: Zed is way too over played, can we all finally admit it is because he is very easy to play?
In low MMR? Maybe, but people are much less likely to exploit any mistakes you make in that range. Therefore, skillcaps don't matter too much there on any champion. Zed really is nowhere as easy as you claim. Go out and play a few games of him against anyone not braindead.
: From 20-30 people online in my friends list, came down to 0-2 being online.
This has been said a billion times already on this topic, and I'll repeat it because you people can't get it into your heads. League of Legends, like any game ever, will eventually have people losing interest. For Christ's sake, this game has been out for nearly a decade, and you're expecting people not to grow tired of this game after that many years of playing it? Seriously. I don't disagree that the balance team makes questionable decisions at times, but chalking literally EVERY NEGATIVE THING up to them is too much.
: my wife needs star guardians
Or you know, you could just load some RP into your account and gift her both so she doesn't have a choice. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
koshkyra (NA)
: Tell me an unpopular League opinion that will trigger everyone.
Zoe is a balanced champion with no outlandish mechanics or otherwise unacceptable design like people claim she has. They simply haven't learned to adapt to the fact that the game is changing, and are clinging onto a past, out of date version of the game that is too old to function in the modern gaming industry.
Guzergus (EUW)
: The way to make trynd more enjoyable is to change his design, not simply make him weaker. 46% wr is already low enough.
: Why do resourceless champions have such strong early games?
Other than Yasuo, please tell me which other resourceless champions have strong late.
: Can we talk about Duskblade's vision denial?
Just remove duskblade already. They've tried on 3 separate occasions to balance it and failed.
Gawdyr2G (NA)
: Can you please fucking give Trynamere a new passive so he can stop luckily killing me level 1?
Legit. Some BS design that still hasn't been nerfed to the ground for some reason.
: Why do Shen/Kench/Karma have to be gutted because of pro play only?
Because these champs are too strong when played in a highly coordinated environment, which is exactly what pro play is. Riot still refuses to balance separately for the competitive scene, for whatever reason.
: state of akali balance
If they remove power from her shroud, I wouldn't be against buffs. Right now, she feels like a very dota-esque counter to any champion that relies on autos or targeted spells for the bulk of their damage.
: Do you think Zoe needs a rework? As sad as that sounds.
With the way things are looking, she's gonna end up getting Azir'd. Either over time or in two-three big batches of changes. First, they're gonna remove a bunch of utility from her kit, and then they're gonna start hitting her damage values and base stats. In the end, she will have to beat the clock in CS and outdo her enemy laner in almost every way just to become a normal mid. Exactly like Azir. I don't know if I'm against that, to be honest.
: Years of changes, reworks and reverts later LeBlanc, Rengar and Fizz are STILL fundamentally broken.
Yeah, good luck. If you paid attention to the Rengar & LeBlanc communities pre-revert, both couldn't stop complaining about how the rework was garbage, Riot didn't care about the playerbases of these champions, that they didn't know what they were doing, etc. Any changes that deviate too much from their current states to these champions, especially the latter two, will result in a massive backlash from either of those communities. I don't know if Riot wants to take their chances at doing something like this again, considering what happened last time.
Kivolan (NA)
: "Wukong's Burst Damage Is Too High"
Duskblade's bonus damage can no longer proc on crits Stormrazor is now ranged only Duskblade is now melee only. Should solve this whole debacle
: When did LOL become Overrun by Impatient Children
I wish I could say it gets better as you climb, but from accounts I've heard and games I've seen, it's like that for the majority of the ladder.
: > [{quoted}](name=EvilUnicornLord,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=IwMIHRGx,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-08-12T03:20:01.696+0000) > > {{champion:21}} > > Too OP of a mage. Completely busted. Needs nurf. Only works if said minions are low health.
Gotta protect that main, even if it's for a joke! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Slim Şhady (EUNE)
: Yasuo gets picked in 8.15 LCK playoffs ---- BUT LETS BUFF HIM !
Pretty sure the buffs were removed from PBE. Can we stop getting in a tizzy over this? It's annoying to read about it over and over again.
: Everything wrong with Duskblade
Delete Duskblade. Unbalanceable item.
Ahpe (NA)
: Let's rework Yasuo's Wind Wall
Honestly, just make a short-lived, small reactive ability that is meant to only protect himself. The changes I am thinking were along the lines of: Wall Width: ~~300 / 350 / 400 / 450 / 500~~ --> 325 at all ranks Duration: ~~3.75s~~ --> 1s Cooldown: ~~26 / 24 / 22 / 20 / 18~~ -> 22 / 20 / 18 / 16 / 14
Gramps69 (NA)
: If Banner of Command was removed for being too strong, why not remove Duskblade?
Duskblade has gone through three (I think?) iterations since it released, and it has never been balanced. Why are they being so reluctant to delete another unbalancable item?
: Tell me your 3 most played champions and I will tell you your personality and greatest fear.
: I'm missing the point as much as you miss your Qs.
wow gotem! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: God forbid someone be able to walk out of an ability.
: what are you on..... you literally r e auto ignite as zed and you can kill anyone who isnt a tank LOL
Keep going, you're simply proving my point.
: There are champions that basically represent the major issues with LoL.
Damn, Melledoneus, you had quite the reputation for making quality and unbiased posts for a while but I guess even the giants give into salt from time to time. You basically listed two sets of champions, the first of which you dislike and the second of which you like, and painted the former to look like all of them are completely and inherently toxic design, while the latter is painted as the opposite. You have some points in your argument, which I agree with. However, others I can pick apart in some way. {{champion:121}} {{champion:245}} - I'd say that Kha'Zix has a healthier play pattern than Ekko. While yes, his burst and overall damage is more front-loaded than Ekko's, he needs to pick his targets and engage timings much more carefully; waiting for key carries to be low and isolated before leaping in and making his assassination. Even slightly coordinated play ruins him as he has no way to make assassinations work from outside of his Q/AA range. Ekko on the other hand, while having slower burst, has so much damn utility and disengage tools that his impact doesn't lessen much if he is behind, as he is able to roam, dive and push very effectively with all of his skills. This strength of his becomes glaringly obnoxious if he is able to get ahead, where he can burst someone almost as quickly with Kha'Zix while still having an area stun and an almost guaranteed getaway that also heals him. {{champion:75}} - Nasus never was a late-game powerhouse; that is simply a misconception. While it's true that his damage scales massively with his stacks, he is very kiteable and is awful in teamfights due to his low range and lack of hard CC, relegating him to splitpushing most of the time. {{champion:98}} - Literally placing your favorite champion at the top of your "good champions" list even though I'm pretty sure I've seen you and other Shen mains repeatedly say that the rework was mediocre. Classy. {{champion:142}} - While somewhat frustrating to play against, Zoe has been fine balance-wise recently. She is currently sitting at just under a 10% Play-rate, which means she is not forgotten. {{champion:106}} - You admitted he is awful to face yet still list him as good design? A bit ironic especially considering Zoe is in the former category. {{champion:84}} - Akali is a remnant of an old design from an era where the game didn't have as many mechanics and intricacies to learn. She is a lot like a juggernaut in every way; either she clicks on you and stat checks you due to her 100% point-and-click kit, or you absolutely demolish her. There is nothing precise about her. I agree with what you said about {{champion:516}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:26}} (though Zil could use some touching up on his W and E.)
: Oh talon just all ind me at lv 2
Don't act like this is new; he has been able to level 2 cheese very efficiently ever since his rework over a year ago.
Barcid (NA)
: Aatrox's rework reiterates something about immobility
Aatrox is so trash that you don't even need mobility to get away from his Qs. I've seen people straight up walk out of it, which is tragic and hilarious at the same time. Moreso the former though, as he was quite good right before his rework sent him back down to the depths of trash tier again.
Hibeki (NA)
: After playing a little bit of zed myself, its not actually that simple unless youre ungodly fed. You gotta land at least 1 shuriken if behind or average otherwise no bueno. Non fed with just an E and two autos with R is gonna leave them at about 30% hp
For a successful assassination against competent targets, as in; killing at least your main target and getting out without dying, at least two shurikens, an E, multiple autos, a duskblade proc and sometimes ignite are required.
: Lmao what are you talking about, this happens every single game a Zed gets even a LITTLE ahead. He only has to land skillshots if he's 0/10
Seriously hoping you're sarcastic here.
Snowman Arc (EUNE)
: I was playing on my smurf some patches ago and tried Zed for the first time. I was kinda ahead at some point around level 11, and then I went bot lane to kill Ashe. She dodged all my Qs with her flash, but I just managed to land an AA with Duskblade and my E. I killed her. I only landed E and one AA. Sure, I was 2 levels ahead and maybe had 1k gold lead over the enemy mid laner, but I shouldn't be able to 1 shot someone so easily playing for the first time and MISSING all my skillshots.
Yeah let's conveniently omit Ashe's HP, resistances, her support not being there (by your description) and her getting caught out Solo by a class of Champion that is specifically designed to kill her class of Champion.
: > [{quoted}](name=An Enemy Sutando,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aBpAzFLM,comment-id=000200000001,timestamp=2018-07-03T05:56:23.729+0000) > > How can there be three duos in a 5-man team? Two on one team, One on the other. I meant in the whole game.
: > [{quoted}](name=Demonblade Talon,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eIzKuoo0,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-07-04T06:08:18.113+0000) > > cry more. Or just get good at the game Hell yeah dude. *Zed proceeds to press R and insta murder the enemy ADC in 2 seconds while missing all of his skillshots because Duskblade* "Just get good at the game" {{sticker:sg-ezreal}}
Oh boi, people sure like to claim Zed can oneshot full health people with R-Duskblade alone without providing any proof of this ever happening. But whatever suits your narrative, I guess. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Quinzley,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aBpAzFLM,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-07-02T16:50:38.351+0000) > > Just remove the ability to play as a duo in Solo Q. I have been saying that since they introduced the two seperate ques. Why call it SOLO QUE if there's still two or three duo's in every game? If people want to play RANKED with friends they should have to use flex que. To me, it just makes so much sense, and dosn't seem like a difficult fix. Who ever though it was a good idea to alow partners in SOLO QUE in the first place!?
How can there be three duos in a 5-man team?
: This game has turned into "doesn't matter what you picked, if your enemy picked something better"
Honestly, this post just reeks of salt and stubbornness. The sheer amount of BS you post without even anecdotal evidence to back it up simply means that this is another rage-fueled circlejerk post.
: Or the assassin was already fed as hell. Yeah a 7/0 Zed is going to one shot. He's super fed on a snowball champion. This is like back when people complained that Syndra killed them with just R after she was already on 3 items and they didn't buy MR. People like to claim all these things and then leave out videos or even what the gamestate is. I have NEVER seen a Zed with JUST a Duskblade kill someone instantly after missing both Qs. It doesn't happen unless he gets the duskblade at like 6 minutes and even THEN we might still be pushing it.
Zed can't kill someone with over 75% HP with just a duskblade proc, even if he's outrageously fed.
: I love how AD assassins....
IIRC: That doesn't happen unless you were so low that you could've been killed by a couple of autos anyway.
: 150 armor, Zed takes 85% of my HP with w q e combo. Ok?
Stew52 (OCE)
: Garen built a nation and kept it safe, sure he might have been a tyrant but he brought order and peace. Darius is bring chaos and ruination to a nation that is at peace. If liberty has to be taken away for the safety of others than so be it, laws exist not to hinder you but to protect you.
> [{quoted}](name=Stew52,realm=OCE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Owmz53Zd,comment-id=0016,timestamp=2018-06-28T02:22:37.268+0000) > > Garen built a nation and kept it safe, sure he might have been a tyrant but he brought order and peace. Darius is bring chaos and ruination to a nation that is at peace. > If liberty has to be taken away for the safety of others than so be it, laws exist not to hinder you but to protect you. Personally, I'd rather be free knowing I'd maybe get raped than be confined knowing I'll never get raped.
: Does anyone find it that mobile champions are naturally stronger than immobile ones?
Could be just your confirmation bias. I don't see any real correlation between having mobility in your kit and being META.
Ernie (NA)
: League has been getting progressively worse, since like, 2015
The starting point would be the Juggernaut update, so we might be able to pinpoint the exact date where League started going downhill.
: I honestly don't even blame losses on bad players anymore...
You can't be upset about losing the game if you never play in the first place.
darkdill (NA)
: One way they could nerf it is to drastically increase the cooldown so Teemo can't spam it. Here's how I'd do it. - Increase the cooldown to 12-14 seconds from 8 seconds. - Teemo's basic attacks against enemy Champions reduce the _base_ cooldown by 1 second (so it reduces by "less" if you have CDR) This allows Teemo to spam it only if he chooses to be really aggressive, not if he's taking pot shots. This also means that later in the game he can spam it more easily once he's built up some attack speed, but isn't super obnoxious in early laning.
I'm still against having powerful unmissable spells in the game, but this is a start.
darkdill (NA)
: Should Teemo's Blinding Dart inflict Nearsight instead of Blind?
If nerfed (made into a skillshot, damage made either conditional or outright lowered), I can see it happening. Otherwise, a point-and-click nearsight on a relatively low CD is pretty anti-fun
: > [{quoted}](name=Bârd,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0ar90ITH,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-04-02T15:15:15.440+0000) > > 1 and 3 are straight up buffs, and 2 is a bugfix. > > They're all good ideas, but none of these are QOL. What is your definition of quality of life? IMHO buffs to a champion and bugfixes are all quality of life changes because it makes the champion feel better to play improving the quality of play for those who play the champion.
Keyru (NA)
: Boards Moderation Discord Verification
: Not making up facts, just take a look around.. do your own research, I'm not going to coddle you and do it for you just because you got offended about what a "stranger" says. Every single popular streamer is appalled at the state of the game, people are spending more time playing some Disney looking shooter game called Fortnite because this game isn't worth playing. Challenger players who have been there every season cant even maintain their rank because the worst person on the team matters more than them. I'm not talking about Overwatch the game in general, I'm talking about the Overwatch League.. they pull in 200-300k easily WHILE LCS is playing with less than 200k viewers, and most people play League more than Overwatch. However, they would rather watch a game they don't play than watch this garbage ass ResidentSleeper state of the game. Facts are facts, but by all means act offended like all these other millennials because you can't handle the truth.
You're committing to a Hitchen's Razor. If you claim something without providing proof, I can dismiss what you say without proof either.
Dokkaebi (EUNE)
: Sometimes I'm glad they don't listen to the community
: https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=all&q=%2Fm%2F04n3w2r,%2Fm%2F0dlkwn1,%2Fm%2F0h3pv2z,%2Fm%2F021dvx,%2Fm%2F0128442n (Copy paste the link, for some reason it removes the search trends, or just put in league of legends, dota2, csgo, and wow) We can see it peaked in 2014 and has been going down since, heavily dropping in the last year or two. Which would explain why they havn't published since 2014
I doubt there is any correlation between google searches and the game bleeding existing players at an alarming rate, as claimed by OP.
: Playing the game is all you need to see how hard this balance team is running it into the ground. People watching Overwatch League more than League of Legends because of how boring the 3 years of tank meta have been, but the balance team continues to add new keystones to buff tanks even more. Sejuani has like 500 armor and MR at level 3 when proccing aftershock. All you see is the same picks over and over and over in LCS and a 20 minute snoozefest before any action happens most of the time. Mid laners can't even leave lane to help their team because they know it doesn't matter if they get fed because everything depends on 4 donkeys protecting an ADC and the ADC carrying. Streamers dropping like flies even though they get paid to play this game. It's a joke.
First of all, people are not watching Overwatch more than League. Overwatch has around 28k views, while League has 86k views on twitch total. Anything else you've said is you drawing a conjecture from your own dislikes about the game, and making the ignorant assumption that everyone dislikes the current state of the game equally as much as you, no real proof and even an asspull in there. Nice one. I don't like the game either at the moment, but you don't need to make up fake facts just to seem more credible to a stranger online.
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