: FW aren't that strong, then again, G2 honestly isn't good too. Vitality is probably gonna get raped but I think FNC is gonna play a good tournament.
u got strong point and I agree neither of FW or G2 are strong but in terms of best of 1 games I think G2 Would have the advantage
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: is it possible to rewind Leblanc back to her original state before her update???
actually not good idea because old leblanc had very high fast burst unlike now leblanc now have the high burst but she can't instant burst someone like adcs if some peeled for him
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 1
btw meddler please here is three changes that you'd like to see 1. add voice chat for league of legends for improving gameplay,synergies between players in champion select and in game so players suggest for other players to what to pick against ex: draven or ashe and what to not pick against them it has bunch of benefits even in game give shot calls to your team so you can win easily and me as a low elo i find pings are too much useless as people really having a hard time to use to it like junglers ping thier laner to go and they don't go because they have no map awareness so voice chat will fix that i think. 2. buff this {{item:3056}} because i thought that you rioters forgot about this item and it has really a good active and you should look up for a good buff to give it the fame and so on junglers can pick it for potential diving turrets without executing themselves right ? or wrong ? 3. into yasuo rework or change , yasuo main power is his double critical strike passive so i suggest the crit reduction damage from his passive be increased from 10% to 30%~35% that may be better to make yasuo balanced. thank you meddler i hope you and your crew find these things useful. sorry for the bad english i know most of you have burnt eyes now :D

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