against a full AD team, I build Jayce as a blue tank.
No. U use mele Jayce u us it. U switch to range U dont. That simple.
: Or just reduce the base and increase the armor scaling, so it works best on tanks and not on squishies like Ez. This way, if you want to build tanky on a ranged champ, you still get a decent amount of the effectiveness.
That wont work as intended. I use it on Taric and Blitz, if they do that I would rather go with Zeke's Or Frozen Heart. The reason I like Iceborn is the power it gives me to defend turrets alone( clear waves late game ) and makes me an enemy-cluster threat. If i loose the ability to clear waves without using my ult on mentioned above champs, then I am left with the team fight cc; I would find much better use from the AP/extra-armor from Zeke's/FHeart then the no use passive from Iceborn. I mean Taric ulty already does wonders with Zeke's and Frozen heart is a already a situational replacement for Iceborn. TL;DR: If Iceborn's 1.25 AD is reduced why would i pick it over Zeke's or Frozen Heart.
: Riot i am fucking sick of Blue Ezreal abusing the Iceborn.
If they only just make {{item:3025}} cool-down to rise with the attackers range. I dont mind Iceborn on mele champs. It is a great tool for mele champions who dont relay on AD to pose a little bigger threat. And most importantly to have a viable defense against minion waves.
rinsujo (NA)
: I hadn't even noticed that, but when I queued up, I unchecked music and SFX in my options while there, and it went away. I've had champ select music off for years. Maybe the settings menu is specific to the context it's opened in?
Yeah, I turned of SFX for now. But i kinda like it "ON"... I like the SFX to be on low and to be able to hear the sounds when a match was found, or when it is my turn to ban or pick etc, and those doesn't bother me if they interrupt something else I do while waiting something to happen in the client, they do exactly what they need, alert me. But i don't want the cricket singing while Im waiting and listening to music or talking to friends.
rinsujo (NA)
: Wind and cricket noise, like, in game? I don't ever recall hearing anything like that outside of game, and in game I'd hope you were focusing on the game at hand, not alt-tabbed. Though I have noticed more music and sound in general in the client lately, but I've always tuned it out.
No, in-game is fine. If I am listening to music, just a couple of seconds to un-check couple of options from the settings and I'm done. Disable the music; And in the new draft pick while your banner is up, it doesn't matter if you are just picking roles or if you are "Finding match" - there is a wind sound and a cricket singing. It goes on until you a game is found and your and your teammates positions are shown, then the "tu-tu-tu" music starts until the banning starts. They are starting to annoy me very much.
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: That could be an amazing Legendary Skin, but like Best Kog NA said, copyright exists. Then again, Forsaken Jayce and Chosen Master Yi are based off the Star Wars franchise, so who knows.
So? "Iron/Metal Armor/Robot" is copyrighted? I really hate when people blabber about things they know little off, especially when they talk about copyright as a dogma. References to a fictional character take little adjustment to trow off any reasonable copyright infringement claims.
Nawlien (EUW)
: Marching Band Lux
"TOOOOT!" XD That cheered me up ! Great concept and great art!
: Because people like to play OP champs, not balanced ones.
: He wont be banned. Riot WILL ban his team mates for saying anything to him in chat though. They really seem to be cracking down on the typers, but not the doers. Sad part is, in a game if someone is typing bad at me i can just mute them, if they are feeder, i'm screwed, I report every feeder like this and yet it remains. I dont think Riot even punishes this kind of behavior.
I am convinced ~~he~~... It, is a bot.
: Cassio has enough potential for a new skin
White snake, with thin red circle marks would be so mesmerizing! Meka snake also
: Glad to see you're happy with him dude. You deserve it. Now to see how my favorite {{champion:44}} gem and {{champion:6}} crab do with their eventual reworks :3.
I really like the Taric, I am scared of his rework.
: You would still have a mute button, but I personally think having voice comms for ranked and only ranked would be a good idea. Plus from playing other games in the past like COD i usually find a good laugh at little kids talking shit who haven't hit puberty yet.. Their little crackly girly voices make me crack up everytime no matter how much crap they are talking
lack of means for communication is not the actual problem the OP has as I gathered. I am with him on this one. Ranking as a Team and ranking as Solo player should stay on different ladders and I am strongly supporting that. Duo queue has enough advantage as it was in this perma-ADC-meta, but thankfully in most cases is not impactful with much noticeable margin. Not to mention the match making can not make heads or tails out of these match ups, this new teaming up for ranked is gonna get very abused. Imagine 3 people having more than 100 SR games together. They dont even have to chat. They know their style , their habits of play... If you have played more than 20 games with the same friends in normal's you know what i mean. As for the voice-chat it self; In these cases having voice chat for the opposing all solo players team might do more harm than good. All they need is one crybaby after 5 min nice chating and laughing screaming out of nowhere "WTF NOOB!" and tilting just one more person and they are done. I like to have voice chat in a game but in ranked; instant All/mute.
: He won't be in every game since it's random. To truly exemplify that, they should just make it so that all champions are unlocked for ARAM to really make it 'all random'. This also eliminates ARAM smurfs which only have characters like Nid / Lux / Ziggs.
They should make ARAM available champs number to scale with summoner lvl :D Or make a special mastery system that unlocks available champs with mastery of older ones just on ARAM; It will be like: "So, you are pretty good with Yi there on the Abyss! Here! have this one in your champ poll, lets see how you do with this one".
137434 (NA)
: Well his E will be counter able with sweeper, his W will be annoying but it appears to be rather narrow, and how good his Q will be will depend on the damage it does and how it scales. His R only hits one person per a shot, and he roots himself during it. He will be strong, but I don't think he will be game breaking in the mode. He will have great waveclear though.
Great points, for now it looks scary. But we have to see the cool-downs also, his spells do appear to be mana-less though; But I'm still afraid he will have a proficient damage scale on his spells since he is unable to increase AS with items... But who knows with what will the spells scale.
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LF Annie (NA)
: way over generalization. food for thought, most high elo's are only high elo on very few champs/roles. i had a diamond bc yesterday in my game who didn't play bot lane usually, sure he knew what items to build, and where to go, but he was a worse support than i have found in bronze. why? because he didn't spend most of his time learning bot lane, but rather a solo lane. high elo isn't something that guarantees wins, its something that shows mastery over a small portion of the game. i doubt there are more than 5 diamond players that play diamond skill in every role.
Its not just that, the lack of constant play style in low elo is the biggest disadvantage to a high elo player. He cant account for the majority of absurdity with which he will be surprised by.
Zullar (NA)
: MMR Manipulation to Have ~100% Win Rate
Played against Yi top once as Trundle... This dude literally fed me and my jungler 5 kills each, looses 2 towers in his lane. Im starting to push other lanes, helping the jungler... The other team is raging in all-chat, they are loosing. I just occasionally go top to scare Yi. Keep in mind he is doing a good farming job if not feeding at the moment. Suddenly my jungler dies trying to def my top turret while I am sieging their bottom inhib turret; Yi kills him! 13/0/0 Yi dives a half-map-Zac and kills him! Me: u DC'd? Zac: NO! HE PLAY'D ME! Me: ... Minute later my mid dies to yi, We loose a turret to Yi... He is almost at two places at the same time and kills us one by one multiple times.He Single–handedly won the match . I suspected MMR manipulation, I don't know how MMR is calculated but i know that a duo ADC-Support dont climb at the same rate, or if MMR is at all the reason why he played poorly on purpose the first half... But I felt so cheated at this match, the person who i promised to report to my opposing summoners for ruining their game... Just straight out made fools out of all of us, the moment i thought it might be MMR manipulating tactic i felt so exploited....
Saixos (EUW)
: That would simply mean that his reports are generally false far more often than not. What the state of the reports are is separate from what the account standing is. I guess I should've added another thing that said >Your reports are treated as *highly accurate/accurate/moderately accurate/moderately inaccurate/inaccurate/highly inaccurate*
No! That just might be the wet dream of Lyte's team. I like your idea above but your missing the most important variable "Number of justified reports". What if you reported 400 players and only 3 got punished, 387 of those reports ware justified but the reported players reformed their behavior after couple of warnings? Is that not what we need? The system learns from us, if most of the players think that "ez" is unsportsmanlike conduct and report them, the system should deem that phrase as an offense. The accuracy should depend from constancy of reports for similar cases/offences . I'm really frustrated when I see people with your idea of how the "tribunal" is deciding on a false report: Reported + Not Punished = False Report. It was imagined like this I believe, I mean the ideal cycle of life for a case; Reported + Not Punished = Reformed player. Don't get me wrong I am not saying the system is working, I hate Lyte for his "5% only are toxic" claim, the fuck is that. What? I am to sensitive when my intelligence is insulted during the course of the whole game by a 10y old in every 3 games out of 10? Is the kid not trolling for spending 12 min flaming in chat of a 24 min game? I might believe that claim if it goes like this: "5% of players are toxic while wining the game and carrying their team". The system is still not working properly if you ask me. But 400 reports and 3 punished only, can go either way. Simply put, the difference of reports submitted and punishments delivered does not equal the number of false reports. Or I hope it does not... Because I report on almost daily basis, and I really don't want a to read another message like the other day: "DIE!! GET CANCER AND DIE!! ALL OF YOU" I don't give a fuck what happens to him or who he is I just don't want another game like that.
: Why do people pick Rengar during Daytime?
Pikmints (NA)
: The only possible reason I could see for it staying open is to see just how much the whole team leans on the matter. If someone were to start a vote and the first two responses were votes against surrendering, you don't know if you're team's on the braking point (it would have been 3-2), or if your team is confident (it would have been 1-4). That being said, that possible peace of mind that could be brought on some circumstances isn't quite as useful as unveiling the parts of the map/UI that the vote box would be covering up.
Tho vote box should minimize in a small bar as soon as you cast your vote. That way your still will have a visual on the progress. For example, you vote and it transforms in five 22px X 22px red/green semi-transparent squares that stick to the closest edge of the screen.
: Well, in that case... Anyone got an idea for a new name?
Profirix (NA)
: Next champion: a shark with laser beams attached to its head. Here, have a song named "Lazer Shark!" PS: Dont know why they misspelled the title, it so clearly shouted "LAZEEER SHAAARK" by the girl in the song...
Minarde (NA)
: His argument is literally the first few lines of his post. >1) Did nothing to make the game more diverse, same cookie cutter choices as always 2) Nerfs of champions benefiting from keystone runes, despite the later nerfs to the keystone 3) None of it feels like it has any effect on the game, "hidden power", bland choices Whether or not you agree with him is a separate issue, but he definitely explained his reasoning.
Im sry, but to me those are his judgements on the case. It might look like the truth and a "Great Reasoning" to you if you know much more on the topic than me, but to me those are just proof-less claims... Here let me explain; 1 Did nothing to make the game more diverse, same cookie cutter choices as always; Apposed to what: the diversity we had in previous choice, what riot sad they want to achieve, what he expected to be achieved - which is totally ok, I would like to read about his suggestion, because I also think that Riot maybe over-sells( at least) "diversity" and I'm annoyed by it. And I wish he had one example mentioned.... 2 Nerfs of champions benefiting from keystone runes, despite the later nerfs to the keystone; I was not aware of specific nerfs to champions caused by a keystone! This is bad! ...Which ones? - I barely have time to play 2 ARAMs a week, I don't have time to research what might goes in in the next patch and than deduce which of these have the biggest probability to be caused by which key-mastery. 3 None of it feels like it has any effect on the game, "hidden power", bland choices; This is just straight out a complaint of how disappointed he is from what he expected. This just says "I dont like how little there is" it is not "This I feel needs to get to this or at least this level because of this" or at least "we are supposed to be able to do this with masteries". His not arguing any changes he is just deeming them lacking, has no support for his claims. So about me agreeing or disagreeing; I would like to support anyone that finds the lack of "Diversity" disturbing, but i wont just blindly follow anyone with a parole and support him go against a topic on which i might not have all the facts. I would like to agree with him that nerfing champions because of masteries is not ok, that I also dont like that because masteries should upgrade your skills, spice em up a bit with for favorite champions. And not handicap you if you dont play the meta. Which brings us back to riots "Divercity". However since i dont know which champions got nerfed because of a key-stone. And how that effect an un-popular but known play-styles on that champion, Ill come back as soon as Im done crawling the internet for info. And Ill surely agree with him when I find such nerf to a champ. And also I would like to disagree with him on the last one, at least on the part concerning tanks. I would suggest 3v3 bot games, one with blank slate one with full complement of masteries. And I did asked him above did he expected Ulti like affects from masteries, In order to get more info on his expectation/suggestions so I can discuss it further, coz for me mysteries are already scary and might need to be removed from ranked alongside with runes if you ask me (but thats another topic i dont have time to explain now)... But as I said he just came here for who knows what... I wold have "agreed" like he asked in the title, but I guess I expected too much and ended up annoyed instead of satisfied. And I still deem his OP lacking and unworthy.
: If you could ban an item in champion select, what would it be?
: Can we agree the mastery overhaul was a failure
I do like some stuff about them and i dont like some stuff, but you just sound like you are on a witch-hunt... ... How is this change a failure compared to the old masteries? Is the in-game impact from masteries not stronger than before? Compared to what are the new masteries a failure ? Your overblown expectations (you expected ulti-like affects from every key-stone)? I do not feel like I'm the one that can criticize the new masteries much; I play only mages and tanks and I dont play every day and i play mostly ARAM (ex: I heard assassins ware left out a bit...). So i came here thinking I was gonna learn something from this senpai's insights: Turns out he is some random angry summoner... Your post is a failure. --------- In short; You may be right - But I dont see an argument in your post, just a judgment.
: Pre Corruption Morgana
Im thinking, maybe u messed up your link to the author?
: Haha what the heck is that motorcyclist even doing?
He is still doing better then this guy:
: And i 100% understood that after reading your first post. > it would be pretty difficult to pull that off without taking hits from the enemy in the process(those who managed to **live**) In which case i would just go ham and die trying anyway. Its **rare in my games to ace the enemy team**, that's why i was surprised that this method existed. but then again, i'm not an avid aram player.
U dont have to ace them. Especially not since {{summoner:32}}. People hide in the grass hit a minion wave behind the enemy champs and run to the nexus turrets, they even burn a flash if they have to. But there are other ways too, agro the turret just before the siege and hide behind your team in turret range while they are trying to take it down; Enemies are too busy defending, no one wants to go behind enemy lines even if the line is under their own turret. A lot of champions have kits that help them execute them self's while the whole enemy team is mid way to their turret (Its way more easier if you have one turret down on your side, even if you ware hit you still can manage to buy some time before the timer goes off its just 10sec): {{champion:17}} : Hides in grass and hits W behind them. {{champion:11}} : Ults, runs around the team fight, even uses W while under the enemy turrets to buy seconds if he was hit. OLD{{champion:78}}: ulti from the grass flash run behind enemy team. ... And many more! Dont forget {{champion:64}} or {{champion:4}} and {{champion:223}} and {{champion:14}} . But here is the most common scenario: You are over 5000 gold, they have all the turrets still up, the only enemy left is half HP and is behind the turret, if you go in and kill him in time to hide in the grass mid way between the outer turret and the inhib one. And wait for around 5 sec, you can then get out and offer your life to the inhib turret. Even if you dont manage to make a kill your still choose your death in a appropriate time so you will be re-spawned in time to def if your team manages to die besieging the turret. And people go for it a lot! especially if they have an Assassin. They have much to gain even if they just feed that one kill. If you find it a fun mini game you will find a 1000 ways to do it. Had a {{champion:55}} once on my team, managed to pull off 6 executions, ended the game 30+/8/8
: The new colors on the stats screen are terrible
Ok, So how did the old colors served more purpose? I get that you dont like the colors, but inventing extra reasons is childish. In a modern UI it makes more sense "disconnected/unavailable/absent" to be lacking color instead to have the hottest color in the whole used palette like previously. Plus the colors are adequately representing "my team" - "opponent" colors. In other words I lake the change and I think it makes more sense.
: its not bad, we're used to the previous way, so it might seem strange at first... just like the hud changes during bilgewater event
iainB85 (NA)
: Back in the day we used to get snow covered Summoner's Rift for the holidays. If I remember correctly, a Rioter commented a while back saying they won't reskin Summoner's Rift anymore because they are worried about color conflicts and some abilities being very hard to see on different colored backgrounds (Lux's E on a snow background could be hard to see, for instance). Personally I feel like it could still be done, as long as they were careful with the colors, and that it was kind of a cop-out response.
If riot is concerned about visibility issues (even if most of the enemy spells have a red outline ); It doesn't need to be done for ranked just for normal's and custom's! New players and the kids would love it! But, sadly, I don't think they are willing to spear the resources for something like this. And I hate them for that! I mean it doesn't need to be something crispy. They can offer the interns and the practitioners to do it. Im sure they will come up with something in week. They can even ask us for help.
Igotlazy (NA)
: Should League have an Official Webcomic?
Dont care much about the comic, But the base of that lore! That was done in very smart way: Here it is explained in couple of minutes and its genius concept for a MOBA.
: Rito pls
I was more concerned about that fiddlesticks... Needed like a minute to realize that he actually might look like that from this angle.
: Because silver and bronze are the same, or maybe he thinks silver is a lot better than bronze and wants to be a 'troll' and use the bronze icon even though he is a silver pleb. Git gud.
I just like the icons. The more the better. Im not playing ranked but if I would I wold like to get all till the one that fits my ranking.
: I like the fact that poppy in the story doesn't even realize she's the hero she's looking for!
What happens when she runs in to {{champion:24}} "Imagine if I had a real weapon!" ?
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