Squad5 (NA)
: Diana changes on PBE
This looks really interesting, seems like you ended up making heR lean more towards an assassin with big moments playstyle, that's fine for me (full bruiser would be fine too, but would require non existing items I think). Is there a plan to modernize Nashor's Tooth in the near future? That would be the ideal timing ! There's something that makes me (and every other Diana player) sad though. Recently Leona got 2 skins, with one that definitely should have been a Diana skin. With the recent announcement of the Night vs Dawn event, + the Diana rework, I was SO HYPED for a new 1820rp skin, Duskbringer Diana or something around those lines ... Does the skin department remember that Diana exists ? They missed 2 perfect opportunities to give Diana an insane on theme skin ... I know she already has some excellent skins, but I wouldn't be frustrated about it if the missed opportunity weren't so big :/ Anyway I'll try it on the PBE tomorrow and give some spicy 150 ping feedback if I can
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 15
Now that you completely shifted Ryze's gameplay (once again), is that you giving us hope that you will somewhat revert him ? Honestly, just make him a mage and give him an ultimate that makes him a battle mage, and we're good ... Also, now that Aatrox doesn't have anything to do with old Aatrox besides sustain (they are completely different champions on every single point), it would be cool to have old Aatrox added back into the game ... They're so different from each others at this point ... Even though my prime candidate for a revert would be Talon, since he lost so much skill expression and outplay potential, he's just a slow, repetitive and boring stat checker of a champion right now ... He has close to now outplay potential because of how slow and limited his dash is, not mentionning his overall in fight mobility is basically non existent. I think Blue Kayn (even though he's really bad right now) is a much better design of a roam assassin with very limited mobility. Talon is either broken in the meta or completely irrelevant, that's a very poor design
: Victorious Aatrox Ult Form Wing Updates
But why is he wearing a blue leather suit and is so similar to Justicar ... This skin is out of line for the Victorious theme. Wings make it better but I'm probably never playing with that
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 18
Still nothing planned to make Ryze skilled again ? ... Still nothing planned for Akali to readjust her to enhance her WR a little bit ? Same question for Irelia ? ... And for Aatrox ... And for Sylas ? ... And for Qiyana ? ... And for Azir ? ... Even in Master + Elo most of these champions aren't doing well at all, maybe it could be time to try and save them a little bit, I'm not asking for them do be a 50% WR, but come on do they really need to be sub-optimal to the point that they never have a good WR at any Elo ?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 4
You successfully murdered the skill expression on Ryze enough so that we're not gonna see him 24/7 at world. Ok. CAN WE HAVE RYZE BACK NOW ? I'm fuckin sick of this dirt pile of garbage E Q spam with no brain required at all that you call Ryze. At least make it a skill champ again even if he has to go through his 1548th rework Ryze is supposed to be HARD to play and satisfying when you manage to pull it off. The SKT skin even has a line "Faker guides me" cause Ryze is the signature champion of one of the most skilled player to ever play this game, and now with have that pile of garbage ... At LEAST change his stupid ult that you purposely made for him to be broken in controlled environment, I will NEVER trust that you didn't do this on purpose since you said Ryze was already a problem but gave him a super problematic ultimate when doing the rework. This makes no sense, and if that was not done on purpose, please at least have the decency to fix it
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 30
So Ryze is still a no skill champion, Akali has now a 3 minute ultimate CD as an assassin (omegalul), no power has been added back to her like you said you would (unless you first ship nerfs then buffs ?) and these changes to Aatrox are so over the top it's ridiculous, his ultimate movespeed is way too often not enough by itself to the point that you need to take Nimbus Cloak to make it effective. Aatrox already gets kited to death by every late game adcs, and his scaling doesn't allow him to solo an adc that has lifesteal (he also can't solo Vayne, Tristana orCait at pretty much any time in the game). Cutting the movespeed in half is ridiculous, maybe lowering it overall would be fine, but straight up half is stupid. Also why do you not remove Kled's Q buffs, they make no sense at all with the theme of the champion, it's just stupid and Keld was already strong, he didn't need any help. The game is broken to the point that the best players there is are playing Garen in pro play ... High elo and especially pro play should be skilled champion only, it makes no sense that no skill champs (literally like Garen, Rammus, Malzahar ... This type of bot champs) are playable or even effective in a pro environment, the highest level of play should bring the highest level of champions, because it just makes sense ... You can't have the most skilled players play the dumbest champions, it just sounds wrong at all levels. If a pro team can't stop a Garen, it's not okay. Champions like that are supposed to have extremely straight forwards counterplay, and should be abusable in a high level game. But these no skills champs are so overtuned that they somehow work in pro, idk ...
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 23
If you're willing to give Akali more solo Q power can you please add back some of the AD scaling she lost with the huge wave of nerfs, AD Akali has never been a real thing in competitive but it's so much more interesting and fun to play than AP where it's just one shot or die basically ... It's a shame to have a power with AD ratios pretty much everywhere but on the second R and not being able to play her AD. Plus she has a bruiser kit not an assassin kit so ... About the Edge of Night, I like it being an active rather than a passive, as you play assassins you're most likely hidden and/or flanking at the right time so you can decide when to use it or not, if I'm waiting for someone to facecheck a bush I probably don't need my spellshield as I'll one shot the poor soul facechecking anyway, so it would be a waste to lose it on the single spell that's going to be thrown. What would be interesting maybe is finding a way to lower the cooldown, maybe -15 sec when you get a kill or something, so it can be an interesting item for assassins that play their role properly, going in and out of fights
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 2
For how long is Ryze gonna be a garbage no skill noob champ ? Can we have buffs to Irelia, Akali and stuff because no one gives a shit about having the same patch as pros ? Can you stop killing this game because of pro play ? Can we have Galio back as a champion and not a minion ? I don't play him but it's nice having him in the game you know ? Can you stop your utopia of having 1 patch that's supposed to "balance" (omegalul) the game for Iron and fuckin pro play at the same time ? Can you stop doing that ?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 19
Can you not make Ryze an absolutely unskilled champion please ? You already killed Aatrox's identity by not letting him revive to the point that Aatrox is more similar to Darkin Kayn than to the old Aatrox ? Bring back old Aatrox as the next new champion then you killed what Aatrox is anyway. You legitimately took one of the most skilled player (Faker) his signature champion and made it a hot pile of noob-friendly garbage that spams the same thing over and over, it's disgusting. Also, Kled is absolutely BROKEN but you nerfed Fizz (who was quite strong) but not KLED ? What is wrong with your balance, you even ship a patch with 70+ bugs, what is this game ? We have 2 Darkins that do EXACTLY the same thing now, is having duplicates of champions what you aim for 2019-2020 ?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 14
Undo Ryze and change his ult. He's garbage and uninteresting in that state. If Ryze is not a huge challenge to play and have much less room to outplay he loses what makes him interesting the the first place. He loses his place next to Azir and Cassiopeia in skill expression. And that sucks. Plus he lost his identity as the shield mage. And that sucks even more
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 24
Hello, I have concerns about the Akali nerf (yet again ...). Why do you nerf her bruiser AD build in a way that encourages her to go towards item like Titanic Hydra (nerding the AD ratio) ? I currently play Akali with Ravenous Hydra rush, Tri Force, Death's dance as core and it works wonder, but to me these nerfs mean :" We want to jill your champion and make it build tank". Any context ?
: Small Diana Gameplay changes coming to PBE
Give her an R reset if she executes the target with it, so she can be some kind of an assassin? Or some after fight mobility ... The only other way you can go with Diana is making her tankier (getting resistances for every cleave she gets on champions with her passive ? Sounds interesting to me) and GIVE AP MELEES AN ITEMIZATION FFS. {{champion:245}}, as much as you want him to be, is not purely an assassin. His W passive screams "I'M A FIGHTER", {{champion:517}} is in the same spot, with {{champion:76}} too, {{champion:84}} is somewhat in this place but she can build the bruiser version as AD so it's fine, {{champion:105}} wants to be here sometimes too, again, his W screams fighter, {{champion:38}} could use a better itemization too, and so are the 2 most problematics of this list : {{champion:82}} (he's getting a rework but I'm willing to bet his build will be as awkward as it is now, and {{champion:27}}, which got nerfed for free with the dark seal nerf, and even if I hate this champ, I find this so unfair to him. Willing to add QoL changes to Diana and small improvements in a nice thing, BUT it's completely disregarding the real problem: THERE IS AN ENTIRE CLASS OF CHAMPIONS THAT HAS NO ITEMS DEDICATED TO THEM! And RIOT doesn't care. Also, not related, but give Fiora a rune for once ...
: Early 9.10 Patch Discussion
Yeah, not a lot has changed ? Are you sure you didn't halve Vayne's Q cd during her R ? And Conqueror on Riven maybe ? Hm ? Not a lot has changed ? HMMMMM ? And give me a Fiora rune ffs
: Item Shop Cleanup
Hello ! Some suggestions I may have : AP bruisers need a true itemization, there is actually no good way too have some tankyness and relevant damage as an AP bruiser, and if you find one, it gets nerfed (Sylas). It would be nice to have champions like Diana be able to build differently every game and not just protobelt/magic pen or ROA/nashor's depending on which one works the best (it applies for Mordekaiser, Ekko, Sylas ...). I also think that ranged and melee champions should have a VERY different itemization, because otherwise it creates way too many problems. Zhonya's hourglass for exemple is literally the most versatile item in this game, so powerful it can be built vs full AP teams just because of how valuable the active is. I think Zhonya's should be powered down heavily for range champions, or should be straight up replaced by 1 item that gives AP and armor, and another item that gives AP and a stasis, because it's not normal that i can't one shot a mage as an assassin because of the armor of Zhonya's, and then i can't finish it because of the stasis, it's like double protection where each of the protection you get is already strong enough solo to justify buying the item. Also really think there is a problem with lethality and glad that you mentioned it. Lethality is too powerful vs people that don't know how to build, and basically useless vs people who realize that buying a cloth armor literally negates half of an item ... There is also a problem with hybrid itemization, since the only 2 hybrid items are both dependants of very specific mechanics : Rageblade is ONLY for prue auto attackers, and Gunblade is ONLY if you have a way to abuse the single target healing, else the item just feels bad and sometimes necessary but just for raw stats (Katarina ...) Really happy that you decide to look at the store overall, that's what i had to say about it's current state
: Blitzcrank Changes Heading to PBE
Pantheon, Volibear, Cho'Gath, Master Yi, Mundo ... are still in this game as old "things" made 10 years ago and would probably benefit more from small reworks waiting for the big day than Blitzcrank ... Theses changes look cool though, makes you want to try Kalista Blitz and hard focus someone to pop him instantly
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations Part 2
For everything holy DO NOT CHANGE PHANTOM DANCER. Adcs are not the only champions in the game who use this if you change this item so much Tryndamere Yasuo Rengar will cause a LOT of trouvle. Just make any new item with the stats of Phantom Dancer 2 and keep Phantom Dancer 1 like it is it's probably the best item in the game design-wise DO NOT CHANGE IT
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations
I see 3 big problems in here. First, Phantom dancer needs to stay intact because the way the item works is unique in this game, it's an ultimate duelling tool and his passives are too good to disappear, first because it's a fun item, and second because it's unique. Second problem : You seem to forget that Yasuo still exist in the game, and that's another reason to not change PD, or just remove his passive already just so we can finally play him again (he's been trash for a long time now since crit rework 1). The third problem however, is the biggest. In a world where 20 armor can prevent you from being one shotted by a 3 item assassin i can't see how the new PD + GA is gonna be anything but broken. Items like GA and Zhonya needs to GO. There shouldn't be an item that gives you 75 ap (enough for a mage to murder you if you don't have mr) PLUS 45 armor (enough to resist a 2 lethality item burst) PLUS stasis that's so broken that Ekko still builds zhonya vs 4 AP. There needs to be 1 item that gives AP + Armor, 1 Item that gives AP + stasis, 1 item that gives AD + Armor and 1 item that gives AD + revive. I don't see how the game can ever be balanced item-wise if non of these changes go. You shouldn't be a mispositionned Syndra with a Zhonya and survive my whole Zed combo because of the armor, dodge my ultimate damage with the stasis, and press 2 buttons and 2 shot me because of the 75 AP. This is not fair in any way. ALSO lethality needs to be addressed. It makes Zed stupidly broken (ONLY damage-wise, he still isn't that good because in a late game teamfights assassins don't thrive) in late game and absolutely miserable in mid game because you need 3 ITEMS to go through a Zhonya, THREE entire items to pass through 1 stupid defense. And btw you need 2 pen items to do significant damage over tabis. But even with this, Zed with 5 items can ONE shot a bruiser, because lethality does not work. You shouldn't be able to murder anyone that has less than 200 armor in a second BUT not being able to one shot a defenseless adc with 2 lethality items (because yeah, sometimes 2 lethality item isn't enough to one shot a full damage 0 hp 0 armor adc that is 2 levels down on you, great design here), and even more, you shouldn't die to zhonya until you have 3 items. Hell zhonya is so powerful that most of the times you just ignore the mage until you don't have the choice anymore.
: I tihnk pepole should pay for not upgrading it and just literally cheating their way into mid - lategame, by powerfarming with tiamat. If you want it to be as impactful you should have to make a decision between -yea its weak- and -does it worth getting it even if its weak?- -or do i have to upgrade it- Im personally pretty disgusted by ppl spending 1200 gold on champions who (if they pwoerfarm) get insanely toxic OP. Camille, Jax, Fiora, Renekton, Lee, Rengar, even WW, ect... those champions were made the way they are.. not given AOE waveclear so they wont become godlike with next to no effort. Welph 1200 gold and you can become godlike with next to no effort while you get FREE AD, FREE hp regen, FREE active to trade on lane and to help you in fights. Now all of that stuff for such cheap price, on champions that are insanely snowbally -but to be fair they cant waveclear properly- welll... if you give them free waveclear what do you expect... Its just feels unfair... and yes i do play tiamat users mainly, but i feel like its unfair to paly against a bit.. both on lane and in the jungle. Nerfs are deserved.
Yeah big brain buddy, Fiora has been made to splitpush, ever tried to splitpush without a thing called waveclear ? Spoiler: It doesn't work. Some champions are made to interact with some items (Camille with Tri-Force is a pretty good exemple, her Q is MADE to work perfectly well with Sheen items)
Meddler (NA)
: Tiamat - bit too strong a spike as a rush item, power of wave clear offered's very high even if not always appreciated. Compensation - Potentially. Might mean we buff WW a bit more than we otherwise would for example. Also open to helping any other champs hit hard who shouldn't be brought down a bit power wise anyway.
Olaf, Rengar, Trundle, Rek'sai for the junglers, Trundle, Tryndamere, Darius (?), Renekton, Rengar, Fiora for the toplaners that aren't doing too well and would get hit by Tiamat berf. Fiora Rengar and Trundle being the most affecter because they have 0 AOE without it
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 12
If you're going to nerf Tiamat please consider buffing weak champions 100% dependent from it. Way too many times has an item been nerfed without champions in need getting a buff
: Quicksilver sash
Point and click. Zed's ult has almost no guaranteed damage, Fizz is a skill shot etc ... The only unfair point i see is for Warwick, which is now a skillshot. Also, Liss and Malz have access to Zhonya's which is the most powerful item of the game when used properly, so, even if that doesn't really count, you can't remove the only tool ad champs have vs hard cc, also, QSS is technically a waste of gold for ap champs since it doesn't upgrade into anything for them. In a perfect game i'd say there should be an ap upgradable item containing QSS, Zhonya disappears and is replaced by 2 items that gives stasis (1 ap, 1 ad) and an ap item that gives armor. I'd do the same treatment to GA make it fair #bringbackoldGA
: Preseason Dev Update Number 3!
If the minion changes goes as it is, you can probably expect a nightmare waveclear meta where every champion who can build a hydra or runaan has to build it and every other becomes unplayable, imo. Thinking about champs like Vayne rn, who already struggles to waveclear if she doesn't have static + IE, this would force items on many champions who could build freely before
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 26
It would be super great to have one (or maybe 2) new items coming this preseason aimed tower making hybrid builds (ad/ap) more viable, cause atm, their's only gunblade which is nice but not that great if you don't have a lot of single target damage, and rageblade which is pretty strong but only for auto attack focus champ. I'd like to build Akali/Ezreal/Ekko/Diana/Irelia/Shyvana etc with a proper hybrid build, probably aimed at bruiser items. This could be an awesome addition to the game because even if there's a lot of item diversity, you end up with the same core build every single game on most of the champions. Ekko, for example, would LOVE to get some ad/attack speed in games with 3 tanks to beat down, without sacrificing totally his potential as an assassin, and this kind of thing could help show off a lot more skill in the itemization of a champion, the proper build for the proper game, not just checking what pros do and copy past because it's probably close to the most efficient anyway
: Preseason Development Update 1
It would be super great to have one (or maybe 2) new items coming this preseason aimed tower making hybrid builds (ad/ap) more viable, cause atm, their's only gunblade which is nice but not that great if you don't have a lot of single target damage, and rageblade which is pretty strong but only for auto attack focus champ. I'd like to build Akali/Ezreal/Ekko/Diana/Irelia/Shyvana etc with a proper hybrid build, probably aimed at bruiser items. This could be an awesome addition to the game because even if there's a lot of item diversity, you end up with the same core build every single game on most of the champions. Ekko, for example, would LOVE to get some ad/attack speed in games with 3 tanks to beat down, without sacrificing totally his potential as an assassin, and this kind of thing could help show off a lot more skill in the itemization of a champion, the proper build for the proper game, not just checking what pros do and copy past because it's probably close to the most efficient anyway
: Zed in 8.10
Why do people always have Zed in their mouth when it legit involves any ad assassin/fighter (riven and wukong mainly). What's more cancer, an assassin that takes 3 seconds to kill you (Zed) or Kha'Zix who runs over the entire map INVISIBLE and one hit you with absolutely 0 counterplay whatsoever (well, there's counterplay but people don't know what grouping is so)? If you ban Zed, you're doing it wrong, you don't know how to play. + banning Zed is useless because most Zed players can wreck you with Katarina, Ekko or Talon, because if you chose this ban it means you don't know how to play against assassins anyway. And same goes for Rengar, if you ban Rengo but Kha'Zix is up, you need to question yourself ... To all people complaining i give you the answer, it's called seeker's if you ap and GA if you're ad. With super cheap and efficient items you counter an entire build, making effectively 2 and a half lethality items AT LEVEL 18 useless with 1 purchase. And yes, it means that you counter every single lethality stat early to mid game with just ONE purchase. And seeker's scales + transforms into Zhonya so ... Assassins are super weak but works because people are stupid, if people were smart players (A.K.A Competitive) there wouldn't be more than one or maybe 2 assassins being at least viable. And talking about 2 weeks ahead is pretty much useless, because it has 2 entire cycles of pbe going on so expect it to change a LOT
: Marksman changes coming to PBE in the next couple days
It would also be really cool to make crit builds viable for melee champions outside of Yasuo and Tryndamere, just so they can adapt. For example, if the enemy team has 3-4 tanks and you had to first pick let's say Renekton, you don't just end up being a useless not tanky but still doing no damage champion. It would have to be balanced of course, so if you build crit on Zed or Talon you can't 1 hit the adc just like you would with full lethality, but you're more efficient vs general targets, the problem with Assassins is sometimes that you can only kill the Adc, but if the Adc is useless (because he had a rough lane phase or simply he got autofilled or any reason really), then killing him is not the win condition, so you're stuck at either : try to kill the mage who has Zhonya and Archangel in the middle of a team fight (not gonna happen) or daring to approach the godlike 18/4/10 Jax that will one hit you even if he has 4000 HP (not gonna happen) while trying to dodge the cc of their Sion with close to 5000 HP and 300 armor. This scenario doesn't happen every game, of course, but it sometimes left you with a: "Why didn't I simply play any random mage" And also, for the Essence Reaver change, it would be cool if it was viable for champions that are not mana dependant but want cdr and crits, if crit becomes viable for melee champions in general i could totally see a Riven going like Essence Reaver + Black Cleaver for example, it would add a loooooot of build diversity and that's always a good thing
: @RiotRepertoir, can we do something about TALON?
And please for the love of everything holy, give Talon a SMOOTHER AUTO ATTACK . He feels like he has sand in his articulations or osteoarthritis like for real, i bet Talon's right arm is like 80 years old to be that slow and clunky
Gilgamesh (EUW)
: Please do not give him true damage, overall stop giving people true damage, uncounterable things are the reason why this game is declining It just makes it frustrating to play against certain matchups. There should be other ways to reward Qing a Spell fluxed enemy than just giving him simple uncounterable damage.
HP directly counters true damage, unless it's %health true damage, and in this place the only non-counter true damage champions are Garen and Fiora. Even Vayne's true damage can be countered because it depends of attack speed
: Ryze work on PBE
4000 units ult is waaaaaaaaaaay too much i think, better cut down power on his ult and add it somewhere else. And i really don't like his W being a spell you need to spam, cause in solo Q, the biggest advantage Ryze has in early to mid game at mid elo( ~plat) is to assist ganks really well with his lockdown, but if the champion has less push power, less dueling/combat damage early to around 15-20 min, less gank power but has a broken ult that allows to gank, it pretty much put the win condition of Ryze to : Make a good ult bot and get 2 kills or lose lane. And i think that it doesn't suit Ryze, not at all, because it basically pushes him in Taliyah or Asol's role, except that he has no waveclear to match them AND the ganking tool CD is much longer ? It's pretty blurred from my point of view, how is Ryze supposed to play with these changes ? If i had to make a rework myself i'd probably push Ryze to be more of a fighter mage, that can reliably build Frozen Heart and still be an important damage source (would need balancing ofc), because there's no such champs in the game right now, the most fighterish mage is Ryze but he lost Abyssal so he's back to the battle mage state. Also regarding to itemization, i hate having only 1 possible Catalyst update, make GLP great again (this is mostly for Asol, Swain, Taliyah ...)
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: AP Itemization on PBE (8.4)
What about Nashor's Tooth? I think this item has a big design problem : made for a fighter oriented style but offers no resistance/survivability (less than a poke liandry/new Luden), seems super core on some champion yet is expensive and requires 1000 gold upgrade, doesn't actually scale that well considering that AP champion do not benefit from any lifesteal/spellvamp item (except GB but if you're AOEish like Azir/Diana it's meh) so maybe taking a look at it and making it viable for most AP mages OR making it melee only but buffing it accordingly would be interesting. The build path for ap champions will still be a 3 items path considering you can't roll without void/dcap, that means if you sneak a nashor's tooth and need survivability, your options suddenly becomes extremely limited and adapting to the situation means losing AP/Pen and not really adapting towards the best build (because raw ap and pen are just too good)
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 25
A bestial that totally lose his mind throughout the game, not like {{champion:19}} , but more like real madness, that would be another bestial/enraged champion who goes more and more insane
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 7.4
I'm a Silver player, why you don't let me play Ryze ? :(


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