: Should've added intense NB3 editing and pasted over the Ultra Instinct battle theme. Then they would've drooled all over your post.
Don't know how to edit. :3
: 6 years since the last real enchanter support
No more enchanters. After the introduction of heal/shield amps, they broke bot lane and messed up the game. Balance items/runes before making another enchanter.
koshkyra (NA)
: I swear you buy the tiniest amount of mr and immediately become unkillable to AP
Wait wutt?! In what world? You need to re-evaluate how to play this game.
: why the downvotes.. I thought it was funny lol .. people on these boards are real haters.
Ayyy thanks. I'm not laughingfish so people don't approve. It is what it is. {{sticker:sg-poppy}}
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: 40-4 doesn't just mean one lane stomped. It means you were all objectively worse players than the opponent. It used to happen season 4 and earlier too.
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nm1010 (NA)
: Smart wards > littering wards everywhere Giving everyone too many wards dumbs the game down.
Really? Because iirc S3 was much better even with "wards everywhere@ than s6, s7 and now s8. Also, less wards =/= smarter wards. That's just a stupid reach.
Fazuzu (NA)
: I haven't played for over a year now, at least, but is it safe to play teemo again without oracles dropping a loaf in his cheerios? especially while standing somewhere trying to hold in the chuckle with the burst all ready to hit somebody that trips over little claymores? I heard they destroyed tanks? If so, this sounds like a fun time for me to try out the game again in little casual bursts at least. Although rune-fueled tankmo with mogs will no longer be an attainable break from any monotony. Here's to tankmo, and while at it here's to ionic which was really fun with that back in the day. Cheers.
Yeah teemo's a lot stronger than previous seasons thanks to the increase in damage across the board
nm1010 (NA)
: With zombie wards + active item cdr I honestly felt like I couldn't move from mid without {{item:3364}} to spot the 4 wards on either side of me. I for one am glad that there will be more freedom to move around without hitting a ton of wards everywhere.
Except back then, you all had wards. So fights only happened when YOU wanted them to or when someone got caught out. Now it's "let's see who's dumb enough" to facecheck.
Kaioko (NA)
: You now have zombie wards, trinkets, scuttle and free quest ward items for the supports. None of that used to be available. Your vision will still be just fine.
Zombie wards are one hit and you waste a rune slot. Trinkets have a stupidly high cd. I prefer buying vision wards any day. Lool you think scuttle actually compares to wards? Cute. Quest ward items are basically sightstone replacement so the net change in that area is 0. Try again bud.
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: Oh a lot bitch about it. You just are blind or don't care to look. And a lot of players have trouble against Zed, therefore they bitch about it.
Definitely not one of those posts hit front page of boards. Screenshot maybe?
: Really? That's rude. There are different rune options that work great for different champs. They can buy the Stopwatch if needed. I personally don't, just go for my seekers and play defensive.
Rude? Lol no. Inspiration is a good tree. And Future's market makes it a lot better. Other options are subpar and make lane harder than it should be. Exactly, go for Seekers and play safe. As a Zed main, the only reason I win lane vs mages is because a lot of them get cocky. I take advantage of that and snowball.
: They can win against him, but doesn't mean they didn't have trouble going against him or even lost lane because of him.
Zed has trouble against EVERY. SINGLE. MAGE. We don't bxtch about it. We get through it.
: Because not every mage needs Stopwatch. They might need a different rune instead.
First of all, then that mage doesn't know how to play. Secondly, stopwatch is literally 600g. And Zhonyas has one of the best and easiest build paths. Seeing as you'd already have seekers by the time Zed is 6, if you play right AND smart, you can survive with only Seekers.
bbQsauçe (EUW)
: ***
This! People don't put effort into learning simple counters for Zed. They rush Morello and complain when they die.
: > [{quoted}](name=HigherTier,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pEBXNBXY,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-07T20:17:11.006+0000) > > Zed is not boring. Did you see what Zed does early game? QQQQQQQQQQ, that's what he does it's safe and it does decent damage.
: Not generally. But, thing is: Assassins start snowballing with one kill. Especially AD ones. Because their first power spike is {{item:3134}}. Serrated dirk is an item that costs 1100 gold. You start the game with 500, and Zed generally puts his starting gold into a Longsword (350g off of full item) and potions. That leaves him 850 gold left. Generally everyone makes at *least* 500 or so by the first kill. First blood is 400g. That means he's now got 900g. Meaning a potion and his power spike. Now he can head back to lane, *easily* kill his laner again (or just force them away), and run bot for another kill. Possibly two more. Now he's got an additional 300-900 gold. There's his boots complete, plus the AD from the enemy ADC. Back to lane, another kill (because his laner's not going to be able to survive at this point). Now he's headed toplane, and snowballing his toplaner. Their jungler is too afraid to gank, because Zed could show up anywhere and one-shot him. And all of this? Because their mid didn't have stopwatch, or didn't have barrier. --- I don't agree with OP's other rationale (You take a mage for safe burst and hard CC, not just for damage diversity). But this? This is a different story altogether.
Uhmm, early seekers fcks Zed up. No competent mage player should lose laning phase vs a Zed for any reason. And with the free Stopwatch, it even makes laning phase harder for Zed. I don't know why this is even being talked about.
Rioter Comments
: I don't doubt that Leanna's reaction was genuine, I just feel like even though Annie was a troublesome presence, Leanna could've probably been a little more mature about it, at least up until Daisy died. I won't fault her her emotions at that point, because as a mother my soul was crushed watching literally that entire cinematic.
What I believe is, Leanna was jealous of Annie because she knew, that no matter how hard she tried, Gregori would never love her as much as he loved Annie. So that sowed a little seed of bitterness in her. So I'm guessing she kept trying so hard to find faults in Annie to make Gregori love her less but it didn't work and she just kept getting more frustrated.
: Shout out to Gregori, the unsung hero who gave us Annie
If I was Gregori, I would do the same. HOWEVER, you cannot knock Leanna's reaction. Losing her daughter was really hard. Then she lost her husband. And let's be honest, that was Annie's fault.
: "I'd rather have a toxic teammate than a bad one"
Easily a toxic person. Thoughts of toxic people last until the next champ select. I'd rather win with a muted teammate that lose LP AND time with a nice one.
: {{champion:268}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:429}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:412}} {{champion:157}} have all had this problem in the past or currently. Probably a few others I'm missing.
: That is a different discussion entirely. And it is equally unproductive to bring up.
Lool. Unproductive how? If someone you support with your money is incompetent, is your money not being wasted? I have to check their incompetence where it arises. If everyone did that, game balance won't be as non-existent as it is now.
: "Riot is corrupt because they won't fix X" - Can we please do away with this? (revised w/ poll)
: Hmm. It's almost as if ***you're not meant to win a 1v2***!. It's a fascinating and new concept, but *supports are actually champions* now, meaning that, if you're facing their support and their ADC together, it's not a 1v1, but a 1v2! It's a very new concept, true, so it may take some getting used to. I wish you luck in memorizing this, so that it may let you win your matches!
1v2 is one thing, however, getting over 1.5k shield in 3 seconds is unacceptable. Not to mention heals.
: Also probably safe to assume the Zed is something around 0/1 or 0/2 and is down cs. Fair chance he hadn't even bought any armor, greeding in the hope for future kills.
Zed could have just pressed R to negate half the burst. Don't know why he used W.
: Assassins can't kill Vayne
I agree. However, I don't really have a problem with Vayne if I'm playing Zed or Shaco. I bait her Ult + Q, then instagib her.
: What if that same kid continues cussing you out every day and in fact goes out of their way to do worse? I'm sure you'd wonder then.
What more can he do over the internet? Don't be a snowflake m8. If you can't take kids online, how can you deal with adults bigger/stronger than you offline?
: I honestly have no idea what kind of an idiot would buy them after they screwed with the orange essence. it feels like getting skins from chests actually costs you more than the actual price of the skin which is pretty stupid when you can just buy the skin instead of buying chests and relying on luck.
Back before the change, it was bearable. I've gotten 2 ultimates from loot boxes and I've gotten skins that would have cost thousands of pounds if I bought them outright. So it wasn't a bad idea back then but now, yeahhhh.
Wuks (NA)
: For YOUR eyes only owo
Durfain (EUW)
: Played since season one: I've never been less excited for a new season.
: IP Bans are a thing... toss them out, and burn the bridge they crossed to get here lol
Nope. Won't work. Just get new IP. Plus, IP bans also affect innocent players since IPs don't have to be unique. You see the problem here? This is pandora's box mate. Things keep coming out.
: While I can partially agree with that, the dangers of mob mentality are really very severe. If you put 5 or so people who do this exact kind of thing and put them together, very dangerous situations can happen that were very preventable, and innocent people are the ones who suffer. I would love it if we could live in a world where we could say "they're just words, actions are what matters", but words just predate actions.
Okay I think I need to clarify here. I do not, in any form, condone toxicity. HOWEVER, this IS the internet. You're pretty much anonymous to anyone who can't track your IP and shit. So all I'm saying is, take every single insult with an incredibly small pinch of salt. In real life, I de-escalate the situation by moving away to crowded areas where I know I'm safe from harm. However, if they continue, I hit up my lads and they know to step down. Also, I say people should move on because let's face it, toxicity is EVERYWHERE. In your state, in your school, at work. It's everywhere. If you keep expending time and energy trying to get someone punished for it, you'll eventually get swallowed and twisted. So it's not worth it in the end.
: Keep the salt to yourself boyo. A better comparison is if I frequent a gym and there's a fucker who gets up in everyone's face, including me, then yeah, I'm going to report him to the gym owner/management, and yeah, I am going to check for follow-up and ask "yo, did you guys take care of that guy or is he still allowed to be here? Have you done something about him or is he gonna be able to keep doing what he's doing?"
Salt? Lool. That's real life boyo. Also, you PAY for a gym. You literally have every single right to get feedback. Infact, you shouldn't even have to complain before the nuisance is removed/banned from the gym (Also, too many hefty people in the gym for you to be an asshole. Easy to get beaten to a pulp). Moving on, League is free. I mean I buy skins and stuff but at it's core, league is free. So therefore, you have no obligation to get feedback. You report the player, and the company (Riot), decide what they want to do. Whether the player is punished or not is not your business. Which is why I said earlier, move on!
: A real life friend of mine is so disgustingly toxic in games, that I didn't even like playing with him, but his account got perma banned
>Let's assume the player gets banned. Guess what, opens another account. Quoted from my reply. Doesn't matter how many times you ban someone. As long as they can open new accounts, won't matter. You'll say "but they'll have to grind again". Yes but they'll also ruin the experience for new league players. Why do you think Riot isn't banning them so quickly? Because they'll just make the leveling up experience horrible for new players and that messes with Riot's income.
: Dudes name was a reference to hanging black people. That's pretty physical imo.
As long as he doesn't have the balls to carry it out irl, he's not a threat. If he does tho, he'll be catching more these hands.
: Closure has been shown to aid in the whole moving on thing, and it let's the players know that whatever asshattery we had to put up with, resulted in a better game over all, since the offending individual was punished
I used to be triggered by words but having dealt with my fair share now, it's overrated. So let's see. Someone cusses you out, gets reported, gets Chat Restriction (cos let's face it, I hardly see permabans), the player becomes passive until restriction is over and goes back at it. Let's assume the player gets banned. Guess what, opens another account. I currently have 5 accounts mostly as a result of getting 7 DAY BANS for afk/dc/whatever. So trust me, feedback won't change shit. It just gives false closure.
: > I didn't say anything about neglecting your life. . >Or you could just live your life LIKE A NORMAL PERSON . >You have a problem comprehending sentences. You may have a problem articulating your thoughts into words then. Regardless, I'm not gonna get into a flame war over semantics. Just because I ask for feedback on reports doesn't mean I can't move on from a bad experience. If Riot says "if you do X, we will review X and take X into consideration", then wondering why we don't know what happens to X and offering suggestions as to disclose information about X is not "being able to not move on".
Live life like a normal person .... means.... act like a normal person. Gosh you're lost. I won't bother picking apart your reading comprehension. Let me ask you this, if in real life, a kid cusses you out, calls you all sorts of things and you report him to his parents, will you go back the next day to ask what his punishment was? No! Because you move the fudge on.
: You got here late, but the guy's name who posted this was a lot worse than just what he was saying in games.
honestly, I cba tbh. I've had real life racists in my face. Only have one rule for them. Don't touch me. As long as nothing physical happens, I'm good. So the rantings of a 12-year old racist have little to no effect on me. (:
: "If you're making suggestions for a game that you're playing, you're clearly neglecting your life"
Expecting a reply for reporting someone is not moving on, which as you missed, is the main point of my reply. I didn't say anything about neglecting your life. You have a problem comprehending sentences and that's on you not me.
: It does not matter whether he can "handle this" or not, this specifically breaks the ToS of the game. As such, it needs to be reported.
ToS doesn't matter when their automated system is a joke. It's like a school system where the Rules say "Don't bully". But then kids get bullied all the time and the bullies don't get punished. As long as you can't weed out the offenders properly, then the ToS might as well be a contract written on a wet sheet of toilet paper. Also, handle it! I'm black and I just laugh when I hear white kids use the N word. Doesn't trigger me one bit. :P
: Player Behavior Systems' Lack of Feedback is Depressing
Or you could just live your life LIKE A NORMAL PERSON and move on? Maybe? Just MAYBE?!
kargish (EUW)
: You know what Wukong really needs?
He needs a better passive and His W needs to continue attacking minions. This way I can stealth without the enemy realising. Doesn't matter tho. I still win with Wukong in teamfights so gg :3
Shırø (NA)
: "You should be executed in front of your family"
Azadethe (NA)
: Your reply suggests you are HORRIBLY out of touch with the champs you speak of. A "Nub" playing Soraka or Kog ma easily dies 7 times before they even can tickle. Kog ma may have a strong late game, but any legitimately pro game is going to end the game before Kog can start doing his job. He's literally the most immobile adc, and all one has to do to beat him is Maw or Wit's End. Soraka is one of the most defenseless supports, even when played correctly, She can easily get 1v2'd down in a couple of seconds. If you complained about champs like Ezreal or Vayne, I might believe you about 7 years. But you're complaining about champs that do well in low elos, not ones who do well in high elos. That makes you hard to believe.
I don't have an issue with Ezreal. He's a versatile champ and I love the fact that he finds new ways to be played. (Unpopular opinion: Runeglaive Ez was fun and not toxic at all. maybe needed a little tuning). Vayne on the other hand has been an issue since release. The fact that she does % HP TRUE DMG, she'll forever be a problem. Because it doesn't matter what you build, you can't itemize against her. So until they give her W CD on champs, she'll be a problem and since that isn't happening any time soon, there's no need to complain. However, Kog has been an issue since his rework(s). Soraka, infact all enchanters, have been a problem since the introductions of Redemption and the likes. Since there are constant changes, I'm complaining with hope that the nerfs they need come through soon.
: You have some good points in your original post but don't just make up stuff to refute this guy's point. Ever since the game launched flash has been practically required aside from a few champions and even then it is really player preference for those champs because most people still grab flash. I would say it is more of a problem that Vayne has the option to completely shutdown flash ult from Skarner for 1300 gold. But that is also part of a bigger problem that Skarner isn't going to be buffed until he gets a full rework. I think the main problem with the gamestate balance-wise right now is that bruisers as a whole are weak right now which means mages get to run around unchecked so even though they aren't op on their own they look like they are at the top of the ladder because their main counter-class is no where to be seen. Although none of this game balance discussion has anything to do with your original post where you point out that the game direction as a whole is not going in a fun direction with every class having access to more damage and less defense. The game can be balanced with more damage but is it more fun? I agree with you that it just isn't.
So you flash vayne. She can ult about 2-3 times before your flash comes back up. G freaking G.
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