: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 21
Im a jungler and im 100% sure ur change will definitely kill jungle, I hate myself for playing this game and playing junge and everyday wonder how I ended up here, your gameplay and balance team really turned me against videogames, my entire life from cs1.6 and worms to WoW I always loved videogames but I truely hate em right now. as long as your cs XP buff is not way stronger than kill nerf Im honestly out already uninstalled once but re-installed can't take it anymore ur team IQ is below average disgusting DESIGN SOME JUNGLERS THAT CAN CARRY GAMES WITH SCALING LIKE VERY OTHER FKING ROLE
: I just posted in your last discussion, pls look at my info.
Thanks, I posted this one already before you answer last one.
: It's not a bug: > Movement speed caps When the raw movement speed is greater than 415, there are two soft caps applied: >The raw speed between 415 and 490 gets multiplied by 80%. The raw speed over 490 gets multiplied by 50%.
Wow, thank you. This is so bad, then they should nerf his ultimate movement speed that is being wasted and add to his damage, because when you ult you are missing between 14 to 30 ms too (depending on level)
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: Quick LoL Thoughts: January 31
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 7
and the reason that nobody plays jungle is the fact that you have to put a lot of time and it has highest learning curve and you get lowest results. Only people that play jungle are the ones that get baited when they start playing by sites and youtube guides that jungle is for big brain players. you can carry way easier in mid/top/bot and u can literally learn to do it in 1day. IF ANYONE IS READING THIS, I PLAYED 3 YEARS OF JUNGLE, GOT TO D5 LAST SEASON, AND I STOPPED PLAYING SERIOUSLY UNTIL SUMMER THAT I CAN PUT TIME IN MID LANE, WORST ROLE OF THE GAME NEVER PICK IT
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: February 7
I think you didn't pass math class xD riot game team literally school drop outs
: I miss season 5
Not climbin in EUNE KEKW


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