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: You must have had previous punishments. This one game on it's own isn't enough to warrant a punishment to an account with a clean slate. As you get punished, your account gets placed on thinner and thinner ice, meaning something like this (that is on the more tame side even though it is still negative) will trigger the next punishment. You escalated your account to a 14 day ban, the next one _will_ be permanent. Asking for reports is considered player harassment. One report is worth the same as nine, just report the player at the end of the game and move on. There's no need to get other players to join you in reporting, it doesn't accomplish anything and can breed negativity in most scenarios.
Its the first ban,and why is considered player harassment to suggest your team to report him to keep this "community clean" and get this guy banned for destroying our experience and game,instead of banning us 14 days only for this reason just ban the chat,so we cant use swear words or other things like this,i think this ban should be for people who grief or go afk all the time.
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