: New Akali Critique
"Oh her shroud only makes her untargetable by towers, targeted abilities and auto-attacks" AND WHY IS THAT CONSIDERED OK!? With the ammount of free dashing and her lack of mana, why would anyone consider that fair? Oh you playing someone who pretty much only auto-atracks? GG, she's pretty much invulnerable while in shroud. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
Terozu (NA)
And that makes it fair... how?
Acheron16 (EUW)
: If Akali gains the ability of being invisible with no way to reveal her, I will leave the game
There are the sarcastics guys who add nothing to a discussion. Anyone else gonna say inane shit or are you going to actually discuss this stupid rework?
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: > [{quoted}](name=Acheron16,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tPEgMRoc,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-07-11T19:05:28.549+0000) > > Did you even read wtf I said? > > ASol only has 4 stars when he maxes W, not the 5 he used to have in URF > > Sivir shield blocking autoattacks is a bug, I didn't say anything about her being bad. I don't think it's a bug if the auto qualifies as an ability also.
Then it should consume the shield, not make her immune to Twitch's damage for 1.5 seconds.
Hanple (NA)
: R.I.P Garen
I picked Darius because I'd rather have eternal conflict than literally lose my free-will. Seriously, that's what Garen wanted to do, did you guys even read their plans? Both sides are bad, but Darius was the least bad to me.
: Does anyone miss Thunderlord's Degree?
No I don't miss it. As bad as Electrocute is, it's still less broadly used than that mastery ever was. Until recently that is.
: {{item:3070}} {{champion:240}} {{item:3070}} "I think either PtA or Conqueror's should be removed." You're Killin me here. Kled (yes im a kled player) suffered like crazy vs tanks with PTA so we got conq. We switch back and forth depending on the match up and that keeps him relevant. Remove one and instead of changing runes for the match up you'll just have to change champions.
Still doesnt change the fact that Conqueror's is poorly designed. If that one champion is being kept aloft by a single keystone then he's got bigger problems. Everyone has bad matchups, why should Kled be different?
: {{champion:15}} is super strong with the Q spam and the shield with 2sec cd {{champion:136}} is also good with 5 stars
Did you even read wtf I said? ASol only has 4 stars when he maxes W, not the 5 he used to have in URF Sivir shield blocking autoattacks is a bug, I didn't say anything about her being bad.
Wait you telling me the guy's saying his favourite class is ok now that it is broken instead of complaining when his class was balanced?? Whadda ya know
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: > [{quoted}](name=deadlychuck,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=j2UEomQ3,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-07-10T22:13:31.982+0000) > > *snip* First and foremost, your hatred is a little misplaced. AD scaling has been a thing almost since League's inception. Shaco, Jax, Pantheon, and Garen were some of the first champions introduced, and all of them had portions of their kits which scaled with AD. This could be identified as the beginning of shifting purely away from "AP = abilities, AD = autos". So your S3 estimation is ungodly far off the mark; there were primarily AD scaling champions - ability scaling, mind you - as far back as S1. With that said, there weren't many **purely** AD scaling champions. Garen, Shaco, and Pantheon all had AP scaling on specific parts of their kits (ultimates mostly) to make sure they wouldn't scale too hard. The first 'pure' AD champion, where every single part of their kit scaled with AD, was Talon. Kind of ironic when you think about it, right? He was promptly followed by Riven. Anyway, that's beside the point. It's important to note that **this wasn't really a problem**. in S1 or S2. It became a problem in S3. Despite the deafening screams of Boards, S2 was the only time League has ever seen a tank meta, especially in the tail end. This was the season where tanks, especially tank carries and bruiser carries (Skarner and Hecarim), **scaled harder than ADCs.** They would hit the late game and be capable of wading through teams while barely breaking a sweat, and the carries among them could stroll through four people, get to the ADC, and casually chew them up. This isn't to say that tank damage was out of control, it was actually pretty low. However defense was absolutely insane. Armor and MR shred was rarer and weaker, not to mention that flat and % weakened one another (flat applied before percentage, making it garbage in 90% of cases). S3, however, was a complete turn around. All of the big-budget tank items (Frozen Heart, Randiuns, Warmogs, Force of Nature), which were core on all the tanks in every game, were nerfed. Shit, Force of Nature was straight-up removed from the game. This was combined with mass-buffing to damage dealing items, **most importantly penetration.** Penetration was strengthened by calculating first % value then flat. This was a unilateral buff to every single item with any kind of penetration on it, period. They also flat-out buffed quite a few penetration items. Then there was reworked black cleaver into an absolute monstrosity. 4 stack max, 30% armor pen, 15 flat pen, CDR, health, damage, passive's non unique. The meta, for months, was playing AD assassins and stacking black cleavers; to the point where a single auto would apply 30% armor reduction, and also have 60 flat pen from cleavers alone. As was expected, tanky champions dropped off the face of the earth. If you weren't abusing cleaver, or a mage capable of (somehow) holding your own, you didn't play the game. This was ensured by nerfing the absolute pants off of any tanky champion which survived the tank-item cull. Alistar received heavy nerfs. Skarner received heavy nerfs. The entire first half of S3 was pretty much nothing but Hecarim nerfs. There's a reason that shitting a champion into utter and absolute non-viability is called "Olafing" them. There were others, but yeah. It wasn't pretty. There were other changes (the jungle was specifically made unrewarding to tanks and tanky champions, the tank jungler item was specifically designed to be the weakest of the lot, the jungler sustain tools were specifically designed to be damage oriented and reward high damage champions...) Anyway. The problem was that tanks (and tanky champions) were holding up the game. They posed clear and viable threat to ADCs and required team coordination to control and take down, and were capable of absorbing enough punishment to stall out games in almost all cases. This lead to an extremely boring and stagnant meta, where the first 20 minutes of every pro LCS game were spent CSing in lane and ignoring the opposition, then it was 30 minutes of posturing for baron. Almost every game, in every level, was a 50+ minute slug fest, because there was too much mitigation and too large health pools. This is something which Riot has never forgotten. Tanks (and to a lesser extent tanky / champions / bruisers) have been handled with care since then. Their items have never recovered and never been allowed to reach that same level of viability. In fact, the only time tanks have even APPROACHED that power was after the (semi) recent slew of tank reworks + the Orrn release; when tanks were given the damage and staying power to actually hold their own in lane again and have a role to serve early game. Needless to say, Boards exploded with cries for nerfs and bitching about a tank meta. While I hate the current damage creep and the current game's style, we got here for a reason. It's part Riot's fault, but a large amount of the blame rests squarely on the shoulders of the player base. They hate things they can't kill quickly, especially when said things can CC them to kill them / prevent them from killing. While this "burst meta" is bad, it's more-or-less on par with S3 in all honesty. I'm confident it, too, will pass. Then idiots can start bitching about tanks again.
That's what happens when Riot doesn't know what they want. After making such a concerted effort to make tankyness less universal by reducing HP and increasing resists and reducing penetration to equivalent levels (Black Cleaver shred down to 24% from 30% and Last Whisper items only ignore bonus armor) they do an 180° and revert all of that while keeping resists the same. Not only that, they keep adding more and more true damage to the frealing game. Where PtA was ok because the damage was delayed and the damage vulnerability was the main attraction, they make Conqueror's which CONVERTS a % of your damage into true damage because reasons (because of hybrids they said) and then they make Infinity Edge also convert crit to true damage. Not comtent with that, they also revert Last Whisper items into ignoring total damage, making the item that has more upfront armor ignore more armor penetration THAN THE ONE WHICH YOU HAVE TO STACK. Riot just has zero idea of what to do.
: I'm a man of reason. Here's what I think ACTUALLY needs to be dealt with in the game rn.
I think either PtA or Conqueror's should be removed. Lethal Tempo is not only delayed, is VERY level gated and has a cooldown. People like Riven, whom the Keystone was made for, can perfectly go Electrocute or Arcane Comet and we can remove a keystone with so many abuse cases.
Ąkąli (NA)
: I feel the same way about Evelynn rework. So far it's been either OP or Completely out of the meta. They took away her flexibility and now she is basically a Stat-Check assassin. Does she have enough damage even when only mildly ahead to kill and isolated target? No? Well then don't play Evelynn cause its a 4v5. Atleast other assassins can have multiple windows and skirmishing potential. She has nothing. Thank God shes REALLY broken this meta.
That's something that is starting to become really obvious with how Riot is acting these past years. Walls and Terrain generated by champs are a problem? Np, we made Kayn and Ornn We want to make a champion literally centered around one shots, but also want to experiment with the ability of stealing summoner's? Np, we made Zoe Shielding is too strong? Irelia's rework gave her passive extra damage against shields, despite making no thematic sense Shielding AND healing are too strong? Aatrox rework, which came out late and shielding and healing already got nerfed. Instead of making sistemic changes to longstanding problems, they just make a champion that counters said problem and call it a feature. Just like they did when they originally designed Aatrox for the stat checky nature of toplane back then. They are completely incapable of learning.
: Play has gotten so much better over the years that now teleport is simply too strong for how much better teams are at team play. It's important we remember that the game 4 years ago was played nowhere near as optimally as it is today.
I don't agree. People played just as fine before, only the meta changed. Teleport was a niche summoner's, same with Heal (which was downright useless), that was used by people with very weak early games in order to stay in lane. Ignite was the default summoner:s for top laners. Teleport was buffed in order to make top less isolated and in turn became the default top laner summoner spell. Champions with bad early games will still pick Teleport now, but why would you play such a champion when games are so short and Ignite got a damage buff?
: Well, buying GA against assassins is a good option as they rely heavily on landing all of their abilities. They won't be able to kill you as your team hopefully will have enough time to respond. If you group and 5 man push with GA, assassins will be pretty useless unless you have more squishies on your team to focus. For ad champs it is easier to counter those bursts as you have GA instead of zonyas.
He still kills them without anyway to stop him, pops GA 5 min cooldown, repeats the same thing 2 minutes later, dead squishy with useless GA.
: > [{quoted}](name=Acheron16,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iAQve4JF,comment-id=00080002,timestamp=2018-07-09T19:48:32.996+0000) > > *Wukong player stating how retarded champs like wukong are, giving specific example of how works versus mages* > > *Random dude on boards comes in and starts ADC hate circlejerk* > > You guys are fucking amazing What's fucking amazing is the fact that ADCs have nearly identical defense stats to mages and Wukong has significantly less damage in his kit then Zed/Talon. Yet somehow mages can survive combos with Barrier and delaying a damage item for an early Zhonya's. Yet somehow "one defensive item" wont save ADC's vs Wukong. It's a fucking ADC circle jerk on these boards since the got the smallest nerfs of the 4 classes/roles that were nerf. Just constant spam threads about how the class is "worthless" with stories like this that simply don't actually check out if you do the math. Build TABI/GA and get gud. I can't fucking wait to S9 and the multirole rankings. It's gonna be fucking glorious when Master tier ADC mains are hardstuck gold in other because they don't understand the fucking game at all.
And you completely missed my point. How do you people even do this?
Saianna (EUNE)
: Remember those 3 seasons when ADC were dealing sustained burst damage? Often 1-2shotting anyone that wasn't a tank or bruiser? Oh wait, ADCs were nerfed a bit and everyone going nuts on "how unbalanced everything else than ADC is", or "how poor ADCs are getting their asses smashed". It surely sucks to be on the other end of the stick at least once a decade, right? --- What i learned while playing LOL is lower DPS ADC/Mage is better than dead ADC/Mage. Build defenses if you get sacked every 2 minutes. Even if that means getting 2, if not even 3 defensive items. Don't blame everyone because "mah glass cannon dies so fast Q_Q". Also if you see Wukong rushing ADC, don't just stop him. Bait him. You know what and how will he do it. Don't wait for him to kill your ADC. --- Other than that, silly itemization (the current main issue) is/was always a thing. Just recipients changed. Adapt.
*Wukong player stating how retarded champs like wukong are, giving specific example of how works versus mages* *Random dude on boards comes in and starts ADC hate circlejerk* You guys are fucking amazing
: Uhm.... When did I say I think he's a well designed champion? Fact is he's a battlemage, a beefy mid ranged mage that does sustained damage.
: > [{quoted}](name=Acheron16,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2zY4W8UA,comment-id=000b00000000,timestamp=2018-07-05T17:58:02.597+0000) > > I'm sorry, you're suggesting 2 champions working together can beat 1? Yea its almost like the melee diver/assassin SHOULD kill you if he successfully closes the gap or something. Why is it you feel entitled to 1v1 as a super long ranged right clicking champ with impunity?
So you play Talon, press R and Q = squishy should always die? Play as Zed, press R, press W spam Q and E = squishy should always die? If anyone is entitled in here it's you. Doesn't matter who or what class you're playing, no one should be able to delete someone by default.
Elohaven (NA)
: Riot took one step forward and 10 steps backwards with the teleport nerf
Remember in season 4, when they buffed Teleport so it had reduced CD when used on towers, so laners could recover a bit if losing? And how until then, every toplaner just brought Ignite cuz you had to win lane? And now, 4 seasons later, they just go full circle and make Teleport useless, in favour of Ignite, which was buffed to deal 510 damage at level 18.
: Critical Rework Idea
Riot had the chance of reworking how crit functions. They skipped it. That being said, what's suggested her is just another nerf to crit, which is in an already overall weak state.
Antenora (EUW)
: ADC's I'd say that are "struggling" are - {{champion:67}} {{champion:51}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:498}} Everyone else is either good or viable.
The ones that good are so DESPITE crit. They just go Lethality or even AP. The ones that go their kits intrinsically tied with crit are the ones that are suffering the most, meaning crit, as a stat, is mostly garbage.
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mcsquzzy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2zY4W8UA,comment-id=001e,timestamp=2018-07-05T16:01:09.937+0000) > > Give cait back her runaan interaction with passive No. * Caitlyn Runaan's interaction. * Vayne Tumble (Q) crit * Kai'Sa Runaan's interaction with E. Those 3 mechanics are toxic and should NEVER be reintroduced.
AmazoX (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Nipsahoy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2zY4W8UA,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-07-05T06:49:04.912+0000) > > The main problem since the Marksmen update is that it takes too long to be a significant threat anymore. Melee champs buy 1 item (typically Duskblade, Tri force or black cleaver) and they are online and can combo you out super easily. Crit marksmen sit there and try to farm for 25-30 minutes to gain relevancy and by that point you've typically lost so much of the map and objectives the games frankly over most of the time. I'd have no issue with crit marksmen power spikes being delayed if it felt like you had a factor in the game most of the time but that's becoming so exceedingly rare now. > > It's ridiculous to me that Wukong for example can buy duskblade and Q/Ult me and I die before the knockup ends yet I'd have to auto him probably 10-15 times at that stage of the game to kill him which we all know will never happen. He also has more mobility and defensive options. Or take Nocturne with duskblade. Ults you from 2-3 screens away takes 80% of your hp with the initial burst then you get feared immediately after and finished off. Can't even play your character before you die. I understand some champs are designed to be good at singling targets out and that's fine but when it gets to a level that you can't even do anything no matter what, that's when it's a problem. There should be an option for you to possible outplay it with summoners/abilities even if its a small chance. Sorry but you're forgetting that real good Support Items were added after the Assassin Rework and the fact that bruisers, assassins, fall off.
I'm sorry, you're suggesting 2 champions working together can beat 1? Pretty sure that happens no matter the champion type, be it marksman+support, top+jungle, mid+marksman, etc, doesn't make what the guy said any less valid: one of those diving champions goes after a marksman and he's dead. Their kits (save some rare exceptions) and itemization don't give them options to survive.
: > Ryze, who is a waveclear + burst damage + ult mage, yet is still able to deal sustained damage through his low cooldowns. as much as i dislike him, he's supposed to be a battemage, and thus should have sustained dmg. > Also Address Varus and Xayah because both of them are STRUGGLING! Yeah, sure bring back varus (not onhit tho) but xayah can rot in hell. I's been like what? 3 months since she was one of the 2 best adc in the game? remember, soon after cait got gutted for being the best adc in the game? maybe if her ult wasn't so goddamn infuriating.
Yeah, Ryze is supposed to have sustained damage. Then why does he have a lot of burst damage as well? Why does Q+E+W+Q+disengage leave you with 40% HP if you're a squishy? I fact, why does he have everything in his kit? Ehy does he have so much range? Why does he have reliable CC? Why does he have tankyness? Why does he have a burst of speed? Why does he have the legit option of going tanky while still dealing good damage? For a guy meant to deal sustained damage he sure has a lot of stuff in his kit, doesn't he?
Averia (NA)
: I wouldn't say so. It didn't bring more diversity to the game overall. All of those same champions were still playable elsewhere. In fact most of them were already generically oppressive in solo lanes. Now they're so oppressive in duo lanes they've negated diversity in the lane. The game isn't more diverse now even though it might feel that way. It's less. This is hard to word properly for me at 4am so bear with me. Yes, the 5v5 is more diverse in the sense that you see more different champions on a game to game basis, and that sounds like a great thing. However, you're seeing less individual style than before this meta. Now, everyone is a mage player, or a tank player or a bruiser player. There is no ADC player, and the ADC's that are even playable are just glorified AD mages in a lot of regards. In this sense, diversity is less. The ability to play scaling playstyles is non-existent (outside of coordinated play and funneling) and certain fantasies within the game are also only fantasies now. **Certain champions have become unplayable while no new champions have really gained traction. They've just changed position on the map a little bit.**
They see different stuff being played so their ignorant minds equate that to "diversity". If diversity require former good picks to become troll picks (AKA "never pick this or you will lose"), then that's not diversity, it's just another meta shift. If Riot kept put and let this roll, it would just settle into top picks and garbage picks. "Diversity" my ass.
: Sorry, but ADC's are in a good spot. Their late game is BETTER now through the adjust you got. They took away your ridiculous front loaded power, and put it in the back where it belongs. Cait is fine, you have 5 traps to protect yourself. Then when you get a few items you can be that late game carry power house that has no counter play. Stop being salty that botlane is diverse. You just had an entire season dedicated to everyone playing around you with ardent censor. Don't be so selfish.
All I see are people who play toplane or midlane and just want to keep playing their shit when they get auto-filled into bot. YOU stop being selfish. Vladimir, Yasuo, Zed, Talon, Irelia, all can be played somewhere else, some marksmen cannot be played IN THE ONLY LANE they can go. Sorry if people want to play their champions at all.
: "You're just mad because botlane has diversity now. Shut up, ADC mains." Ft. Caitlyn
No one isn't saying you can't play bot lane with weird shit. What marksman players want is to be able to play their champions, period. Caitlyn CANNOT be played anywhere else and such, it's a bit baffling that she's so bad at where she CAN be played. Everyone saying "Hurr durr, botlane much better now, marksmen fuck off" are toplane and midlane players who are happy they can now play their toplane and midlane champions bot without people complaining. That's all fine and good, but then, what of people who like playing marksmen? Fuck them, right? As long as you're happy...
Malak (NA)
: Lmao new domination rune changes are more assassin buffs
"Domination isn't picked by 100% of champions, better add some more damage to this excessive damage meta" -Roti XDD
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: > {{champion:202}} AD carries should be a class that have to choose their targets. which is what any AD carry does >Attack, move see above, and with Jhin it's so easy due to his low attack speed >be creative non sense > use their skills fluidly in a fight see above > and make your auto attacks count. ? which AD carry doesn't do that? you know why i'm talking about jhin because he's fucking aids but the boards is biased towards him in lane he does nothing but spams Q and you can't approach him when he has hit 4th shot but also can't make use of his weakness because of his bonus movement speed on crit his low attack speed makes him so braindead because anyone including non adc mains can orbwalk with him while having the same outcome than anyone that mastered the art of orbwalking because of how his AAs hit hard even with a low attack speed Fuck Jhin
Every single ADC needs to position and reposition themselves well otherwise they will be obliterated, unless they are massively ahead or fighting a solo tank (and even then...)
: > [{quoted}](name=Jerry SeinfeId,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TzPEop4K,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2018-07-03T12:19:06.880+0000) > > {{champion:84}} is really only a problem as a toplaner. If a mage can't interact with akali idk wtf they've been popping but that's some crazy mellow out shit. If a champion has to be uninteractive to lane you can't say that's healthy design. > {{champion:98}} good thing his durability only works vs auto's now. Champ got punched to the ground, kicked and then spit on. BRING BACK SHEN. I am resisting my most primal urges here to rant. But I will resist. > now for my personal take on bad design. > > {{champion:8}} do i even need to say anything? Builds full ap + {{item:3065}} and tanks longer than most tanks/juggs/offtanks while still doing mage lvls of dmg. Oh and then there's his pool, and you thought fizz was annoying. Vlad used to be one of my favorite champions when I started the game, but now this new crit mechanic on his Q only makes him a burst mage with bulk and sustain. He used to take longer to kill people unless you built full AP, in which case you built for it, so I guess. But now he can build like a bruiser and still get that damage off. Hats off for identifying this one, I don't know how I missed it. > {{champion:268}} High dmg from untargetable minions, yeh seems great. atleast i can kill heimer turrets to get past them, this dude hides behind a bunch of untargetable Damage puppets. Feels horrible to play against. Azir's design will always be an issue. A mage-ADC will never be fun to lane against or play against. > {{champion:164}} you know when you can dash from lane to red buff and aren't using your ult for it({{champion:19}}) something's fucking wrong. Camille is a mess of a champion, and she needs some serious tweaks if she can have that many crazy tools in her inventory. As for Warwick... I don't even want to go with how difficult it is to even avoid that ultimate without flash. Oftentimes it pulls a Blitz hook and latches, other times it clips right through the target. It needs serious tweaks, like many skillshots in the game.
Azir wouldn't be a problem if his Q had a decent cooldown, meaning that if mispositioned he would be punished. But 2 second Q cooldown with CDR (that he gets anyway) means he not only bursts when using Q, but can easily cover his mistakes.
: Defense is mathematically inferior to damage
Thats what happens when Riot changes tank items to have more resists than HP (less universal defense means more thought process behind buying items, they said) and reverting Last Whisper into penetrating total armor and keeping Void Staff penetrating so much MR. On top of changing Infinity Edge. Most AD assassins dont even buy damage, just stack armor penetration.
Violett (NA)
: Aatrox's passive should only work on neutral monsters and champions.
Mmake it reducible by autoattacking. Supports alternate builds and makes it so Aatrox has a reason to stick in a fight once he wastes Q.
: I mean, it's not like there's much reason to follow Riot's social media nowadays anyways. You can just use a 3rd party site to get the PBE changes faster, and skin previews as well!
You missed the point. They are removing free stuff that has been there for YEARS. Reasoning: you guys get too much free stuff.
: tanks are OP with warmogs and thats a fact it should be kept removed and your justifcation is shoddy. any item that heals you back to full means that i might as well take it on ever champion for aram because its that good.
Then the mana regen buff should also be removed, since it makes poke mages, by far the most oppressive class in ARAM, way too strong, since it allows them to just piss spells all over the place.
: Hextech Chests Shouldn't Give Champion Shards
That's cuz we getting too much free shit fam. Crates are giving us so much free stuff that having (duplicate) Champion Shards is needed to balance it out. Also, let's remove the offers of Unchained Alistar, Riot Girl Tristana and Dreadknight Garen from following social media because you guys getting too much free shit. - Riot logic in a nutshell
: {{champion:238}} main calling their champion weak and everything else broken when they use R, miss every skillshot, hit one aa and the target doesn't die
More relevant than it seems. Had one blindly dive me as Sivir, used my E to block his ult and dodged everything he threw and the moron had the gall of saying "ADC op, fuck this meta."
: ^ The entire marksmen archetype is nearly unviable competitively when they weren't even op. I don't understand all of the adc hate on this board by people who don't even play adc and try to tell us how it is to play them.
They got mad when they tried to 1v4 and the adc **somehow** survived that while they died. Or when they blindly dive a marksman 1v1 and use abilities blindly while the marksman carefully dodges every single thing through skill and prediction and beat them back. This clearly cannot be, so adc is cancer. /s
: To me he fits in the same category as riven (I know tons of people will flame me for this.) the "janky feeling" is just a part of how he functions. Just like how Riven's comboing and animation canceling is part of her kit. I don't want to see too much done to Aatrox. I get that he isn't amazing at high elo due to mechanics. This could be fixed with some minor changes to maybe his e or something, but that's not the point. People need to learn how to use him correctly. Just like how people who try to play riven have to learn how to play her correctly or suffer horrible performance.
The problem Riven is intended to animation cancel, since her Q is short ranged. Aatrox can't animation cancel because 2 of his Qs have long ranged sweetspots, on which the damage is located.
: As an Aatrox main, I'm trying to find ways to convince myself into liking this rework, but I can't.
The problem of his Q is that not only is slow and deals pathetic damage unless you hit all 3 parts (good luck), is that it gives enemies 3 chances to avoid or mitigate the damage. A common Bruiser just has to hit you once, boom, full damage done. Aatrox has to fight against tiny hitboxes and strange ranges in order to get the max out of his Q ability. "Healing was a problem in old Aatrox" -Rito THEN WHY GIVE HIM PERMANENT LIFESTEAL ON ABILITIES AND AUTOS!? Why give his slow and short ranged dash a cooldown on top of charge cooldown? Why can't it be smooth like Renekton's? Why make his lackluster ultimate have such a huge cooldown? Why not make his passive cooldown scale down with autos, just so people who like old Aatrox could have a small enabler in his kit? Even if dealt less damage, it would still be better than it currently is since that 24sec CD passive gets consumed by fucking minions. You guys had so much time and it's blatantly easy to make him not feel terrible, how do you manage to mess up so badly?
koshkyra (NA)
: CDR doesnt lower Zhonyas. It does lower assassin combo cooldowns.
And your CC skills that you can use to survive those assassin combos.
: Well, lichbane comes with 7% ms, but the topic of discussion was AD damage protection. I think the key idea here was to give mages more defensive items and survivability. The sorcery runes themselves need an almost total overhaul. The request isn't surprising given the insta-burst/dead squishy meta, which has forced mages out of the game.
If you're buying Lichbane then you're most certainly playing an assassin. Why would you want more survivability? Being insanely mobile and becoming invulnerable every 120 seconds not good enough for you? Mages already get a lot of survivability by getting a lot of HP (the universal defensive stat) in their items. AD items with HP are not only less efficient compared to AP ones but also more expensive. Sorcery runes do their job just fine as advertised: "Empowered abilities and resource manipulation" Stop thinking that just because a rune path is apropriate/has an apropriate name, it is the ONLY path you can choose in order to find success.
Toppien (NA)
: adcs may not be the role everyone want but it's the role everyone needs...
And its the role that will always be focused down, even if they are 0/7/0 and the enemy team would gain more by ganking other lanes and ending the game. Hell I once played Buiser Vayne because the enemy team was so stupid by ALWAYS focusing on me (despite being severely behind) that my team always cleaned them up afterwards. Post match chat? "OMG Vayne so OP, builds defense items and still wins"
Ceazaru (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Atmosphere,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=R6Wl49ao,comment-id=000300000001,timestamp=2018-06-27T06:09:13.556+0000) > > I'll go one by one with these; > > A. You don't have to pick an assassin to kill the ADC. Your name is RyzeTheSmurfMage, so I'm assuming you play Ryze. That champ in particular was awesome for killing ADCs, as spreading his E then bouncing his Q did a huge chunk of damage. Aside from Ryze, plsnty of mages and fighter junglers can kill ADCs as long as they can gap close. > B. ADCs can't split push. Split pushing implies being in a side lane by yourself attacking towers. An ADC would die as soon as a couple people show up, as most ADCs have no escape mechanic and can't outrun fighters or tanks or whoever is responding to the split push. Next, objective taking speed is one of the reasons you choose ADCs. It's one of their strengths. You're basically saying "oh this class is good at this thing! Needs nerf!" which is silly. That's like getting mad at Fiora because she's "too good at split pushing." It's one of her core strengths. > C. This one I'll agree on. They did do too much damage for minimal effort. However, if you just let them free hit in fights, that's your own fault. Engage champs force ADCs to reposition, and if you can't get to the back line and force them to reposition to cut off their damage, that's on you and your team, not ADCs as a whole. They did need a damage nerf, but a lot of their damage was from teams allowing the enemy ADC to free hit instead of pressuring them to kite or leave the fight temporarily. I love how you are trying to force into thinking marksman not adcs are alone. You try jumping on a marksman when they have 1 or more tanks because it’s not easy at all you literally get cc’ed to death. While the marksman would auto you for 1k.
> [{quoted}](name=Ceazaru,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=R6Wl49ao,comment-id=0003000000010000,timestamp=2018-06-27T14:17:33.869+0000) > > I love how you are trying to force into thinking marksman not adcs are alone. You try jumping on a marksman when they have 1 or more tanks because it’s not easy at all you literally get cc’ed to death. While the marksman would auto you for 1k. "Jump like a retard into 3 champs, 1 or 2 of which are tanks. The marksman just stays behind and deals 1k damage. OP!" No really? You telling me that if you jump into ANY 3 man group solo you actually EXPECT TO SURVIVE?! This is what I call dumb assassin syndrome.
: Playing ADC was never fun.
A fed ADC still required team help to survive any ammount of decent damage in order to apply their lead, unless they were the super mobile type of ADC that is currently good (Lucian, Kai'Sa, Ezreal). Any other class that gets fed is much, much harder to shut down: Fed tank? Has insane defensive stats and damage usually is % based or scales with defenses Fed bruiser? Has good burst and DPS to follow it up, with good defensive stats Fed mage? Has huge burst+CC Fed assassin? Self explanatory, can explode anything before they fight back Fed enchanter support? Has huge base damages on the kit and can buy damage items to which they have large scallings Fed non-caster ADC? Has great DPS... but can be shut down by looking at them funny.
: So are Juggernauts supposed to be Lane Bullies or Carries? And as a class what should they excel at?
I don't think Juggernauts are weak, Fighters/Bruisers have just been overtuned for a long time.
: Can Nullifying Orb be changed to a shield tuned to block CHAMPION DAMAGE? Or just replace it
It's not AD bias, its so the rune isn't a must-pick all the time. Think about it, a rune that gives you a shield when you're at low HP that blocks ANY DAMAGE? Why WOULDN'T you pick that? The rune was designed that way because magic damage is by definition bursty (unless stated otherwise), whilst physical damage is by definition DPS based (unless stated otherwise). Just because AD assassins break the mold, doesN't mean you bave to break a rune to compensate (which would buff ALL champions in theory) but instead need to nerf the problematic champions (AD assassins). Why do claim this rune requires "half a braincell" when the vast majority of runes give passive stats? How about you stop the blind hate and THINK about what you suggest?
Naymliss (NA)
: Merc makes it so you have 100% uptime on your AAs in combat, which is what AA reliant champions want, while zhonyas freezes and allows for CDs to come up, which is what mages want. Pretty comparable to me.
Mercurial Scimitar alpows you to escape if you get tagged by CC instead of just standing there like a sitting duck and getting bursted down, it's not to "allow you to keep attacking" it's to allow you to survive. Zhonya's is either used if you get an assassin diving on you (Zhonya his burst then escape or burst him down instead) or if you dive yourself + dump your combo + Zhonya's while you wait for cooldowns or your team to clean up. They aren't remotely comparable outside of stats.
: It's a matter of efficiency. The over convert, isn't.
So you telling me that you'd rather have 1.5 extra MS or a bit of extra AP while you have +70%HP over not wasting stats? Kappa then, let the circlejerk continue.
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