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: Give a free skin when you reach mastery lvl 7
A good pro-consumer idea imo, and I doubt itll single handedly empty Riots coffers, my issue with it though that its a "random" skin. So if I dumped just as much time and BE into getting rank 7 as the next guy, and he gets DJ Sona while I get Woad Ashe, that feels a bit unfair.
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"Adjust an ability because people are stupid, instead of expecting them to learn"
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How are they in a terrible state? Pretty balanced atm with a 50%+ win rate according to
: Can we revert Kindred back to their original kit?
Honestly, I feel like I like this change, she no longer feels dependant on her stacks to be relevant, they're just a bonus, and as a structure, her kit isn't all that different from the old one. She passed through a phase where she was terrible, but, while she's not in meta now, she's (they're?) sitting at a solid 50+% win rate atm.
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