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: > [{quoted}](name=1022,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=XrxOZ8kF,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2018-09-27T00:04:27.993+0000) > > so shaco is cancerous champion which u never allow to be strong in soloq for longer than a day https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/champions/stats/shaco/diamond Literally unplayable
Some champions dont translate well into soloQ winrate, look at lb which at peak of her strength had like 48% winrate with 90% banrate nobody was claiming she was weak, since release kha is periodically broken perma banned in soloQ and lcs while shaco didnt ever come close to that dominance and versatility, even with 55% soloQ winrate he was almost never picked in lcs. I dont want shaco to be buffed im just pointing out Riots favoritism, both are unfun to play against in similar fashion yet one is actively pushed into lcs while other is deemed too be "toxic" and nerfed anytime he is even slightly too strong.
: Maple Nectar commented on this via Twitter when a player asked a similar question: https://twitter.com/RiotMapleNectar/status/1044664008949690368 It's primarily a pro play focused buff because we felt that Kha'Zix is on the verge of competitive viability with small room to grow in solo queue (he was sitting at 48-49% WR according to our internal data before the buffs). W evolve Kha'Zix (prior to the stint Kha'Zix had with R evolve first earlier this season) has seen play historically and was likely the way to go for a buff to avoid negatively impacting players.
so shaco is cancerous champion which u never allow to be strong in soloq for longer than a day but kha which is basically a better version of shaco gets a buff because of reasons, no wonder player base keeps dropping.
: Here's What I Learned From Patch 8.19
lmao expecting riot to revert anything so close to pre- season, we are stuck with current meta for months
Pąin (EUNE)
: About dark harvest lee sin
: It's not about skin sales, it's about Riot wanting him picked in the LCS because he makes for a "fun" viewer experience.
for who ? most players who watch streams play this game and know how obnoxious it feels to face execution with a reset, he will be pick/banned even more in soloQ and you want to tell me those people want to see the same aids dominate in tournaments now?
okinz (EUW)
: And also, why have ardent sensor support mages been totally removed from the game? Ever since the big shield nerfs.
: What do you know, Ahri back up to highest playrate AND winrate midlane in Plat+
: Obvious Worlds buff
its another riots retarded idea where they force us to like a champion because they think it looks cool meanwhile its unfun and feels terrible to play against, im not gonna be ecstatic because at worlds pyke is popping off when im gonna have enough of this cancer in soloQ, actually it will be the opposite frustrating and rage inducing to watch. They never learn they forced similar shit with dynamicQ, make game less fun with every rework and release new champions who feel like cancer mixed with aids to play against, instead of limiting unfun mechanics they add even more and force us to like it, at least they get what they deserve and player number keeps dropping.
: It got a bit better but idk season 9 will be better
still having hope for riot after 8 years lmao
: Did this game got any better since I left?
Rioter Comments
: Fiora balance attention
she already is best performing toplaner according to champion.gg
: > [{quoted}](name=TSM Piccaboo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WLuf6tUT,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-09-14T00:02:21.651+0000) > > Uh what? While I would agree his hit box was BS, that is not where most of his 1v1 power came from. u never played against a d1 gragas 1 trick top then/ no counterplay to his entire combo if ur melee and trying to cs. he e q aa for a free thunderlord
: It actually is unique now.
is it -20% crit dmg(200% - 20% = 180% without IE 250-20%= 230% with IE) or -20% from total dmg ?


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