: [GAMEPLAY] Nunu & Willump [Q] Bug
: Hopefully they fix it, but riot doesn't really fix too many bugs sadly.
they fixed it already (on pbe) thus the revert of neeko's attack speed nerf on pbe
NatakuL5 (NA)
: Irelia R and E not working together when pressed at the same time, or near same time
what do you mean by "doesn't register"? It doesn't get buffered? Not all abilities get buffered. All of Riven's abilities, for example, don't get buffered.
: Zoe weird interaction with r and e [GAMEPLAY]
what do you mean by "flies weirdly"? as far as i can see it goes as it should
morgu3 (NA)
: kayle bug
same happens with jayce and the others. It's a sterak's bug, not a kayle one.
: It wasn't Illaoi's ult, it was her spirit pull that spawns tentacles if she kills your spirit or you walk out of the circle. You know, when you're all debuffed from it, and then tentacles spawn around you? I think it's like, her W or E, not sure.
i'm 850k Illaoi i'll change my phrase >When you don't know Illaoi What i mean is that her ult interacts with all tentacles, even those spawned by her E. What does her ult do? Check the wiki.
: Looking at the patch notes, it seems you're right. There's no mention on them about Damage over Time effects refreshing the stacks. I thought that was something mentioned about it at some point, but I can't find where that would have been. Seems it's listed as that on the fan wiki, but I guess that must have also gotten the info wrong. It's a shame, I really was hoping the rune could be a fun new option for Damage over Time champs. There's not really a solid rune for those skills in particular besides maybe Summon Aery.
oh, i wrote that on the wiki. it's probably been misunderstood. i'll try to write it better ps: i'm a wikia-er
: Conqueror doesn't proc on Damage over Time properly
Nothing changed this patch related to this. Previous stacks fell off after 3 seconds, which is still not enough to have it refreshed by brand and company
: {{champion:420}} Riot fixed many of them. I still have few recordings: Q animation https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9LlDKZ_a24 When W was like AA, soo it could be canceled (I wasn't presing enythink) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_ZnvECyC6M Tentacle bug https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMn1RIywkqw Bug https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8GWSa7mu7EAR Soul stuck XDDDD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khQkFL3MXJk Tentacle stuck https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pc51WG-QPno
sorry for bumping in. just searching for bugs for my list https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/2Ncw9ex9-illaois-50-bugs-updated-list 1. it's a vfx bug. cast time doesn't changes 3. that's a bug that actually benefits Illaoi. That tentacle actually did an invisible attack. Basically did 2 attacks in one. You can test it in practice tool. It's an op trick to know 4. vfx bug, cast time doesn't changes. 5. that's actually pretty cool. If i can find a reproduction i may add it to the list 6. I'm pretty sure that's fixed isn't it? Anyway, there's no fix for that. The tentacle is an unit, you teleport behind the unit. You simply have to move around rather than towards the tentacle
: Illaoi's Bug that was not fixed.
"illaoi main" doesn't know tentacles have a cooldown when they automatically attack
: Resistance Illaoi skin tentacles bugged
when you don't know illaoi's ult
: Illaoi Tentacle+ Q
there's no illaoi bot is there?
Ă…rmonia (EUNE)
: CS illaoi
the spirit gives you a cs in game, but doesn't show as one in end-game stats
Baa Woof (EUW)
: [GAMEPLAY] Kindred's ultimate doesn't seem to work.
It's not a bug. That's just how the game is made. Buffs are not instant. Every so often they verify if they're applied. During the time between verifying it and not you think they may be visually applied, but they are actually not. It's unfortunate in this case. If i'm not wrong it's possible to leave the area and stil be invulnerable, i.e it applies both ways.
KiddFly (NA)
: Khazix Void Spike triggering Unseen Threat damage
the death report is broken, don't listen to it. However if you test it and see that it triggers it please tell me
: Future's Market BUGGED - Drains 100 gold per use instead of 50.
check your gold, instead of the visual bug it shows
AidanWR (NA)
: He takes no damage from it
Rioter Comments
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AidanWR (NA)
: This is actually intended because she autoed before you went into stasis, so the auto still hit you, but due to you being invulnerable as well, it did no damage. It's like if Caitlyn ults you, and you use Zhonya's while the bullet is in mid-air, the bullet doesn't just disappear and can hit other people in the way, or just do nothing after it hits the champion in stasis
still not sure if it works on other untargetables, but i'm sure fizz not being able to escape a vayne basic attack with his E is not an intended feature.
: Are you sure that her auto attack went through removing the rings by getting to 3, rather than the rings timing out or vayne attacking a new target (I can't tell if vayne attacked the Minion as well or if it was only j4). Stasis lasts 2.5 seconds. Vayne's silver bolts last 3.5 seconds. Now admittedly it looks like the rings disappear faster than that, but by using stasis right before the ring hits, the time on her w passive would be since the prior attack so it would disappear due to time sooner). It's possible the time went to 3.5 seconds?
i can even slightly hear the w "clink" trigger sound not sure if it's that, or the mixing of jarvan's sounds
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: Position ranks and split rewards coming to PBE today for 9.2!
> You earn a visual upgrade to your Ranked Armor that dynamically matches your tier and lasts for the rest of the season. So you can get these upgrades at all elos? I.e can you have a visible gold upgrade, plat upgrade, and diamond upgrade at the end of the season? multi color armor?
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: [Gameplay] Neeko Passive inconsistency.
hmm looks like the disguise also breaks upon casting a basic attack. I'll try to put that somewhere on the wiki
: the only bug I seen that annoys me is you have almost full courage but low health. you smack the enemy and able to remount but at same time the enemy hits you and kills you, cancelling the remount even when you hear the tune that triggers upon remounting. Kled needs a 1 second invulnerability when mounting and dismounting.
that's not a bug lol. There's a delay before remounting
: Kled Bugs, The list goes on.
your text needs some formatting my friend. about your videos. 1. Looks like Karma had scorch or something and made you drop out of skaarl no? 2. definitely a bug. 3. The replay counts on that one. Did the second dash hit her? If it did then that's the cause you didn't go over the wall. Kled's dash is made of two parts. I think only the first makes you go through walls. 4. i don't think that's related to kled
: Either aftershock is bugged, or the tooltip is completely wrong.
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: Feature/QoL change/Idea Generator for 2018 and beyond!
Feature/Suggestion Name: Illaoi E change Opportunity/Problem Statement: Illaoi's E deals much more or less % damage than what says in the description because of how it's coded. This feels bad when you deal less damage than expected, and feels bad for the enemy champion when you deal much more damage than expected. Brief Description: Currently the spirit and the tethered target calculate each other's damage individually. Damage modifiers may be different on the spirit and on the champion and this causes the issues above. Solution: First of all make it so the spirit has the target's mr, armor, and base + bonus hp **dynamically** instead of "current", not counting hp regeneration of the champion. Then make it so the damage modifiers are only calculated on the spirit and for each % hp the spirit loses the champion loses that spirit % * E modifier damage. This would make it so that when the spirit loses 100% of its hp, the champion would lose exactly 100% times E modifier of its current hp at the time the spirit was taken, which is what i believe the ability should do rather than killing a sejuani from 100 to 0 just by grabbing her spirit while she has her passive on. Target Audience: Everyone
: Akali First R Stopping and Shadow Kayn W Invisible
ah that kayn w. Saw it happen a few times never saw the akali one tho
: Feature/QoL change/Idea Generator for 2018 and beyond!
Feature/Suggestion Name: Movement click with auto-path disabled Opportunity/Problem Statement: 1. Millions of flashes / dashes / blinks are wasted every day because the auto-path moves the player away from the target location they want to move to. 2. Dodges are more difficult because your mouse clicks can go over a wall and that activates the auto-path, making you move forward to your death. 3. Player created walls increase this issue even further, creating further auto-path issues. Brief Description: Simply have an option that disables auto-path from your clicks. What will the click do? Move you directly towards your mouse click, stopping at the first encountered wall. You will no longer have to be the best clicker to move near a wall just to jump with Riven's Q Target Audience: Everyone that kissed a wall before their death (warning, one may kiss the wall multiple times before their death)
: Feature/QoL change/Idea Generator for 2018 and beyond!
**Feature/Suggestion Name:** Reworking Predator **Opportunity/Problem Statement:** With the Dark Harvest update, predator has become useless. **Brief Description:** I was using predator when i needed to empower my one shot abilities. Now dark harvest does the same job and even better, cause it's not wasted on minions. Not sure what could be done on predator, but currently there's no reason to get it. **Target Audience:** Potential predator users
Kaiba boy (EUW)
: Hahahahahaha it's ridiculous that you can't see a friends honor on their profile. But anyway, I think he means the honor flair gained after being honored the last game.
idk, currently you don't need to click anywhere to see it, and in the images above it's also shown without clicking on anybody
Meddler (NA)
: Loading Screen Update coming to PBE
"Click any player to see their honor" wait, so we can see our friend's honor in loading screen, but not on their profile?
: The term "cancel" is not the same as the term "interrupt". "cancel" means that the player canceled it. "interrupt" means another player stopped the action by doing something that is capable of stopping it (in this case displacement interrupts movement)
ooh, i see, i misunderstood your point
: Also ***why the hell can she cancel her w auto?***
: am i the only one with the problem that when you ult 50% of the time it the tentecles around will slam on an enemy so i ult to try to get quick damage and healing off in a gank or to finish some people off and no tentecles slam and its really a coin toss whether it happens or not and those things happen to decide whether i win lane and dominate lose lane and get perma pushed in with my tentecles being farmed for extra gold while you cant make any gold from clearing zombie wards and these infinite boys {{item:2057}}
tentacles automatically attack on a vessel / spirit. If there're none nearby they won't attack.
: "canceling" means specifically the player of the champion canceled it. Any type of non-instant mobility can be interrupted by knockups/displacement and her W does have that small leap so it's unsurprising that it can be interrupted. Every dash/leap I can think of will lose its effects if it is interrupted like for example Xin's E won't deal damage or slow if you stop his dash.
you're right about it cancelling when illaoi dashes. However it doesn't cancel if illaoi attacks from close range so > means specifically the player of the champion canceled it. this is false
Yejmo (NA)
: Illaoi E visual bug
illaoi's ult is a mechanic
Rioter Comments
: Feature/QoL change/Idea Generator for 2018 and beyond!
**Feature/Suggestion Name:** Summoner Spellbook rework **Opportunity/Problem Statement:** Not a very interesting rune for most people. **Brief Description:** Name: Summoner Runebook Instead of switching your summoner spells, it switches your summoner runebook for another keystone. Doing this will let you have more interesting combinations of rune pages, which is more fun than it is now. Could apply same cooldown interactions that we have now. **Target Audience:** Everyone that never touched summoner spellbook.
Rioter Comments
: Feature/QoL change/Idea Generator for 2018 and beyond!
**Feature/Suggestion Name:** True Rank **Opportunity/Problem Statement:** One person is very good but gets drawn in fights with worse enemies just because that person's team performs bad. Considering that there's a chance, however small it may be, for one person to have its allies worse than the enemies, this person will drop rank but will be stronger than all the others, always carrying his team but losing because they cannot win 1 vs 5. **Brief Description:** Based on riot's stats there must be something which measures how good a player was in-game. Not sure if this equals to grade after match but they must have something. If one player was very good, had the highest % kill contribution, didn't die, saved their teammates, but loses, they still need a chance to win the match because their team surely didn't lose because of him (low case scenario that can happen). **Target Audience:** Every solo-ranked player who has a lower rank than they're supposed to. If you ever see Faker having low Rank, this is the reason.
: Preseason Dev Update Number 3!
Outer Turret AD cap :: 152 >>> 278 ad cap is currently 180 no? so it should be Outer Turret AD cap :: 180 >>> 278
Eeyore (EUW)
: Pretty certain 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.8 and 2.9 were "missing from tooltip" reports.
yea, pretty much that, because they look intended. But even so, i cannot decide what is a bug or not. Something that may seem intended to me may not be intended to rioters. For example i always thought xayah's W when together with rakan would double her w's effects, making her deal 40% more damage per attack instead of 20%. Instead, riot after a few patches fixed it because they considered it a bug, even though i just thought this was simply not mentioned in the tooltip.
Inuasha (NA)
: illaoi cant ult while yi is ulting.
1. tentacle was too far away 2. your tentacles do not attack if you dash-w-ed towards a target that became untargetable 3. i do not clearly understand what do you mean by "or miss my ult every time"
: How long this bug on Illaoi will last?
If a tentacle does not attack, it means it's auto attack is on cooldown, i.e it already auto attacked before, with you noticing or not
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