: How would Yuumi in One for All work???
i would say.. . all 4 can chain.. INTO A BOSS
: Behold! Yasuo mains beware!
i know how to counter you without much yasuo skill.. {{summoner:1}} {{item:3155}} spellshield rune and{{item:3140}} + upgrade and i have chance to kill you... a large chance
EyeClown (NA)
: He might feel useless to you, but any champion can feel weak when they fall behind or their playstyle doesn't match yours, or the rest of your team. It can also be heavily influenced by your build and enemy matchup. For damage, you should change your build depending on the game. Your team has 50 zeds zipping around? Grab a tear and build archangels, with a sweet AP-hybrid build. Enemy team full of assassins? Get your explorer-boi an Iceborn Gauntlet, Guardian Angel, Hexdrinker, and other defensive items. Tanky enemy team? Grab a Black Cleaver, Lord Dominiks/Mortal Reminder, and a BORK. If you play the exact same build each game, your opponents will pick up on this and counter-build to it. He's one of those champions whose abilities can cover a lot of ground with the right items, so your biggest asset will be to tailor your item building to each individual game. You should also consider who the enemy laner is/are. If they're a hook or skillshot based lane (Thresh, Leona, Blitz, Zyra, etc), you can abuse your E to dodge their abilities. If you're against Sir-Spammalot laners (Soraka Q+E, Caitlyn Q + W) or lock-on abilities and damage (Sona-buffed autos, Bard-meep autos, Fiddlesticks Crow), then you're gonna have a bad time. On a somewhat related note, I made a page on helping out players over on the boards (https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/general-discussion/IrVl1IQK-new-players-and-parents-click-over-here-help-is-on-the-way) for anyone interested in discussing anything they might not get about the game (focused more on new players/parents). I hope this helps!
heroikc (NA)
: Marksman utilizing Q primarily, with W for booster and E for mobility, ult for sniping, and likes {{item:3057}} and {{item:3004}} You don't play him often?
i play him sometimes and i still cant use this champ
: > [{quoted}](name=raphtor64,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=txapwR0A,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-02-07T20:34:00.415+0000) > > yeah yeah.. every single time i play safe and i got almost 1 shot by a random champ.. "nice meme" and i still see low chance to farm.. only with the ult but nobody wants to ult just to the minions Unless they like 3 or 4 man you under tower, which kills any champion and not just Ezreal by a very long shot, otherwise you have the leverage of using E to escape most situations. You can farm easily with Ezreal just by rushing a Tear and spamming Q at range, he has no shortage of; you can also direct some of it to harass the opponent: a successful combo of WQ wipes a significant amount of HP off the opponent, this is highly abusable especially that Ezreal's W hitbox is enormous and completely broken and Riot couldn't be bothered to fix for some reason. Ezreal's farming is among one of the game's safest.
oh now i see.. and i think i should rush sheen for dmg to the minions{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: Warm water, soft washcloth, lemon, baking soda.
ofc XD {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Ezreal useless? Nice meme! His extreme safety being basically ungankable due to his E as well as CSing from half a lane away, 1 WQ wiping you off from the face of the earth, wave control and ranged snipe, and his ""feature"" of breaking the game every time something is introduced into the game due to his kit's heavy usage of on-hit being tagged to spells, is not "useless".
yeah yeah.. every single time i play safe and i got almost 1 shot by a random champ.. "nice meme" and i still see low chance to farm.. only with the ult but nobody wants to ult just to the minions
Saezio (EUNE)
: You must be kidding right?
i wasnt.. i was seen this champ is too squishy and this champ needs some armor buff
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: Ok so Yasuo can have 3 shields now?!?
he can have more with like,, a full shielding team it was like around 10 shield
fire263 (NA)
: Because stormrazor isn't really that useless. It's more of a niche item now, considering it's not too good without other energized effect items, but it can be very strong on champions that take fleet footwork, and one or two of the other energized items. Stormrazor now costs 3100, so let's do some math to see if the item is worth the cost. The 55 AD it grants is 1925 gold in terms of longswords, and the Attack speed is 25% which is about another 600 gold, 2525 gold value so far. But then include the fact that you basically have a built in glacial augment that is decaying slow rather than increasing slow, which imo is better as it gives you sudden kiting potential. For ADC's, that is very powerful considering most ADC's are intended to not have much CC to make up for their damage output, and an item like this is very strong. It also increases heal of fleet footwork by 30%, the number of bounces of statikk shiv by 30%, and the range of RFC by 30%, and I may be wrong but I assume the energized damage is also increased by 30%. To put that into context, Caitlyn with RFC and statikk can auto you from 850 units away, (650 base plus 150 RFC, + 30% buff which is about another 50% = 850 range). That is the same range as a twitch in his ultimate. If you have one of the three items, I believe it also increases the slow by 30% as it states "Your other Energized effects are 30% more effective and also slow their targets by 40% decaying over 1 second". It doesn't increase the slow with just stormrazor, but since it applies a slow to other items energized effects, those should in theory slow as it's part of the other energized effects. I may be wrong with some of this though. It's definitely not a bad item, but it's not one you should rush or get early on. It's more of a lategame item that you combine with RFC or statikk and gives you more teamfight potential with the slow. I personally think it's a pretty good item, and it can be very powerful for lategame teamfights, but not as strong if you don't have any other of the energized effects or you rush it.
ok.. now i see it.. thanks {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
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