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: If it requires 4 spatulas, it's not a comp that you would ever plan to have. Not viable unless it's also viable at 0-1 spatulas
I've already stated that this is not a meta comp or a comp you could really "plan to have". It's just a lucky once in a lifetime comp I managed to get this one time and I wanted to share it.
: Only thing that throws me off on that is the yumi on gnar, he only has one cast so neither the increased mana gain nor the AP are all that great on him compared to poppy or kennen who both get really nasty with the double mana and extra ap
Yeah, Yuumi on Kennen makes a lot of sense but my damage was mainly coming from A-sol and Morg so I just wanted the Gnar to ult faster since an early Gnar ult can sometimes win you the game if it's good. In this particular case my Gnar managed to usually ult before my A-sol which often lined up the enemy team perfectly for the A-sol ult.
: Getting 3 Spatulas is extremely rare and in those scenarios almost anything you do with them is going to be very strong. You can make FoN and finish a synergy or add up to 3 pieces to a synergy. Blademaster, Yordle, Sorcerer all benefit from 3 Spat items. Then you have ones like Demon and Glacial that only require one or two spats in order to boost given they're 2 unit benchmarks. So yes, your comp is strong. But looking at a 9 piece comp when lv9 absolutely isn't a guarantee and requiring 3 spatulas to make it a thing isn't realistic when discussing theories on comp strength and the meta. You should start from a 6-7 piece core and figure out how you can expand it realistically. Like if you're going to use a core that's got 3 Sorcerer, 3 Yordles and something else mixed in then you have a core you can expand upon with various unit options, a strategy, and dream team items like Mittens. As is though, you're discussing a comp you'll probably get to make in less than 1/100 games since Spatulas are high priority for a lot of comps.
Yeah, going for this comp definitely isn't a valid strategy or a game plan you can rely on and I was very weak early on and almost lost before i hit lvl 9. I'm not saying that this is a comp you should try to build in this meta. I'm just saying I was lucky enough to get the spatulas, was willing to risk a loss for the meme of having this crazy comp at lvl 9 and ultimately managed to get it. Getting those items, units **and** not dying before lvl 9 was all luck so yeah, this is not a meta comp.
: Stuck With River Sprite. No Little Legend Egg is There.
You need to buy it in the store for RP, that's the only way right now. I think you got at an egg as a reward in the first battle pass but I didn't play back then so I don't know. In that case that means there's a possibility you might get one in the next battle pass but for now busting out the wallet is the only way.
: Maybe a set of Urf, Poros, and then maybe like the old Baron or a jungle mob from the old map? Could be a special nostalgia set
Riot, if you're reading this, I just wanna say that I would 100% spend money on this.
Porglit (NA)
: That's one of those dreams I had when mittens first came out, except you got to live it. I bet that felt great =D
Yeah, it was probably my best TFT moment. Especially since I was losing up until I put in the ninth yordle. When I got to top 2 the other guy had like 70 health and I was below 20 but I just couldn't lose so I beat him five times in a row and won the game.
: Everybody knows about this. You're the 200th person to make a post boasting that they got 9 yordles and/or explaining how to do it.
Okay, sorry if I was over-informative. Still though, nine yordles **and** six sorcerers is a really hard comp to get. I'm not boasting my skill, I'm simply sharing my luck. I was just showing off an incredibly powerful team comp that I don't think many people have seen/used.
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Got banned for 14 days about 3 months ago, getting honors pretty much every game but still honor level 0 with "0 out of 3 checkpoints". Nice.


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