: Wouldn't that only push further down Champions that are already locked to the Support role only, especially Enchanters, who have faced a tought time against melee/tanky Supports?
In my eyes its only going to help enchanters play better, your playing lulu into nautilus, take ap relic shield and laugh as the enemy cant kill you, or if your feeling risky, take the spellthief and get even more gold than you used to meaning faster tank stats from redemption. rakan is probably the scariest support in my eyes now being able to start tankier than usual. Lets not forget trundle and camille have been meta supports in the past, trundle can now take the relic shield and rush frozen heart for the quick CDR, along with transendence and cosmic insight hes getting his permanent pillar alot quicker.
Socon (OCE)
: Yuumi attached Q bug
if this happens again quit and restart your game losing 2 mins is better than having your main ability broken

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