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Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 11
Hey Meddler even tho i like the reasoning for nerfing the machete in terms of gold funneling. But as a udyr main that plays with machete > tiamat > trinity force, i am kind of forced now to group with my team and push objectives togheter, since even if splitpushing is kind of effective, if i do so, the lane minions that i get on meele is like 4 gold, it feels like im farming the air. In most situations i am the most fed in my team, since I do alot of farming and have alot of Kill participation. Pls refix this, i feel like the reduced gold is hurting my lategame scaling alot, last game i wasnt able to buy my titanic hydra from tiamat since i needed 2300 and i only had 2000 gold or so before the last teamfight, which have been probably enough gold if i didnt farm 4 gold per minion.


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