: With how slippery he is, Ezreal should not be allowed to viably rush a tank item
Wuks (NA)
: Honoring Opponents, WYA?
tomica565 (EUNE)
This post started it all
Åiur (EUW)
: PVE modes
Loved them but their missions are always hell for a solo player
Sneekers (NA)
: Pay to play urf
Storm Riot HQ to see that urf mode. They can't ban all of us.
Stratixx (NA)
: League of legends boards is useless if riot doesn’t listen.
But hey did you remember to buy our tickets for the next pro event?
: I would honestly rather,
I thought you were going to say other than esports. Still not disappointed.
: A Simple Guide to Using Sion's Passive
A little late to the party but holy shit this actually made me laugh
: Riot, can you please bring back RGMs?
Why do that when there's a chance it would lead people away from LC$ big play$
Pawnker (NA)
: ARURF!!!!!!!!
I really started to worry when then added a bit of urf into nexus blitz....
: Fun Fact: Neeko means "Fuck Him" in Arabic
'Neeko' is said to a male though, so it suggests that she's a male xd
: God, I miss the chat rooms.
Damn that was the best thing ever when I needed people for a quick game. But hey at least now we can join the official riot discord. /s

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