: How is everyone doing with the new Zyra?
I agree, zyra need a small buff
: burst zyra's better for closing games out early anyways (I'm a Zyra main) try {{item:3165}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3089}} {{item:3020}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3135}} it works charms!
You have 0 zyra game, {{item:3116}} {{item:3151}} obligatory for zyra !
Siyther (NA)
: she needs a bigger nerf than tht. in mid lane she is beyond oppressive, a good zyra will not let u farm at all(even under turret) and support zyra can single handedly win the lane (at least in low elo)
As you said in low elo with the player who can not play! a player who knows a minimum play beats zyra very easily and this is his one never sees the above Diamond
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: NA > EU Down goes EU!
100% TSM player is from EU ^^
: Olaf fan art
Olaf dragquin version
: Elise Winrate now 48% so about them ms nerfs.
48% winrate because all noob of the world play elise because skt t1 play elise ?
: What the fuck is master yi
Master Yi Difficulty: 4/10 Excuse me !!!?
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Gubaguy (NA)
: in what world does a blue tinket make up for a lack of a sightstone? we had 0 map control to begin with becuase we had no sightstone to see enemy movements, we had no idea where we coudl have warded BECAUSE we had no wards, also how do i buy a pink when im full build? should i sell my thornmail or deadmans when it was agasint a team of 5 AD champs? or maybe give up all my HP in my junglers item? oh, i know ill give up my cleaver, which also gives HP, and revealed endgame i did more dmaage then our ADC, jsut to pink something with no other vision, at all.
So if I summarize the situation you insulted the support for not buy ward while you jungle do not buy ? {{item:1409}} {{item:1411}} {{item:1410}} {{item:1408}} Especially when you take {{summoner:6}} and {{item:3071}} {{item:3075}} for {{champion:78}} is that you seriously need to review your build
Gubaguy (NA)
: Its players liek this that make me rage, and trap me in bronze...
At the same time you blame the support for not buying the ward while the rest of the team took no {{item:3363}} The vision is for all team and each player must invest in a pink ward {{item:2043}}
: Expose Weaknesses Doesn't Belong in Ferocity
Expose Weaknesses has been create for ADC
Rioter Comments
: {{champion:133}} and {{champion:5}} are not overpowered. {{champion:79}} and {{champion:76}} and {{champion:77}} are not overpowered. {{champion:7}} is not overpowered. {{champion:202}} is not overpowered. {{champion:25}} is not overpowered. {{champion:54}} is doing well because adc's are popular, and will fall in power when adc's die down. {{champion:114}} is powerful simply because she hasn't been fixed. {{champion:77}} is no longer powerful, with nerfs to both runic echos and udyr's direct kit. {{champion:42}} is just being abused in the mid lane right now because of his flexibility. It's a short fad and will end soon when one of his counters becomes popular or some indirect changes makes him better in bot lane. {{champion:96}} was nerfed this patch.
You look LCS ? because they champion are broken in soloQ and LCS
Rioter Comments
: Hell No. This would massively gut the damage of high AP mages like lux and veigar. There are too many high MR items for your BS.
"New passive unique: Your ability power is limited to 400"
: You could remove it and gut the MR items. Stupid 70 MR SV and BV, 15 MR aura item every team buys, oh and of course Maw and QSS. Did I mention you get 9 armor from standard runes, and 12 mr? Fact is, the items AP champions are "balanced around" {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} are just two mandatory items that serve as a gold sink and work around to making enough valid AP items to make a real full build on any given mage.
Actually all mage have {{item:3089}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3001}} excluding boots there are only 2 available seats, for the jungle 1 ... There is absolutely no diversity
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: Runic Echoes needs a nerf
PBE is your friend ! Next patch 10% MS => 7% MS
Yenn (NA)
: Can we just rework Annie?
Is this a joke? Annie is one of the Mage with the lowest range of the game It is almost impossible to place his combo used without {{summoner:4}} as it has no mobility and is very fragile Especially you play Ahri currently god tier while Annie is tierlist ...
: Something tells me English isn't your first language. You might want to work on it a bit.
: @Riot, Support update?
Why the item used only by media should be as useless ? {{item:2302}} {{item:2301}} 2200 gold for 200 health and 10% CDR ? It's big mouth foutage {{item:3050}} Us who still play this crap that proc on minions ? Not to mention the boots: Season 5 {{item:3117}} 500 gold for support and 800 gold for other boots for other post Season 6 {{item:3009}} {{item:3158}} 600 gold for all i feel like I actually scammed somewhere ...
: > [{quoted}](name=Andrysek57,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xxLEYqsc,comment-id=00080000,timestamp=2016-02-22T02:10:31.369+0000) > > Looking at your history I saw that you did play 10 matches since season 6 with only 2 support {{champion:40}} {{champion:37}} > > You do not know what happen in reality because the support were massacred ... lol, I just didn't play ranked much. Didn't even finish my placements yet. Yeah, I main Sona/Janna. Problem? Could've told it with my name only, didn't need to bother with my match history. So, just to get this straight, you're telling me, I main support, but I don't know what happens in reality with supports? I don't know that you are grossly overstating the issue? K, good one. Yes, typically you/re roughly 2 lvls behind, and yes, other people get to full build before you do. Sorry, though, I don't need full build and full lvls to have my full impact. As Janna, all I want is lvl 9. And looking at your own history, because 2 can play that stupid game, you consistently afford items such as {{item:3027}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3040}} on Nami (even being 3-12-9 on the losing team), all of which are quite expensive. So much for no items.
My support list {{champion:1}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:267}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:143}} Your support list {{champion:37}} {{champion:40}} And say you play since 2010 ? ...
: Never heard anyone say this to me, and I've been a support player since November 2010. Maybe, just maybe, your support game isn't top notch.
Looking at your history I saw that you did play 10 matches since season 6 with only 2 support {{champion:40}} {{champion:37}} You do not know what happen in reality because the support were massacred ...
: @Riot, Support update?
{{champion:117}} Just reduced its ratio of spells AP and increases the rest allow him to return the support that she was in season 3
: First of all, that's pretty much impossible to reconcile between all ELOs. Because how much gold a solo laner generates would be dependent on their skill to farm. While supports gold gen are for the most part, independent of such skill. (except for pocking shield or FQC) Often times in my Elo, I'm not even that far off from my lane counterparts. Especially on poke heavy supports. Secondly, there's a limit to how much gold you can give to a Support, without it becoming a problem on other laners. (But hey, FQC is a wonderful option for a mid laner. Right?) And if a support can keep up with his lane counterpart in High ELO, you have probably passed that limit. Thirdly, it's support. The class least dependent on gold. Particularly true for the high level ELO players, Who can easily make plays with just their gold item, boots, and a sight stone.
The question is not, at present there is a huge lack of support simply because it's awful to play {{champion:12}} {{champion:201}} because these are the two most competitive support. For my part I would play well {{champion:267}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:1}} but they are literally atomized by the ADC
Lost R (NA)
: "You're support. You don't matter."
Especially we do not stop to nerf for no good reason {{item:3117}} 500 => 600 gold Other lane {{item:3009}} {{item:3158}} 800 => 600 ... They may have forgotten that the support have less gold ? {{item:2049}} 4 ward => 3 ward The removal of certain mastery that allowed the support caught up their delay Result when the rest of the team is level 18 full build we we're level 12 with a ridiculous build {{item:2303}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3117}}
: Let me guess the Mid laner also has about 400 more cs than the Support, and probably about 6 more kills right? Also solo lane exp vs duo. That support also roamed an incredible amount from the looks of it, getting even less exp.
Explain to me why in season 5 had the support of 1/5 difference level whereas now it is 1/3 ?
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: zyra discusion
rework of zyra expected middle year ;)
Rioter Comments
: Viktor has only to 46% win rate
Because korea player play viktor so all casual player play viktor And as unable to play them as well as the rate of winrate falls below 50%
: > [{quoted}](name=AHarmlessTaco,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mT4LZjIw,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2016-02-15T15:56:47.086+0000) > > Given that it is a massive hourglass, Id be pretty okay with this item giving 20% CDR, the active, and mana regen.... all things that are TIME related, y'know? I dont really know why an hour glass gives you armor in the first place... This would make the item mandatory on any AP champion. Even with 10% CDR, I am sure that this item would be a mandatory pick on many AP champions. I think that Zhonya should be a situtional item, only really being mandatory against Zed, or to melee assassins (Kat, Fizz, etc) or to champions that need to be in the middle of a teamfight (Fiddlesticks, Kennen, etc) -
I do not have the same vision you. For me the Zhonya serves simply to avoid being the focus exactly as the AD champions have {{item:3053}} {{item:3156}} that is present in all build
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Xin Zhao support new meta OP
And kiss my ass the haters
Rioter Comments
: Udyr isn't the problem, Swifties and the Runic is.
{{item:1410}} isn't problem {{champion:77}} is
: That still won't make support anymore popular, maybe except the ward buff. "But no damage it is not fun :((((((" -your typical shitty player
: > [{quoted}](name=Andrysek57,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=qucRVFfG,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2016-02-09T22:10:31.872+0000) > > All roles have their own anti-focus item and it's really important to have one on each champion > {{item:3053}} for melee > {{item:3026}} for marksman > {{item:3157}} for AP > {{item:3401}} for support melee > and for support mage nothing ... this is why I propose to give an anti-focus capacity to this item {{item:3060}} But you are essentially deleting banner of command and making a new item with a name that doesn't fit the active. We would be much better off creating a new item and leaving banner of command to serve it's purpose. Which is unattended split pushing.
I chose {{item:3060}} because support need {{item:3105}} and the support mage have very little room to include a new item. 1) {{item:3116}} 2) {{item:3151}} 3) {{item:2301}} 4) {{item:1326}} 5) {{item:3135}} 6) {{item:3105}}
: Banner of command is a unique item. The effectiveness is debatable but I am in favor of keeping unique/niche items in the game. I see no need to change it into something completely different.
All roles have their own anti-focus item and it's really important to have one on each champion {{item:3053}} for melee {{item:3026}} for marksman {{item:3157}} for AP {{item:3401}} for support melee and for support mage nothing ... this is why I propose to give an anti-focus capacity to this item {{item:3060}}
Nidelkha (NA)
: Or just simply because it's the easiest role to carry as including jungle.
Support is not nobrain role, a good support which is placed the ward and engages at the right time can make his team won
Hellpyre (NA)
: As a support main, the only of those thing I like are the ones that give me more wards.
There is also the support mage that need an up to my proposal or the item up on these {{item:3060}} {{item:3050}}
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: Can we get some harder mages?
Jikker (NA)
: As a support main.....what????
> [{quoted}](name=Jikker,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=65ohy9Rp,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-02-08T15:21:44.854+0000) > > As a support main.....what???? ?
Rioter Comments
: Zhonya reduced the price to 3200 to prove you loved support mage
You are seriously the little asshole who put I do not like? LEAGUE OF LEGEND NEED A SUPPORT! its not happen that way
: Zhonya reduced the price to 3200 to prove you loved support mage
No wonder nobody wants to play for support how they destroyed the mage ...
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