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: i don't see anything normal about saying that they are bad at the game or should get reported.
shen was afking in the base and ulting on me in the jungle while i farm and take myt jungle farm he and the enemy said report vi becuse they wanted to win so hard and i got the report instantly becuase its a system report not even reviewd shen insulted my family and me enemy kaisa said more depression things than a loss of a mother in an accident affect she said aweful things to me and i get insta banned from chat for 10 games with a honor 5 give me a logical explanation i paid tons of thusands of dollars in this game i should be a vip member with all skins and champs and supporting riot i am a 80% winrate ranked player age 33 and not a child or troller or lacking self esteem to shit talk people in the internet or ruin thier games that shen ruined the game not for me alone but for himself and the mid and the support and the adc they suffered lp loss becuse of that person and i got an instant banned in chat and a report accepted immidiatly after the champ select as if a rioter who holds a grudge against me waiting for me to finish the match but hopefully if you dont see anything wrong in what i said in the post i guess the only thing we hope for is to see the shit players in your game and they report you for playing well and you get banned see how it feels
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: Chogath ULT Bug
annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd your report left unread and 7 months later no fix i had this bug today and i was soo done and afked bullshit mechanic and game unbalanced in favor of zoe missing her abilities and one shot u anyways good job riot
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Aekami (EUW)
: Well, you got 1 thing right, and two wrong. Firstly, you are right, afk's ruin games. But Riot has nothing to do with these brats, and there is already a system that penalises players after two relatively close afk (over something like 5-6 games I believe). Secondly, you are equaly as likely to play against a smurf as to play with a smurf, meaning that in a large enough sample of game, smurfs made you gain and lose roughly the same amount. And the same logic applies to afks. Thirdly, smurfs already get "huge MMR boosts". I'm Dia IV on EUW, and I made an account on EUNE. My smurf was placed in goldIV, and after 2 or 3 games, I started gaining 31lp, and eventually skipped goldII straight to goldI. And most of my games were against plat players. So yes, there is already a system, and yes it does work well. You really have to realise that smurfs don't stay in low elos for long.
Bthe problem is that there is too many in low elo we are talking in millions , there is the smurfs the boosters the duo with friends to boost the payed boost the bored wanna stream and show off smurfs . The ip check is the closest to the best solution you know this guy use this ip and he have multiple accounts in high elo and making a new account immediatly take action and measuremnt based on his games , afkers ? Being afk for an emergency i can understand its a game anyway and people have lives but afking becuse someone talk shit to u or lecture u ? Why do i have to suffer for his mistake and bad manners? Why do you afk instead of reporting him for shit talking ? Riot should replay the match and check if he is being an asshole and afk becuse he can then ban is needed we left our social friendly life work and family times to play for few hours a day why do they make it unfriendly envorment ots such a waste of time dont you agree
Almo (NA)
: This would be a direct buff to boosting...
in this case the owner of the account will go back to bronze were he orignally from or will pay more money to boost again which then he will realise he is wasting money for nothing and not enjoying the competition , in thats a suggestion the other method is what riot can be creative with and just detect smurfs just as they detect scripters flag thier ip maybe
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