: Hello Riot? Its about time we see an Ekko buff in the patch notes
I totally agree with you on the damage topic. Ekko is dealing way to less damage for trades. Starting the combo with other abilities isnt really possible because an iron player could see the engage coming. The whole surprise factor champions like zed with his w and sylas with his e have isnt there. Plus Ekko isnt really able to oneshot and adc without 2 and a half items, simply because damage is missing and this is only possible too when he goes completely squishy. The thing about no shield and crowd control is that it is usually only a problem in the early game. His movement speed increase due to the passive is enough to escpape after a trade. His shield from the W is good enough in my perspective you get enough of it to tank in a teamfight and it usually gives enough time to escape with your ult or even hit a ult in a teamfight. I think damage is the only thing which is ekko lacking, he is really funny to play and is able to carry games in the late.


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