: Waiting for @Reav3 to release rework news like
Calling it now, it's Swain Sorry Morde Mains
Recons (NA)
: Change Blitzcranks Abilities to: * Dynamo: Everytime Blitzcrank uses an ability, he gains his W move speed for the same amount of time, and he then gets slowed after wards, for the same amount of time as his W. Scales with level 6/11/16. * Rocket Grab: Unchanged. * New ability ~ Vital Yank! Using his left hand, Blitzcrank pulls an allied champion to himself, if the allied champion is under 25% of their health (increased by rank up to 50%) they also get shielded for X percent of blitzcrank's bonus health (or mana whatever) * Power Fist: Unchanged. * NEW! Static Field: REMOVED: Bolt passive. NEW- Blitzcrank detonates his Static Field, applying a 0.5 second silence to ALL CHAMPIONS in range. Additionally, the Static Field permeates the ground, slowing enemy champions by 30%-40%-50% (per rank) that diminishes rapidly over the duration, the field lasts for 2 seconds.
That's actually a pretty good idea for rework
: More like this: * Riot releases champion X * "Riot, champion X fking sux, buff pls" - bad players who play champion in week 1 * Riot buffs champion X * "WTF Riot, champion X so op, 100% ban rate, pls nerf" - bad players again * Riot proceeds to either nerf the champion into nonexistence or they ignore it * Eventually, rework * Repeat Don't believe me, see {{champion:154}} {{champion:427}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:268}}, and maybe soon {{champion:141}} will go the same way
You forgot about {{champion:202}}
: {{item:3147}} ... really? pls stop troll dude!
Umm it IS busted, cheaper with CDR and the slow proc with the damage is too much
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: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ExC8APIr9SI ENGAGE KAIJU!!! SEND IT MECHA AATROX!!!
Send in the Mecha Malphite too
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: A bunch of random Anime Gifs


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