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: I don't think you understand what hypocrisy means.
I just read that in a spanish accent... "I don't think it means what you think it means" XD
: At this time, ADCs are now scared to leave their homes (If they have any) {{champion:22}} : Fuuuuck that, I'm not that dumb unlike my husband raiding towers. {{champion:104}} : I still can't have the feel of a cigar and this?? {{champion:236}} : I lost my wife to a giant green person, I get kicked in the face by a green ninja and a knife wielding cat going at mach twenty long enough for "I Love Running In The Nineties" montage to happen, and now I get a Yordle Midget with two shields running at me... Sometimes I wish I can call in sick (Cries in a corner). {{champion:67}} : After seeing Lucian cry it makes me think of me in that position.... (Goes to cry with Lucian in the same corner) {{champion:222}} : Well I got jinxed for once.... I'll just go annoy someone else that isn't a tank {{champion:51}} : For once this isn't a case I want to be on. {{champion:6}} : That terrifies me as much as the fact nobody will like me ever. {{champion:203}} : (Lamb and Wolf) Fuck {{champion:42}} : I fought in many wars... But this one is just unstoppable {{champion:202}} : How can I make wonderful art if these CotC shielding proc?? {{champion:96}} : Can I order food at home? Away from this damn game? {{champion:18}} : Permission to leave somewhere better than this {{champion:21}} : I don't know what's crazier, my tit size or these tanks {{champion:429}} : I'm just gonna go do my things... (Cries in the same corner as Vayne and Lucian) {{champion:29}} : Ah ha! For once I'm winn- (Looks at the notes on CotC) Ummm.... (Goes invisible) {{champion:119}} : Draven out! {{champion:81}} : This is one place I don't wanna explore ever now. {{champion:110}} : For once I'll stay home... less.... (Cries in the same corner with the others) {{champion:133}} : I have no idea how I go here but I can't do it, Valor shits himself every time I mention Tank- (Valor shits again) {{champion:15}} : This is one bounty I never wanna take, Azir help me out here! {{champion:17}} : This is just bullshit by the Scout's Code (Goes to the the group crying in the corner) So sorry but I felt like doing this out of pure comedic affect and how much I hate Pre Season 7
: Can't handle stranger's attitudes online? See ya man. It's actually quite easy to ignore but I guess you are quite fragile. Just mute them you fool.
The point is, I shouldn't HAVE to. Don't legitimize toxic, rude and downright arrogant behavior.
: ***
With respect, I have not been punished but I have had friends that have been before. My problem is the alarming amount of people who either; - Flame when losing - Get cocky and arrogant and rude when winning Nobody in this game seems to have a shred of nobility or humility in them. Everything is about them. I believe its up to pro-players to advocate being role models to improve the community of the game. Not just pretend that its a non-issue. People need to be better behaved on here. I just cannot be nice to a {{champion:157}} main who got a triple kill from my {{champion:161}} knock-up and here him insult the other team calling them "noobs". If I ignore it, then I'm being an enabler for that kind of behavior, but if I challenge him, he'll report me just for pointing it out.
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: {{champion:143}} - She doesn't have the sword, but she otherwise totally fits the bill.
Yeah, I guess so but she seems a little more involved with plants. I was thinking a normal woman with a strong English accent because that is sexy as hell. "Beg for Forgiveness!"
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: I feel the game is way too bursty now and items like Maw - Abyss - Hourglass ect are something you have to build 100% after your first item built. If they lowered damage a bit then I think the game would be alot better... not fun getting 100-0d by one ability from syndra or flash q auto from vayne lol
I do agree, Damage is a bit much at the moment. I mean, this is League of Legends and not Overwatch. Things should not kill you in 1 hit.
: Does the game seem less strategic to you?
Can people stop pretending that ADC's absolutely need nothing but damage. Other classes can deal damage as well just as reliably and hell, you have have {{champion:104}} who is tanky and can deal out massive damage. So not EVERY ADC needs to be built exactly the same way, like a glass cannon or else they suck. Other classes can make up for the loss in damage of an ADC.
: This is like a big fat sign for "i can be toxic, go trigger me" I can imagine some people would love to trigger these people and make them lose their control just to get them punished again
I just thought it would be nice to give reformed players some recognition for their effort. That's all. But I see your point.
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: Don't worry dude. They are buffing adcs soon, and I kinda suspect they may tune down the tower fb gold or get rid of it because that is just another thing that is making games snowball so quickly.
Its not the power of ADC's that I think its the problem. Its the mindset of the players and the lack of variation in builds. Most ADC's will never build defensive items if they start losing. Something that I've learnt to do as a support player. You look at the what the enemy team is building and build around that.
: People miss the point of marksman ADCs
I like playing {{champion:44}} top against {{champion:150}} because he actually works. Gnar really doesn't have many counters and Taric gets damage just for building armor so its easy to dodge his Q and beat him out of lane. Of course, I get called a "troll" for this.
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: If people want the meta to move away Marksman in the botlane...
I would love to see this, I am really bored of the stale ADC/Support meta. Seeing more diversity in bot lane match ups would be awesome and open up some awesome combos. I especially love {{champion:127}} / {{champion:26}} since Zil has medium range and does not need farm like Lissandra does with her Q. please the Double Bomb Stun and Frozen tomb would instantly DELETE an ADC in bot.
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: Those people are the customers, what's wrong with customers demanding shit?
Because the Customer is not always right, the customer wants whatever is easiest and to give themselves the best position for easy successive wins. That is not healthy for the game balance. In short, the customer only cares about himself and not anyone else who is also trying to enjoy the product.
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: Kha'zix really struggles against non-isolated targets unless you fed your ass off to him and he's several items ahead. In his case, sitting under tower means you're basically fine. > Can we please have Pink Wards back, Shaco and Rengar CERTAINLY did not suffer when they were implemented in the game. You do realize that Control Wards can see Rengar in his ult right?
At full health, yes, but since he can leap pretty far and have stealth, he can easily gank targets below 50% health and jump out of lane again. So he profits off other people's work. A Kha'zix player will usually never have to engage a full health target in early game since they profit off other people's work in lanes.
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Cloud273 (NA)
: I understand why you're frustrated, but you need to understand that he's not just Riot's favorite champion. Lee Sin was the highest played champion everywhere from gold on up last month. If they nerfed him how many players would get angry at Riot and maybe stop playing (this is kind of extreme but you never know)? My point is Riot gives the players what they want. And if people want to play Lee Sin why would it make sense (from a business perspective) to make them unhappy?
So its alright for the players to hold Riot hostage and ruin the game for everyone else? Corruption at its finest.
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: MAGIC DAMAGE: 60 / 110 / 160 / 210 / 260 (+ 100% bonus AD) (+ 60% AP) SLOW: 35 / 40 / 45 / 50 / 55%
Zen Ineth (EUW)
: It scales better with AD. 100% scaling.
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: 1950's even in the UK was not an era of kindness like you're making it out to be.
No, but back then, kids had a level of discipline that they simply DO NOT have today or respect for authority because of that loss of discipline. I think we all know what discipline is and what child abuse is and I think a common sense approach to child discipline is much better then none at all.
: You think it's only kids? >People genuinely believed in the "common good" and did more things out of kindness then they would today. They also respect authority and most knew where the line was. The problem I have here is that you're generalizing today's generations, where we're just people. People back in the 1950's weren't perfect, even with nostalgia goggles. They were flawed just people today are, and people today are fully capable of believing in a common good and doing acts of kindness.
Is that why we are seeing a rise in right wing attitudes across the world. Most people are "I'm ok with other cultures, other people, other skin colours... as long as I don't have them on my lawn" and its this attitude that has lead to a liberal extremist left that runs around called everyone "racist" for not bending over straight away to the will of different cultures/religions. Obviously, I am not condoning right wing beliefs but I can see WHY people are angry. Because people are being ignored and called "bigots" all the time.
: >As a result, people develop a sense of entitlement. I don't know about you, but i've seen this "self-entitlement" long before this generation. It goes even further before the founding of NA.
True but back in the 1950's especially here in the United Kingdom (believe the same happened about the USA). People genuinely believed in the "common good" and did more things out of kindness then they would today. They also respect authority and most knew where the line was. Kids today are growing up with the delusion that they are "special" because discipline in schools was seen as child abuse and banned, which handed all the power over to the children, of which a select few learned to manipulate it and accuse people without evidence, destroying that person's life in the process. Now people are too scared to discipline their children which has lead to an era of self-entitled kids that believe the world owes them something and that they are important in themselves and not just pieces of a greater whole. This drive towards selfishness is why people on this game, just as a tiny example are MOSTLY toxic (not all, since there are always statistical anomalies).
Rock MD (NA)
: What? They literally just nerfed Vayne and Lee has nerfs on the PBE. The fuck?
Again, this is rather short-sighted. You need to look in the long term of the consistent treatment of these champions over the last few years.
: only for a couple of patches
I totally agree, its one long, continuous cycle designed to ensnare people. Making changes to the game ensures that people will keep playing, even when its essentially different variations on the same theme.
Sckullzz (NA)
: Not a bad analysis! 1. Acknowledging the attitude of Millennials is important because it gets to the issue with attitudes. I doubt it's only with Millennials, it's probably with a large audience not limited to one particular sect of people. 2. Also acknowledging the higher than normal younger player base because it's free and parents don't have to pay anything for it. The will pull in players that wouldn't be able to play games like WoW and others that have a hefty up front fee or a monthly subscription. But there are a couple flaws I see. 1. Riot is a GAMING COMPANY, so of course they want to make money. That isn't a bad thing. Employees at Riot have families to feed and bills to pay. 2. They actually don't force anyone to buy anything. The game is completely free and all the cosmetics and costumes are OPTIONAL to purchase. And yes, going back to Riot being a gaming company, they want their revenue products to be appealing and desired. They wouldn't make a skin so garbage that no one will want it. That would be bad business.
I am not debating that Riot is a company and needs to make money. What I have objection to is the WAY they make money. They do spend a lot of time manipulating the actual balance of the game in order to keep people spending on the game. Yes, the Free 2 Play model is good and does give access to people that would not be able to afford a subscription game. However... It has been outright RECORDED that children has stolen their parents credit cards to pay for Riot Points. Riot obviously refuses to take any responsibility for this however, their own payment system is incredibly easy to use, designed with the least amount of verification (Especially if you have a paypal account). It's like being a tobacco company and telling a kid the benefits of smoking and then denying responsibility when they start. This game has become a lot more "kid-friendly" or "teenage-friendly" over the years, even in art style and mechanically (simplifying {{champion:12}} mechanics etc). It has also become clear that a lot of the advertising focus has shifted to young teenagers and young adults. Their advertising on the client, almost encourages people to buy consistently and Riot make balance changes and new skins based off popularity ALONE, rather then what is good for the game. Capitalism is good... except for when it interferes in a fair game (which happens in many sports with bribing and betting rackets.)
: and then you realize Yasuo and Lee are getting nerfs/changes soon and Vayne was just nerfed.
Yes but how long have they been top of the meta. I doubt that any major changes will be affecting any of them as Riot will want to keep them popular and keep the money rolling.
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: Name THREE champions that if you could, would delete. For any reason possible.
{{champion:67}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:64}} Favorite lovechilds of Riot, always getting preferential treatment in buffs and nerfs because they are big $$$ for Riot at professional level.
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: Talk about ungrateful! we allow you to share a lane with us because you can't handle being alone then you complain about us carrying and protecting you while those other adc carry mains just leave you to die! your right you are totally ungrateful considering how much WE do for you. Further more i never asked you to heal me, in fact i'd prefer it if you ran someone who didn't die like leona, that way i can criticize you when you overextend and die due to your lack of skills. /s
and that is the mentality of a {{champion:67}} player, if you are not playing {{champion:89}}, then you are useless. Despite the fact that I play {{champion:16}} a hell of a lot better and she's actually more useful then Leona is. You just want somebody to take all the damage for you so you can lazily sit back and fire. Are you mexican?
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: ***
I want Riot to actually remove Free 2 Play entirely so that people like you, who get banned for toxicity on a regular basis actually stay off the game because you cannot afford to make new accounts. Thus getting your disgusting attitude off the rift and making it a more pleasant and SUPPORTIVE (something you wouldn't understand if it bit you with your arrogant comments) environment for all of us.
: ***
Exactly the wrong attitude to have and this is why League has the reputation it has. People like you just disgust me. Its not a question of "getting good", its a question of the game actually being a balanced platform so people can "get good" and not having the odds stacked against you and yes, feel free to look at my recent match history, every match has had a smurf in it. Typical ______ trying to attack something that you don't understand for your own selfish ends. Its so incredibly sad.
: A Few Suggestions to Reduce Smurfing - League's community is destroying itself.
The people downvoting this are probably the same people that think that cheating and using aimbots are perfectly acceptable in Overwatch. Some people went as far as to send abusive posts to Blizzard for not letting them cheat. What is the world coming to? Whatever happened to common decency and belief in the common good!?
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