Wombo Jax (EUW)
: Considering it happened to my friend as well, its probably a saudi-related issue of some kind You happen to live in the middle east?
yes I am, but other games works perfect with ping 90
Wombo Jax (EUW)
: As an extra note, Norton was hogging up my CPU, and ending it made my computer a lot faster. Lol lets me login eventually, but I can neither play, nor see my profile, nor my champ/skin collection. When I login after the 10 min wait its just a ghost town.
same issue with me, I am not able to log in and the client freezes on authorization for 4 min, and then if log-in, going to play is so hard and slow, if I play the ping is 450 but it used to be 92 on UE west server


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