AlexBios (EUNE)
: Hello, if i have honor 0 do i get the board with my division on the end of the season?
If you don't have the lock on it and your honor is level 0 i guess you can get it
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: Hey! So you need to play clean games to advance up in honor. If you've been at honor 0 for some time, then apparently you've been negative in games, just not negative enough to get you a punishment.
So do I just have to get honors and that's all? from other players? like did it happen to you and it worked?
: How long ago was it since you got a penalty on the account?
my penalty was on 1st oct 2017
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RektByAGirl (EUNE)
: Honor Level Problem
Can please help me with this honor thing because I cant deal with it any more like it's been 2 months sense I lost my honor and I got a penalty please some one help me so I can get my honor level 3 back please BECAUSE I CANT HANDEL THIS ANY MORE!{{summoner:3}}
: Can We Please Just Nerf Darius?
i guess darius is nerfed.... I MAIN DARIUS T_T!


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