Not xPeke (EUW)
: Exctly. It's like people can't read.. smh.
Read what? I don't see anything in the tooltip saying it's over multiple games
: Fizz's Fifth Anniversary
I'll look at it from the bright side. Every year Fizz exists is one year closer to his nerfs/deletion /s
Avienal (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Darkslayer85,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=q7P1AcBP,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-10-31T13:19:05.550+0000) > > Heal: 90-345 to yourself AND an allied champion. This is applied in the form of a heal, which means the health lingers even after the spell is used. Also applys 30% MS for 2 seconds. > Barrier: 115-445 to JUST YOURSELF, and it only lasts for two seconds. > > Who sees a problem with this? > > The difference between the two values is only 25-100. That's ONE autoattack. > > Differentiate between the spells and increase Barrier's value to 340-925 for ONE second. Pretty much alot of summoner spells are broken as it is: Practically no one grabs: {{summoner:13}} or {{summoner:1}} because no one considers having the ability to greatly reduce disables duration for a whole 3 seconds to ruin a cluster fk of CC chains and usually mana issues are 'resolved' after a first item buy or does not exist at all whether its champions who have retardedly low mana costs or none at all. With only Clarity seems to find barely any use on ARAM which is still loaded with ARAM Account abuse or people just grabbing snowball instead for the screw around moments. {{summoner:4}} still dominates pick priority too much that i feel like on top of the mastery changes for season 7, some changes should of been included on summoner spells to finally put the spell in its place, we are already loaded with too many champions who can ez'mode yolo wall jump, can use Flash for a second wall jump and considering a non mandatory mechanic a necessary thing for everyone to learn (abusing flash for wall jumping namely) is the same as everyone should exploit one particular 'gimmick' just because the developers did not even give a care how game breaking such a gimmick was. As they said for Masteries, they should aim towards where players pick the customization for the choices the champions they want to play as and how they want to play them. Not because such selections is not the worst selections they could pick. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} Basically the best way they can greatly force that auto grab rate down is make it so Flash can't be used for jumping over walls. Without ruining it in general, just make it more focused as a gap closer/escape not a EZ way to get out of a enemy base, jump into baron/dragon pit or out of it or just plain save them from having 3 people chasing them and they just have to wall jump to make the enemy team take several seconds going the long way around just to chase you.
{{summoner:13}} was removed from Summoners Rift a while back already. In ARAM i still see it being picked often {{summoner:1}} is picked quite often in higher ELO games on midlaners when the enemy relies on their CC a lot. Think of champions like Elise, or Twisted Fate
XeroKimo (NA)
: If they have to remove more cc off him, I'd actually wouldn't mind them removing his Q slow in exchange for letting his Q always go max distance regardless of hitting a champ, I think that would kinda actually make him broken so let's not do that.......
Well, first of all, they don't have to remove more CC from him. And secondly, removing his Q slow would absolutely gut him, he needs it for a lot of things 1) Q + E combo, so people can't just run away from your E auto attack range 2) Escape potential 3) Chase potential
Arkayed (NA)
: ??? Rengar can't permaslow you and Ekko won't be able to anymore either. That's literally the only reason tank Ekko works. He couldn't possible kill anyone if they could just walk away during his 10 second kill window.
{{item:3022}} Though it's better for ranged champions to abuse this item
: What makes you salty af?
When people play aggressive early game, even though they have a late game champion When people keep on playing aggressive early game even though they are way too far behind and keep on dying becuase of that When people ignore me when i tell them to play safe When people keep on overextending I once had a Riven toplane in ranked, who was insanely greedy. 7 minutes in she was behind Tryndamere's outer turret killing minions looking for an oppertunity to towerdive him **completely out of position** Ofcourse their jungle came in for the free and easy kill After that, Tryndamere got low again and she chased him through the outer turret, inner turret, eventually got to the inhib turret where she died because how stupidely greedy she was She threw away her entire firstblood lead by constantly dying because of overextend & greed, and ofcourse we ended up recieving the blame from her
Aeriaaal (EUW)
: Who is the healthiest champion currently?
{{champion:131}} {{champion:61}} Diana because she is one of the few assassin champions that actually feel fair to play against due to the fact she can't just go in and out within 1sec dealing your entire HP bar Orianna idk, but her kit feels extremely healthy and balanced because of telegraphed abilities that feel fair to play against, with outplay potential on HER side, but also YOUR side, which is something i look for on champions a lot
Naag One (NA)
: Yasuo rework plz so toxic champ
please delet yasuo togther with lebalanced i got into my bronz4 promo's when the enemie picked leblank liek omg wtf she keps throwing her own body @ me for freelo damege and then freelo flash back her R is the most toxic retaded ability in the game where she pulls a Lady Gaga copycat on queen madonna and gets a FREE ABILITY!! my team so noob not ban leblank so i report but riot games never do anything every time i play against leblank i lose 1 more braincel but that's ok i am a very intelligent being
: or you can land your CC ability to stop it and then blow your whole stack, preventing the combo. she only runs directly at you while spamming. but wait.... akali doesn't have any cc..... oh i see what the problem here is.
Rylai's is disgusting at the moment, to the point where i get it on Syndra as 2nd/3rd item And that's funny considering all Syndra's shit is AoE expect for her ult
: PSA: Saying "please stop coming to my lane" is NOT toxic.
I've been muted and called toxic for saying the least offensive/aggressive things, like: "bot lane, please stop overextending or we will end up throw away our lead" silver ftw
: {{champion:136}} 3 abilities, a Passive that only has damage, and an Ult that actually does damage.
Can everyone stop saying Aurelion Sol is a simple champion, he's not. His W and E both have passives, his Q gives him MS% His ult is more than damage, it can also knockback depending on usage and slows He's also one of the hardest champs to use properly due to his stars/W
: Who really won the debate...
: {{champion:119}} because i wish to see the most beautiful thing as i die with glory surrounding my final resting place.
expect he'd be the one to give you fatal wounds to begin with
: Remember Ekko's lore? He sucks at saving people
omg this so cruel but take my upvote
Rioter Comments
GreenLore (EUW)
: The thing is that DJ-sonas skills are all the same color regardless of which form she uses. Lux however would have different colors and even effects depending on the form and it can easily get messy in a teamfight,when suddenly a lux that you haven't seen for a few minutes throws her E over the wall.
That's what i said. DJ Sona kept her base colours because she'd have clarity issues. Lux would not, due to the fact that all her spells are recoginisable because they have unique shapes and properties/animations. I don't think anyone dodges an ability by looking at it's colour. A lux Q is a lux Q and it doesnt matter what colour it is, it's still a line skillshot that travels in the form of a ball-square kind of thing If you've never seen the skin before it may cause a slight issue, but it'll take less than a game to get used to
GreenLore (EUW)
: I'd say this is the main reason why I am skeptical about the "elementalist-Lux"-rumor. I mean you are right in that this would be the way to go and it would be quite awesome as well. But it could create some problems in terms of clarity if she has different effects for each of her forms. Just imagine playing against this skin,in the one moment you need to watch out for red fireballs,then lux disappears from the lane and during a teamfight she returns,but throws blue water balls all of a sudden(or worse green leaf- or wind balls) The other ultimate skins generally keep the appearances of their skills the same across all forms. Though maybe she just doesn't get different spell effects depending on her form.
DJ sona's effects kinda change, and it's not like Lux actually has similiar spells. Her Q is still a line skillshot, it doesn't matter what kind of colour it is, you'll recognise it anyway from it's appearance, shape, trajectory, width, range. ETC Lux her spells have more properties than just colours, enough to make her able to give her different effects. Q is very different from E W doesn't matter for enemies R is different from both Q or E Lux won't have clarity issues, because her spells are not alike. Unlike DJ Sona, she had to keep all her base colours. Because if not, Q W E aura's are unrecognisable
Kar98k (NA)
: i just notice every champions that received an ultimate skin can cast their spells without a target...
A lot of champions can do this, it's just coincidence
: I suggested Human Thresh about a week ago. Seemed to get a good response. As his lore suggests, he was a human, charged with guarding the vault beneath the citadel. As he spent time among the dark magic he became more and more corrupt. My idea was to have him start as a fairly ordinary looking human (maybe a little menacing looking already). Then as he gained levels or when he reached certain soul milestones, he gets increasingly dark, ghostly, wraith-like. I actually wouldn't have him reach full spectral form, but clearly on his way toward that.
Thresh got Deep Sea, Bloodmoon and recently Dark star Thresh It's obviously not going to be him for the ultimate skin as he already got a legendary shortly ago I still like the idea though
Sarutobi (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Paleo Electro,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=YVBEJEEL,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-09-19T08:56:45.196+0000) > > The "human" Orianna concept is just........ugh.....there is SOOOO much they could do with that. It could be so utterly beautiful. > > As for Lux, I highly doubt she will be getting another highly priced skin so soon after Star Guardian, even though she is technically viable under the rules I stated. > > Riven's Championship skin shouldn't disclude her, since it was technically made back in season 2. Its her Arcade skin that could give her problems. True about Riven. but i know its a popular skin people would want to buy and it just wouldnt make sense to have that skin re-release and then have an Ultimate skin for her. its another reason why the Lux rumor doesnt make sense because while its not going to be release at the same time the Star Guardian skin theme would make the Lux skin popular again and people would probably buy that before the Ultimate skin.
I highly doubt Riven will actually get a 1350 RP skin anytime soon let alone the ultimate skin. She recently got Arcade, which is an awesome skin. while she has Championship and Dragonblade which change particles aswell If those aren't liked there's always Battle bunny or reedemed
: I know her lore, what I can't wrap my head around is how they'll change her particles to match this while making it ultimate standard. At best, I see this skin as a Legendary. I guess I'm just waiting to be either pleasantly surprised or not surprised at all.
Multiple forms with different effects and sounds that she can switch inbetween Basically an Avatar lol
: It's an icon only available on the OCE server for 250 RP. It was released during the Ocean Week 2016 along with the Fizz icon, this one though, wasn't released like the Fizz one on other server too, sooo you will need to spend 5200 (+250RP) to get it, sadly.
Oh my, you actually transferred to OCE and then back purely for the icon? Dedicated Nautilus mains x3
: > [{quoted}](name=Jackalopeer,realm=OCE,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=BNisHsdz,comment-id=0000000100000000,timestamp=2016-09-16T13:00:24.145+0000) > > Honey sorry to burst your bubble but that is not how Copyright works. > Just because something has been made/conceptualized does not mean it cannot be made again. > Try to do some research on copyright laws before spreading misinformation. This is from the Terms: "You grant us, from the time of uploading or transmission of Your Content, a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, sublicenseable, transferable, assignable, non-exclusive and royalty-free right and license to use, reproduce, distribute, adapt, modify, translate, create derivative works of, publicly perform, publicly display, digitally perform, make, have made, sell, offer for sale and import Your Content, including, all copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patents, industrial rights and all other intellectual and proprietary rights related thereto, in any media now known or hereafter developed, for any purpose whatsoever, commercial or otherwise, including, giving Your Content to others, without any compensation to you." The need to explicitly state this would tell me that copyright law does not allow them to borrow or heavily use concepts without consent of the creator.
Riot can use any art of their own charachters lol. It's not possible to do a concept design of an already existing charachter that is copyrighted by a company and then claim it 100% yours in terms of concept, personality, design. etc
Slythion (NA)
: What you meant to say is: "I've reduced my report's credibility down to absolute 0 because I'm a biased person that thinks I can report innocent players because of the champions they play" Like seriously, where's the logic in doing that?
Was going to say this aswell, people should know by now that the report system sorts this stuff out, and that they're achieving nothing besides weighing down their own report rate, which makes it so in the future if they get matched with a real offender, the report on them will basically not mean anything. GG op, i really want to believe you're trolling us.
: Any reason ekko's passive isn't given thunderlords treatment
This would hurt AP Ekko's early game, so i'd rather have it be around ~10 (double of what is now) as 15 (triple) feels too much Though, it does seem for a nice suggestion late game
: AP Ekko shits on squishies with EQ Lich Bane due to all the compensation buffs he got from tank Ekko nerfs. He was fine after they gave his ult a mana cost.
He wasn't that fine. He's always been one of the weaker AP assassins compared to people like LeBlanc, Fizz, AP Diana He's in a good spot RN, tank ekko just needs to be gone
Eedat (NA)
: What champions tilt you personally?
I get tilted by quite a lot of champions so here we go {{champion:412}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:39}} **Thresh**: most picked support, really boring to play against, and his kit is fairly strong **Nautilus**: So much CC, targeted ult that also CC's you and he can still dish out hella dmg on squishies **Ahri**: her playstyle triggers me **Malzahar**: i used to play him, but i need to admitt, he's as skill lacking as a champ can be. I hate point and click CC and his passive makes it worse **LeBlanc**: The team syndrome, faker mechanics lvl 7 Le Blanc on enemy team, bronze 4 leblonk on your time. And god don't get me started on her kit **Lee Sin**: His Q triggers me **Morgana**: She's not all that bad as support, but ever laned against a morgana midlane? She basically just ignores any DPS because her passive + W on minions allow her to heal so easily. Try to engage on her? Q/R. Want to CC or burst her? Shield. **Nasus**: Disgusting slow, but the worst about him in my opinion is his free 20% lifesteal passive. Rework that shit into something healthy and not just a ball of stats **Talon**: If i had to pick a champion who tilted me the most in the past it'd be this guy **Twisted Fate**: They really need to nerf his W duration or CD, he can zone you from creeps with it basically 24/7 seeing as it's an undodgeable stun and his Q goes right through minions **Vi**: Ult is disgusting imo, can't CC her during it, can't dodge it. insanely strong ganking tool **Irelia**: I hate her kit, it's so overloaded. Dash that can reset cd and refund mana, heal and true dmg on basic attack, stun/slow on E which is toxic AF because her E basically punishes you for getting her on low HP, and free elo heal on ult "Where's yasuo??" well not in my games for sure. Always ban him {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: He needs Lux in every splash art!
And a taric ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
: Just because the spells have lots of uses doesn't mean they are hard to understand. W passive is jsut increasing star damage, everyone gets it at first read. The E is getting a simplification, and will get pretty simple to understand: More mov speed in a line, can use to fly in a direction. The leash range is indicated there, you get it at first time. Simple kit is not directly related to difficulty playing. {{champion:67}} 's kit is pretty simple, yet we know she isnt that easy to play, while {{champion:83}} has a pretty nuanced kit, but doesn't require much difficulty to play, in the first game or 2 you get used to his kit by a reasonable margin.
I never said it was hard to understand, i just said it's hard to play in game, Aurelion's kit does look somewhat easy but it's not your average day Annie style kit
: Who's hotter :^)
where are all my daddies
nami tf (NA)
: Guess the Champion!
Passive: pling Q: tststsstssss W: wpffttssjjjjwwpp E: ptttsssssssss PTSJF r: hhhnnnnnnn PEW
: {{champion:136}} ? Apart from his E, which his getting a simplification, all his abilites are super simple. Passive gives you the starts, W makes the starts stronger, Q is a AOE ball stun like Anivia, E makes you fly to gank and R is a damage and knock-back spell. Pretty simple. Plus his playstyle is just walking around.
He has 3 passives Default passive - stars W passive - increases base star damage E passive - increases movement speed when moving in a direction His ult can serve as disengagement or damage tool, heck it can even serve as engage tool with the slow to pick someone out of position Q gives him extra movementspeed when active, has a small leash range so you have to stay near it if you want it to get bigger E has the escape velocity requirement And his kit is hard AF to play ingame aswell seeing as you basically have to orbwalk 24/7, while also getting off good Q's and avoiding enemies
Voracity (NA)
: Taric's Homeguard Run
A lot of champions get their homerun animation when they have enough speed {{champion:432}} {{champion:134}} There's more but i dont actually play a lot of different champions so idk which ones beside these XD
: NightRaven Fiora and Royal Guard Fiora New Splash Arts
Looks really good I hope Syndra gets a new splash soon, really want one
: Anivia is in a good place & fun to play against.
Forgot to show the part where Ashe/Gosu literally walked into an extremely fed's anivia range himself Anivia was full build and had like 15+ kills and a lot of magic pen, compared Gosu who had no magic resist Not saying Anivia's gameplay is actually fair but rather saying that it was a death that could have been easily avoided and the dmg wasn't all that shocking If you, the ADC gets caught out by a fed mage lategame, you're gonna die.
: When you try to charm Fizz
I don't waste charms on such ugly creatures.
: {{champion:90}} undo his rework
What i'd do is move his passive to W and split it up in two parts and move his voidlings back to a tweaked passive ability The first part, a **passive** shield (we'll call it Shield 1) that reduces CC and Damage by 35% seconds and lingers around for 2.5 seconds CD: 30/26/22/18/14 The second part is a shield, but you can activate it instead by pressing W, granting a shield that blocks CC and reduces damage by 75% for 1 second CD: 30/26/22/18/14 Shield 1 **does not** have to be up for Malzahar to activate W, but when W is activated, Shield 1 will be put on full CD aswell regardless of it's CD or availablity prior to activating W (So let's say, shield 1 has ~5 seconds left on CD, but an enemy forces you to use W, shield 1 will go back to full CD (30/26/22/18/14) aswell The reason behind this is because Malzahar is pretty much a skill less champion, there's no timing or anything involved in R or his current passive By this mini-re-rework, good Malzahars are rewarded for timing W and unskilled ones can't just derp into skillshots To be honest, his ult is the most skill less thing and pretty unhealthy But i don't want to make it an overglorified LeBlanc E (making it a skillshot) because it would make him unreliable and it just doesn't feel right **DISCLAIMER**: I'M NOT A NUMBER EXPERT SO IGNORE THE CD OR % REDUCTIONS BECAUSE IT'S JUST THERE TO GIVE AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT IT'D BE LIKE, I DON'T ACTUALLY KNOW IF IT'S BALANCED WITH THESE NUMBERS
: Athenes is a weak item
It's fun on Lux Support with windspeakers but that's about it Weak on most of the other supports as they already have enough heals/shields that scale with AP in their kit and thus are better off buying something else {{item:3504}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3174}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3020}} {{item:2301}}
: What do we do with Kassadin?
Ignore him, just like how Riot ignored his theme & kit issues for years
: If you walk into a bathroom full of naked female champions. How do you know which one is Quinn?
i would run away before figuring it out my manly gayness can't handle a bathroom full of naked female champions
: > [{quoted}](name=sdsdfdf,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=I287ckPY,comment-id=0006000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2016-09-11T15:37:27.366+0000) > > youre mixing up things. janna is definetely easy to play, but theres big difference in silver or challenger jannas. not as much as yasuos, but more than ashe I don't think you're aware of the difference between mechanical knowledge and strategic knowledge. Or if you are, you're deliberately ignoring it for the sake of proving your point.
Janna's fairly hard to utilise to the full extend, Soraka would be a better example of a very easy support, especially after they removed her Q center-point thing
: > [{quoted}](name=dragon1xx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=99ETWa1m,comment-id=0003000000000000,timestamp=2016-09-11T02:43:30.597+0000) > > It is a Vayne Mayne. They're always going to OTP Vayne..... And yet I have never seen a single vayne main who couldn't play other adcs, ever. Just play something which isn't crap until vayne is buffed or the meta shifts.
Junkο (EUNE)
: Why? In the end you are only wasting your own time. The flamer will most likely never meet a person like you again, and you will never meet that flamer again. So in the end every time you have a flamer you just waste more and more of your time for no reason.
Well. not only did he say he can have fun while losing. But most importantly, you can improve while losing Don't play to win, play to improve. Especially around lower ELO's
Serial (NA)
: Do you NEVER forfeit? Even in normals? Why?
In ranked, i never surrender _unless i'm tilted as fuck_ Because i know around my elo (~silver) that people throw away leads like they throw away money I've had ranked games where i was Fiora top, i lost to an Irelia and the team wasn't doing well either We continued fighting denying multiple surrender votes and kept a positive stance (trying not to tilt) Eventually, the enemy team managed to get us an open nexus, but i got fed and was able to kill Irelia 1vs1 and managed to fight the enemy team off together with my teammates, eventually we won However, had i been tilted. I would have lost that game. Normals, meh idc really EDIT: Forgot to mention, i play to improve, not to win nessecarily.
Xeruon (NA)
: "OMFG NERF YAS WINDWALL!!!!!!!!11!!!1!1!!!!111one"
The only problem i have with Yasuo's windwall is that it forces you to actually play around it Due to it's long duration, you can't just efficiently wait for it to expire, you have to walk through or around it, putting yourself in a bad position most of the time Nerf the duration or something so that skilled yasuo players can use it to still block projectiles, but it not remaining in place for 4 seconds mid teamfight
: > [{quoted}](name=Grylos,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jAATvLlB,comment-id=008200000000,timestamp=2016-09-06T19:43:42.600+0000) > > ...I SHIP IT. hahaha. Canon.
IM DONE. WHAT'S UP WITH ALL THESE RIOTERS SAYING CANON Like Graves vaping is apperantly Canon aswell not that this is a bad thing LOL
Kudrov (NA)
: welcome back please step up your game you gotta be a whole lot more toxic now for the perma ban and i encourage you we (peoples who get perma banned) are the only valuable players this game will never have because we are the only one passionate about it enough to get ban :)
And then you have the people who got an instant perm ban with no prior warnings because the reason was something other than verbal toxicity RIP mEEE
majulito (NA)
: Assassin: Do you feel outplayed?
I've outplayed people more with Amumu than i have with Assassins. Ekko and Leblanc are exceptions, those can do pretty sick plays. Zed too but meh i hate his kit, it's disgusting
: "Oh Shenpai, take me!"
I see what you did there "Akali doesn't say that" "And we're not a couple" "I hate you so much"
: Aatrox's primary problem's him having so much untapped potential
I really want Aatrox his ultimate to be: Aatrox stabs his blade in the ground for 3 seconds, creating a large zone. Aatrox can move around while his blade is in the ground but he cannot Auto Attack. Allies inside the zone gain increased AD and Attack Speed If enemies inside the AoE take damage, it charges his blade and after the 3 seconds he heals all allies inside the area for 20%/30%/40% of the total damage that has been dealt to enemy champions while the zone was up Press R early to heal your allies earlier, and gain your sword back I'm no good with numbers so ofcourse this may seem UP or OP, but it inspires allies to fight and can be a teamfight changing ability, and that's what his lore is technically all about, changing the tide of a battle and inspiring/helping his allies to fight
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