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: I think I've discovered the key to supporting in this meta.
Or just pick Yuumi and latch onto the most fed {{champion:24}}, {{champion:55}}, {{champion:157}}, or {{champion:67}}. If Yuumi gets banned, go Pyke and hardly put in any effort.
: Are you dissatisfied with the state of the game in some way? What way? (Poll)
Top lane fucking sucks. I picked mid/jungle the other match and got filled top. Go figure. Back in the days when I played a bit of top, it was trying to crush the lane and then carry games. Now, you can't do shit until you have a jungler who isn't hell bent on powerfarming around bot. I can't go two minutes before I get ganked in my own half of the lane, despite having not pushed the wave beyond the mid point. I've had junglers casually farm scuttle near the top brush, junglers casually farming gromp while I am being turret dived and have to give up two plates in the name of "playing safe", and until I get the competent jungler there isn't shit I can do but desperately try to freeze the wave and give up plates in an event I get dived only to see the other lanes also losing despite I being the one soaking up most of the jungle pressure in half my games. Playing neither mid, or jungle frustrate me as much. It is just top lane which seems to have been isolated to the point where you're just as easily outscalled by most bot lane carries while still being less impactful than midlaner and junglers throughout the game. What's worse is when you actually post something about top lane, idiot jungle and ADC whiteknights come by in hoards to shine on you their wisdom of how "top lane is fine" despite playing far more convenient roles in their own games. Top lane is never going to be the same till they fix this perma ganking meta, and while handling jungle pressure isn't impossible it requires you to readily give up farm and plates, and should your other lanes lose be prepared to be held hostage for the next 25 minutes in a match where that one moron will almost never surrender.
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