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: Spell buffering: * At present (some exceptions) if you push the button to cast a spell and the spell's still on CD nothing happens. * That's what you'd expect by default. It does create an issue for players with more than minimal ping however where the spell is available to be cast on the server (it's come off CD) but the player's client hasn't been told that yet so they can't cast it until they receive that update. * This change makes it so that, if a player inputs a cast command just before the spell becomes available it will cast when available if there's nothing stopping it (not CC'd, OOM etc). * Main change should be smoother play and effective CDs that match design intent for people with medium or high ping. Lee Sin W buffering done last year's an example of that, making it so whether or not you're a strong Lee Sin player's notably less dependent on your connection. * Might make some combos a bit smoother in non ping related cases as well, not expecting too much change there though.
Something on brand? Pressing the right sequences of abilities only to see the game didn't pick one feels bad
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 25
>The spell buffering changes What are these spell buffering changes basically? As far as i understood you press 3 abilities and you're going to do those 3 abilities in order, or not? Is this on PBE already? >Do you care? Not really, as long as i see bugs fixed. >Any particular differences that stand out versus how we previously approached patches? Patches are faster now right? Previously i never knew when a patch had to came out. I was playing all good and then out of nowhere "after 2 days there's patch". I think it feels better now that i know a patch is every 2 weeks and that it is on wednesday
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: The preponderance of evidence suggests OP was trolling.
i don't know about you but i don't take a rioter's words as true, ever. I need to see the evidence to believe it. Maybe this is also because i don't believe in god, but that's another issue.
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: Hi hi! Thanks for the report! This is an interesting one. Lulu herself is a pretty complex champion under the hood and is prone to doing this type of thing. ;-; Since this is a pretty strange edge case - in addition to being Polymorphed, Kayle also needs to have her E active during that time - it won't be prioritized alongside a major issue, but I can get it on our backlog for tracking. :)
it's fine. Having that cute little polimorph holding a blade is cool xD
: Suggest another way
> [{quoted}](name=Daddy Issues,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=hWTR1xZM,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-04-22T18:06:36.822+0000) > > Suggest another way if your mouse is moving on the client then you're not afk, and if you're not banning a champ you're or a troller or someone who forgot to ban a champ
: You aren't penalized for not banning a champion. After all, there is a reason the "None" option exists. You are penalized for being AFK in champion select.
> [{quoted}](name=EndlessSorcerer,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=hWTR1xZM,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-04-22T15:28:26.198+0000) > > You aren't penalized for not banning a champion. > > After all, there is a reason the "None" option exists. > > You are penalized for being AFK in champion select. i wasn't afk (away from the keyboard), i was online
JoB0b (NA)
: You have an eternity to make changes, as is no guarantee you will even get the champ u are building page for... You should be well aware of the ban process , it's been place a while. Change your stuff after you lock in champ. And don't be cheap.. buy more pages so u can have the preset and easily changed from drop down
> [{quoted}](name=JoB0b,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=hWTR1xZM,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-04-22T15:26:37.445+0000) > > You have an eternity to make changes, as is no guarantee you will even get the champ u are building page for... You should be well aware of the ban process , it's been place a while. Change your stuff after you lock in champ. And don't be cheap.. buy more pages so u can have the preset and easily changed from drop down not really, the client on my side is very slow (maybe because of my bad pc, but it did work fine with the old client). I don't even have the last 10 sec countdown. I will buy the rune pages after i finish buying the champs.
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: I'm fairly certain there is more to it then that.
another post similar to yours, you could check in for discussions
: > [{quoted}](name=AnataBakka,realm=EUW,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=oAvUvnLd,comment-id=000300000000,timestamp=2018-04-20T08:18:03.977+0000) > > oh mb > > and nah, too lazy, i only do it on [illaoi]( Sure, just make sure to tell your friends, Ill upvote your post too while im at it.
i tested those stuff with guys from the wikia discord / vandiril discord and illaoi mains discord. You should try search somewhere as well!
: Clash NA beta - What’s changing? Your feedback in action!
What about the BE prices? It was 1700 on EUW, and if i'm not wrong, 975 on NA. Did you decide on the final prices? Also, i didn't understand what happened with the amount of tickets you can buy. Previously you could've bought 5 tickets each day, now it's 3?
: Hey Big Friendly Bear.. that's what the F stands for right? :P So I'm taking a look at this, I can't promise it'll be fixed for 8.9 but it is on my radar now. I do apologize that this is how it was found, after multiple attempts by you and something we should have caught anyways. So thank you for being on top of this and I will do my best to have this fixed quickly. Thank you again for the post and the videos, really helps us figure things out over here. -Ranger
sorry for taking your time, but other than Exgeniar who offered to fix some bugs, i saw no other context from riot on fixing Illaoi's bugs (other than maybe the W crit bug or the healthbar one). Do you have some, or is she placed along with Mordekaiser? I don't think her bugs are so hard to fix like the others (other than her E ones). For example there is the one that blocks the tentacle from attacking for 1 seconds if Illaoi W-s while the tentacle is spawning. This shouldn't be a hard fix right? If W-Tentacle Spawning = do nothing
: I said repeatable, not reproducible. They **can** happen again, that's all I said :P Edit, if you would like to help me find and repeat some of them that would be very helpful!
oh mb and nah, too lazy, i only do it on [illaoi](
: [GAMEPLAY] Kled has 10 bugs and counting! (All listed with recreation some methods)
*laughs in* {{champion:420}} other than this "all these bugs are repeatable to this day" and yet you have no reproduction on most of them
: Ahri Q Speed Bug ? Slows
that "odd" is simply not getting sped up. You just got used to it
: New varus W can kill the Enemy Dummies in Practice mode
: does it quote if you buy?
Illaoi says something like "This fits better gankplank than me"
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: Ryze work on PBE
i know this is a ryze post, but still, "all spells benefit from spell queueing", damn, can't wait to try this on brand
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: > [{quoted}](name=AnataBakka,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QzbAO3n2,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-04-15T12:42:04.051+0000) > > grasp rune Repeated magic damage not just from one burst. And the illaois I’ve faced never had grasp.
i main illaoi and i've tested a lot of stuff this never happened, so i'm not sure what to believe. Tape it or it never happened i guess. There's scorch, grasp, or simply a mage that attacked the spirit and redirected the magic damage to you
: Why does it have to be so hard to get one skin shard?
it's not hard if you pay. It has to be hard if you don't pay
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: Illaoi is Too much fun why didn't I play her sooner
in normals she's great. She's not that great when people learn how to play against her (high elo)
: Ayyy GD give me some illaoi tips
: Illaoi E does magic damage...
: It was actually more a matter of principle wherein if we broke ranged/melee expectations for champions, what's the point of the distinction and what kind of can of worms is being opened up insofar as power creep and intuitiveness of the game are concerned.
you shouldn't care about inconsistencies between melee/ranged. Currently you're making Jhin stack additively with dragon and guinsoo while the others stack multiplicatively/recursively. I'm sure you can make other exceptions (urgot)
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: You can only purchase a max of 3 tickets with BE. You can get another one from the mission, and you'd have to buy the 5th with RP.
i'm from EUW and when we did it it wasn't like this. It got changed? I bought 5 tickets with BE (i see the price has been reduced on NA)
: We talked about her and Rammus yesterday in planning for 8.9 as two of the notable folks who are now sitting (likely) a little lower than they could be. We're thinking about some potentially small stuff to them this patch. I think we need to be careful with Leona though, she goes from "meh she's ok" to "wtf did that Leo just solo me" pretty quick.
Can you fix Conditioning for this case? Leona's W doesn't stack with it. unless it got hiddenly fixed
: Hi yahir84! I've tried to repro this on my computer and I'm not able to. :c I'm successfully able to cancel my recall and use spells. Is this something you're seeing in every game, or was this a one time deal?
it's a general vfx bug glitch that happens with every champ. This only happens on your machine, on replay you don't see it. On my machine it happened with Illaoi and Katarina. I think it's about the same thing with champions moving backwards or champions moving very fast and through walls when coming from the fog of war (rammus)
: Will be fixed in 8.8.
can you poke the patch notes guys about this? most of the times little stuff like this goes missing but it's a good reminder that something got changed
: I saw the number in [SkinSpotlights files]( When I was writing the quotes I assumed it was a buy quote. It's a bit hard to explain for me at this moment.
uh, i see. Thx a lot for telling me. I've updated the Illaoi wikia quotes page with what you said. Even if it's not 100% sure it is still better than "Unknown"
: Because it's not logical, or ideal. Janna isn't designed for the ADC role, so her kit/scaling aren't those of an ADC-Champion, which means you're not playing the META in a RANKED game. Most Efficient Tactic Available - or META - exists for the sole reason of utilizing the MOST. EFFICIENT. TACTIC. AVAILABLE, if you're not using that in RANKED games, then you ARE griefing, because you're not giving your team the best chance of winning. It doesn't matter if you win or lose, go 50/0 or 0/50, when you're playing an off-meta champion/build/position, you ARE griefing, and you ARE giving your team a disadvantage from the moment you lock it in. Every dog has its day, so yeah, occasionally an off-meta pick/build/position may win, but WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY less than the META.. aka you're griefing by not playing the META. If you "always" think that, that would mean that "always" happens, which is total nonsense because it's an impossibility that every kill you "leave" for your team-player gets away. You've just made it clear that you always KS rather than give your team-player the kills, and you're just trying to argue the fact because you're too naive to accept that you're talking utter s**t. You're right! That's the META! The very structure of the competitive side of the game! The MOST. EFFICIENT. TACTICS. AVAILABLE! Boom, I'm so glad you understand it now! You imbecile, you're accepting the META for what it is yet you're still trying to argue that going off-meta in ranked isn't griefing? God you're seriously lacking some chromies. YES, you CAN win the game with 2 mids, however you're less likely too, which is why that isn't the META, which is why you're griefing by not using the META in competitive-play.
lol. Since you rage and you started insulting we have to stop our conversation now. There's no way an open minded person like me can have a good conversation with someone like you.
: List of beings on Runeterra
i'm pretty sure chogath is a bacai no?
: Hello hello! Thanks for the report! Regarding the audio, I know there was a sound designer looking into this last week, I can follow up with them and see where they're at. I'm not sure what the deal is with Syndra, I'm going to guess this a champion-specific issue, though, since Atlantean Syndra is 1:1 with base in terms of animation and scripts, but I can have champion take a look! {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
i don't think it has anything to do with syndra in particular. Just a general thing with auto cancelling. The vfx/sfx will be seen/heard but no damage will be dealt.
: I think you skipped over a few points where basic logic would've made things clearer for you, I'll elaborate; 1a - It's not that he's playing off-meta champions, building them off-meta, playing them in an off-meta role, or anything meta related, because it's perfectly fine to play off-meta, however, with that said, there's a reason that there are normal games & ranked games. One is used for learning, experimenting and overall honing your skill... The other is for 'serious', dedicated, competitive play and that alone. 1b - Point is, play for fun in normal games, play for ranks seriously and competitively in ranked games. 2a) - That's just dumb. The reason they're tilting is quite obvious, you're playing something off-meta, in a serious (RANKED) game, and that's tilting. If my ADC locks in Janna ADC in a ranked game then I'm going to tilt on the spot, because it's not a champion designed for the role, therefore it WILL under-perform in comparison to a champion designed for said role, such as hmm.. Jinx. So from the moment that player locks in Janna ADC, we automatically have a disadvantage, and consequently have more chance of losing the lane, which means more chance losing the game. 2b) - Point is, play for fun in normal games, play for ranks seriously and competitively in ranked games. 3a) - Nothing decides that a kill is designated to any specific player, but that's not what the term "KS/Kill-Stealing" means... It's meaning, by example, is if my Mid Laner is alone in his lane, 1v1ing his laner, and he can secure the 10hp enemy Mid on his own, then me running in on Lee Sin and Q'ing them to take the kill, is quite obviously, a kill-steal. 3b) - You'd have to apply some logic whilst playing to comprehend the basis of kill-stealing, but simply put; Taking a kill that another team-player is already getting is a kill-steal, the only times it is not considered a kill-steal, is if the kill happened in a team-fight, if the kill was the result of a gank or if there is an outcome in which your team-player cannot get the kill. 4a) - There's this thing right, what happens is you select two roles, or choose to fill ANY role when you're setting up in a game lobby; Those select roles define what role you are assigned in champion select. So, if you queue Role1/Role2, it'll assign you to either Role1 or Role2 in champion select, that role indicates your lane, and that is where you shall play. IF you're auto-filled, you may not get Role1 or Role2, and may be forced into Role3, in which case, you were Auto-Filled because you have had a few games where you've been assigned your preferred role, and to keep the game balanced and fair, you now have an Auto-Filled role, which EVERYONE gets occasionally. 4b) - Point is, if you're assigned a role, whether it be Top, Mid, Jungle, ADC or Support, you are expected to play that role, in the dedicated lane for the role. Failing to do so is considered griefing. Yes you can ROAM occasionally, to help others, but once you've completed your roam, you are expected to return to your assigned role/position/lane, and continue from there.
> 1b - Point is, play for fun in normal games, play for ranks seriously and competitively in ranked games. I don't understand why you couldn't play seriously as janna adc in ranked > we automatically have a disadvantage, That's not true. I saw a lot of soraka full adc/full ap top against fioras (me myself) which then carried the game. Even if you off-pick (ziggs adc) you can still very likely win the game. There's no disadvantage. > he can secure the 10hp enemy Mid on his own That's what i always think, then the enemy escapes. It's better if i "ks it" rather than letting it escape. Even when i play support i attack the enemies as if i should kill them. Then if my adc does more damage then he can take the kill, but if he doesn't i cannot let the enemy escape. > what happens is you select two roles That's the meta. You don't decide selecting two roles, you're forced in selecting two roles. My point is. Why're there roles? Time ago when the game was made there were no roles and the game was much more fun. I don't believe in anything like adc/top/mid/sup/jungle. We can win a game even if there're 2 mids instead of 2 bots. There's no reason you should be forced in playing differently.
: >"All on Buhru take this test - I passed it long ago." Illaoi says that quote when you buy the item 3911, **Martyr's Gambit**: but you cant buy that item...
remakoro (EUNE)
: Is there ANY situation where enemy will have less than 6 armor?
lethality? anyway the 11% was an example. What i hate is that you hope to get an 11% increase, and instead get a 8.8%, that sucks. The numbers becomes bigger the more increase you have. If you've got a 35% damage increase you may as well get 27, just saying
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: why dont u just auto attack with your E before landing W and R?
i'm not close enough for that. I E just so my W can reach the target
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: I didn't, can you link me? I have a load of the notification messages that things for a few days ago are often buried.
same :( I know you have other stuff to do than check the boards, but i really hope you're going to see this Consistency is very important for me
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