kargish (EUW)
: What if Rengar became an actual stalker?
Bullshit boring %%% changes just give him his old unstoppable oneshots back and don’t listen to trash adc mains crying
: > [{quoted}](name=Anhartamin,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mKEuVxt1,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2017-09-28T21:54:16.287+0000) > > IMO you’re low elo and don’t realize no adc besides MAYBE draven stacks lifesteal IMO I don't have time to grind ranked because I'm a mechanical engineer/math double major but I still pay attention to trends in game and been playing since season 2. Two lifesteal items are a thing against CC heavy comps (scimitar + 1 other item). And its not only ADCs that I have a problem with stacking lifesteal, its Fiora, Yi, and Yas as well. It's not hard to counter, of course, but definitely quite annoying.
Wow cool and I study airplane technology while going to mma training every day besides Sunday and I still don’t come up with retarded ideas for a game I have no idea about. Yasuo doesn’t stack lifesteal, neither does yi.
: IMO lifesteal should be a unique passive.
IMO you’re low elo and don’t realize no adc besides MAYBE draven stacks lifesteal
: janna is the most nerfed champion of all time you can't say that riot favors her she is a product of the meta, if adcs are strong janna is strong if assassins are strong janna is strong if adcs are weak janna is weak.
That’s the biggest bullshit I’ve ever heard, Janna has never less than 53% win rate. Which meta favors Janna? Or is every meta a janna meta?
Rexxiee (NA)
: Junglers are ruining top lane 1v1 experience
: I don't care about Yasuo being OP or not , I just get frustrated how when I play against a Bad Yasuo , but in late game when he buy items , no matter how good or bad he is , HE WON'T DIE FROM AN AHRI FULL COMBO , and still , he need to q twice and restores his lost hp , yeah thats how I've been getting frustrated lately.
You’re just bad than, you can 100-0 him easily if he’s bad. One charm and he’s done.
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: Can mage mains stop with the delusion of needing 1000 ap to do their job?
Mage and support mains are the most obnoxious if you ask me. Mages dominate the rift in soloq and competitve since months, still mage mains manage to demand buffs to their already strong itemization. Just look at morellonomicon and name on ad item ad versatile and strong.
: you need to have high damage to get through all the shields and CC, so its pretty reasonable
Or you just better time your stuff yknow like assassins had to the last months/years :)
: Can we please ship Udyr's 355 MS change even if his other PBE changes are delayed or scrapped?
You don't know what 10ms mean, here you can see a boards user embarrass himself. One of the reasons riot doesn't listen to boards
: Someone will name cleaver, and then I'll say: Drastically worse build path. Little items that synergize with it. Costs more. High cost component compared to Morello's. Doesn't invalidate mana costs.
Cleaver is extremely strong but as you said the build path sucks ass for assassins and marksmen. Bruisers love it cause it makes you Tanker early while assassins have to sit on 15ad phage till completing
Aazzlano (NA)
: Mage items are literally all shit compared to AD items, lmao. What world are you living in?
Name one ad item as versatile and op as morellonomicon and we can start talking
: Care to explain how Zhonyas deals 0 damage but Hex does?
Mage players Logik, plays the most broken shit with broken items but still complains about assassin items which are now used after a long time without assassins
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: To be honest, the concept of lethality itself was an huge error from Riot. We went from armor pen items which needed people to build one or two max to go through a weaker state to snowball later harder as the game goes on, to full lethality builds where building full tank won't even help you against it
You know that a 1k gold item nullifies two lethality items almost completely?
ThePikol (EUNE)
: It's Janna who is overpowered it's meta favouring her
The Lulu excuse. Lulu mains said the same when she was broken but yea, Janna is balanced sure. Can I ask what a Janna meta defines? Burst champions? We had that for months. Long fights? We had that too and she had a decent winrate. Strong marksmen? We have/had that and she was strong too. So when does the meta not favor her? Stop that meta favoring bullshit, she's broken
: Vlad can pool Deathmark afaik and Lissandra can just ult herself.
That's true, a competent zed can poke vlad down and never get hit by e and q Liss deals 0 dmg
: {{champion:127}} literally shits on him (i think she even got picked as a direct counter to him in the LCS a few seasons ago?) {{champion:245}} {{champion:79}} (AP Grag) {{champion:8}} for obvious reasons If you want to go a bit off-meta/troll: AP {{champion:12}}
Vlad and Lisa lose horribly
Skorch (NA)
: Did lulu ever get nerfed though? I dont remember it, nor is she meta anymore.
: Singed reach 55% winrate with ~2% pick rate after patch
Inb4 mechanically unskilled Janna players try to explain that the meta just favors her and that the champ isn't even strong. WE HAD THAT SHIT WITH LULU
: I really wish I could go back and laugh at all these people complaining about how Midlane Malz is soooooo UP after the rework. The funny thing is that he used to have an extremely good winrate back then aswell, people just complained because nobody realized how OP he was.
Range du point and click suppress plus spellshield can't be op!!!!!!
Ralanr (NA)
: Eh, it's justified under certain conditions like Darius and Garen's ults. Cho I agree is currently a bit ridiculous with how his interaction with stoneplate works. He can basically just remove 1 person from a fight in the beginning. Honestly it feels like Riot is encouraging split pushing with Cho'gaths impact on teamfights.
Garen is trash compared to cho, so is Darius cause he needs stacks while garen needs the target to be low and his villain. Idk what people at balance team thought giving someone that amounts of true damage, sustain, cc, aoe etc.
: everything hurts squishies. thats why theyre called squishy. base damage is still noticable when youre running around on glass cannon builds with base resistances. > Chogath isn't mobile. He also has no reliable cc unlike maokai, zac or gragas. That's his trade off ok. But does that justify him having insane true damage on a point and click spell? yes it does. for fucks sake can people stop bitching about chogath ult? the ult was never the problem or why the champion is overtuned recently the changes to his e, which increased his base damage by adding stacking % health damage are why chogath was suddenly overtuned. cho was sitting far below 50% winrate for month, even with the stoneplate interaction with his ult already existing in the game. its the update to his e that kinda broke him, not the existence of his ult or even its scaling. the only problem with cho is that riot is trying to push him into the role of a tank with aoe cc, and a juggernaut with extremely high base damage at the same time. if you were to remove either the damage on his e (turn him back into a tank), or the knockup on his q (go the full on juggernaut route), hed be far easier to balance.
huge amounts true damage point and click style are never justified, chop was kept weak cuz of ult
Zelmac (NA)
: if tanks do trash dmg u can ignore them and then its 5v4
You can't ignore a zac or gragas. Never. Cc is one of the strongest things in league and your mindset is the problem why we have champions like gragas and zac
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: 47% winrate on your onetrick feelsbadman Almost Janna isn't my 3rd most played btw
That moment when a plat 4 hardstuck support main (Lulu, Janna) talks about win rates. I would kms if I would have your stats
: malphite was garbage since season 2 before poppy after season 3 he never got played in competition/high elo same with maokai, he started to be picked TOP around s5 after his ult got broken by riot, he was played in the jungle before and shen i will give you that didn't know that sion vgu was before poppy, thought it was after basically around season 3/4, only shen was played in solo lane as a tank everyone else in the jungle (naut maokai cho ect...)
Just stop talking their updates are two seasons apart
: Easier than ganking a Riven. Cause, you know, Ahri is actually vulnerable without her R.
Difference is riven is 50x harder to play than your %%% champion
: Yikes the troll pole is getting buffed.. am I reading this right?
: Didn't it JUST get nerfed?
I'm not saying it's op, I'm just saying you always rush it
Werdx (EUNE)
: I think that's not funny.He is asking for advice/help and you sitting there 0 productive and laugh at him. You have 41% win ratio and you play Tryndamere and Darius.I think that's says enough. Main Tryndamere laughs at people who cant beat him. 59W 85L GGWP
He doesn't ask for advice, he just got shit on super hard. Probably by a smurf.
: Riot games and Gragas E
Fix hitbox and lower his damage. A tank doesn't need to deal damage boards, especially not when he has damage reduction, sustain, low mana costs, good scalings, only aoe abilities and almost everything on range. Gragas kit is broken. Take away his damage at least.
: >Duskblade got buffed cause it wasn't attractive enough as rush item No, it wasn't even attractive. And it forced u to stack all lethality item to be revelant.
It was attractive, just not as rush item. You didn't need eon to deal damage with dusk and yomous. What changed? Now you always rush dusk and never yomous.
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Mixolydia (EUNE)
: Twitch is sitting around 52+ winrate for around 3 patches. Why is there nothing on the PBE yet?
: I thought that Taliyah Syndra Ori would have been nerfed hard for such reliablity in pro
Problem is oriannas ability to take 1/3 your health with q w aa tld. Taliyah just wins lane by hitting on we combo and syndra used to be a skill champ but basically just press r
: Leblanc 45'61% winrate got nerfed again
She's oppressive in high elo, get hit by one chain and you re dead
kargish (EUW)
: Garen silences to block off his combo Darius just straight up beats him as a lane bully Gnar has range, slow and %hp damage Fiora blocks his stun and wins the trade Jax blocks his stun and has more sustained damage Quinn just wrecks him Vlad outsustains
Garen is trash, Darius loses versus renekton ask any high elo player, gnar is a different case, Fiora gets shit on, jax too before two items, vlad stands no chance.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: not of recent not since the current patch ... go look
Maybe the comp. aspect, rest still stands dude. Cait was top tier since beginning s6. Draven had a long time where he was weak, let him shine.
: > [{quoted}](name=Anhartamin,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=s7HgtEkA,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-07-24T14:44:26.527+0000) > > Dopa still says it's the best item on the game, btw when was the last time you saw someone buy merc scimitar? It's only a great item because of it's potential uses. The active on the item is amazing the stats on it are garbage. Not every game but that makes sense as it's a niche item. It's still a great item. You can sit on QSS for the whole game and upgrade it later or sooner.
So it's a great item but needs buffs? Is that what you try to say?
: cait is not more broken then draven stop it draven is the top tier adc right now cait is egh close to the bottom look at facts not feeling and opinion
Funny that cait gets played more in comp. , is more mobile and also has more range and cc.
: In my opinion the nerfs to Zhonya's was overkill. They nerfed the shit out of the armor, AP and CD on the active. It feels pretty trash to buy at the moment. Let's not mention that it's the only armor item that also gives AP on top of that you also have to stack it for it's full value. Whereas ADs have {{item:3155}} {{item:3140}} {{item:3139}} and I'd argue that the passive on Hexdrinker is better than the Zhonya's active by far.
Dopa still says it's the best item on the game, btw when was the last time you saw someone buy merc scimitar?
: its not like she was behind it was an even as far as kda for the most part... draven is by far the single target damaging adc to have to trade with and with caits nerfs she is in a bad spot
Cait doesn't invest her gold into defense tho, so them being even in kills means nothing. Furthermore cait is far more broken
Hoenhiem (NA)
: WOW an early game champion in an early game meta with a high winrate. If he gets gutted and the meta shifts, he becomes garbage.
: I think it was stonewall008 who said something like "Gragas has everything a tank could want, hard CC, soft CC, mobility, waveclear, % damage reduction, playmaking ult, and a self heal." He's right. Gragas is pretty crazy.
When I made the thread I got downvoted cause boards logic. Tanks can't be op in boards opinion, supports neither. It's always the evil marksmen and assassins
: In pro play, but she isn't as good as some people think.
She is op as fuck please stop playing the game
: A siege tool that's good at sieging? Inconceivable
: Can Renekton be toned down?
He doesn't fall off as hard as je should
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