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Anrui (NA)
: Been playing it almost exclusively since it came out, I have over 100 games at least on the mode: Some of my thoughts: I love the on-fire buff and how it operates but I think the extra damage taken should scale as you get more kills while on fire. If you play properly while on-fire and don't give the enemy many openings to kill you, you can solo carry. Also lifesteal is a thing that scales heavily with it. I love how viable everything feels in the jungle, I can and have played so many things that WILL NOT work on SR but work fine or well on Blitz, it's a blast! As a fill queuer, despite there being 3 laners and 2 junglers I get jungle 90% of the time. I'd like a little more variety, but I'm not sure how you can squeeze it out of people. Regarding events: Snowball: This is one of my least liked events. The snowball CD is too low imo and the slow is too heavy. If everyone aims for one person and one hit lands suddenly you are pelted by snowballs without much counterplay. This event also heavily favors whichever team is pushing the hardest since you can hide behind minions. Teemo\Veigar: My most disliked's hard for me to explain why. I just find it to be very annoying, even if we are winning it. I do love the aspect of them being like Diablo loot goblins where they give gold as you attack them. That's fun. Bardle Royale: Very fun and intense, especially the Blackout version! I like the sense of urgency. Circles have gotten better as well. I think the fire damage should scale as the circle closes in though, too many times I spawn at the wrong time and am caught in the fire as I am running back onto the map because I play a lot of low ms champions like AD who only have 380 ms so the buff doesn't move me faster than the circle. It is frustrating when you can't outrun the circle from fountain. Scuttle Racing\KOTH\Push the cart: Fun and different pace from normal league! I like these! Sudden Death: A lot of people seem to have issues with this but I like it, I think all it needs is a countdown timer in game. Maybe a big red countdown a minute before or something to make people aware it's coming up. I don't like that the pushing team has the disadvantage of being near the enemy spawn. Maybe instead of having them walk, have them teleport or something to the center to make it more fair. Buffs: Blessing of Blitzcrank - It's alright, usually it's not a big deal. Blessing of Caitlyn - This can get annoying, I feel like the damage can get too high on it and the frequency seems often. Catapult - Now this one...I haven't seen or heard anyone talk about this one. It's fun and all but I feel like the team that gets this one has the biggest advantage possible. A team that gets this early on is at a massive advantage over their opponent. Catapult snowballs games massively. Essentially giving a semi global TP in the base is very strong. BFShield\GA\Super Regen - Is aight. I don't have much to say about it. There's a few times where it's really relevant, but mostly it's just midly annoying. These are balanced imo. I like them being timed instead of permanent so you have to take advantage of them before they run out. I really like that about these. Permanent buffs can be too overwhelming. Penguin: I like my little penguin friend. Do not take him away from me. Items: As an OG player from late Season 2 I love the addition of the old items back in. I'd love to see a few more, it's got me and my friend who's played since S1 hyped! One thing he mentioned to me that he wishes was in NB is Sword of the Divine. I personally would love to see Madred's Bloodrazor\Ionic Spark back since these were a couple of my favorite items from back in the day. He also said he wishes Leviathan was there, but I'm not too sure I want that in the game again...that might be a bit too broken. Meta: A lot of stuff is viable I love it! Bugs: Ivern passive doesn't work.
BFShield isn't timed, it gets pretty annoying having to break a 2k shield on a super feed On-Fire guy carry
AD Yuumi (NA)
: Nexus Blitz - Week 4 Feedback and Patch Notes
Can you please reduce the death timers in this mode?? If this is suppose to be a fast mode (max 19 min), it doesn't make sense to have a 1 min death timer. The whole point of a big death timer is that you cannot make a game last too long, but since the Nexus becomes mobile and aggressive, the game will last a maximum of 21 min if no ones attack them and the Nexus just kill themselves. There was a game that i died 3 times past min 15, in the last 4 min (15 min - 19 min), i spent 3 mins dead. That is just stupid. There are games that you feel like you spent half the game dead. It should be 35 sec max.
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