: Um changing screens is kinda the point of the game so you can change your placement to protect Champs or attack a weak point in your opponents line. Adding a fog of war makes it luck not tactical.
I don't see the skill in changing positions every 2 seconds, then swapping your screen, then quickly changing again and so over until the battle starts and one of you just didn't make the last change in the last second. IT's not SC. I proposed fog of war as it already exists in the game and would be easiest to implement. You can easily memorize how the enemy formation was, its not that many pawns. There is much more skill into foreseeing enemy intentions then quickswap. But if memorizing some key pawns would be hard, you could get a "see throught" silhouette of your enemies last position on your board from the last battle. This would only occur when there are only 2 players left.
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: I really hate facing a Malphite jung
Ye, ap malph is used alot lately. But he falls off the moment everyone on your team buys an MR item. Problem is that rarely anyone thinks about counter itemization, they just go their full dmg potential build every time. Adaptability is something a lot of players don't like to do. Ap Malph is like that. He is strong early game and you have to play extra safe not to feed the enemy and get to mid game where ap malph starts to fall off. He is just a onte trick pony, that is a liability to his team if he cant kill anyone with his R+ E combo. Good champions to counter him in ranked are Janna, Zilean, Lulu, while squishy champions with no mobility are his favorite food, so pick and itemize accordingly. ( for example, when i get RoA and Banshee with zilean, he cant one shot me anymore). Ap malph is useles if he cant one shot players, he will die in 2 seconds and will kill none, while a tank malph will contribute much better and more in late game .
: I think I've discovered the key to supporting in this meta.
This is not just this meta, it was every meta, it's basically the game from season 1. In solo/duo, that's the only way to go as support. The only place where it is difference, and where it was different from the beginning of time is full premade. There either all 5 of you are one, or you are better of solo quee.
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GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Yummi has no real counterplay when tethered to a juggernaut
Anyone that thinks yuumi has no weakness, either doesnt understsnd yuumi, supporting, or the game itself. Lets start to explain. A good yuumi will always try to give shield to her ally, going out of safety for that. Enemies can use that moment to cc an kill her. She needs at least 1 sec for all animations to proc before she is safe ( out, aa, in). For any decent player that is enough to react. If she doesnt or cant get out because of danger her sustain is halved. With grievious wounds, yuumi might not even exists if she doesnt apply the shield. Nvm if she is on a fed irelia. Lulu would do much better here even if you can focus her, because Irelua will make sushi out of your team while you try. Second strenght of yuumi is to be adaptable, jumping from one target to another. This also gives you a weakness to exploit. If she doesnt do any of those, then she us so much gimped that her existence is unnecesary and any other support would do better. If she still wins, it just means her team would win 4v5 anyway. About the jugger + yuumi (taking that yuumi doest get out), focus backline, sacrifice 1 teammate or some cc. Then go 4/5 vs jugger + yuumi. Easy win, plain strategy. The problem isnt in yuumi. She is fine. The problem lies in the players. Players hate when they cant kill someone. Same story with abathur in hots. They dont understand that not killing someone isnt op if he loses more games by playing it super safe. They cant see the bigger picture. The only unfair thing is getting easy S with yuumi if your team is winning, even if you are not playing so well. Easy chest, easy tokens. They should remove low deaths from giving her so many performance points.
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: No. No really, the game is stupid.
"In what world does a balanced team comp lose to pure damage every single time? Games with a support, a tank and/or bruiser, a mage, an ADC, and an assasin should rightly be won against teams of equal skill who are three assassins, a mage, and an ADC." Sorry to burst your bubble, but if the first is true, then the players weren't of equal skill. Either the tank didn't tank well, or the support went too far warding, or the dmg dealers were too afraid to commit to a fight and multiple more. A good balanced comp should beat a specialized comp, unless they countered themselves. Also, it's not just about having a balanced team comp, it's about having the right teamcomp. Zilean, Lulu counter 1 shot assassins, Janna counters heavy divers, Braum counters heavy barrage. Skill starts at champion select. " Literally, teams who FOREGO buying wards tend to perform better than teams with a dedicate support who buys them. Why?" I only watch worlds, but so far they always prove the opposite of what you are saying. Warding, and ward clearing is a big thing there. Just because players at lower skill ranges don't use vision appropriately, thus warding efforts being wasted, doesn't mean it's not useful when used to ones advantage.
: > [{quoted}](name=Antenora,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AMbfsp11,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-07-21T08:51:42.295+0000) > > Thornmail also provides Grievous Wounds and an attack speed cripple now a days. > > It didn't back then. True, but that's only useful if damage-dealing allies are around, and if they are, enemies can just... not attack you, thereby negating it.
That;s the point. You tanking just because you can is not the point. The point is to team play with your allies, know how and when to force a fight. Be in a position where the enemy has no choice then to attack you over your allies, while your allies deal dmg to them. Be a menace, time your CC right. It's stupid gameplay if a tank can solo yasuo. Tanks build tankiness over dmg for a reason. Not to solo, but to teamplay with glasscanons. I'm a former tank player, and yea, before tanks where more tanky. EVeryone was, but tanks especially. Now everything is faster. Tanks die in 10-15 seconds, while adc's die in 2/3. But it doesnt mean that the current tank role has no use. You just have less room for error.
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: What you should have said > In-Game > zlajo: i can tank a bit > zlajo: from lvl 2 we can trade on bot > zlajo: np > zlajo: care > zlajo: we are just trading at first > zlajo: ye morg > zlajo: j4 focus on helping mid > zlajo: i cant Q through his ult > > Game 2 > Pre-Game > zlajo: dont troll... > zlajo: i dont want janna > zlajo: then leave > zlajo: im not playing janna > In-Game > zlajo: im support > zlajo: i didint troll XD > zlajo: <3 > zlajo: i was out of range > zlajo: vi > zlajo: stop going in solo like that > zlajo: i could not even ult you > zlajo: how far u ran > zlajo: u were out of range
It's hard when they are bashing you with mother and personal insults to stay so calm, unless you are a plant. Then you just don't care. If Riot would share the full chat, you would see the severity of their slander... But Riot likes it selective....
: I'm sorry, do you want Riot to punish people for playing Karthus or making bad decisions? You don't get to pick someone's champion and the punishment for bad decisions is losing the game. You need to check yourself before you move up the punishment ladder. Stop flaming your team.
They were toxic, terribly toxic. I didn't flame anyone, until they started throwing multiple insults in a row, after which i lost my cool, and even then i was pretty cool compared to what they were writting
Kei143 (NA)
: In all the scenarios you described, no one was toxic. People playing bad and making decisions you don't agree with is not a punishable offense. Meaning you've been getting angry for no reason.
They were terribly toxic. Karthus instantly started insulting when I told j4 to focus mid. Everyone had such bad slander, from mother insults to personal insults, they were a nightmare. Only Renekton and Vi were not verbally abusing, the rest were terrible. I wish RIot would give me the full chat so i could show you, but sadly Riot plays this selectively, making objective judging not possible. It's a play of selective truth.
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Voldymort (EUNE)
: >especially as you can't provide even counter arguments. i don't need to provide "counter arguments" for a claim you have no evidence for {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
The argument is the system in place, so i guess you didn't udnerstand the subject at hand from the get go. You know that it doesn't matter for the system how big of a violation you made, and that you all still get the same punishment . What evidence do you need to support this claim if you know how it works? You have a problem understanding that people aren't always focused on only themselves. I'll post my chat when Support sends me to cure your curiousity, until then lets talk about the system, the subject at hand.
Kei143 (NA)
: 95% of the playerbase can handle themselves often enough to not get punished. Rubbing salt on the wounds? We're just trying to tell the toxics the truth on why they are punished. If that's how easily they can get damaged, then I can see why they break every 5 seconds.
95%? WHere did that come from? It's basically not true, that 95% never got punished. Plz link a legitimate source for that information. You can't support a claim like that without a link. I've searched but found nothing, and the situation in this thread proves otherwise. "We're just trying to tell the toxics the truth on why they are punished" 1. you are acting on prejudices, which shows a lack of objective approach 2. You are trying to play the police, which shows arrogance 3. You are not trying to asses the system objectively, but rather push your convictions without logical argumentation. WHich means you are totally missing the point of the whole thread. I'm not here to justify my actions. I'm here to show how the system has glaring problems with injusticely punishing players for massively different magnitudes of violation with the same punishment. PandaPo is here for the same, as well as others and you just can't understand that. IT's sad that you are acting like such a fanboy and can't asses the subject objectively. And from the looks of it in this thread, it's far over 5% that got punished by the system. Many of them were the lesser violators.
: i have no reason to stalk your ass. you aren't important.
Exactly, so whats the point of your comments? You try to insinuate something, after which you just back down not trying to prove me wrong and yourself right. I know I'm not important here, that's why I focus on the system. But why are you here, focusing me as an individual, if you think I'm not important?
Voldymort (EUNE)
: >Even if you don't believe my situation, you still know how the system works, and what the policies are. By using logic you can judge how it works and if the flaws i mentioned are correct. they are not. stop spreading fake news >For me to copy the tekst, i need to instal LoL again, no you don't you can also open a ticket and ask riot to mail them to you > Unless you will give me my rewards back ( end season) if i copy the tekst and convince you, I see no reason to install lol ever again. nobody on the boards has that power. neither the players, nor the mods >And even then, I have only my chat at my disposal, not from everyone. because that's the ony one that matters
Fake news? :) There is a difference between fake and false. Because of that i can't take your judgement as logical or valid, especially as you can't provide even counter arguments. Without it your opinion has no value. I'll ask Riot to send the chat, and when I get it I'll post it here.
: and here you are complaining about it instead of actually leaving. proves you are bluffing.
I've left, stopped playing and uninstalled. THere are probably sites where you can check it. I've played almost every day in the last period, and the last few days nothing. And you can continue checking it for the next year if you like. As if I'm important as an individual :D It causes no harm to discus things here, I don't have to play a game where I don't agree with the system while writing here. Your comment does prove that you should get to know what legitimate proof looks like. You can disprove yourself by looking at my match history and following it as long as you want :)
Kei143 (NA)
: Fine, you want me to be precise? You don't know how the verbal detection system works. That's why you create these conclusions that don't make sense and piss yourself off. But whatever. You can believe whatever you please. Afterall, this is the internet.
I read your link on how the verbal detection system works ( in the other thread), and it still holds the same flaws That I mentioned. It supports my claim even more about it being abusable. That trolls/ game ruiners have an easier time, as 1 report is all that matters, as long as they can provoke a comment with their behavior. And btw, you still aren't giving arguments or logical indications to counter anything I've said or criticized. These are just your opinions and (i must say faulty) conclusions. I'm not pissed, I've already left LoL behind. What im talking about here is clear consequence of the system. I'm just discussing it here, hoping for Riot to learn from it in 2/3 years. If not, it's ok, I've moved on and won't be touched by it again. It seems people have a hard time grasping that not everyone is crying "me, me, me".
Kei143 (NA)
: Seeing that the IFS uses the tribunal data as a base, you'll probably still get punished even if the tribunal existed today.
I'm not trying to change anything about my case. People have to think bigger then around 1 individual, then around themselves.
rujitra (NA)
: AI is more than capable of identifying sarcasm. You seem to be living a decade or two ago.
THis is not an argument, it is your conviction. I've explained above through basic program functioning how it can't work. If you want to dissuade me, or anyone here, explain on top, how it could or does work. It's not effective to lead the same discussion on 2 different parts/comments, or to try to support your claim with convictions and not through logic or explanations of how it works.
rujitra (NA)
: The system differentiates between those. It is not a word filter. It looks at the entire message. Context within the sentence is taken into account. Context within the game is not. And if you knew about it you'd know it's more than possible for it to be used here.
That means that you can easily write stuff that insults people, but doesn't get triggered by the system. And sarcasm can't be picked up by the system. If you knew how Ai programming worked, or any basic programming, you'd know that it has to work on triggers, on something that it has clearly identified as bad to work. Because sarcasm has to say something good, to mean something bad, it cannot be taken into account by the system, because then it would punish players aswell that said something good to someone without meaning it as sarcasm, as long as anyone reported them. It can't identify context, but rather you'd need to program it picking up combination of words, which are again in the endless, and impossible to program without a human rectifying it and the program learning from that human ( which has to show the program which part he needs to look out for), which could also not be insulting inside a different situation, but still punished because the system has identified it before as insulting. So if anyone knows how programs work, then they'd know the herculean task needed to catch sarcasm/ context and that it's impossible. It can only catch key words, like noob, retar, fu, etc, then combine it with I'm and not punish, or combined with you, she, he, they and punish. Combine more then 2 words, and you'd be programming or reviewing for decades to get the AI to catch a fraction of the wanted combination. Or you can just use the modified tribunal, and push it to great effect over a years worth, because you are using the communities energy ( which is free) to filter and place cases in different classes of violation. All those individuals are actually just free AI that has been programmed anywhere between 10 and 40 years by themselves and can see context and sometimes even sarcasm. The cases then are easily and fast identified and rectified by the system or support and in a more fair way, as different magnitudes get different punishments.
Kei143 (NA)
: Hi2u, person who has a misconception on how the system works. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/9VrUtrJo-being-solo-and-having-a-team-report
THx for sending that change. I wasn't playing at the time that change occurred. Now it's even easier to make someone punished, if 1 report is all it takes and 1 reaction to make the system to identify it.
Kei143 (NA)
: Correct, you aren't going to get any sympathy from us, and neither can we change the system. Is there flaws around the system? A ton around the gameplay side, not so much around the verbal side. Typically people whom call the verbal system flawed are those that don't understand how it works.
People that use commonly in a discussion, "commonly" don't know how logic or arguments work :)
: >It doesn't matter if you flamed someone for the whole game, or if you just returned a snide comment to someone, you will get the same punishment if reported enough. Number of reports has no impact on anything. If you are reported once, your chat is checked. Anything beyond that has no effect. Even if it's the entire enemy team and everyone else on your team. 1 report == 9 reports. >The automated system has many flaws, of which being abusable and not giving equal punishment to crime. There's no such thing as severity. If you are toxic, you have broken the rules and deserve your punishment - end of discussion. (With the one standout exception of slurs&suicide, which is still automatic). As to the rest of the post, [tribunal doesn't scale](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/L1PPeqqi-psa-why-the-tribunal-is-never-coming-back)
None checks chat of the humans, that's your delusion. The Ai can't check it, as it could not identify sarcasm or the likes of that, which still get punished, so it's fully automated without any checking, unless you ask support, which has the policy to uphold in any case possible. Ofc there is severity. There is a big difference in what you can do to other players, from small to big violations. It's, again, delusional to think that. Learn from our real world, where people have invested much more time to create a good system, where severity matters! And the "tribunal doesnt scale" Has many bad assumptions. 1. Riot employees would only handle casses that are more sever 2. Riot employees would handle all current casses of the player that reached that severity and were filtered through tribunal. 3. Int reports do not get watched, but there is a system that can scan the game ( targets movement, dmg dealed, time ine between deaths, etc). HotS does this effectively. so those are the reports that a system can accuratly check, and pass on to humans, who can then confirm it through stats, ( which are now rich on hots, even sequence time line exists now) and can be judged better. These are just some of the missed assumptions. Not to mention that you never tried to fix the issues that you mentioned. That's why the thread is called "modified" tribunal. It means something has changed, mostly fixed the issues you mentioned in that post.
rujitra (NA)
: 1. Context does not matter. There is not a context where flaming is appropriate in League. Ever. Further, the system is not based on number of reports **at all**. It factors 0 into punishment. 2. I encourage you to research machine learning and AI nowadays. It's very very powerful.
1. It does. I can say, shiet, im bad. Or you are shiet. Context does matter 1.b. number of reports is all that matters, you should check some info on LoL report system. The more reports, the merrier. 2. I know some things about it. It's impossible to use in such an environment with so many factors. It can't match a human, it can just fool you if you don't know biology of a humans brain + AI mechanics
rujitra (NA)
: 1. How is the system abusable? 2. The system does give stricter punishments for more severe toxicity.
1. automated reports means none is watching or judging. You can steal farm from someone, not help them, tilt them on purpose, and then just report them afterwards. You can be premade and have multiple reports on someone. You can even turn other players on someone. It's logic. When only the number of reports get judged, and not the content, then there is room for abusiveness. How many people report someone just because he plays bad, or because they lost a game and report someone because of raging over a lost game. 2). No, it is automated. It cant differ between a snide comment or a full game of toxicness. It gives bigger punishment IF you get punished more times, not the magnitude of your crime... A person can judge it by watching the full extent of the chat, and knowing how the game works.
rujitra (NA)
: No, again, it's not like you say. You are trying to claim they were much worse than you. It doesn't matter, because both of you violated the rules. If they did violate the rules, they will be punished. What we know is **you** violated the rules and were punished for it.
I do claim they were much worse then me. Not only that, even support agreed with me (riot support team). I answered a fraction of the talk with support in this thread, so you can check. I say, we were all punished the same, even if our offense was of different magnitude. Not even that, for my offense I should have not even passed that line for punishment. But this system doesn't make a difference because it cant, it can only count reports, and support doesn't also change anything, as they are instructed to uphold a sanction if it can by any slightest reason. It proves that the current system in place isn't functioning fairly and properly. You are losing ground with your previous logic when I use them as it was in my case, so you are backing away. If you continue like this, it's just grasping straws and there is no need to continue arguing. You can't say that all crimes of different magnitude should be punished the same, and expect me to talk with you seriously.
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rujitra (NA)
: Flaming is just as bad as intentional feeding. Both make the game unfun for others. In fact, many players think flaming is **worse**. A loss? Sure. That's part of the game though. Flaming? Never part of the game. It's more like someone stole your wallet **already**, and so to get back at him you steal his briefcase. Yes. They're two different things. Yes. They're both wrong.
You are wrong again. They fed, they trolled, then they flamed. And after being fed up with flame, i answered in a far more abstained way. So with this logic, he stole my briefcase, my wallet and my shoes, and i stole back only his sock. We both got the same punishment. It's totally not on the same level and the system doesn't do justice. It's like hitting or killing someone deserves same sanctions!
Voldymort (EUNE)
: >The first issue here is that you are guilty if you say anything back. Even if you take insults, and don't trow insults back, but a laid out argument, supposedly by Riot, you are still guilty and sanctions get uphold. evidence?
I'm not here to start a riot, to attack riot, or to seek excuses, or help. Even if you don't believe my situation, you still know how the system works, and what the policies are. By using logic you can judge how it works and if the flaws i mentioned are correct. For me to copy the tekst, i need to instal LoL again, which I've come to resent a lot. Unless you will give me my rewards back ( end season) if i copy the tekst and convince you, I see no reason to install lol ever again. And even then, I have only my chat at my disposal, not from everyone.
Kei143 (NA)
: Guaranteed you didn't just say "reported" alone. Chatlogs or it didn't happen.
yep, i said : "jerk you are reported" Or rather in my case, after 5 mintues of flame: " I can't waste time arguing with these bronzes trying to blame someone, I need to mute them". ( and they were muted). I told other players that were arguing with them to also mute and report them. If i really get frustrated to prove myself i might install lol just for the sake of it. But until then, why should I? you are not going to remove my chat restriction or get me my end season rewards. You aren't going to change the automated system or help anyone by being convinced. I'm not even trying to get support from anyone here on the boards. If you use logic, you can see the flaws of the automated system yourself. Still... Here are the words of support ( I'm a little bit nitpicking): (06:28:17 PM) support name: You see, while I will agree that what you said isn't vulgar or offensive towards anyone. (06:29:03 PM)support name: When it comes to arguing, there are no specific lines that you should say. (06:29:23 PM) support name: It's all in the tone, choice of words and how many times you replied in the chat. (06:30:37 PM) zlajo: I just feel overly punished in this situation. Can i get a confirmation that the restriction will or will not be upheld? (06:31:34 PM) support name: Unfortunately, it will not be removed. I'm very sorry. :( I removed support name, because i don't know if I'm allowed to show that. Just want to show that my reaction was severly mild for that situation and that the system didn't care.
rujitra (NA)
: Nobody is at risk of bodily harm in League. This is more similar to someone stealing your wallet, so you go steal theirs back. Both of you are getting prosecuted for that.
Even when using your logic, Riot still doesn't handle it correctly. I stole 10 euros, he stole 1000 euros from me. Should we get equally punished? Because that's how it went. Also i think that the wallet comparison isn't good. I mean, if someone is trying to steal my wallet, am i right if i defend my property? If someone flames me, am i right to defend my cause?
Voldymort (EUNE)
: How to avoid chat based punishments in league
Say something nice in a bad situation, and it could be seen as sarcasm. When you ask support, they'll say " It wasn't what you said, but the TONE!" Chat doesn't have any tones, it doesn't make sounds, unless it's on viber or facebook.
: A Passionate Player's Analysis of the Shortcomings of Player Behaviour
You've hit the nail on it's head. I've had 2 games where my games got ruined by true trolls. Both trolls flamed my whole team besides their troll behavior. At the end, the trolls got punished, but i got aswell. Support didn't want to lift it because i argued with them before muting them. He said that they were ruining our game and that i was right to tilt, but that i didn't handle them well. The frustration was big because exactly the reasons you mentioned. I got the same punishment as them, while losing my end game rewards without chance to get back to honor lvl 2. In the end i chose to stop playing this game. The automated system has terrible flaws. I could stand the toxic players, but not the automated system's injustice. It just shows how much frustration such a system makes.... In the past the tribunal had better results, with less error in player punishment. The down side was that it took longer before someone got their punishment. The community filtered the reports where someone got baited into flaming from the true toxic players, which where then sent to the player behavior team at Riot. I think that with a few alterations, the tribunal could work great. It's time between crime -> punishment could be lowered, while keeping it's accuracy high. Anyway, nicely analyzed and written OP. I agree with you totally. I'll write in another thread about tribunal's reintroduction possibilities.
Kei143 (NA)
: So ... you counter flamed him as a means to defend yourself? You still flamed bro.
> [{quoted}](name=Kei143,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=vEZ6Exjq,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-11-02T02:10:26.595+0000) > > So ... you counter flamed him as a means to defend yourself? > > You still flamed bro. After someone says to you maddafakka%%%%%sukka.....***********, you say back to him "jerk you are reported", you think that you crossed the line? That you should be punished? We'll that's about the comparison of our "flame". And that's why i think this automated system will have bad influence on this game. Already seen it in HotS.
: I was with ya till you tried to compare league chat to standing up for yourself in real life.... and then to be honest i just kinda stopped reading after that. But I agree, their system sucks for punishing gameplay trolling. But acting like youre standing up for yourself or defending yourself when someone says some bullshit to you in chat, is just pathetic imo. Not saying you are pathetic. Just the idea that you should "defend yourself" over your video game skills to some random anonymous screen names, is fucking sad. It sounds like insecurity and ego. Fuck it. Fuck em. Its pretty normal, imo, to ignore fucknuts online with their video game insults.
> [{quoted}](name=Telephone Booth,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=vEZ6Exjq,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-11-02T05:24:33.482+0000) > > I was with ya till you tried to compare league chat to standing up for yourself in real life.... and then to be honest i just kinda stopped reading after that. But I agree, their system sucks for punishing gameplay trolling. But acting like youre standing up for yourself or defending yourself when someone says some bullshit to you in chat, is just pathetic imo. Not saying you are pathetic. Just the idea that you should "defend yourself" over your video game skills to some random anonymous screen names, is fucking sad. It sounds like insecurity and ego. Fuck it. Fuck em. Its pretty normal, imo, to ignore fucknuts online with their video game insults. On one side yes, on the other side, it's also normal to defend yourself. Some people tend to easier ignore things, some not. Some people have the flight and some have the fight reaction. It's biology. Everyone is insecure about something, and everyone has an ego. IT all depends where someone is is weak. I can also say that people that ignore have a tendency to flight and people that have a harder time to ignore have a bigger tendency for the fight reaction.
: Yeah dude their system is pathetic. This is like the fourth post I've seen with this same story.
> [{quoted}](name=Determinist,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=vEZ6Exjq,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-11-02T05:18:11.796+0000) > > Yeah dude their system is pathetic. This is like the fourth post I've seen with this same story. It's a system applied to all players. There are bound to be other people also experiencing the same.
: I've had the same problem with players continuously being toxic and blaming their team, and honestly although I do report this most of the time it feels like the report system doesn't even seem too care. i had a past game where I didn't say anything and played the game, but because I had missed my flash to block a Caitlyn ult I had gotten flamed by the person I tried to save as well as a teammate that was simply angry at me for not doing well. So after the game I reported them only to find my concerns unnoticed as the report system doesn't work off of how bad the reportable issue is, but rather the majority of players who report (or at least this is what I've found to happen)
This has happened to me in another case. I was matched with 4 premades, and we didn't play well along. They flamed me hard and after tilting i flamed them back. In the end, I got a punishement ( 4 reports) that i couldn't ask to be reverted, because i did flame them back, but they didn't get any punishemnt, even if they were much more toxic and insulting than i was whole match. Why? Because automated reports, because my 1 report doesn't count nearly as their 4. This was a long time ago, but it still shows a flaw of the system.
: "best thing it does is make people shy away from chat" thats already what it is doing. every 2nd comment in player behavior is usually "just mute them" so yeah. and the fact that you can be honor lv 5 and you snap and go down to h0 is just... wow.
That's basically my point. If you point out that someone is doing bad after he dies, you are at fault. If you say the opposite, you are at fault for "tone" or "sarcasm". You should just not talk. In the end, punishment can be uphold anyhow, unless there is no chat. HotS did implement the automated system before LoL and that same situation is there aswell. None talks untill end game where it's GG if win or nothing if you lose. Anyone that talks, ask people to play differently, hands out advice, strategy or instructions, gets punished after 5 games. They implemented even voice chat for all randoms where you can willingly enter, 0 people always. None wants to communicate when you can get report and automated punishments. It's a multiplayer game, where you are incentivized to not chat.... because of... policies!
eingew (EUW)
: Why don't you prove your claims? I don't believe you weren't toxic until you show us your logs.
If it really matters to you i can copy paste the text. You will still have to believe me what the others said, because Riot sends you only your chat, not that of others. I didn't play the chat restriction, so it's still there, I'd just have to install lol again. In the end, I'm not trying to start a riot here against RIOT, I'm just trying to point out the flaws and lack of the automated report system of which my case is an example. The tribunal, while slower in handing out punishments, wasn't abusable and didn't make so many errors. IF someone doesn't know how tribunal worked, i can explain.
rujitra (NA)
: Have you ever been in a bar, movie theater, amusement park... Anywhere? And have two people start screaming/yelling? Both are getting kicked out, and if the police decide to issue tickets, both of them will get tickets. And no, the question is not "who hit first". The question is "why did you hit back instead of getting a teacher?"
Have you ever seen a fight in real life? Is it important who was the attacker and who is the defendant, for the police and for the judge? Should both get punished? There are real life law policies that have been made by logic to uphold justice, policies not shared by Riot in the case of harassment.
rujitra (NA)
: Someone else breaking the rules doesn't make it excusable for you to do so too. If someone flings shit at you and your response is to just fling shit back, you aren't some hero, you're just two idiots flinging shit at each other.
He flings shit and I show him the middlefinger. We both punished. That's more like it. I did anwser, but nowhere near offencive or attacking. I just said that He was at fault himself and that he will get reported for trolling, afking or feeding, whatever he was doing at the time. Ps. I'm not seeking for support here on the boards to excuse me. I'm just pointing out how flawed the system is, and that i have felt it.
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: Let's Discuss: Pre-Season 2017 - Blue Essence & Content Pricing
1. Giving only parts of currency at bigger time gaps is discouraging 2. Having your currency gain be tied to a gambling machine is not only discouraging, but even demotivating. I think that the new blue essence gain is a big step backwards. IF you ask me i would go back to IP without a second thought. Not because I'm used to, but because there are too many if's in the new system and people, including me, like to have some basic stability.
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