Eedat (NA)
: but he doesnt even need DD to be strong. For example, DD on Draven seems to be meta on NA and EU, [but if you take a look at the Korean server they almost always build BT over DD on him and achieve similar results]( There is for sure a problem with him outside of one item.
Draven is not the problem. Meta supports and items are.
: You honestly think janna is easier to play then supports like {{champion:99}} {{champion:143}}{{champion:1}} ... fun stuff.
if you make annie support work in high elo you get a medal from me. janna is braindead, its not hard to admit.
: Zhonyas is strong but has trash stats (especially armor) and a 2 mins cooldown. Banshee is strong, but if I could choose I'd rather cleanse CCs with scimitar instead of blocking a random spell (meh, even a stupid Nidalee trap) every 40s.
: Am I the only one that things Ardent Censer is a little overloaded?
I wonder where Lulu/Janna/karma mains are right now cause you're not downvoted to hell
Rainfall (EUNE)
: Breaking Down Yasuo
Anyone who thinks Yasuo is unbalanced should uninstall Yasuo is incredibly useless, gets murdered by specific counters and offers nothing a Fiora doesn't offer besides a wind wall which you can just wait out. If you struggle versus him side step his nado, if you're too bad to do that flash it. If you're still too bad ban him and stop coming here to cry about a weak champion
: "Zhonya's was nerfed because it gave too much in terms of both offensive and defensive power"
: > [{quoted}](name=Anhartamin,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GAFLw3jx,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-06-24T13:05:27.224+0000) > > Cause nautilus with his point and click cc is fun to play against :) I'm glad they gutted that brainless trash Even with 40 percent cdr his ult has a pretty long CD. His hook is basically a worse version of Thresh's hook, save for the fact that it can be used as an escape tool. His E has a pretty short range, basically requiring you to stand on top of the enemy while you activate it so they can't walk away.
Using his e is so hard on top lane where basically everyone is melee :) If he was so bad why was he one of the most played top laners in pro play?
: lol i actually agree that support items are op as fuck atm. play as soraka, nid, kayle, nami, or lesser case janna, (not sure if unholy grail works with morgana), are bloody op with 800 hp heals from censor plus unholy. the amount of burst healing i did in my last game as nid support was crazy strong. we won due to me keeping my team alive and giving them absurd attack speed
Support mains will tell you Janna and Lulu with their items are balanced :)
Rioter Comments
: Riot, Nautilus can't clear the jungle anymore. He is less than 1% play rate because he sucks
Cause nautilus with his point and click cc is fun to play against :) I'm glad they gutted that brainless trash
: we asked to tune down damage in the game in general. we didnt ask for only marksmen to get more tanky and more damage... because thats exactly what happened. defensive items are mostly trash and except for one or two tanks, they all struggle. same for bruisers. they went all down the drain with the change to the defensive items and cant stay alive in fights anymore. marksmen have seen buffs to their main damage items, they got additional new items that grant them ad while making them burst resistant, and riot has added mr/lvl scaling to them. literally the only ones who came out stronger of this update are marksmen, as they hjad both their damage and their defense heavily icnreased. and theyre shredding everyone else. damage didnt get tuned down, its just a single class of carries that holds all the power right now.
Problem is that the supports on boards are the worst of all players but still want to have major impact for pressing e as Janna. Nice act of riot that they have and still buff support items instead of massively nerfing that role and it's items. Support is the easiest role but still has more impact than top laner and people wonder why marksmen are op
Oriyoki (EUW)
: We didn't want marksmen to to be numero uno. We wanted marksmen to just be DPS, not burst per second or champions per second.
But at the same time support players asked for more impact, they got that and it made marksmen insanely overpowered. Meanwhile I still see people defending supports like Janna and Lulu
: So, nerfs all traditional supports so zyra vs brand botlane every game? I'm not a fan of ADC state atm but you shouldn't punish support player properly doing his job to rebalance the class (I think changes to other classes for the sake of balancing ADCs has been done more than enough, don't you think? Maybe it's time to direct changes at the class itself instead of nerfing mages late game then gutting half of the assassin roster then nerfing tank itemization into oblivion)
Supports are balanced sure :) Janna is fair, interactive and balanced. Lulu too. Exhaust too. It is also really hard to play support :)
: Finally got to Gold!
Don't aim for a higher elo, aim for improving.
: Marksmen are just too reliable
No it's exactly this. Support items are op. Nerf ardent, locket, redemption and knights vow and we will see how hard it is to assassinate caitlyn and the other top tier marksmen. Right now it's basically impossible to assassinate a decent ad with their support at their site, a year ago I did that shit regularly as zed or kat. Why did we get rid of old rengar when the only problem was "lack of counterplay" when their was enough of it and now there is even more of it? Give assassins massive burst damage tied to g. wounds so marksmen can't heal back up. As assassin I don't have the waveclear, range, cc, burst, utility of a mage so at least give me no counterplay burst damage marksmen can't deal with even in a 1v2 and we finally see something else than orianna/syndra mid
: > [{quoted}](name=Anhartamin,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9a30ut33,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-22T15:33:57.494+0000) > > Problem about orianna is that her counters are weak as hell. Buff zed/yasuo/talon, nerf morello and zhonias and we will see how well she does. If they get buffed I guarantee we will see **way** more complaints about Zed and Yasuo being strong than we will ever see when Orianna is this strong.
Then the bronze silver boards players need to learn how to dodge shuriken and Nados :) Yasuo is so disgustingly weak and useless it's funny how some people cry about him it actually makes me laugh
: LB could be fine as is if you didn't try to push the kite-mage thing stream of nerfs
They will never be able to balance her with this kit. Her damage is just so fucking high I feel like her full rotation can kill most meta mids 5 times lol Chain tether range is insane too, you flash away and you're still in range xD
: > [{quoted}](name=Anhartamin,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9a30ut33,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-22T15:33:57.494+0000) > > Problem about orianna is that her counters are weak as hell. Buff zed/yasuo/talon, nerf morello and zhonias and we will see how well she does. None of those champs counter ori. Ori is the best mage counterpick into assassins thanks to her shield, resistances, and cc.
I shit on oriannas as zed, there are specific ways to shit on her. Yasuo out dps her but sadly he's trash. Talon kills her through shield
MagÊ (EUW)
: Yeah as an orianna main i wouldn't mind her being nerfed....
Problem about orianna is that her counters are weak as hell. Buff zed/yasuo/talon, nerf morello and zhonias and we will see how well she does.
: {{champion:30}} has a semi bad early game for the trade off of how good his late can be {{champion:127}} has to pay attention to mana early {{champion:69}} literally goes oom in 3 seconds at levels 1-5 {{champion:38}} Mana problems high scooldowns {{champion:8}} High cooldowns early {{champion:268}} falls off hard late {{champion:1}} has a semi weak laning phase in a lot of matchups, can fall off. The majority of mages have a weakness. Granted, there are a few that that this doesn't apply to, however it should apply. Her q is 40 mana for a 4 second cooldown. Her w for mobility is a flat 9 second cd. Morellonomicon alone makes spamming her abilities so much easier It allows her to keep complete lane control in the majority of matchups.
Karthus has the best early game of all mages probably.
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: Camille is a million times better at getting picks. She provides long range engage along with amazing single target lockdown. Camille is a decent duelist lategame but she gets outscaled by most, if not all, skirmishers.
Sure she can get picks you're right on that, but that's not what camille tries to split push 24/7 and wants to draw attention to her so her team can get shit done. Problem is she can't take on most meta top laners before she has like three items. Riven also does the whole splitpush duelist thing better.
Rioter Comments
: If you say Aurelion is top tier, then nunu is too, considering you use's 7.11 winrate(and only winrate) as a source
Nunu is top tier you genius
Voluug13 (NA)
: > still you guys further nerf assassins while mages do the same shit from range. Where have you been living, Riot has been nerfing the fuck out of mages {{champion:63}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:143}} and AP items in general. Most AP items are crap, and most mages are rather mediocre or very, very niche.
Is this why malz and sol have the highest mid win rates :)?
: You can kite Rumble just as well as you can Darius. Apprehend has similar range to Rumble's Q and Darius has a stronger slow, along with a Black Cleaver first item buy which increases his movement speed. Rumble's ultimate will do around 9000 damage at rank 3 to the entire enemy team if and only if: he has Rylai's, Void Staff and Liandry's, they bought no MR, and they stand inside it for the entire duration. Darius's ultimate can deal 5000 damage to the enemy team with no defense items available to mitigate it, but also does not require him to build more than Black Cleaver due to his passive. And the condition is only that they stand in range of Darius-- who can move to catch up. Rumble hasn't been a problem for anyone but the LCS because his strength is one that can only be abused when your entire team is drilled to work together and has the highest possible level of communication available. Same as Shen and Twisted Fate in seasons prior. These champions get wrongfully nerfed for the other 99% of players because a select few get to play with 5-man teams-- something no longer allowed in competitive play for the average player.
Differences. Rumble is ranged, a huge problem in high elo, in lcs, the items he's using are strong as hell, he can ult from two screens away and slow you from range while darius can't do those things. Get to higher elo and learn to kite, Darius got now useless.
: Diana is getting indirect nerfs every patch.
Simply go doran darkseal corruption and you're good
: Rumble nerfs, but Darius sill at large
Cause you can kite darius while you can't kite rumble who has insane dps and a great team fighting ultimate.
: Malzahar was overtuned last patch guys. Stop freaking out about the nerfs.
Malzahar was so broken last patch who cried about the nerf?
: I don't really see the melees building it being particularly broken, it's like black cleaver where it wasn't melees who made the item a problem, it was the ranged champions, and unlike how they nerfed black cleaver, this needs a range specific nerf. If it's still a problem then have that nerf be for everybody, but until then riot should look for a range nerf first.
Which melee is abusing it? Draven is the biggest abuser in this game
: Guess that explains why my genius idea to max W first on Trynd didn't work that one time xP
W Max works super well versus assassins tho
: While I personally hate Trundle, isn't him being annoying for AD top laners kind of the point?
His thing is outstating people super hard by pressing q and r on them while having ridiculous stats anyway. Super interactive and fun counterplay. I kinda wonder which retards ever complain about yasuo nowadays
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Ralanr (NA)
: Q + Passive is enough.
Q doesn't kill a whole wave, it kills the casters but not the melees. Passive won't clear melees alone.
Shadòw (EUW)
: doesn't change the fact that junglers have no huge exp differences to the laners like it used to be, and they are nonexistant in the early game where junglers have the biggest impact.
Jungle exp is flawed yes, focusing the jungle more around power farming makes the game stale and boring and junglers can 1v9 again without leaving jungle once like s6 where tarz reached rank 1
Ralanr (NA)
: Except you just need your Q and passive to clear waves. Using E puts it needlessly on cooldown.
One q doesn't kill a whole wave tho, especially when you haven't put enough points into q
Shadòw (EUW)
: this is just live from qt's stream. {{champion:19}} is the same level as top and mid even if he is not ahead of them. {{champion:64}} is fed and has the same level as {{champion:38}} who is also fed. meanwhile {{champion:3}} is 2 levels behind even if he isn't doing too bad. and this is just a random high elo match i just had up on my secondary screen, this is just usual.
This game was a pure fiesta where qt lost the first two waves and died two times early and proceeded to roam 24/7. using this game for your argumentation is dumb
Eedat (NA)
: I would like to see some more details of that match. There is something massively wrong considering one of their duo laners is actually the highest level on their team
I can tell you I watched the game an hour ago. It was a pure fiesta. Galio (qt) died two times early and was 2 levels behind kled and roamed a shit ton. Same goes for Kassadin. Lee and ww skirmished the shit out of the game. It's just a bad example and shows how flawed his argumentation is :)
Ralanr (NA)
: Except why spam E? It's not a good ability for waveclear and you max it last anyway because his other abilities are better.
You're maxing qwe yes. But you spam e and q together to push faster so you can roam and assist your team more.
Ralanr (NA)
: You mean the triple Doran that will no longer work next patch?
i mean the triple doran that worked since months and didnt get looked at. btw his e costs fcking 50 mana lol, it will never be an issue to spam e in terms of mana. high elo players already experiment around, going cor. potion into dark seal doran is almost as good as triple doran.
Ralanr (NA)
: He already has his Q and passive. Using his E to waveclear is a waste of mana and needlessly puts his ability on cooldown.
waste of mana with triple doran? i played a lot of galio on my main account, you q casters, empowered aa melees and then e through wave. its the fastest way and you want the fastest way to clear waves to gank and roam a lot, i had great success this way.
korg023 (EUNE)
: If walking up with lee sin under enemy turret , pressing Q Q R and walking away like nothing happened is tactic,then this game is getting dumber and dumber my friend. I remember before in order to dive someone you really had to plan it out and when it works it felt so rewarding. That is tactic and planning ahead,this today is just diving with zero worry in your mind. If enemy top laner and jungler can walk up to you under tower kill you and tank 5 turret shots then i really feel sorry for what this game has become.
its a lee/elise/fizz problem tbh, those champions can dive without taking risks. most other champions have a harder time diving. if youre pretty low tho you shoudnt expect to be safe under your turret.
korg023 (EUNE)
: Things riot should make priority right now : 1. BUFF TOWERS 2. CHANGE JUNGLE AGAIN,REMOVE XP CATCHUP MECHANIC,MAKE GANKING MORE RISKY,REWARD PEOPLE FOR FARMING IN JUNGLE MORE. 3. FIX MINION BLOCK. When they fix these,its going to be huge leap forward.
i agree on the second and third point, the first thing is bull shit. towerdiving is a legit tactic. its to prevent bad players to hide under turret 24/7 :)
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=DunkinNoobs,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=IgH5X4ax,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-06-11T18:45:24.846+0000) > > A Twitch doing that much damage at 28 minutes is fed as fuck when he shouldn't be. watch the game they were down in global gold. He had less gold then the LB...
What are you talking about they were ahead af
: PSA: We Rengarmains actually DO NOT care about oneshotting
I used to main rengar. Not being able to oneshot is the only problem i have
: Yasuo rework idea
That's just a huge massive nerf to a champion that's pretty underpowered in higher elos...
Voluug13 (NA)
: Unless he builds tanky, he is squishy. Unless he builds support and/or AP, his shielding capacity is mediocre. Specially now that they are changing support itemization once again, whatever tankiness his support build had will be considerably lessened.
No ivern builds ap. You can get fairly tanky building locket/redemption/ardent/cinder green smite/cdr boots considering his e has 4 sec cd
: If shes not too strong rn, why is she getting nerfed?
She's a bit too strong but not broken. Her kit isn't fundamentally flawed. Galios kit is. It's way too powerful.
: somewhat related, Xayah should be giving up DPS for her burst, but she doesnt. She gets the best of both worlds and can 100-0 with her e while still having steady DPS.
No it's not related, xayah is far from broken op tier. Galio is actually retardly op
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