J Eevo (EUNE)
: >Soft Champion Counters in 9.14 I love the idea but hate the aproach, since it seemed like a great way to make underplayed picks have a niche, but some champs you slapped these onto already have considerable pickrates and clearly don't need anything else for them to be considered good. Why slap anti shielding onto Rene, who's already one of the most played toplaners with a plethora of tools that other picks lack already?(Rene's kit already has two dashes, sustain, stun etc., he doesn't need yet another niche) why not put it onto something that's not played like mao or voli, or wu, or anything else that isn't the 5th most played toplaner Renekton. Ahri's already played a TON, same for Katarina, do you really need to give people addition reasons to pick them? And why is the grievous wounds stronger than the ordinary grievous wounds debuff? The Poppy change I like, but it's a waste since she already countered mobility now she's just gonna do it more, we need MORE champions to have these tools, not to have the 2 champions that have the anti mobility effects have them powered up more. Why is Poppy the only good anti dashing champion?
> why not put it onto something that's not played like mao or voli, or wu, or anything else that isn't the 5th most played toplaner Renekton. Last i checked Voli is on the VGU short list along with Fiddle, Wu already has a kit rework on the PBE and Mao already has a niche as a semi-global engage tank. Ahri always had her charm cancel dashes until a stupid rework attempt that failed hard, and she's losing almost half the duration to her dmg amp in return. Also last i checked Renek doesn't have a niche besides "bash people in the first 15 minutes", which if you think about it, this change only fuels that quasi-niche. Also Blitz got the shield-breaking mechanic and he's arguably the least played of the hook supports, Kled also got the GW treatment as Kat, Kench can now eat Red and Blue, but lost alot of dmg. Sylas is now a anti-mage focused pick with his magic dmg only shield. Leona has a flat dmg reduction on her W to deal with DoT champs. Morg/LB/Karma now gain true sight with their tethers. I'm guessing that this will be a dry run patch to test how these soft counters and if it pays out, we'll see a few more
Meddler (NA)
: We think they're in a pretty good spot overall so are putting them in 9.14. Can discuss how they land once that's out. As an aside 9.13 to 9.14's a 3 week gap instead of the usual 2 weeks to make some other scheduling line up.
So two questions. Will this push Malphite away from the VGU list? (Cuz he still really needs one). Second questions. Will you guys take a look at {{champion:4}} ? He's barely been played, his AD playstyle is cancer for both sides, he's visually outdated and his E as far as boring spells/passives go is almost as bad as old {{champion:81}} W and {{champion:236}} W (which could use a rework as well btw). I figured that since you guys are doing these small scale revamps to certain champs, you could take a look at those two in the near future?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: June 28
Hum, question. Are we getting the proposed changelist for AP items that Riot Repertoir posted awhile back? ({{item:3027}} {{item:3151}} - {{item:3136}} {{item:3116}} )? They all looked soo cool and in the end all we got was a 100G decrease on Rod. I'd like to know if were getting the items or not
Meddler (NA)
: Sentiment around us doing such mini updates seems to have been pretty positive. For any given one opinion has been more varied though, hence some getting reassessed. In terms of future work some of these have been projects to take advantages of a bit of spare time between other work (e.g. Blitzcrank), others have been prioritized because of a pressing issue (e.g. Aatrox). Would expect the latter to keep happening regularly, the former to be more variable based off other projects needs over the year.
Would you consider one of these small updates to Twisted Fate? His' E spell is barely used as a midlaner, it's outdated as hell and he needs a small scale VU atleast. Also what about Viktor? While he has the damage, his R upgrade is beyond underwhelming, his W is still weak as hell and his Q shield should not scale with mana. Would you consider maybe a radius increase for his W-R upgrades to make them more appealing?
: Item Shop Cleanup
Ok, so first things first...you guys need to couple this with a stat redistribution...alot of items are not bought due to either miss-matching stats or becuase other give too high stats. I think a system where you have most items give small-to-medium amounts of adaptive force and stronger passives/actives could be a good new foundation where you create a range of flexible items that can be bought by the roster without having to clog the shop. EDIT: maybe this would be a good time to revamp crit, as it's arguably one of the mechanics that takes up most item slots for a dedicated champion. Another idea would be to make the item system tier based, rather than component based and with a lower total cost...it would go along way with dealing with how high items costs are and how they can clog champion item slots later on. It would also allow you drain some of the excess gold gains that are in the game currently (plate gold and early bounties) and just reduce snowball as a whole. Also if you want to take a in-depth look into items, go for a {{item:3027}} and {{item:3001}} as neither items are really fit for their intended functions.
Meddler (NA)
: It's possible, though has been ok in what testing we've done so far. Do think some shifting of Leona's power from a single all in to more sustained disruption has benefit, whether or not the numbers currently in are exactly right for that or not.
WHat about {{champion:141}} ? You said he was on the buff list, but the Shadow Assassin CD buff got removed. Why? It was awesome for S.A. playstyle. What is {{champion:141}} that could possibly make S.A. not a meme champion?
Meddler (NA)
: Swain's a champ who's come up a little bit in discussion recently. We don't think he's far off, but might have room for a bit of power. Will be talking about him others in our 9.7 planning meeting shortly.
Before you guys buff Swain, could you take a look at {{item:3027}} ? The item is meant to cater to mid-range mages, mana scalers and AP Bruisers, but it's in such a piss-poor state that even it's core audience is shying away from it. Swain being a AP Juggernaut, should love everything {{item:3027}} has to offer, but he and others avoid the item. For pete's sake here, take a stab at the item and see where the chips land.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: March 15
Hey Meddler...recently Riot Repertoir has done a pretty recent series of posts talking about potential new items such as a revamped version of {{item:3095}} , a return of {{item:3172}} and another talking about items that are off meta that could use some love. I'd like to know if any of what he's posted is gonna see the light of day anytime soon, especially with your remarks of slowing down large scale changes. Any comments?
: Lucian is a bit OP right now but I think his worst in class range (500) gives him a clear weakness relative to other ADCs. Some nerfs might be needed but I think his design isn't problematic.
Wouldn't you consider his W problematic? It's alot of invisible power that you can't really appreciate. Wasn't that the reason why {{champion:81}} got his W rework from the gameplay POV? I'd argue {{champion:236}} is in the same boat. He's historically had some of the biggest shifts in playrate and success among the ADC roster and it's mostly been after his W got it's AD scaling removed and the balance work has always focused on his Q, passive and ult. Wouldn't it be easier in the long run to rework his W into a more viscerally potent spell ala {{champion:81}} and then chip away at some parts of the rest of the kit?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 1
Hello Meddler. Are Kayle and Morgana comming out in 9.3? Also will you guys consider taking a look at {{item:3027}} ? It's entire fantasy as a scaling item is not meeting the mark in anyway and even some of the core users of the item are dropping it. So will guys finally shift some weight around to get someone to take a look at it, since it's a very thematic item on paper atleast.
: Hello Meddler, Are there any plans to reevaluate the current role of assassins (particularly mid lane) in league? I believe that assassins aren't as consistently satisfying to play As it stands Assassins are a role that focuses primarily on killing priority targets and lone squishes. This has historically lead to a few problems. since the assassin fantasy is being able to quickly delete squishy targets, when assassins are strong it's not very fun to play against them. But when assassins are weak and can't reliably kill their targets, it's extremely unsatisfying. Furthermore, assassins don't really have much impact outside of getting kills. Aside from split pushing to some degree, assassins are extremely reliant on their team to close out a game. Compared to champions like Orianna and Ornn, who's ultimates can easily change the tide of a match with one use, champions like nunu who can control objectives, or even ADCs that can supply major damage during fights and destroy towers from a safe distance in the later stages of the game, Assassins can't really do much to impact the game as an individual. All they can really do is get a few picks and hope their team can follow up on the opportunities they create. The lack of overall game impact can lead to a feeling of hopelessness; As an assassin, it's not at all uncommon to have games where I'll be extremely far ahead, but feel like there's nothing I can do to help my team win. A 10/2 orianna or Tristana is able to influence the outcome of the game far more than a 10/2 talon is for example. I think this boils down to there being some sort of core problem with having a class who's only role is to kill champions in a game where killing champions isn't the main objective. Although I mentioned talon above, I feel like he's one of the exceptions to the rule. With his heavy emphasis on roaming, Talon's goal shifts from "kill champions" to "get my team as far ahead as possible." It makes him a bit more satisfying to play than other assassins in my opinion because I'm able to have a much more concrete influence on the game in a way not to different from a jungler. Another issue that makes playing assassin not always satisfying in my opinion is how easy it is to make them "useless." There's so many situations where assassins can be rendered useless in champ select. I'd even go as far as to say there's more situations where picking an assassin is a bad idea than there are situations where It's a neutral idea or a good idea. These days it's common for drafts to end up being only two squishy champions, these are usually the adc and an AP mid laner. Against a draft like this, once laning phase ends, assassins become pretty much useless. 3 of the targets won't die to a full assassin combo, AP mid laners have zhonya's and stopwatch, which effectively make trying to kill them in a teamfight suicidal, And half the ADCs that are played these days have some form of invisibility, hard CC, or solid escape that makes killing them in a group fight impossible. Even when the assassin is able to reach an ADC like MF and successfully kill her, (unless you're zed or katarina) you're pretty much guaranteed to die since you have no way to get out of the middle of the enemy team. When you're very far ahead these problems aren't very noticeable; however, assassins are so snowball reliant that in games where they are either even or behind, it almost feels like they aren't there. I feel like I'm just kind of rambling at this point, so to restate my post simply: Are there any plans to look at the role of assassins? they are: * Lacking influence on the game as an individual (**utility**) * Always feel either too strong or too weak as a result of their job * Are too easy to shut down * Feel exceptionally bad to play when they are behind. * Have a lot of very unsatisfying gameplay moments Assassins aren't exactly an easy problem to fix, as many things that might make them feel better to play (longer death timers earlier in the game to make picks more rewarding, an item or rune that provides objective control based on kills) will have unintended impacts on the rest of the game. Ideally there would be some sort of way to provide Assassins some form of utility beyond being 1 for 1 trade machines in the late game. Sorry and thanks to anyone who decided to read through this wall of text rambling from a salty talon main.
They tried the "utility assassin" before. And we know how {{champion:245}} turned out to be.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 30
Ok, so you had the "roadmap" with the double update to {{champion:10}} {{champion:25}} and the complete overhaul of {{champion:82}} . My question is: who's on the shortlist for "minor VGU", ala {{champion:81}} or even {{champion:127}} ? Who would be {{champiom:4}} be on such a list? He's visually outdated (with one of his legendary skins being in a piss-poor state) and while his kit is still holding up, his E is a sore thumb that limits what TF can actually provide to a team. Would like to hear your thoughts on this.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 25
HUm, meddler, you do realize that your list of crit changes is a nerf. With every crit item at 25% crit chance, you need 4 slots for optimal crit damage. And guess what? Crit ADC's need 100% crit chance. Crit marksmen are already struggling with inventory space with 3 slots solely for crit, how do you think they'll be with having to spend 4 slots? Atleast keep {{item:3031}}'s double crit chance passive so that you don't need to waste extra slots on crit. Second why not make {{item:3095}} do the double Energized proc? Or hell, swap the attack speed for crit chance, make it another AD/crit item, so that you can actually have some choice in non-{{item:3086}} crit items. A simple amp is soo boring and the double proc sounded like such a unique thing.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 18
I made these two comments last week, but didn't get a reply, so i was wondering if you could reply this time around. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/JeoGRXbm-quick-gameplay-thoughts-january-16?comment=0048 Also how much longer till the next champ roadmap?
Artemia (NA)
: Meddler, do you have any thoughts on Taliyah in her current state (in mid, jungle, and support)? Possibility of bringing back her AoE Q in a nerfed form?
I'd like to see this aswell. Say what you will about her, but as a midlaner she actually required alot of practice to maximize her potential and had actual weaknesses as a sub-par lategame mage.
Adalvar (EUW)
: Hum i hope you guys don't go with the second version of crit item explorations and i am super concerned for it, since it's a complete nerf to a class that is already tied down to a piss poor item set. Plz tell me there will be a version 3 before 9.3 rolls in. Also when is the next champ roadmap? We've been waiting for a very long time.
You know what, let me be more elaborate and constructive. Second version of crit changes is a overall nerf...you require more slots to reach optimal dmg, in a class that already has to commit 3 of it's 5 slots to crit. It already feels bad and this will make it worse. Second it simply brings back the {{item:3031}} first item meta. It's a scaling multiplying item, it should never be a first item purchase. Keep it's current version, but swap the 10% true dmg conversion to the 25% crip amp. {{item:3508}} seems like a decent change. One of the reworked versions of {{item:3095}} could also work as a first item rush (maybe swap attack speed for crit). {{item:3046}} seems awful overall. And why sacrifice {{item:3161}}, which was pretty unique for a reskin of the current {{item:3508}} ? Common Meddler, people were excited for that item.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 16
Hum i hope you guys don't go with the second version of crit item explorations and i am super concerned for it, since it's a complete nerf to a class that is already tied down to a piss poor item set. Plz tell me there will be a version 3 before 9.3 rolls in. Also when is the next champ roadmap? We've been waiting for a very long time.
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations Part 2
Keep the Yasuo crit doubling passive of the current IE...that way crit ADC's can decide if they want to go into CDR of Reaver or extra AA power with a double Zeal item and you don't commit 4 full slots into crit. Plus IE should not go back to being a rush item...it's a core multiplier, so it should remain as a mid-lategame purchase.
Adalvar (EUW)
: Hum, two questions: - Have the changes to Stormrazor been scrapped? - Why forcing everyong to go back to 4 crit items? Crit already takes way too mcuh space with 3 item, and with 4 it's gonna impossible to deal with
At the very least put back the current IE passive that doubles crit, so that you can go into 3 items and actually have item slots left
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations Part 2
Hum, two questions: - Have the changes to Stormrazor been scrapped? - Why forcing everyong to go back to 4 crit items? Crit already takes way too mcuh space with 3 item, and with 4 it's gonna impossible to deal with
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 11
When are we getting a thread on the AD itemization changes? People are chomping at the bit here Meddler. xD Outside of that are you guys looking into any work on {{champion:4}} ? Visually he's a tad outdated and his E spell is a passive, meaning he only has two offensive spells. Wouldn't he be a nice candidate to a {{champion:81}} level rework?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 9
Hello and happy 2019 to you Meddler. Now let's talk buissness. Pushing the level cap to beyond 18 is something that should have been alot longer. By putting champs at level 20, it would make it easier to distribute their power in a way that de-emphasizes mid-game on champions (you could make it so ults gain 5 ranks like other spells and adjust stats and CD's accordingly) that should be lategame focused ({{champion:38}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:30}} ) and it would overall make gaining EXP as valuable as gaining gold in the lategame stages. So yes, pushing the level cap beyong 18 is a good thought and hsould have been done sonner, assuming you scale ults at the same value as other spells rank wise. Second...as you've noted itemization has been a recurring isssue on league, with comments going from it being boring to being broken and requiring too many specific counter passives to not be abused, with the issue of Marksmen Itemization being from and center on this debate. Are you guys considering some hyper long term work to revamp the itemization structure and passives and stats ala Runes Reforged?
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations
I'd say bump down the price of the second version of {{item:3031}} to 4k and make the crit damage buff start small (say 20%) and then scale with time (similar to Gathering Storm) or levels, up to a cap (maybe 40% since old IE was a bit too potent).
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 12
Can you talk about what itemization changes are being done for ADC? Would you guys consider a {{champion:81}} level rework for {{champion:4}} and {{champion:236}} ? (BTW when is the next rework/champion roadmap) And lastly would you consider a look into {{item:3027}} as the item is falling out favour for a pretty long time.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 5
Can you give a list of the buffs on ADC's you commented on last week?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 30
Would you consider a {{champion:81}} - level rework for {{champion:4}} ? He's visually outdated, his E is a boring passive and he's barely seeing play anymore.
Meddler (NA)
: Jinx is a potential candidate for higher starting MR, both due to degree she can get punished in lane by various mages and her vulnerability to other magic damage dealers later. Not sure about possible directions for Trist yet. This is a list of champs we're investigating at this stage, not a list of champs we've already got changes ready for.
Would you consider buffing {{champion:18}} passive at later stages, so that she can work better lategame? Also, any plans for {{champion:4}} ? He's visually outdated, he's barely seeing play anymore and his E is such a boring spell. Would you consider squeezing him for a {{champion:81}} level VGU anytime soon?
: It can, if enough people speak up and continue to ask for it to be done.
No it can't...the system is too big, it literally just got another major component introduced with Rune Shards, and there isn't enough people "speaking up" to justify a reversal of that magnitude.
: #RevertRunesReforged! We never asked for runes to be changed. Or our masteries taken away. We asked for runes to be FREE. This system needs to GO.
Yeah that's not gonna happen.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 28
Have you guys considered which champ is getting a {{champion:81}} level next? {{champion:4}} would be a nice candidate, since he's visually not looking so hot (especially some of his older skins like Magnificent Twisted Fate, are piss poor my legendary skin standarts), his E is one of the most boring spells left in the game and with his roaming shenanigans, he hasn't been all that strong in a very long time.
Meddler (NA)
: We want to support both jungle and mid Taliyah.
Have you considered the fact that Taliyah will not comeback into midlane as long as her Q remains single target? It was what kicked her out of midlane in the first place. Granted, her waveclear back then was too good, but rather than simply reducing her minion damage, you simply removed almost half of her lategame teamfighting damage. Give her back her Q AOE, maybe at a reduced level/with a reduction against minions/monsters, but give it back.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 14
Hello Meddler. Two things: Can you guys take a look at {{item:3027}} during the preseason? The item is in a bad state and champs that were once core users are slowly dropping it completely. The early buildpath is not great, the scaling timer takes too long and the end payoff is too small. I'd like to see you guys throw in a added benefit that would actually fit the item's _scaling_ theme. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this Secondly, will {{champion:236}} receive an update to his W like {{champion:81}} did? I'd say the latter's update was mostly successful and in the former's case, it would require even less resources since Lucian doesn't need a VU to compliment the mini rework. Thank you for your time.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 31
Would you consider changes to {{item:3027}}? It takes too long to scale up and the pay-off isn't worth it atm. The item is in a piss-poor state and even scaling mages like {{champion:30}} and {{champion:13}} are hardly picking it up anymore.
Velasan (NA)
: Funny thing is I really enjoy ROA and have used it on a lot of champs. Then again I also play a lot of Swain mid so I'm bias lol. Idk about switching the passives though. The aura on abyssal is near melee range and intended for low range tanks. One way might be to increase the healing from the catalyst passive or to give it a minor heal on take downs (like Triumph). Usually ROA builders are mid range champs who are likely to take damage and need the HP for survival, so giving it better survival could help. Unless your issue with it is the damage it deals compared to ludens?
My issue is the lack of pay off for a item that takes 10 minutes to reach full power. And the original aura of Abyssal was 700 range...they could simply bring it back to that point.
Vekkna (NA)
: I'm just making a point of why I don't build ROA. I would build it if the finished item had CDR and the build path didn't force a choice between AP and mana sustain. If you're opting into a 10-minute delay upon completion, I think it's fair to give the components more laning power and recall flexibility. I think the hp on ROA would be a great payoff for the 10-minute wait if there weren't so many large trade-offs leading up to the 10-minute timer.
That doesn't make sense...the point of scaling items is that you trade early game power for a stronger scaling curve...to make it like the CDR items, would simply muddle the item's identity, not unlike what happened with {{item:3040}} and caused it's own set of balance issues. Previously ROA was fine with the buildpath it had because it gave you a very high amount of AP, Mana and HP upon the 10 minute completion mark. But once that was nerfed, the item went into a slow descent of uselessness. ROA has mostly been a semi-niche item and there's no need to change the trade-offs, you just need to actually up the 10-minute payoff into something that's actually worth it.
Vekkna (NA)
: I personally avoid ROA because first back is a choice between AP and mana, and it just doesn't feel strong enough to compete with the 20% CDR rush items. Maybe if the build path was {{item:3802}} {{item:3067}} {{item:1052}}? I've also thought ROA might be a cool space to re-introduce DFT as a mage item effect that builds out of Bami's Cinder.
Problem isn't really the buildpath, plus you already have a DoT item and Scortch, so you don't really need another one.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 26
Hi Meddler...now that the issues with {{champion:81}} and {{champion:127}} are finished, i'd like to talk about another point on my personal bucket list: {{item:3027}} Currently, the item takes too long to scale up and the pay off at the end isn't really worth it (less mana compared to other mana options and not that much AP). It's gotten to the point where champs that had this as a core item are slowly dropping it. Would you consider tweaking it's passive around so that you gain some added benefit *upon reaching the 10 minute stacking mark*? One relatively simple idea would be to shift the damage aura of {{item:3001}} (which doesn't make a lick of sense to belong in a tank item) and place it on {{item:3027}} as a reward for fully stacking the item (which would make a heck of alot more sense due to it's nature as a scaling item). Your thoughts on the issue and suggestion?
Meddler (NA)
: Yeah, similar to Maokai saplings, though they slow while moving, rather than on the explosion. Won't be in the next patch. Still trying various speed adjustments (start faster, end slower) with Liss E. I've been having some concerns it removes too much response time, especially over walls, recently though, so have been toning the difference down. It's now getting small enough I need to decide whether it's meaningful enough to matter, whether it could afford to go back up a bit etc.
Ok...ice zombie timebombs that chase you down. That one writes itself. What are the current damage numbers you have for this? One more question, once you complete this passive, is their anymore champion work you plan on doing or are you stepping away from that?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 24
Wait, so are you saying that the statues of Lissandra's new passive become Maokai Saplings in a way, chasing people down? Also, by your wording, this means we aren't getting passive this patch right? Lastly are you still planning on shifting Liss's numbers/E projectile speed around as you mentioned previously or is that out of the table?
Meddler (NA)
: Looking at a possible buff to his Q damage, agree his early game especially's lacking at present. Might hit PBE today, possible it's something we look at next patch instead though, can't recall off top of the head.
What about Lissandra? Everyone is itching for her to get that new passive...or atleast a ETA
Syllvanas (EUNE)
: Any chance of those Lissandra changes hitting PBE in 8.22? On behalf of all the mains out there, any information is much appreciated. :]
Doubling down on this...we're all on our toes waiting for this Meddler...please give us the passive.
: Oh some of the MF fans didnt like the new voice over? Why did that one get pulled, but Ezreal still got turned into a douchey teen? - Sincerely, a salty exreal player who really only wanted a new W
Ezreal was always a douchey teen...difference was that his old VO had very few lines to begin with. In came the new VO and lore and it doubled down on his existing character traits...shocking i know.
Meddler (NA)
: Yeah, been working on some clarity and relevance issues this week. Been testing some changes as a result. Fairly confident they've addressed those problems while keeping the whole freeze your enemies on kill so they slow then explode thing.
So with that out of the way, can we expect to see the passive next patch? Or is not even gonna drop this year? Also in side question that i want, tried and somewhat failed in picking a Riot dev's brain: will we ever see a ability (which would most likely be a ultimate) that will allow a champion to morph into another champ in the game you are playing (allowing you access to their stats, abilities, items), similar to how Ditto or Mew work? If so, what ways of cost and counterplay would you consider for this ability (all in a hypotethical scenario ofc) and what champion class would you give this to? I'd like to hear details on this since, it's such a interesting mechanic that other games have (including other MOBA). Speaking of Pokemon abilities will we ever see a champion with a Multiscale type passive?
paisy (NA)
: Lucian doesn't need the same treatment though??? If you mean just a change to his W, then fine, but he doesn't need a VGU
I did just mean the W.
Meddler (NA)
: Got those pretty high right now. Some of the issue is that they're often just not in relevant positions (team fight moved, no other enemies around etc). Some of it seems to be that they are contributing, but it's not getting well noticed, hence the focus on clarity first, then possible mechanics changes.
How high is it if i may ask?
Meddler (NA)
: We'll see how Ezreal lands, in particular what the response from players is like in terms of feedback, engagement etc, before hard committing to more like this. Blitzcrank's the champ who comes to mind for me as a strong candidate, that's just personal opinion though, we haven't come to a consensus yet.
{{champion:236}} would love the same treatment though. As a follow up to {{champion:81}} : won't you guys be doing some fine tuning to the rest of his kit? I mean he's gotten several buffs to his Q, E, R over the years to compensate for the fact that he only had 3 skills. And while the new W was very much needed, just adding a straight up new skill to work with, without draining power from the rest of his kit seems like a really risky choice. As for {{champion:53}} , which spell would you modify?
Meddler (NA)
: Lissandra - no, won't be this cycle. My apologies this is taking so long, in retrospect I should have handed it off to someone else when I took on my new role. Currently working on revised visual effects for the statues, they're getting lost too much in team fights which means it's hard to appreciate their value as Lissandra or play around them as enemies. Also looking at whether or not they're currently contributing enough even when spotted, hard to disentangle the two issues at times though. New champs - there's always a new champ getting closer. In terms of helpful details, no, I'll leave the teasing of those to the champion team.
Have you considered simply bumping the dmg/slow of the statue explosion so that they can act as a genuine threat?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 5
Ok, so new question...with the Ezreal rework almost out the door, what are the short term likely candidates to these mini-reworks? Also will we see Lissandra's passive next PBE cvcle?
Meddler (NA)
: Probably in 8.21 instead, didn't make the cut for 8.20 (nerfing tank builds while keeping AD builds around current power level).
Should we also expect {{champion:127}} new passive in 8.21? Or are you guys not even gonna get it up before preseason?
rawiazam1 (EUNE)
: wouldn't it be better if u had flexible amount of stats? like points where u spend on certain stats so u can have more than 3 stats. but less effective
I mean between two rune paths and 3 stat choices, i'd say you are already getting a pretty good amount of flexibility.
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