Manxxom (NA)
: When the toxic yasuo says your trash but you say "no u"
more like a curse because he will proceed to int even more and what not
: Remove rapidfire cannon’s “attacks cannot be dodged” and give it to Sword of the Divine
Remove phantom dancer 100% imunity to crits, make it a 50% and remove true damage from vayne because it is enough of a cancer in sr, we do not need another one in tft if u rly have to have true damage in tft, swap fiora w with q and give it true damage
nobles too
Yûumi (NA)
: things you hear while playing support
I do have to agree on the "play a tank thing" most of the time your team is too squishy and needs a tanky champion to balance a comp a bit if u do have tanks be it toplane or jungle than it is perfectly fine to play a squishy support or u ignore all of the above and play lux, karma and morgana because fuck it am i rite
: Just watched a pretty funny LoL advertisement
I am frequently being matched with people that do not know how to play botlane its ok to die a few times on botlane but how in the hell do you lose botlane all u have to do as adc is farm and follow up good calls and all support has to do is make the calls but as soon as you see it aint working out just fall back people do not seem to understand that whenever i play botlane 90% of the time i either win the lane or it's a draw 10% of the times i lose is the other player does some dumb things that gets our lane weaker
Shahamut (NA)
: When is Skarner going to get some love?
I like the champion but I understand why he is overshadowed by everyone else still i do so enjoy when someone dives me and i ult them or smth like that imo his q doesnt do that much dmg his e should be able to be procked by q w is ok... ult should last a bit longer on higher levels just something i noticed from my games of skarner i played
jınxy (NA)
: WARNING: TFT Annihilates Per-Win XP Boosts
Thats why i purchase day boosts instead of win boosts
: ah, people would probably like to see it. What's your opinion?
Sukishoo (NA)
: Nope. They have also updated God Fist.
did not know that sad i really liked the old voice
: Lee sin's new voice is terrible
I kinda do not care as his God Fist skin still has the old voice and that is all I care about Screw the new voice, just an excuse to add special interactions noone cares about
: you'll also play vs diamonds who are trolling or testing new things as an iron smart boards user: YoU CaN CaRrY YoUrSeLf OuT Of AnY ElO
> [{quoted}](name=Luther King Jr V,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cfPLOye4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-07T16:39:06.020+0000) > > you'll also play vs diamonds who are trolling or testing new things as an iron > > smart boards user: YoU CaN CaRrY YoUrSeLf OuT Of AnY ElO you could carry yourself before now it is used as a joke
Jopi (EUW)
: hewwo rioters! i need 84 rp pwease!
What about Ivern? He's got pretty long legs
Lapantino (EUW)
: I don't get a joy playing top anymore. Riot, for whom is actually top lane?
Toplane is mostly for people expecting a chill game but realizing that if they don't win their lane at least than there will be nothing they can do They get the least amount of help usually and when they do, it's gg for the opposing toplaner most of the time Also you always have to worry about counter picks and cs-ing, almost like you are playing chess or some shit My view on it Another view is: Masochists
Mc Raton (NA)
: Okay Nerf or Rework Tryndamere, it's not funny anymore.
Don't forget how he can basically 3 hit you on level 1 if he is lucky enough with his passive
: Varus and Miss Fortune were said to be HIGHEST PRIORITY for a VO Updates and then Lee Sin get's one
: With How Poorly TFT is Balanced it is Nowhere Near Ready for Ranked Gameplay
I would balance it first by removing the item stacking on one champion for example 2 rageblades on vayne, or item stacking in general because dota has it system limited to one item per hero
: May the old Aatrox rest in peace.
but what if the gravestone was in the shape of the current sword he is using?
GreenKnight (EUNE)
: Ew, a rework.
We will get used to it brother Unless the people at League of Memories surprise us
: i'm not sure. I think you'd have to read wherever microsoft has their terms for installation/use and such If you want a better art program, try G.I.M.P. though without the periods. it's called gnu image manipulation program and has a ton of stuff you can do with it as for charging, it depends upon the quality, legality and whether or not someone will pay
no i meant i use paint cuz its simple and because it is challenging to draw something without layers like in photoshop you gotta have everything planned out in advance as for the charging i would never charge for a digital drawing that is not a quality peace and by quality i mean QUALITY I mostly do traditional art with a good old pencil and paper and most of the time a fineliner
: Fascinating. Meanwhile I got in top 3 with 2-3 items. Have you tried getting better at the game?
You mean getting better at doing the exact same as other people but being rewarded less?
: "One day, *I'll* be the leader of the Decepticons and you will be nothing but a pile of scrap metal, oh _glorious leader_...." I love how it bears remarkable resemblance to Starscream. Seriously, I am not being sarcastic, it really looks nice!
As long as Megatron transforms into a super tank he doesnt stand a chance
wren620 (NA)
: U should put this on r/aatrox mains. Sure they'd love it. If u have reddit, that is.
: if l had all time in the world, i still wouldnt be able to draw this good. W out 11
it's not about skill it is all about time actually, and how much you want to get into something i learned to be patient by drawing a lot and really try to draw something nicely noone is going to get it to look good at first but you gotta experiment with your technique a bit if you dont plan on changing it talent is not something you are born with it is just the priority skill you want to achieve
: **Riot pls make this the VGU**
fat chance but people will get used to this one soon unless that season 4 private server rolls around already
: Aatrox mains have been treated the worse than any group of people in this community over the long history of this game. Even you, who has no ill intention, say you think the new one is great but still use the old one's whole awesome style... Old Aatrox represents what the game was, which was a normal MOBA, and Newtrox is what the game has become and is turning into; a random action game.
I know that They said this was going to be the best and biggest rework they ever did Fast forward a few months and we got a champion that has literally the old aatrox's joke taunt in his current form but this time, no voicelines or anything But I drew this cuz I was bored and took the opportunity since noone else ever thought of doing this combination
: Og Aatrox main here(lvl 7 before the rework etc). The Aatrox rework was handled so badly by riot games that the og community still is mad every time he comes up. There is nothing wrong with your painting, it is just a subject that pisses some people on insanely much in the Aatrox community. It is even so bad that the Aatrox subreddit split into 2 for a while because was filled with so much toxicity that it became useless for people. Your painting looks really good and should be complimented for what it is. A great multy hour paint drawing showing both the good side of the new one and a cool pose of the old one. It is amazingly good looking and is worth every upvote it got. What you were supposed to get from the comment: nothing
aight I understand the concern but I did this purely from boredom and not choosing sides in that aatrox war
: why not? If you would have fun doing it, people would probably like to see it if you mean as a commission though, I can not make that request XD it does have me laughing though at the thought of the title, "What Aatrox Thinks of League of Legends" XD
Nah not a commission I mean can you really charge someone for a ms paint drawing
: Renekton's shield-breaking W is basically a giant "fuck you"
Boneplating is pretty good against him coupled with some armor
: this is actually pretty good I was hoping it was a meme post with the troll face on him though XD
: That is og Aatrox's brilliant pose not Newtrox's. That is misrepresentation. Plz learn to respect others instead of discarding that og Aatrox fans even exist. Riot is doing a really poor job of raising kids. The Golden Rule, holds true in gaming too, Riot should know that and act accordingly since they influence so many.
I think I pointed out which Aatrox is in which pose I didnt draw the pre rework one because: 1. I wasn't really a fan back then 2. The new one looks more badass at least to me 3. It was my intention to blend both together 4. Since when did OG Aatrox had a © symbol slapped onto him? Sorry, no offence, but I must ask What was I supposed to get from this comment?
: What’s this? Eatari has evolved into radetari! radetari has learned _MSPaint_!
Whoever downvoted this probably listens to Lavander Town remix or smth on YouTube
Jamaree (NA)
: That actually pretty impressive all things considered.
Rioter Comments
LyteArc (NA)
: Should be changed to RnG Tactics
doesnt the whole league rely on luck now?
: Is it so hard to give Local Times? If we (the players / CUSTOMERS) can do it so can you... Also if you're giving us the time according to Pacific Time ZONE you SHOULD consider the giant time gap between NA and EU... For us in EU pacific time PM will be basically TOMORROW, Thursday not today Wednesady... It's sad to me that you do the same bs like every other NA based gaming company... You think mostly about NA while the rest of the world (the majority) is left in the dark... For once I'd like NOT to be punished because I live in EU currently... In today's world it shouldn't be so hard to release games simultaneously in EVERY region despite time zone differences... You're not a small Indie company, you should be able to afford more servers if that's the issue... Sigh... I'm dissapointed and I hope TFT will at least be worth the wait...
KingMufu (EUNE)
: Trollers
Pentakill Smite and Ignite
: Riot What IS THIS
What happens in Realm of Death stays in Realm of Death
Rioter Comments
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: [Champion concept] Eirik the youngest Chieftain
One small problem Death animation ... of a child unless they pull a {{champion:20}} on us
: What are you confused about? He's a yordle, he ducked under it because he's short!
> [{quoted}](name=General Esdeath ,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=veYmlWPU,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-06-18T00:25:28.625+0000) > > What are you confused about? He's a yordle, he ducked under it because he's short! Is that a short joke?! {{champion:45}}
Rioter Comments
Kledaddy (EUNE)
: why can mordekaiser end the game in his ult?
Only a matter of time until Trick2G starts maining him
: Every relic adc support can agree on this
Not me man, you can trust me
: > [{quoted}](name=radetari,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Q0hQbQkt,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-14T14:47:01.414+0000) > > I am honestly sorry > But by getting a chat restriction again I see that as another chance by Riot to redeem myself so I will > I promise > I am also sorry to all the people I flamed > Please forgive my harsh behavior > i am not like this irl, but when i get frustrated sometimes I cannot keep my anger under control Let's just say that these threads don't help you or anyone. Ever. Sob stories don't work.
not sobing, but im just sad that i knew this was going to happen, yet i expected a bigger punishment im not trying to make you people feel bad for me im just pointing out the realization
: > [{quoted}](name=RobShizzle,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=Q0hQbQkt,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-14T16:17:03.201+0000) > > Sure you are. If you're like this in a game, you're like this in real life. It is, quite literally, who you are. The only difference is that you've learned that there are very real (and potentially dangerous) consequences for acting like this in the real world, so you keep it in video games where you're safe from everything other than eventually losing your account. Completely, absolutely disagree and I hope you refrain from thinking like this in the future. The nuances to human behavior and how it's impacted by the person's surrounding are many and tricky to observe. **He's like this in this situation.** But it's completely accurate to judge people based on behavior (with accurate tools & methods which I assume you're in possession of, right?), you are what you say / think after all. In my business, I've learned to deal with soul-crushing amounts of stress and I thrive in it. When someone says something stupid to my face, I ignore it, checkout mentally, move physically and resume my work / life. I'm a live and let live kind of guy. So, I learned to mentally check out of stupid situations even if I have the bigger power. Yet I get incredibly infuriated when my time is wasted. This translates to League in me being negative. I've gotten a 10 games chat ban and I haven't even said anything close to "you're stupid". Any Riot employee can check if they're interested or it peaked their interest "another guy who says he's done nothing...". I wasn't inflammatory, but I was negative. Now, in my house, I scream and punch things a lot. My girlfriend does this too. The people that I play with who are "passive" in real life do too. I haven't seen anyone, anyone at all that doesn't tilt off the face of the earth in every League game. In fact, I think people no longer play this game for fun. It's just too good to give up. Go to most streamers and see how violently tilted they are - about to explode. Of course they keep to themselves because they have an audience and they risk losing the account, but I guarantee you: it'd be very interesting to see how they'd react if there were no rules :) The feeling of helplessness really, really gets to you. It doesn't show who you are, unless you throw poison in these situations, then I believe it shows someone with deep issues. It's one thing to be negative, even flaming and it's another thing to wish death upon someone else in a game, no matter how heated things are. Don't judge this way because it will not serve you well in life when making assessments about people that directly impact your life.
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