: Then in order for her to actually function, you will see what an actually unfair champion to play against is. Akali is the only assassin the game with an actually healthy burst window that doesn’t feel like absolute shite to play as. It’s not clunky or haphazardly tacked on, it flows with her kit. But because of her longer burst window, she’s awarded one of the strongest defensive tools out of most assassins, and one that also allows her to fulfil her role as an assassin and tower dive. But when you take away that safety and ability to tower dive, that means you have to give her increased damage and reliability, which means her Q and ult will have their damage increased, making it much easier for her to kill you without much effort. That’s not healthy. “Unfair” doesn’t mean “I can’t play against this champion the exact same way I do all the others”. Unfair is when you don’t have a chance. And for a community that hates when champs like Kha’Zix, Rengar, or Talon can all near delete you from stealth in an instant, you all have cried and whined to get rid of the only assassin with actual counterplay.
make sense . but the point is she is way over powered you cant change her true stealth with any more damage this is gonna be unfair . but thanks for your opinion :) much appreciated <3
wolf jade (EUNE)
: well. if youwant true stealth you need to live with the ban rate,
That.s the point . why not bring the old akali back she had almost 0 ban rate
wolf jade (EUNE)
: tbh i think now that they're taking away her true stealth and giving some buffs its ok
Actually i disagree with you cause without her true stealth if she got stunned in teamfight she is died and she needa alot of movement to broke her bassive and deal her damage but think about the old one you could shroud blink over the stunns or even jump on the stunner and eliminate him and keep going for other targets :)
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