Eeyore (EUW)
: Pretty certain 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.8 and 2.9 were "missing from tooltip" reports.
yea, pretty much that, because they look intended. But even so, i cannot decide what is a bug or not. Something that may seem intended to me may not be intended to rioters. For example i always thought xayah's W when together with rakan would double her w's effects, making her deal 40% more damage per attack instead of 20%. Instead, riot after a few patches fixed it because they considered it a bug, even though i just thought this was simply not mentioned in the tooltip.
: illaoi cant ult while yi is ulting.
1. tentacle was too far away 2. your tentacles do not attack if you dash-w-ed towards a target that became untargetable 3. i do not clearly understand what do you mean by "or miss my ult every time"
: How long this bug on Illaoi will last?
If a tentacle does not attack, it means it's auto attack is on cooldown, i.e it already auto attacked before, with you noticing or not
: If Garens timing is good he can interrupt her tentacles if illaoi is in mid air at her ult animation.
what do you mean? he can interrupt the spawning of tentacles?
: [GAMEPLAY] Illaoi Ult not working on Garen
: Did they fix the bug where Nunu's W revealed him even when they had no vision on him?
: Going to comment on each point individually. :) Section 1: 1) This is a weird interaction but the cleaves are supposed to do a percentage of his total attack damage, and not necessarily mimic crits etc. I will clear up that visual so it doesn't look like a bug. 2) This does sound like a bug. I will investigate 3) The knockup does increase in duration. Do a short cast or snapcast and you will notice a very minor bump, whereas a large snowball does a full 0.75 second knockup. 4) There are 3 visual sizes to the ball - small, medium, and large - but the distance it rolls grows linearly and is not tied 1:1 with the visual size (i.e. a small snowball can roll a range of between X and Y, as can medium and large snowballs, up to the maximum distance) Section 2: 1) Yeah this is definitely undesirable. I'll fix this for 8.21 2) Not a bug. It's intended to grow to maximum output with 5 seconds and leave the player another 5 seconds to navigate if need be. 3) Not a bug. This initial slow was added to make the spell much less useful for fleeing trouble. 4) Not a bug. Slow immunity is intended. I will add this to the extended tooltip that we're shipping in 8.21 5) This "rollover" damage has been added to the tooltip for 8.21 6) I've removed the collision case with small summoned monsters like Zyra plants, Zz'Rot minions, etc. It will now only collide with large summoned pets like Tibbers, Daisy, and Yorick's Maiden (it already collided with clones like Shaco's clone etc.) 7) Not a bug. It's intended that the snapcast/short-casts have minimum damage/stun outputs 8) Not a bug. It's intended to stop on hitting any enemy unit 9) Not a bug. The slow duration is intended to be equal to how long the ability was channeled. I will add this clarification to the new tooltip Section 3: 1) This is sort of true. He has a maximum speed he is allowed to achieve based on his current level and boot tier. That formula is a bit complicated right now and I'm working on simplifying it. I will add pertinent information to the new extended tooltip so speed values are stated. 2) Related to the above, his maximum speed is capped but it grows per level because we didn't want him reaching absurd speeds at low levels when enemies don't have boots and can't dodge as well. When I simplify the formula, I'll put in relevant information on the extended tooltip 3) This is a bug. I'm extending the cast range to basically infinity. 4) Not a bug. This is just an interaction with the spell. You can still get the slow but the enemy has to know exactly when they're at risk of being rooted or safe. Thanks for compiling all of these. I really appreciate it :)
ah i see, thx for reading this. I'll check on those interactions i said they were 100% bugs, but aren't. Thanks!
: > Enemies hit by Nunu's R will remain slowed up to 3 seconds once the ability ends. With the same power? I think it mentoins decaying slow, doesn't it? Or was it for the shield?
i don't recall the slow decaying, but yea, the tooltip only mentions that the shield decays. It doesn't say that enemies will be still slowed after the ult
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: Nexus Blitz alpha: Week 2 feedback and patch notes
Just found out the scuttler is better coded as a champion than decoys... Can you use the same tech on decoys? Or is it? From Vand's video i saw that the scuttle cannot be spit by Tham's W, while decoys can. Stuff that i didn't test / see are: Is Bork damage capped against scuttler? As it is against decoys. Can you stack Black Cleaver on scuttler? Cause you can't on decoys. Can Scuttler get attacked by turrets? If it can, do turrets deal 50% less damage to it and does not increase its damage per shot? Cause it currently does so on decoys. ps. when i talk about decoys i talk about illaoi's e / morde's ghost. I don't know how the others interact.
: Feature/QoL change/Idea Generator for 2018 and beyond!
Feature/Suggestion Name: Dizzy ability (different than Zoe's) Opportunity/Problem Statement: It would be cool for an ability to give the enemy champion dizziness, visually too. It would be broken and many people may leave this game, but hey, we have Yasuo so that's fine. Brief Description: On very high visuals when you destroy the enemy nexus the visual kind of gets dizzy, people get seen twice and stuff. It would be cool if this was added to a champion, preferably ultimate so you don't get sick. Other kinds of visual things would be cool too. We have nearsight which is cool, urgot ult, now dizziness, bleeding maybe? Target Audience: Whoever wants an interesting ability.
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Wuks (NA)
: Greetings AnataBakka, I've made this one of my top priorities and will do my best to look into the best way of implementing an advanced Red Tracker. Thanks for reaching out!
: Feature/QoL change/Idea Generator for 2018 and beyond!
Feature/Suggestion Name: Illaoi QoL ult change Opportunity/Problem Statement: Ult's tentacles spawning where you don't want to spawn them. Brief Description: Target Audience: Illaoi players Mockups/Screenshots: ps. i hope i'm not annoying people with all my Illaoi suggestions lol + being the only one still writing stuff here
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: that's not possible. 20 games in a row and only 2 divisions????
it was hard dropping from gold 5 to silver 1. Needed like 10 games only for that. The game shields you from dropping
: 23 Loses
and here i thought somebody beat me, but then you added "not in a row". I've lost 20 games in a row. Dropped from gold 4 to silver 1
Chermorg (NA)
: Unfortunately, I *think* this is beyond our current capabilities as volunteers. I was hoping to be able to give you a better answer, but given that I haven't heard anything I figured it best to respond letting you know that we've seen your suggestion and will do our best to either make it work or get it up the "chain" to those who may be able to, but I also want to be realistic and let you know that it's not likely to be accomplished soon. Sorry I can't bring better news :/
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: it's literally the same login though....?
pbe has a different password (unless you placed it the same) you need to logout and then log in again when going on the pbe boards
: I have a pbe account ^^ I just can't post on the boards for some reason.
you have to login with your pbe account to post on the pbe boards...
: I can't post messages on the pbe boards due to region restrictions ^^
how did you play Nexux Blitz without a pbe account?
: A handful of bugs I noticed in Nexus Blitz on the pbe
you need to report these on pbe, not here
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 1
Every time the spirit dies, even if Illaoi doesn't get the kill on it, she gets a CS score. Can you fix it? For those low amoint of times Illaoi uses smite? That's the most important thing. Second. >Which damage sources should/shouldn't stack together. Does this mean you're finally going to fix recursive stacking on ad and armor/mr? Like guinsoo x yi for example
: Feature/QoL change/Idea Generator for 2018 and beyond!
Feature/Suggestion Name: Indicators and pings for Illaoi's Passive Opportunity/Problem Statement: Pinging the cooldown of Illaoi's passive is very important when she needs some tentacles to put in the lane, before a gank or before a teamfight. Knowing the exact range when Illaoi is too far away from a tentacle to get the ult bonus attack speed or the attack range of each tentacle, is very important to new players. Brief Description: Pings - "Passive - Ready" / "Passive - 10s" (Like Anivia passive or Swain). Indicator - when hovering over Illaoi's passive. Target Audience: Illaoi players, NEW Illaoi players (for them it's most useful, even more since Illaoi was recently added to the low level players first champs) and Illaoi ally team, for fast communication. Mockups/Screenshots:
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: Please create a King Garen skin, as tryndamere already has one and there is only 1 true king of damacia and that is garen
: Feature/QoL change/Idea Generator for 2018 and beyond!
Feature/Suggestion Name: Keep MOVING/Presence of Nagakebourus Opportunity Currently there's no ability or effect like this. Could be used on Illaoi Brief Description: Passive: Slows all enemy units around you.
Simo Siili (EUNE)
: Illaoi's tentacle hitbox invisble [GAMEPLAY]
tape it, or it's only because of her ult
NexIbit (EUW)
: Illaoi can cast all abilities while getting knocked up
each champion that has long ability cast times works like that
: [Gameplay] Illaoi missing hitbox
: From the League wiki... Notes "Elixir of Skill does not increase the champion's level nor does it allow you to gain skill points beyond your champion's maximum, which is 18 for all champions except for UdyrSquare Udyr. The additional skill point is granted only if it's used before level 18, including on Udyr." Seems like they know.
the league wiki is not owned by riot and check who added that info lol i edit the wiki and once i make a discovery i write it there, but i also post it here to have riot fix it
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: Tooltips Update
that's pretty sweet for now. while you're looking at changing tooltips, can you make it so that the tooltips don't disappear when you attack or when you're getting attacked while you have the mouse over it? example: you're in a teamfight. You need to know how much damage your abilities do. You put the mouse over the tooltip but you cannot see because you're getting damaged...
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: July 11
and now there will be a situation where junglers won't want to push because they'll decrease the team's gold, at least that's what i'm going to do
: > [{quoted}](name=AnataBakka,realm=EUW,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=WQJBAwYL,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-06-26T22:23:51.296+0000) > > dots don't work ?? Since when? I'm pretty sure DOTs still reduce it per tick.
since forever. Only single target and aoe work. This also includes aoe dots like singed's. Teemo's passive doesn't work. Malzahar's w doesn't work etc...Summoned minions and items also don't work.
: Working as intended. Damaging illaoi reduces the time of the spirit. Urgot's w damages you alot quickly. Same thing happens with dots like teemo and abilities like katarina ulti.
: Illaoi Ult Bug
sorry if i comment on this old post but just wanna comment in case someone else looks at it that's how is supposed to work! Illaoi doesn't spawn tentacles based on the closest champion but based on where she faces, and would you guess her facing direction is determined when pressing R. Check the wikia for more info on that.
: Illaoi Bugs
[too many bugs]( you say? can you make a video on those ones? People reported to me that knock ups and zoe's e could block illaoi's E, but that doesn't happen. The E still goes on, but it's invisible. If you don't grab a spirit, it's most likely because you missed.
: [Gameplay] Illaoi missing hitbox
* take Illaoi * press R * there's your answer
: This video have 0 Modification and i used riot replay tool to play it
i did not say that. i said that it's intended for ryze to not be teleporting people who recall. It's coded that way.
: Feature/QoL change/Idea Generator for 2018 and beyond!
Illaoi E Slow Change TLDR: Just to follow with her lore, the farthest the champion moves away from the spirit the tireder it gets. To not cause any buff the maximum achivebale slow (when you reach the tether) is massiviley reduced compared to current one.
: The Pyke in his VO is real different. This Pyke is self-aware and isn't getting revenge for himself. {{champion:555}} "They said you ain't innocent." {{champion:555}} "I got friends everywhere, especially in the depths." {{champion:555}} "I am not the only one who wants revenge on everyone." {{champion:555}} "Captains told me to kill fish, fish told me to kill captains, makes sense." {{champion:555}} "Not sure who's revenge I'm getting... Don't care!" {{champion:555}} "Every kill makes the voices louder... and I looove what they're screaming." The thing about all of this is, that the Pyke ingame feels a lot more like the man he once might have been that has been imbued with some kind of power in order to go on a mission like he was paid to do so. The one in the lore suggests a folklore like spectre that returned hateful after being swallowed whole and after the crew of the Terror, which seemingly never existed (again spooky ghost story element) died Pyke thought he was done, but from there on every time he came a across a captain he didn't go "Your names on the list, now die" but "Why is his name not on the list? Why? This must be a mistake, I must've folded it wrong. YES YOU WHERE THERE!". Pyke seemingly doesn't know himself why he's doing this, but his mind is so messed up from whatever happened to him that he's too deranged to notice that what ever revenge he's getting might not even be real.
"My mind ain't all my own these days." "My new bosses don't care about gold."
: This is actually a good call out and not something that we intended to do purposely. Because of how we wanted to display the messaging in the client, it wouldn't display quite correctly on the website so we made two different instances: one that could be opened in client and one that lived natively here. We should have just used this one to redirect to the other announce. I'm going to swap the this one with the article from the client, but you'll still be able to find this one if you click View All News. Thanks for pointing this out.
can you do the same for other announcements? i like reading some announcements from the "news" but they don't appear in the red tracker and that's the only thing i check
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