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: My point is that Master Yi shredding health bars is hardly anything new. That's just what happens when you design a squishy melee champion that does nothing except damage.
well i love tanking and i have nothing against master yi , he is a champ that need a team who groupe to counter him o not really hard to deal with it , all you have to do is not try to 1 V 1 him. its mega frustrating to die fast as tank build , but yi always was a tank killer so np. the champs that really make me want uninstall the game are especially those new conqueror and essence abbusers like jax and riven etc
: quality of games in bronze/silver elo
same potato in gold elo , just few days aggo i cant forgot how frustrated i was in one of my games cause 2 of my team mates flamed me continuasly and even repported me , cause i reffused to aram with them as nasus and i focused turrets , i had engh stacks to just ult and destroy a turret while 3 people defending it , i couldnt groupe with them cause ennemy had anivia and morgana and a sion that is engh CC to kill a nasus befor he lend one Q at the end we won the game while i dealt 19K dammage on turrets the next one had 2K XD. Still got flamed and repported for int and feed . while it was me who was stoping ennemies frome pushing , cause simply i could out push all of them and i could easy dive 2 people , so they wer always 3 to back for defending untile i alline destroyed all they turrets. i grouped with them 1 time we lost 2 enhibs and a nexus turret. this is just one of a lot of exemple of what happen in this elo wher people think they are good but they are not.
: I know Yi is not op, but plss
i remember that time with nasus when my team killed 4 ennemie and ennemy yi was back dooring , i backed to deff since i had 400 armor ( iceborn , tormail , and frozen etc ) and with ult my armor was mroe then 450 , i dies in 2 seconds xD under nexus turrets x) since then , i dodge when i see a yi
: ***
dude he is 2 steps away frome his turret -_- he cant farm in fountaine you know i have same bloody problem when i play veigar , i hug turret but still die a lot in lane especially when jungler and ennemy mid have some potato lot of dammage early champs
: > [{quoted}](name=The Bad Touch,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fL1frwbt,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-01-19T18:45:30.046+0000) > > But the game is fine... > > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pebEONk7TSY > > Right? Cause it's balanced when an assassin can 2.25 second kill a built tank. Without using ulti..... I can't see his build.
> [{quoted}](name=Aametherar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fL1frwbt,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2019-01-19T18:53:16.278+0000) > > I can't see his build. 150 MR with like 4K HP and still killed in 1 second ( or 2 )
: But the game is fine... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pebEONk7TSY Right? Cause it's balanced when an assassin can 2.25 second kill a built tank. Without using ulti.....
> [{quoted}](name=The Bad Touch,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=fL1frwbt,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-01-19T18:45:30.046+0000) > > But the game is fine... > > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pebEONk7TSY > > Right? Cause it's balanced when an assassin can 2.25 second kill a built tank. Without using ulti..... broo look at your video better , actually its not ornn , its just a neeko :p :p :p :p :p ( actually what is sad is that neeko could have tanked this better then ornn thanks to her R ) tankiness in season 9 ladies and gents
: The way it sounds is, He fed tryn early and couldn't get tankier than tryns damage. The fault lies with the Player not the Champion. Gotta play safe and get whatever stacks you can, Once you got the stacks then you can go be a beast.
> [{quoted}](name=LuciferDraco,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oKcNrT6F,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-01-06T00:47:21.026+0000) > > The way it sounds is, He fed tryn early and couldn't get tankier than tryns damage. > > The fault lies with the Player not the Champion. > Gotta play safe and get whatever stacks you can, Once you got the stacks then you can go be a beast. Yeh like when you play vs a darius and you play safe a max as you can trying to stack under turret , of corse he will have perma conqueror readdy to procc , then you try to get a litle CS , sudently E , W , with an auto and Q in 2 seconds and you loose 70 % of your hp. XD Trust me playing safe dont pay anymore as nasus vs any conqueror user champ with no exception ( except vs bad players of corse ). Vs riven ? a good riven will freese and kill you every time you try to farm . Vs fiora ? no comment Vs tryndamer ? : playing safe or not feding him early or not a good tryndamer will kill a nasus multiple times in lane or he will farm his triple. ( on a meta where game dont tay mroe then 30 min ) vs jax : this champ bully nasus at any stat of the game early late mid any thing vs kled ? or you stay under turret and farm 50 % of waves ( if the kled is low elo ) , or you cry and regreat the day you picked nasus cause that kled is freesing lane until he finished tiamat while you you just have 550 gold XD. Vs irelia ? : get hit by an E whil she have conq on and congrats your flash is consumed , now stay under turret and spam pings maybe your jungler will come The funny part of the story is that i used to auto win vs all of those champs at season 7 x) ; and i let you guess what changed between season 7 and season 8 . ( yeh they introduced conqueror to those champs ). and when i talk ; its based on my experience , i'm one of the most played nasus in season 7 and season 8. with more then 1K games for more 54 % winrat i literally learrned the game playing nasus . http://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=ISpiko Riot : oh right lets buff nasus Q x). Nasus actually is the most frustrating champ to play in top lane , all the match ps he used to win once lvl 6 ( back in S7 etc ) now became a counter picks for him thanks to conqeuror -_- . And other match ups like top mages or illoi etc are natural counters to him so you cant complain about them. Now the question is : give a single matche up that nasus win in season 9 XD ( be honnest with your self , dont bring me a : at low elo nasus is descent ) and dont go to OP.GG and tell me well they say nasus counter shyvana xD - yeh they cant even find a real champ that nasus counter lane - anymore
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: Fiora? She's literally a tank buster.
yeh she always used to be tank buster and with conqueror she is now a whatever she touche buster
Eyesack (NA)
: why is true damage ubiquitous now?
if they nerf conqueror everything will be fine for tanks ; i mean when i fight a tryndamer , fiora or riven , jax befor conqueror procc , i'm always like : oh yeah i can out trade them ; the conqueror procc in 1 sec if i dont flash i'm gona probably die
: Tanks aren’t automatically tanky at the start of the game. Assassins have strong early game power. Tanks have stronger mid game power, after they’ve gotten their items and before the enemy DPS have their pen items. That means that usually, an assassin is going to beat you in lane early, and if they snowball enough, they’ll beat you into midgame too.
well i agree with you completly , but there is some exceptions like garen ( thanks to his W its hard to burst him ) . i can see without any doublt that this champ is the N1 anti asassin semi tank champ in the game. as basic and simple he is as effectif and usefull he is . Also he can insta punish a roaming assassin since in 90 % of time when an asassin vs me roam and get kill he back to lane as the vilan , and vilans can do nothing vs garen :p he is the justice hero after all
: how do u justify a tank getting absolutely stomped by an assassin in laning phase?
well as an otp garen ( yeh i know i shouldnt be that glade ) i never loose a single assassin match up , i just mega stomp any assassin that get the courage of picking assassin top , or when i play mid and i see a zed or a talon. if you want an advice , when you dont know how to counter assassins as midlane champ , just insta pick garen or renekton trust me you will not loose vs them in lane ( expect a camp or if you do the mistake of giving them first blood ) .
: > [{quoted}](name= l Mysterious l,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=l0FseQZq,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-12-27T19:21:35.813+0000) > > i just got 3 shots to 90 % HP as 200 armor vs a lucian xD ( ulted and flashed to escape ) yeh now nasus ult is to escape xD Nasus is not a tank. Also 3 shots seems about right to lower you from 100% hp to 90%.
nasus is not a tank ? assassin maybe ? and that was not 100 % to 90 % that was 100% to 10 % he took 90 % of my hp in 3 shots , i'm uploading the video just wait it Yet if it was a vayn i will say nothing cause she is a tank stomper , but comoon lucian with 2 items ? i
Velgam (NA)
: Tanks are screwed
i just got 3 shots frome 100 to 10 % HP as 200 armor vs a lucian xD ( ulted and flashed to escape ) yeh now nasus ult is to escape xD
: Maybe the issue isn't conqueror at all. Have you tried using different champions in these match ups?
i mainly play garen who is irelias bigest counter in toplane ; but even so , sometimes i do the mistake of trying to Q her while she have her conqueror up , trust me i insta regreat it xD. ( if i dont W in the right moment i will probably die or use flash ) And about jax : befor conqueror in S7 i had 78 % winrat vs him frome mroe then 140 games , in S8 i had like 35 % winrat xD its crazy how a single rune changed this champ. i mean garen and a good stacky ansus used to counter that champ , but now hell no he melt them frome the start of the game , mid game and late game. Also riven and fiora used to cry vs garen or nasus : now nasus is gone , garen still can defend a litle or even win if the riven or the fiora are bad , but absolutly no way a garen win vs a good fiora or a good riven on conqueror. i speak up of my experience , you see how conqeuror changed everything i used to know ? a single rune changed massivly an entiere lane PS : garen and sion are the only playable tanks in toplane at the moment. ( and this is not thanks to theyr tankiness , for sion he is playable thanks to his strong CC and his infinito dammage and haracing in TF. And garen is playable for his ability to be really usefull in term of insta deleting the one who is carrying the ennemy team. and his ability to massivly soustain in lane.
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: I'm just disgusted by the fact that every game is a stomp, one way or another. And theyìre doing nothing about it. Wonder why this game is still sinking.
remember my last leaver buster was cause i quited a game where i was super fed as veigar then a randome savage 4-6 dark harvest jarvan with sterak and hydra came and killed me befor my W lended xD ( literally a 0.5 sec kill ) more then 1600 dammage within 1 sec -_-. if he was with lethality assasin build ok , but commooon riot a champ with 4000 HP insta kill a champ who is supposed to one shot ? i stupidly cant survive more then 2 seconds into every teamfight with my lovely champ veigar. sometimes i die just by taking some randome AOE dammage frome nowhere xD. Dammage is a joke in this season. Also i v faced lot of irelias mid and every game this sht happens : since i know this stupid champ is mega broken if it takes advantage i stay super mega ultra safe but even playing under your turret dont protect you , every time an irelia is 6 , i get insta dived and killed within 2 or 3 secs , some times i get a kill to but sometimes i dont. i mean how is this supposed to be balanced when a champ can win lane that easy and also still mega broken in mid and late game ? why the hell her W reduce dammage ?i dont understand irelias W why puting on a super mobile champ like irelia a W that make him bloke every asassin or mage burst -_-. how are we supposed to kill her when she finish her full health build -_- you feel like you are figthing the old maokai xD. same story with akali you can play safe you can be good you will die once she is lvl 6 guess why ? cause her shroud make her intargetable , aaand she get lot of healing and no need to talk about her dammage.
: All tanks have high base damage (laughs in {{champion:78}} ) because they build fully defensive items. Sion was gutted a few patches ago after he received a buff on his W which caused him to re-enter the meta.
ok thanks for your response i see i see i saw the old patches when i was not playing he received bench of buffs :s ( not only W even Q :s ) . well i have no ptoblem against his tankiness he is a tank he is supposed to tank ; but his dammage is a litle bit a lot for a tank especially in laning phase . its super mega frustrating to face him now. thankfully garen Q bloke his Q and so darius E do to. i guess maybe i was loosing vs him that hard cause i was playing the most useless toplane at this meta ( nasus )
: Akali has a 42.74% winrate with an almost 70% banrate in PLAT+
the bad winrat is simply because when some one dont ban her its because he see tha his team can counter her hard or himself play a champ that counter her , in any other case you will find her banned. i mean dont think she have bad winrat cause she need buufs , heeelll noooo , she have bad winrat cause she is only not banned when she is countered.
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: Seriously, Riot. Why keep increasing damage?
that moment when you play safe 25 min to get that 800 AP on veigar , then a savage jarvan come and delete you in 2 seconds ........... You just wana cry hard and delete the game and go play tetris.
: Keystones are the main reason the game is how it is, nerf them or remove them
and riot still dont understand why irelia and jax are super mega ultra giga OP and intorduce us some jokes as nerfs -_- . while the real stupid problem is that stupid legendary rune called ( conqueror) and even that rune when riot nerfed it they nerfed like -5 AD and left the true dammage which is the real broken thing .... i mean yeh its true that those two champs are broken mainly cause f theyr items abuse , but this item abuse combined with that rune is such a stupid sht. i mean what is the point of building tankiness now ? last season i used to play garen for exemple with black cleaver then full tanky things now i play him occasionaly with black cleaver (if there is a tank ) but mainly trinity , sterak etc cause with those dammage items i survive more then with tank items ( sad but true ) x) . any champ using this rune feels umbeatable on 1 V 1 ( of corse there is some exceptions ) . and yes i share anything you said , those S8 new keystones transformed the game to a fiesta dammage.
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: jax nerfed and still got a 53% winrate
http://www7.0zz0.com/2018/12/11/18/474439731.png {{champion:75}} be like : riot did not gave a real buff since shurima was still exist
: You mean that 19-2 Rengar? You know the one that was probably on fire and had a full build while you weren't even at your third real item? That rengar that you built nothing save 600 hp for? Totally riots fault, you didn't even have armor. I can agree damage is high, but don't blame the fact that your team got stomped by a fed Rengar you built nothing for and was literally 5 thousand gold ahead of you by the end of the game. What did you expect? Edit I was looking at teemos' gold not rengars. Rengar was closer to 8k gold ahead.
i once was insta deleted by a 2-9 rengar while i was 11-3 860 AP veigar with zonya up yep i did not even got time to zonya 1600 HP gone in 1 second i mean the time my W touch the ground i was already dead.
: I'm with you. Leona literally dies in 3.8 seconds to Lucian. Literally literally. It's absurd and it's a sign the game is broken to the point of being unplayable.
what about a 450 armor nasus dying 3 seconds to a vayn ? xD ( a non fed vayn )
: They never have TBH. Hell, even the "worst" character early had decent stats. It's a shame because hypercarries/lane bullies will always be hampered by having ok early/ok late despite a large advantage in either category.
hello sir , pleas tell me how riot can make nasus usefull again ? Cause now its a useless champ in every stage of the game ( early no need to say why ) , mid ( at this lvl you still can carry if your openent is a potato who lost early vs you ) Late gale ( i really want to share a video with you where a 3-9 vayn killed me in 3 seconds whil i had 420 armor xD ) league was never that umbalanced befor if we compare nasus with relia for exemple ; he loose vs her in every stage -_- ( mainly because of that genuise never get nerf rune clled conqueror ) Veigar , he loose laning phase vs every champ in the game even vs soraka and this mainly of his wtf mana cost ; one combo into early you need to back so your only choice is to farm Q under turret. and even if you play safe a katarina a zed or leblanc etc will kill you at lvl 3 even under your turret . his mid and late is strong yes but not anymore , cause his combo take more time then every other assassin combo and you still can miss so you will die befor you get time to Q ult or W ult . any one saying that lol is actually balanced must be a non league of legend player .
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: Riot doesn't want champions to be weak at any stage of the game anymore
nasus and veigar early like this comment PS : nasus is now shit in every stage of the game , early , mid and even late with this dammage fiesta he die 2 sconds into every teamfight yesterday i was killed by a not fed vayn on 3 secs whil i had 420 armor xD ( true dammage problems )
: I had a replay from last year where I was playing a tanky bruiser Warwick jungle into a Yi/Yas/Tryn + whatever bot was. Think it might have been Thresh + MF. Think my build was {{item:3047}} {{item:1401}} {{item:3748}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3143}} + {{item:2138}} At full build level 18 with iron pot I died in .8 second through e in a team fight. Sure it's not full tank.... but gd it's a bulky build and ww E gives a ton of damage reduction. I mean I built to deal with crit. I built to deal with auto attacks. I built to deal with burst. I built to deal with a physical damage heavy comp. Not one bit of that actually matters sadly. Say what you will but old league pretty much died after season 5. Everything after that has been full retard CoD mode.
My friend today i was palying nasus with 260 armor and even mroe when i ult , sudently a yi killed me in 3 seconds xD i swear 3 seconds i died i just got time hit 1 Q x) i had 3400 HP more then 280 armor with ult -_-
: Learn to play the game guy It's not about winning its about having fun
-_- this is the most stupid comment i ever seen. lol is a competitive game where wininng really mater -_- do you understand sir ?
: So why are you allowing players to intentionally feed again?
Short story I was in my last gold promo game ; my botlane figured in OP.GG that that was an importent game for me , the both came in toplane started taking my farme and gave 4 early kills to my openent saying : if you want climb to gold you should deserve it now carry this and proove you deserve it. i did what 99% of players will do , flame a litle . they continued the feed in the botlane after that i just quited the game after i 'flamed' them . now gues who v got a perma ban =) .
: Can we nerf Jax or Conqueror perhaps?
well i dont agree about jax but i agree about conqueror , this runes is by far the most broken oen in the game , cause of it bruiser now kill tanks like they are soraka , champs liek garen used to bully fiora , irelia , jax , riven ; but with conqueror , this is not happening anymore ;
Heos00 (NA)
: Agree, it's the autofill sh* and the no-sense damage meta where teamfights ends in 2-3 seconds without any enjoying or reaction time, also skill reduction in the game.
yeh about that non sense dammage , i just was playing a game , ennemy team wer wining and they had a super ap veigar , our mid zoé just threw a random Q , by miracle lended in they veigar carry he was insta deleted , we won the game after .. so the game result wasnt decided by a tf but by a random insta one shot
: Why are all my bot lanes complete and utter garbage at the game?
'' autofile ''is the reason why you see lot of garbages in your games ,this potato need to be deleted i have no problem waiting 5 min for a game without getting a filed jungle or adc or both sometimes .
: Ranked coin-flipping has never felt this bad before.
as you said botlane and toplane are the bigest problems in rankeds actually , i choosed mid top , but 6 games they gave me top , thatt show how no one choose top anymore, and for botlane every game you will have a maine bot players in a team and 2 autofileds in the other side , all you have to do is pray you got the mains in yours , personally 80 % of times my adc or my supp is filed , and my botlane loose theyr turret 7 to 10 min into the game making all the team in a hard pression .. the thing that creat this coin fipping situation is ''The autofile'' , i'm sur if riot ask players every one will choose deleting autofile and wait lonnger in queue at keast you will get a team who know what to do . there is nothing more frustrating then an adc who play like a mele , or a jungle who cant even farm . I personally prefear wait 5 min in queue for a game then loose 30 min playing a lost game frome the start
garens kit is easy no doubt about it , but if you think thats enough to make him op and win you games , then GL with this . his simplisity is his biggest problem my friend , thats make him super easy to counter , there is 10000 way to make a garen useless in a game , just the presence of some champs in the game is enough to delete garen frome the game ( like anivia who make him most useless champ in team fight ) also if you think that garen is op in lane then again you are massivly wrong , if you are sion main you should have enough experience to understand that your champ cant out trade garen and chill and farm , if you dont fight him he will never kill you , or you can just poke him making him half hp and go to a dive gank with your jungler , but allone you cant as sion . its true that garen in lane is strong vs most f meles champs ( fiora and darius games are 50-50 ) . But tell me pleas vs champs like gnar , quinn , ryze , teemo , yorick etc what garen can do ? the max you can do vs them is soustain and not feed , and pray that your team will carry you . people do mistakes then cry this champ is op . like today i played vs an aatrox he was bullying me , then he tried a dive , i killed him he was like ; garen op ; comoon maan any champ can easy play vs garen even those who garens counter they can easy play vs him if they know that they shouldnt trade with him .
: matchmaking
yep absolutly my last game i choosed mid top , 6 times they gave me top , means no one wana play top first pick any more and 80 % of time i get adc or supp or both autofileds ,and no need to talk about the nmber of unranked people we get in gold elo games ,
: revert runes/remove current runes. please, for all that is good in this world
i totaly agree with you , the new runes are a big faillure , first with that conqueror rune tanks became nothing , usually tanks wer strong vs AD champs now champs like fiora riven yasuo etc etc can easy win vs any tank thanks to conqueror there is no surprise when you see team fights tanks like ornn are in the last position in term of pick and win rat , then about AP there is lot of magique penetration making one shoting a tank possble in TF this is why team fights are about seconds :s . if riots goal was deleting tankiness then that was sucessfully done . also when you see how easy first turret fall , this is a huge problem to , cause 99% its the botlane turret who fall first , and in 80 % of my games ennemy get it in 7 to 10 min wich is just stupidly fast , and that give lot of gold making a snowball possble , and making 2 champs free for roaming and stomp other lanes. games now are hard decided in the first 10 Min wch makes late game champs just implayable. the old runes wer perfect and games wer mroe about the composition and the better team fight one . now the games are about which bot will win lane first and which team will have that snowballing assassin who will one shot everything after he get first blood .
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: "The most effective way to kill an opponent is to slice through the man next to him." - Garen, the Might of Demacia. The reason people lose to a Garen player in the current meta is not his kit or his stats. The reason many low-ELO players lose to him is that they deliberately counterpick a "hard counter" champion (such as Kayle or Yorick), despite having little experience or skill with that champion. First of all, I'd strongly advise you not to pick a champion that you have no idea how to use, even if that champ has a statistically high winrate against Garen. If you choose Darius or Quinn thinking you'll get an easy win against a Garen main, think again. Because his kit is so simple to learn, many players have more time to focus on Garen's metagame, developing strategies to succeed against particularly rough matchups (itemization, positioning, etc.). Many other champions don't afford that luxury, meaning low-ELO players are still learning mechanics and combos for their champ even as Garen is knocking down their towers. Pick a champion you are already comfortable with, or barring that, start practicing with another champion or two that fit your playstyle and have a high winrate against him. Second, lets go through Garen's weaknesses. He is a low-mobility melee champion; his only gapcloser is a movespeed steroid (and his only disengage); he has no ranged poke; his passive sustain is negated by poke; he has no hard CC and has weak peel; he relies heavily on items and his abilities to remain relevant; his ult execute deals magic damage and scales with opponent's % missing HP; and his kill potential is dramatically reduced while his execute is on CD. Also, despite being a "juggernaut" champion, Garen is not a solo carry champion. If his teammates are behind, it's nearly impossible for Garen to win the game on his own against a competent opponent, even with a significant gold and experience lead. So in an ideal world, we'd like to counter Garen with a high-mobility ranged poke champion with lots of armor and HP. That's a tall order, but we can probably fit most of those attributes into a particular champion. Several melee champions who have strong splitpush and dueling capability are the exception to the rule when it comes to melee. Trundle, Tryndamere, and Yorick come to mind. Yorick can lock down Garen in his W and harass with his minions. (Side note, Malzahar can do the same quite well but his low mobility is a big downer.). Trundle steals Garen's tank stats while AP Tryn outsustains Garen pre-11 (still works despite the E nerf). All three can push lane much harder and faster than Garen, setting him behind. If you want something a bit more durable, Cho'Gath and Tahm Kench are both high-HP, low-mobility melee tanks with strong poke. Cho'Gath in particular has a sweet knockup, an AoE silence to match Garen's, and an execute that deals true damage scaling with his bonus HP. Tahm has some hard CC in his Q, and his W swallow is strong peel that deals % opponent's-max-HP true damage. Some ADCs also do well against Garen, specifically low-HP, high-mobility ranged poke champions like Quinn, Vayne, Kai'Sa or Ezreal. Anyway, that's just my thoughts on how to counter my main man Garen. Good luck on the Rift! :)
i play garen a lot and those are champs that can beat garen : the n 1 spot is teemo of corse then come other champs that can bully garen if well played : - Darius ; kayle ; akali ;quinn ; casseopea , vlad , trundle , volibear , lissandra , yorick , gnar , rumble , renekton , jayce , urgot , chogath , aatrox , illoi , tahm kench . ornn . all those champs are a big massive problem for garen in lane , but as you know lot of them are not in the meta , and this what explain the garen huge winrat.
: i dont understand why Ornn has a bad win rate
because toplane now = 0 effect ; the only way to carry frome toplane now is by spliting and in this case you need a team that help you by not doing stupid fights , or you get super fed then snowball ; with champs like fiora riven etc (( quinn is an exception )) Ornn is strong as you said but he is an engager and a huge frontlaner , so he need a team who deal dammage . and he need Team fights , but unfortunately in last patchs there is no team figthing , all games are potato fighting , whil you are in your toplane strugling vs a huge champ like garen or darius your botlane could loose 2 turrets in 10 min and then theyr adc will come to you with 2 items whil you have half item and he will kill you like you are soraka , games now end really quick and lot of them end without a single TF 5 V 5 cause of that superpower assassins have now , and because the games are not about team fighting anymore , we see champs like garen quinn ; went frome 45% winrat to 54 % .

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