: Become a jungler then. Few people actually want the fucking role so you'll likely never be filled. If you want something to change then you have to be the one to change it. You are the only reoccurring factor in all of your games. Not any one of your given allies or opponents.
Why the fuck would I become a jungler? When I want to play top lane, and not jungle, and there's a problem with a few junglers who do not know which lane to gank even when the conditions are right, your solution is to tell me to become a jungler. No. I can play jungle but I want to play top lane. No, I cannot play two lanes at once. And no, I don't need to become a jungler when I am literally talking about this from a top laner's perspective.
Myrmiron (EUW)
: 3 ranked games on a bought account and already on the boards complaining about bad team mates. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
I heard people on the boards were stupid but not stupid enough to assume this was my first account.
Febos (EUW)
: A kiss and a hug. Doesn't need to be in that order.
I am asking for a gank. Not steps which send me to jail.
: I never play top, but I also see this often. I play bottom and I get ganks when I don't want them. Jungler just comes to get a double kill because enemies are already at 20% hp, while top is getting killed under tower. I get that you want to help "lanes that are ahead" get fed. Thing is I can get fed myself, but top will feed if you don't help in that scenario, because their jungle ganks top often.
The worst part being that top laners are by far some of the strongest champions in the game. You see an {{champion:39}}, {{champion:24}}, or {{champion:23}} go 2/0 in lane and you know you're going have to 3 man them late game and hope two of you'll survive.
: As a long time top lane player (4+ years now), a core quality to climb and succeed in the lane is to be able to absorb pressure, and making yourself useful while working with less gold. It's str8 up the least ganked lane, junglers usually only bother with it at lv3 after finishing their buff and happen to path up. Each role has its general downsides.
Mid has literally no downsides. I have top as my secondary and I cringe every time I get it. There's literally no reason to play mid. It's top and jungle which have it the worst and I feel the only way to climb is to play a champion like {{champion:39}} or {{champion:92}} who never fall off despite a lower amount of gold.
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