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: Huge True Damage nuke from nowhere. [GAMEPLAY]
Well it's been a week and still no reply from Riot. Goes to show how reliable their team really is!
: If you didn't have passive, then I got nothing
That's the point of this entire post. XD
: Wait wait wait... You're telling me there was a game with a swain in it??? Weird
Haha yeah he's on the new rotation this week.
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: Huge True Damage nuke from nowhere. [GAMEPLAY]
Just going to re-clarify here; this damage was taken UPON LANDING. My passive revive was on cooldown at the time as a large team-fight had occurred a minute or-so beforehand. Zac's passive revive had no part in this sequence of events.
: probably jhin traps, don't trust the death recap, its visually bugged
I can assure you there were no traps. This was literally me just landing on him as he was running through mid. The damage was dealt instantly upon landing.
: There is the possibility that you landed upon a million Jhin traps. Not sure why the name would be called that or why it would be coded as true damage but that's the only thing I can think of at all.
There was nothing. At the time of landing, Jhin was the only one in the vicinity. Besides his traps don't even do True Damage. My health just got deleted in one frame by nothing.
: that is about 10k health... how do you have so much
Zac's passive blobs heal him if you pick them up, so along with having Spirit Visage {{item:3065}} as well, healing isn't an issue. So the damage you heal back can then be taken away again, showing as more damage. My health total was about 6570 altogether.
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