Sune (NA)
: I agree it should be optional, but it's not about knowing the range or not. The skillshot is already easy to dodge when you play against competent opponents. It doesn't help that sometimes when you cast it from max range, it has you walk forward a bit instead of just doing it. (particularly on walls) Soraka is my most played champ as well, and I've got to D2 with. I wouldn't consider myself bad, this would just be a nice QoL the few times you do use Q from max range. (Since it's much easier to hit short/mid range)
: Thresh lantern(W) must be in that list too,sometimes it's a couple of seconds to throw a lantern and instead of throwing it you are just walking too close.
Only if we are able to toggle this as an option in the settings. Argument: you can play with guardian and just want it to proc, even if you say its a bad rune it doesn't matter, let each player choose themselves via settings.
: Since we're talking about cast range: Would it be possible to put a "Max Cast Range" on Karthus {{champion:30}} Q? I bought him skin, but I gave up playing because there is no signage it is impossible to play like this, whenever I try; he starts walking to use Q (because I have no visual sign of how far the skill goes). {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
If riot thinks about changing Karthus then please allow us to use **Quick Cast Indicator **aswell, it will make the learning curve more easy.
Majeran0 (EUNE)
: Allowing us to mix Quickcast with Smartcast would be more helpful.
Allowing us even to mix it with **indicator **for each ability **seperate **would help so much then we don't need this crappy max range by default meme.
: I really hope this isn't expanded to many champions. I can correct my own movement but want reliable ability aiming. Imagine trying to play AP Kog with this. I'm already far enough back that it's OK for me to move a few steps to hit at max range. However, it is NOT OK for me to waste R and get the mana penalty while hitting absolutely nothing. Please do not make the new behavior default. It ruins precision and makes some champions feel terrible. Let's say I'm trying to steal baron with AP Kog R and am not quite in range so it just wastes it at the Baron wall. That would be unintuitive and annoying. For some champions I suppose it can be more reasonable but then you have one set of rules for part of the roster and another for the rest. That inconsistency only adds to the learning curve when switching champions and the arbitrary nature of it seems clunky/unintuitive.
**Agree, do not make this default.** If I want to walk a tiny bit forward to place my Soraka E **that's totally fine!!!** only if you run away from someone here is the catch people fall for because they are not talented enough at league so they shall go back to practice tool and learn camera management and not cry in threads about to make it default max range its absurd.
: I'd like to add Karthus' W (Wall of Pain) to this. at least when dead in passive. It feels really bad when you're in passive form and trying to cast Wall of Pain, but because you can't move, it just fails to cast unless you're at EXACTLY the max range cast distance.
yes when dead it doesn't matter where you want it to be I just want to faceroll my keyboard, lets make all champs easy xD
Flemman (EUW)
: Imo those change should only be there for smartcast so poeple who want to keep the actual interaction have a way to use it
No, if they do it in retail they should add a toggle in the options. People play with different settings every game depending on the champion they play.
Wendígo (NA)
: Could you add this to Annie R too?
use Quick cast indicator if you don't know the range or play her 1k more games
Sune (NA)
: Can you add Soraka's Q to this? It often has me walk up instead of just casting it. Nice idea
I'm a Soraka OTP and this would hurt her, **please do not change this**, if people are bad at her stop playing her, it's that simple or learn her ranges before you play her in ranked or use quick cast indicator. But if you still decide to do so then please let each individual themselves decide whether he want this option to be enabled or not.


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