: Fair question Nitro, I wouldn't say anything is wrong with bot lane going top, but if every game turns into a flipped map I personally would believe that we made the Rift Herald buff too strong. With multiple win conditions on the map, we want there to be a balance in how teams weigh their importance and strategize around that.
Asyrite, as someone who works in competitive scene i must tell you that right now Rift Herald and it's buffs are not problematic, but only if team expect a lane swap. For example, if red team invades, and blue team expect that invade and go to red team's blue buff, then blue team doesn't lose anything. Dragon buff worth same or a little bit more than Rift Herald, because it is permanent and is team wide, unlike RH's single target buff. So it depends on how good teams can react to lane swap tactics(I don't have high hope on this from EU and NA teams unfortunately).
: Great question! We're going to be closely monitoring Rift Herald and what impact it really has on the map. If the team who gets the first Rift Herald wins 90% of their matches, that's definitely not a good thing. Or if we suddenly see every game having support and ADC go top to secure Rift Herald that's also not ideal. We want to make Rift Herald be a neutral objective that opens up strategic choice for teams, not become the must have objective. We can tackle this in many ways, whether that be tuning numbers on the buff, spawn timers, or tuning other objectives. Rest assured, if RH comes out too strong, we'll be quickly jumping on bringing it to a healthy place :). In the mean time we're super excited to see what kind of crazy strats evolve through the preseason and into next year.
New minions changes, team that is need big lead can just sit at baron or dragon and let minions push, or just take dragon/baron if enemy go to defend. They also can just group at one side and camp there while minions on other 2 lanes are pushing. How do you plan on dealing with this if it becomes problematic? And why are you punishing late game team compositions with these changes? -Radovan
: Could I please ask you for something important to me? Why Riot decided to force one specific team composition? Why there can be only one jungler? Why AD carry must be ranged? I understand that makes the game easier to balance and understand, but its 6 years already. Every change kinda forces players to play in an "imposed" manner.
I can answer you that. If you want 2 junglers, you need extremely good communication, which you can't get in soloq. Secondly, it is not viable to play with 2 junglers unless you lane swap and that also requires extremely good communication. AD doesn't have to be ranged, but meta is like that. Reason for this comes way before League of Legends and games in general: simply guy with a bow, if he have good arrows and is precise ( aka range champion), will kill a guy with a sword without a shield (aka assasins). The time melee champion, without gap close, needs to be close to range is enough for range to seriously wound him or kill him.
: Preseason Open Forum [day 1]
How you plan to deal with Rift Herald and it's buffs if it shows extremely powerful in competitive play, especially in lane swap situations? -Radovan
: [DEV BLOG] Rift Herald in the 2016 Season
How do you plan on balancing Rift Herald's buffs if it became too powerful in competitive play? - Radovan
: Many worries. There is always that tipping point in sight. Marksmen optimize for damage so directly which means creating a desirable enough defensive item is difficult without pushing on this risk. We've intentionally starved the high end damage points because of this. Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer had a ways it could go while still being "high end damage items". Their damage is going down specifically to make room for more interesting abilities. I don't believe we've hit the balance needed for this perfectly yet. It's difficult to get a degree of imbalance with this many changes (and there will likely be something that slips out obscene, oh preseason). But it *can* be adjusted once out. More importantly, there are actually a notable number of more tools that let us reach those adjustments now. e.g. If a tank becomes unseen due to these changes, raising their base armor per level is much more meaningful now.
The problem i see is that with more lifesteal items and passive from Phantom Dancer( not sure if this is the right item) which says that 12% of damage is dealt as bleed, ADC will be able to out lifesteal this bleed effect and that will mean that Phantom Dancer, with enough lifesteal, will give pure 12% damage reduction to ADC's and that is a lot.
: Would you be willing to divulge your thoughts on this? :) We actually had three in testing at one point (with a slightly different profile). The number of new items and item changes was overwhelming for quite a few people. It's much easier to add more when there's a clear trade already established, so it's open design space in the future. Before we decide to explore that space once more I would like to wait some time first for people to get used to all the current item changes.
I absolutely disagree with adding more armorpen items. ADC will be getting items that reduce damage taken into bleed, they will get a lot higher crit chance with less items, a lot higher CDR and more lifesteal from items. Assasins won't be able to burst them down that easily, tanks will be demolished with all these crit chances and damage + healing from that. Tanks needs to stick to DPS targets if they want to be useful and with all these changes i don't see how one will be able to survive long enough.
: DEV BLOG: Marksman Itemization
With new items giving more defensive abilities, don't you worry that ADC will deal too much damage while receiving reduced damage?
: There's a very, very high chance that groups will queue against other groups of equal size.
But that small chance will happen non the less and the advantage is simply to much. Another question, It says people need to be no more then 1 tier higher/lower to queue together. Does that mean we will see Diamond + Platinium + Gold + Silver 4 man premade ranked queue or they will all need to be Diamond +/-?
: 2016 Season Update Discussion
It worries me a lot that 5 man premade can queue for Ranked and get to play against 5 non-premade enemy team. It gives a lot advantage to premade team because of communication and coordination. I strongly suggest that you rethink this issue.
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