Meddler (NA)
: Skins - I don't work with the folks who work on skins much, so that's not something I can talk about generally sorry. Jinx - Some buffs in 8.2, likely paired with some compensatory nerfs in other places so she doesn't go too nuts. Illaoi - Yep, she's pretty impactful and getting a lot of play at present. Having said that you give up a lot of tools by picking someone like Illaoi instead of champs with more mobility and/or CC, so so far at least she doesn't seem too overbearing overall (not that it feels that way when you're getting ulted of course).
Illaoi would need a bit more bug fixes to make her op and she will definitely need those after the klepto nerfs (if they're as impactful as they say)
: > [{quoted}](name=AnataBakka,realm=EUW,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=jng3aLVV,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-01-16T22:16:20.776+0000) > > then it applies thrice? That is my question. If as you say it actually heals you an increased amount of 60% you should show us an screenshot with the corresponding maths. If on the contrary it increases the heal from {{item:3153}} 's bonus damage 30% as intended, it might be still showing 3 health gains on hit. One corresponding to AA's lifesteal, another corresponding to {{item:3153}} bonus damage's life steal and another corresponding to the total heal increased by spirit visage. If so please confirm, if not please send a screenshot with the corresponding maths that proves the alleged bug. PS: if it is only showing 2 health gains on-hit that would perfectly make sense since {{item:3153}} heals both normal damage and on-hit damage.
look at the formula above. That's the math that calculates it. If you take bork, lifesteal and spirit visage you'll get the correct number using that formula. Wherever or not the formula is bugged i don't know, seems like it is since only the bork bonus damage heals from 70% while the basic attack heals for the usual 30%. I'm too lazy to make a screenshot and i don't actually care. I reported it so it's riot's job if they want to fix it or not. When i see that the meta becomes spirit visage + bork and people kill me with it, that's when i'll start being more seriously. Atm nobody uses it other than me and aatrox.
: Yes, Lethal Tempo removes the cap, but it does not utilize the attack speed Sion is set to during his passive. That's what the "odd behavior" is. Gonna use fake math here for ease. Let's say Sion has 1.0 attack speed and let's pretend Lethal Tempo moves it to 1.5. 50% increase. If Sion goes to passive, he is set to 1.75 attack speed (with 1.0 internal, remember). He procs Lethal Tempo during his passive. He remains at 1.75 attack speed instead of what I would have assumed to be 2.63 attack speed (50% increase on 1.75) This is because Lethal Tempo is only modifying the hidden, internal attack speed, not the passive adjusted attack speed. This is the part that felt odd because the next part works as I'd assume: If Sion has 1.70 attack speed and Lethal Tempo moves it to 2.55. 50% increase. If Sion goes to passive, he is set to 1.75 attack speed (with 1.70 internal). He procs Lethal Tempo during his passive. He moves to 2.55 attack speed for the duration of Lethal Tempo. Effectively, it's odd to me that Lethal Tempo doesn't modify the attack speed you are set to during your passive but will still modify the then-obfuscated "alive" attack speed and only alter your attack speed during your passive accordingly if LT kicks the "alive" attack speed over the passive capped speed. If this is intentional to otherwise balance his passive's honestly ludicrous damage then that's fine, and it's clearly not actually a bug, it just felt odd to mess around in training tool and have my attack speed gutted when I'm used to it spiking during passive.
i think the passive just gives you enough attack speed to reach that cap, but you're not able to surpass that cap if you don't have enough attack speed and lethal tempo
: Hey Riot, I'm a Mordekaiser main and I want to know when fixes are coming, I swear every game I play I encounter 3 different bugs. There is a book about Morde's bugs for pete's sake. We've made at least 5 topics about them and you don't seem to care. At least rework the man asap if you don't want to fix him, Irelia was completely fine and didn't need a rework before Nunu or Morde, yet you just don't seem to care.
lol, same thing every time. You say "don't care" but rioters continuosly talked about this subject numerously times over time. and yea, he's one of the firsts to get reworked after irelia
: If it helps any, I documented my findings about E via the Training tool. Sorry for throttling you with information, bughunting is kind of a passion of mine and seeing responsiveness kickstarts my engine something fierce: **The E** It appears as if an exterior source kills the target or applies enough damage to the target immediately after E hits the minion, then the minion is scripted to die (full stop of collision body, and doesn't even count as you killing it.) This actually ends up being an interesting situation: If E doesn't do enough damage to the minion to kill it, then it applies the damage to the minion immediately. If E would do enough to kill the minion outright, then for the whole damn ability to work, it must not take the damage until after it hits terrain/distance. This opens up a window of opportunity whereupon the minion can be at extremely low health, Sion E's it, then the minion gets another source of damage (your sunfire cape + various caster minions, anyone else attacking it) in which it will take immediate damage, die, and do all the things a minion does when it dies. Since your ability didn't finish it off per se, it doesn't give you gold, etc. It was a pain in the ass to replicate in the training tool but I finally got it to reproducible steps. Really, the problem with Sion's E is that **rather than freeze the minion's HP if Sion's E would kill it, until it stops and then kill the thing** it instead holds off on applying Sion's E damage until it hits its end **which allows for other damage sources to pre-empt or cheat Sion's E out of doing its job.** Furthermore, given someone else's findings about Sion's W not working when leveled up during his passive (as in, tragically dying just as he hit level 3) I did some deep passive investigation as well. **Passive** * If you skill up W for the first time during Sion's passive it will no longer give you 10 max health on every big kill/assist, and only give you 2 per minion for the remainder of the game. Leveling it up after the fact while alive does not fix it. Leveling W up to rank 1 while alive, then leveling it up afterwards while his passive is up will **not** trigger the bug. Neither will ranking W up for the first time while transitioning to passive (stasis point) nor doing it while greyscreen'd after the passive expires. * If Sion has over 1.75 attack speed pre-death (e.g. a few Nashor's tooth or something), then Sion's passive will actually reduce his attack speed down to the new cap of 1.75. * Fleet Footwork, unlike Luden's/DMP/Statikk, does not stack nor activate when in passive. * Lethal Tempo does not incorporate Sion's passive attack speed cap (1.75). If Lethal Tempo would take Sion's attack speed (say 1.70) and boost it above 1.75, then Lethal Tempo's bonus override's Sion's passive, resetting to 1.75 after Lethal Tempo expires. Conclusion: Sion's attack speed "bonus" in his passive is actually a secondary cap. Since Lethal Tempo allows him to exceed attack speed caps it lets him surge past 1.75 if Lethal Tempo modifies pre-death attack speed to beyond 1.75 I hope some of this helps!
1.75 is a static cap lol. You can't reduce nor increase it. I don't understand what you said happens when you take lethal tempo. It removes the cap, as it should, then?
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: It applies twice because it increases the heal from your normal auto's lifesteal and the BOTRK on-hit's lifesteal.
then it applies thrice? since i said it applies twice on bork's bonus damage. On the normal auto sv is only applied once
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 16
The lag started earlier than 5 months ago i think. It came with these vfx problems: 1. Champions moving backwards 2. Champions visually recalling while moving. When the time and animation of the recall finish the champion will start moving normal again 3. Champions moving through walls 4. Champions moving seriously fast when coming from the fog of war. Funny thing is that you see them running through the fog of war even if you don't have vision of them. Kind of like what happens when you press on replays to go 15 seconds back. I think if you find the cause of these things you will find the cause of the lag. Other than that i have less lag on certain resolutions and before anyone kills dragon/baron.
: Damn I thought you had like a statement or inside info
100% sure no, but enough to say that they will get reworked pretty quickly
Zer0Tex (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=AnataBakka,realm=EUW,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=9629IVv7,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-08T14:03:08.902+0000) > > go see another champ > that's just how growth per lvl works. you can find the formula on the wikia > > as for "Revitalize doesn't work". What doesn't work? He doesn't gain bonus shield? Yes. Everytime Morde do Damage he gets a little part of his shield. And this shield dont get the bonus of Revitalize.
only Revitalize? Did you test other heal and shield power?
: What makes you so confident
meddler made a list about it 2 years ago. **Everyone** in his list got a rework until now, including swain and irelia that have been announced and urgot and eve. The only missings from his list are the ones above Meddler- "[] A Morde update's not planned for this year though and while he's a possibility for next year there are other strong candidates too (**Urgot, Eve, Panth, Swain, Irelia, Morde** being the first 6 that come to mind). Wouldn't want to do any form of official 'we're probably doing a Morde rework, let's chat about what's core to him' without at least some degree of expectation internally we'd be working on him moderately soon after such a chat."
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: She is imbued with the power of Nagakabouros in-game because she is fighting. Her splash is her relaxing at the beach.
She's got so much power that you can see her aura through her eyes? That's interesting
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Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: Riot Wrekz's minor VGU
Pantheon and Morderkasier are the next reworks after Irelia
: The first line of your post is kind of hyperbolic in the claim that 90% of players are massively against these changes. This tends to be a wall we run up against any time we try to introduce some sort of systemic change (elemental dragons, jungle plants, adjusted cs scores on jungle camps etc), where initial outcry can be quite negative, but once players have played around with the changes they actually tend to like them (now I won't say that 100% of people do, but the vast majority). The designer who's been working on the project has been doing a load of tuning to the sightstone quest reward so that it "turns on" roughly around the same time supports are buying sightstone on live. What this means is you'll have vision around the same time as usual, but will also have that 800 gold that you can put towards a more exciting purchase. The majority of the negative pushback (which is warranted) seems to be revolving around the idea that we're doing away with the item actives which people find exciting. While it's true that we're going to be taking it off of the gold gen items, we're going to be looking for ways to re-introduce them back to the game as soon as possible, just as new items. Who doesn't love spooky ghosts? In regards to the poaching concern - that's something we're super aware of and will be looking to actively tune if we're off. There's a change going out for relic shield to the PBE today (was supposed to go yesterday) where we're cutting the healing for ranged users in half (this does hurt Thresh so we're going to look to buff him in another way as a fast followup should he need it). We'll see if that pushes relic far enough from desirable in every game territory for marksman, but if it doesn't, we have other things we can try.
Thresh is a she, isn't s/he?
: I mean you probably do this already sometimes, but you should really blind test fellow Rioters and ask them what champion is being teased in each promo piece for everything, including new champs. I understand that with 139 champs on the game and skins on top of that, some themes are bound to overlay when working on stuff. Howver the Rakan and Xayah art, the eternal sword yi art as you said, and now this promo... even if your intentions were on the right place (which i am positive they are), the final product read wrong I'm sorry but the center piece reads as a dragon face, not dogs. I can tell the figures on the sides are nasus and WW, but without context they would easilly read as dragons as well. Keep in mind in the western hemisphere not everyne will have the cultural context to know what the lunar year is or what animal is being represented.
i actually thought that was God Fist Lee Sin, tho that seemed unlikely i decided not to think about it anymore
: Happy to reply when I have some form of context, even if it means being the messenger. We purposefully don't say what is or isn't in development at any given time because things shuffle, change and are sometimes shelved entirely. While yes, it'd be really cool to know something like, 'Hey, Shen is getting [skin line]', it'd feel super shitty if for whatever reason the skin was pushed out several months or more, or canned entirely. Some concepts simply don't work out like we'd planned. 'Cyber Katarina' was a concept that went out to players wayyy long ago (oops!) and it wasn't actually released until *years* later as PROJECT: Katarina. The skin that was officially released was super different from where the original concept landed. I can't imagine it feeling great to see/hear about that skin, getting super hyped, and then nothing happens with it. Even if we announced that it was shelved, or what have you, there'd be some pretty upset people - case in point, Sewn Chaos skins. (That's a super rare case, but I think can illustrate pretty well what it feels like to know something should be coming, and then it doesn't.) I didn't take your Illaoi comment as ungrateful, so all good there. This is the first time we've really done a follow along dev blog, so any feedback is welcome. I agree that there are some great Illaoi ideas out there, and I hope we make some of them come to life - Elderwood pls. Something more comical, like the inflatable arm concept, wasn't selected because we felt like a joke skin for her first skin after launch, and after a long wait, wasn't the best choice. *If you feel otherwise, happy to hear why!* I caught up with our concept artist for the Illaoi concepts to get a blurb about why we went with the three concepts we did, hopefully this helps? *"The behind the scenes is I spent a week doing a concept a day, then got together with concept and the team in separate review meetings and we chose which worked the best for the character and would add to her catalog (or lack of one).* *The REASONS were basically that the two skins she had were very organic and fantasy, even her Void skin. We chose the two scifi skins as they would surely add a new approach to her, and also hopefully catch the attention of people who don't play her. Like if I'm a Darius main, I might see Battlecast Illaoi across the lane and think "huh, maybe I should give her a go, she looks cool." We also wanted to counterweight the choices with something a little closer to her (Safari/Explorer) to give an option that isn't so jarring, as we had no idea how Illaoi mains would react to a new skin. Also, we loved the charm that Safari brought to the table, and the VFX ideas were suuuuuper exciting. Actually, for all of these the VFX were all super exciting and when we thought about what each one would do it was really easy to pull ideas on all three of the chosen skins, so we knew we had some hooks on each one. *" I'm likely going to sound dodgy again with this reply, so I apologize if I come off as such. To preface, I don't know all of the ins and outs when it comes to discussions around who is and isn't eligible for a skin aside from Champ Up pinging us and saying, 'hey guys, we've got a VGU slated for x in x patch (*this could be pretty far out*', and we say, 'okay', and make note of it and pause anything (if there's something in dev for them), or work around them for the time being, until their VGU is pushed to live. Our concern with releasing a skin and then VGUing it 6-8 months later is, you probably bought the skin for x reason. It could be the VFX on a Q, or the SFX on an E. If that aspect isn't preserved, you might feel pretty pissed off - understandably so. *Adding in this resource, too,* To give you as much visibility as I'm personally able to, [here are the three champions]( that are slated for a VGU next, so they're not brought up in new skin discussions at the moment. Occasionally - like with Fiora's update - we were able to work in tandem with the team, albeit a challenge, and pushed out her VGU and then PROJECT: Fiora the following patch. I'll be honest, I can see where the sword teaser fell short, we have more than one champion with swords in the game, and unless there's another indicator on who the champion is, it's pretty up in the air. For Lunar Revel, we tried to stylize the dog, but keep the ears as a main indicator visually. It was also year of the dog, so we felt players would catch onto that aspect up front. I'm far from a product managers, who is the person who works on deciding who gets what, when and how, so I won't try to tackle the specifics and be wrong all over the place. I can give you [this dev blog]( where we discuss how we make our selections, and some of the why. It's written by one of our product managers. Another resource for you may be Ghostcrawler's reply to **[Riot talks a lot about prioritization and resources when answering questions about features people want — if there aren’t enough people there to fix things like Death Recap or the old, out of date website, why not hire more? Are you really that limited on people?](**. It basically explains why throwing more people on a project isn't always the right choice, so in this case, getting more concept artists. Side note, really hoping we're able to do a cool idea like Dragon Tamer Swain after his rework. Again, I do appreciate your honesty. These are tough issues to tackle. Posts like these, for me, and I'm sure I speak for other Rioters, too, are a great place for us to better understand where you're coming from. Being able to have a discussion versus a screaming match - trust me, we can be just as riled up (read: passionate) goes a long way, so thank you. *Sorry for my late reply, I've been sick. @_@*
"2 VGUs". Aatrox is planned for having only a GU. Or not?
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.1
just found out Eve's E got buffed by 10 base damage on both normal and empowered attack on the 7.22 patch with the rune reforged changes. Is this an intended thing? Since: 1. it's undocumented 2. devs said she was already balanced for 7.22 and she wasn't going to get buffed
: There seems to be a communication issue, especially with the disparity in aggregate information for winrates and the like. Wouldn't it help communication and the understanding behind these changes if we could see the same information you guys do rather that having to rely on things like or OP.GG which you guys have said are inaccurate? May help in situations where the community is very confused by changes such as Voli nerfs, heavy heimer nerfs, and fairly small Zoe nerfs.
well, atm if they want players to shut up on asking to nerf / buff some champions they can just say "the winrate is bigger/lower on our side, we won't nerf /buff them" the end, and the players can't say anything. If we would know the true numbers 1. rioters would get the same question each time and even though they don't want to nerf / buff said champ they wouldn't have good reasons not to do so. 2. players will only use the highest winrate champion + its ban rate will increase They don't want the players to decide who to nerf / buff just on numbers
: More than we've been told to this point, so I'll take it fairly happily for now. As an aside, wasn't Viktor going to get some help in 8.2? I haven't seen anything on S@20 pbe announcements yet, but I may have missed it.
something about q also getting shield on second hit
Auberaun (NA)
: I think this idea is cool and would work if there was a way to objectively measure performance on a game by game basis, but there's really not, because "performance" is a very subjective thing. There are metrics you can look at like KDA, but what can you look at to tell if the person with the low KDA was sacrificing themselves all game for their team to make plays, and actually the reason they win? I've been in games where a 0/11 Tryndamere wins the game because he never stops split pushing and draws a lot of attention to himself, even if he doesn't even get to kill any towers. There's also games where the 0/11 Tryndamere loses the game because he's repeatedly dying. > that way i believe anyone who has constantly bad performance (in purpose or not) rightfully remains to a lower division for a longer time until there's some improvement and also cannot hold back teamates who are good enough but the matchup system and their teamates used to "betray" them. That already exists in the current system. If someone is playing badly consistently, then they only have 4 chances to roll "good" players, while the enemy team has 5 chances to roll "good" players. Statistically, they'll drop over a number of games. Alternatively, if you play consistently well, you only have 4 chances to have "bad" players on your team but the enemy has 5 chances to have "bad" players on theirs.
> [{quoted}](name=Auberaun,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=wRUXAmkK,comment-id=00390000,timestamp=2018-01-11T20:20:08.887+0000) > > That already exists in the current system. If someone is playing badly consistently, then they only have 4 chances to roll "good" players, while the enemy team has 5 chances to roll "good" players. Statistically, they'll drop over a number of games. Alternatively, if you play consistently well, you only have 4 chances to have "bad" players on your team but the enemy has 5 chances to have "bad" players on theirs. This was very interesting so i made some calculations: If you play good you have 20% more chance to win the game If you play bad you have 20% less chance to win the game If you play good you have 50% more chance to win the game than when playing bad Verdict: Always play good Sick math
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you're soooo late for the party
: It got patched out in season 6
you mean, previously it did work? EDIT: Ok, seems like it did work, and it doesn't anymore since it's not considered a basic attack
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: > have you by chance got to test the upcoming new champ ? We have~ > If yes then how does he/she feel like ? > ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
you miss a part of your arm
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 8.1
I see many people started using Illaoi after the bug-fixes and her winrate has drastically increased(?). Nothing planned for her?
: Patch 8.1 notes
nice... more keys..
: Quick Update on Rotating Game Modes
can we tell our opinions of some interactions/bugs we found on previous plays that we think need changed?
: > [{quoted}](name=AnataBakka,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=ctK4L2wc,comment-id=0009000d,timestamp=2018-01-07T23:04:07.709+0000) > > I'm not sure if this is a bug or not (since i've reported it in the past and it didn't get fixed) but damn Illaoi's Tentacles SFX when she dances are so annoying. Thing is their SFX doesn't stop when Illaoi stops dancing. This actually made me stop dancing at all. Is it a bug or is it intended? I can take a look, it should be stopping if the dance isn't happening anymore
thx... a... lllot. Here's some help
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: If folks have skins that stand out as being super loud when compared to base and it's annoying, let me know and I'll look into getting the levels better - it's super relevant to some of the BTS audio stuff we've been doing lately! Edit - Specifically audio stuff is the stuff I can/ will be changing
I'm not sure if this is a bug or not (since i've reported it in the past and it didn't get fixed) but damn Illaoi's Tentacles SFX when she dances are so annoying. Thing is their SFX doesn't stop when Illaoi stops dancing. This actually made me stop dancing at all. Is it a bug or is it intended?
: Fixed! {{sticker:poppy-wink}}
wait what, i only use her as an assassin lol
: Who is a hard-counter to ranged top lane?
i think vayne is a hard counter to ranged top laners
: why is knowing the exact number necessary? isn't it better to get used to it ingame rather than datamining?
> [{quoted}](name=AmetDeCrypt,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=AxiIENUi,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-02T15:54:59.102+0000) > > why is knowing the exact number necessary? isn't it better to get used to it ingame rather than datamining? necessary? not. It just feels better to know it, wethever you want to do a perfect 2.5 as and not waste your bonus as. I also edit the wikia and it doesn't feel nice when you put circa numbers
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: If you channeled Predator when not already going after an enemy blood scented by the W passive, you're doing it wrong.
> [{quoted}](name=ChompyWulf,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tkUxR7rY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-01-01T19:11:21.551+0000) > > If you channeled Predator when not already going after an enemy blood scented by the W passive, you're doing it wrong. i already knew where was the enemy. I just needed the speed
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: > [{quoted}](name=AnataBakka,realm=EUW,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=hjU9AMTg,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2017-12-31T14:58:14.066+0000) > > that's why i say it's inconsistent. No root is specified anywhere. And comparing it to other fears, shaco's one is unique, even if they're all called "fear" ye true, sadly riot doesn't specifies a lot of thing, players has to find them, like box not being able to deal spell effects, being able to cancel dashes (old version), invisibility wearing off with cancelled autos,etc...
"spell effects". Maybe because they're considered minions. Do malzahar's minions proc rylai?
: it is not inconsistent, shaco box are supposed (coded like that) to always root ennemies for 0,5 sec while fearing them at the same time, so level 1 box won't move ennemy just root+fear them in the place (=stun ?), level 2 box will fear them for 0,75 sec which mean 0,5 sec rooted + 0,25 sec real fear, maxed box have an effective 1 sec fear duration
that's why i say it's inconsistent. No root is specified anywhere. And comparing it to other fears, shaco's one is unique, even if they're all called "fear"
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: Illaoi need to get nerfed
most of her bugs nerf her xD, she will probably get buffed if they fix them ---Illowee main
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: Death's Dance Bleed Effect Cancels Recall
I was wondering why last patch recall wasn't cancelled and this patch it is lol
: Skin Rerolls are HIGHLY weighted (No 1350 skins, data inside)
hmmm well, don't rerolls give you skins you don't own? maybe you already owned all 1350 rp skins on the pbe
Groto145 (EUNE)
: Yes, with last update everything was perfect- it showed increased value for every combination of items on tooltip and on shield icon when you shield somebody and shields correct value also. Now, it shows and shields and heals only max lvl + ap scaling. Redemption says it heals 370(lvl18)+ 370 x 3 x 0,45(revitalize,ardent,mikael and redemption) which is 870 but it heals only 370+370x3x0,05(from revitalize)=426 which clearly means it doesn't take items buffs into account.
try other champs with different shields/heals and see how they behave
Keyru (NA)
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