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: Will never happen. Stronger towers (no matter where you put the "strength" be it damage or durability, etc) means longer games, which hurts the bottom line for esports profits because the current generation has zero attention span. In before downvoted to oblivion for pointing out the simple facts. PS: I agree with you OP, the towers are garbage and I genuinely miss back in the day when every tower shot hurt like hell. Towers were a genuine threat back then, and solo diving (which is the norm nowadays) was a suicide mission.
It pains that E$port$ is the controlling factor and strong towers is a pipe dream, we can only live in hope lol. Unfortunately that's the reality and twitch reflexes , 100-0 from DPS champs, 1 kill snowballs etc is the new norm.
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: We need a division that's under bronze.
It already exists, it's called Gold V. Sucks to be stuck here
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: Instead of all the yasuo hate lets talk about our favorite things when fighting yasuo! :D
Wulffrith (EUNE)
: A reply to Ekko = Aatrox'd (not)
Hey, I was the one who that previous thread. I'm glad someone recognised the fact that certain champions like Ekko and Zed are, for some reason, so eagerly kept viable and in the meta compared to some. I've always thought Ekko was a mistake. I hate his lore and character, and his kit is more arguably more toxic than Yorick's. The old Aatrox nerf has always kept him in a state where he is borderline playable in some match ups, yet the OP picks nowadays are pick ban regardless of lane difficulty. They get picked for freelo. Balance team is killing this game.
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: How is New Zyra fair
160k Zyra player here. She has multiple pros and cons from the update. Slightly lower skill floor, better zone control, a lot less burst, more plants, no more free CDR to name a few. Best way to kill her is early burst, because she is still incredibly squishy. High pressure encounter in bot lane will make her play safe and struggle to throw autos and spells. Q isn't that easy to hit, E has a very fair hit box for enemies. Also, you can't really claim her as unfair when we have bullshit such as{{champion:245}} and {{champion:238}}. There are far worse champions that exist who can do what she does and more.
: Did you previously dodge in champ select?
No I did not. Had a nice win streak from last night and finished in a high getting in promos. So I play one game today and after one loss I get the message that I was unsuccessful.
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: Mid Year Mage Updates - Cassiopeia Direction
I think Stashu should first apologise for making us need this update in the first place. On a serious note, I think Miasma could be much more interesting of a spell. E needs to be less overloaded in the sense that most of her power resides in that spell being constantly available from two other spells that do near enough the same thing. Finally, remove the sheer amount of free cooldown reduction from her passive. Reduce it or remove it and spread the power elsewhere.
: Janna's back to over a 54% win rate and 20% play right, and has no counters or risk
Upvoted because I'm sick of Janna in the same way I am sick of Lulu. Better nerf Viktors E because "uninteractive'.
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Nahui (NA)
: I'd take Irelia off of that list. she doesn't quite synergize with the items you listed besides maybe Sterak's. Her annoyance is that she has incredible sustain with true damage, and the stun. Basically she's hated for easily being able to turn a losing fight around, which people seem to hate as they feel entitled to win a fight if they began the fight with a large amount more of health than her. Also, in the future, your quality of posts are horribly degraded when you post something along the lines of "Bring in the downvotes" or "Only ones downvoting this are the ones abusing them". Untrue, I mean I downvoted because I disagree with your points and I play none of those champions and hate them with a passion. It's just something many people put in their posts for some reason and the comments are never positive.
The items are just examples, but you said it right there: incredible sustain. I hate them with a passion as well, hence the angry topic. Plenty of people have had high uproot topics while hinting to down voters. I also happen to hate the reddit style voting system but thats just forums have a better flow of discussion personally.
: You forgot {{champion:102}}
: I should note that Jax, Irelia, and Fiora are just _barely_ hovering over 50%. Like, literally 50.4% in Fiora's case. Yi, Udyr, and Xin Zhao (Jungle at least) are fair arguments so keep it at them. Furthermore if you need to make the exception for Udyr, and since Irelia is only barely present in the Jungle, and since Fiora shouldn't even be in the Jungle, I am starting to think that Sated Devourer is less common of a point than you think. And to trade for them having dumb combat stats, they have pisspoor utility stats. This is why at best we see Bruiser Yi, not Tank Yi. Udyr('s Zz'Rot build) and Xin Zhao are just about the only legitimate tanks in regards to the utility they can carry if they really go full tank. As for the pick/ban comment, I'll go to my first statement that there's only 3 champs of the 6 you point at that this actually applies to. If people understood the math in this game, I'd think they'd realize that Sterak's nerf actually hurts Fighters less than squishies abusing it. That and Sterak's is a Fighter item, not a tank item. Early/mid S5 was also regarded as a shitfest when it started, so please don't kid yourself. Right now is just a phase League of Legends is going through and by the next time we have the next FotM to complain about in S7, there will be people saying that they miss S6, I can guarantee it.
I don't actually think these champions are full on overpowered, maybe its just me wanting the game to have longer fights and more interaction instead of looking at an enemy's items and kills and thinking they will blow me up with lots of on hit damage. Its hard to accept some of the piss-poor decisions Riot make. There is no denying that the Xin buffs were unnecessary. It isn't my game at the end of the day, so its either get with the times or get lost. Winrate is not the only measure of balance. Its not even a case of them being particularly overpowered, more of an incredible burden. Its not like the current state is a huge problem, but its more of a lack of enjoyment due to the low counterplay steamroll that these champs can cause. Its hard to get 4 strangers to work together and take down these fed champs. I prefer longer team fights as opposed to what this season brings. If Graves, Tahm and one or two others were so overbearing, I would argue that more 3 of those are more ban worthy than others. If we had 10 bans like many of us want, it would be slightly easier to deal with this sort of thing and maybe this would ring alarm bell for Riot as far as champion tweaks go. I do agree with the levels of utility they have, but utility doesn't mean much when you can 3 shot everything after getting one or two kills. Some games they full on suck and don't do anything, because the other team is competent. Unfortunately everyone wants to carry. I was talking about CInderhulk era, not the Warrior enchantment 4-champion jungle roster era ({{champion:59}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:421}} {{champion:254}} ). Yes, there was FotM as there always will be, which is a shame but a certainty. But the game was a damn sight more fun. Ah well, maybe the game will be in a better state a few months down the line.
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: Could Not Click Lock in- Lost 10 LP and Also Got a 30 Minute Timer
Hate to break the bad news, but they won't revert this. I had similar issues in the past due to the spaghetti client which can be annoying beyond belief, especially when I lose LP without even losing games. It's a problem that crops up every now and then yet Riot won't help people out here as some could claim that they had this issue and abuse it in some way.
: Lol You must be watching EU LCS. I know it's soooooooooooo boring. Thats why you should watch NA LCS. It's so much more exciting!
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: > [{quoted}](name=Anisoptera,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9aW4uI8E,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-02-19T23:41:05.677+0000) > > Eh, I noticed a trend a year or two ago, I'm just venting my frustration {{item:3070}} If Riot actually cared, venting your frustration on em would work! Too bad they have to see it for themselves in LC$ before they nerf something.
I love watching Lulu every game, such interesting gameplay. That's where the money is at, not the people who made them over a billion in skin sales.
: Just starting to realize that riot doesnt give a shit? Damn you're late to the party my friend.
Eh, I noticed a trend a year or two ago, I'm just venting my frustration {{item:3070}}
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: Really? We're complaining about Rek'sai's passive now? The thing that heals the equivalent of 3 health potions at level 18, after you've been in a fight long enough to generate 100 fury?
Sorry, I meant tremor sense when she is burrowed.
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: If ADCs are going to be the only class that matters late game,
: I'd rather push it one step further and give her a % (35?) for hitting a champion, and double that %(70?) for hitting a champion's vitals. Reward her for being skillful and using Q to hit vitals rather than using it to consistently chase for a damn long time.
I like the sound of this a lot. Sure, she's so frustrating to play against but this would grant bigger windows of opportunity to attack. At the moment, she can constantly Q and not go OOM in my experience.
: Pantheon's Q
Still, would rather have that Q than {{champion:114}} Q.
Pailidin (NA)
: Break a Champion
{{champion:83}} gets 550 range.
RedGuy (NA)
: How do survive the laning phase as an immobile mage VS LB?
I would say {{champion:3}}, but hitting Q is nearly impossible. You kinda just survive (barely) but LB will just go bot or benefit from a bad gank.
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: PSA: Malphite is not OP. AD meta is OP. Malphite is a Dark Knight.
Pretty much all those champs have two things in common, in that they are AD and AA-based. What a surprise,
: Invalid Ban Error
I just had this for no goddamn reason, now I have a loss on my promo series. Such a bullshit thing.
: So... Galio...
Galio was my special choice for when I was last pick with Mid still open. The olden days of when Veigar was OP as hell was easily dealt with by picking him. One or two changes would help such as making Q a little bit more reliable. He is a counter pick, created in the days when counter picking mattered a lot more. Got so many multikills with that gorgeous ult.
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: [GAMEPLAY] Zac's e does not properly show its max range
Up voted because my thread was ignored
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137434 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Anisoptera,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KKTq8jAy,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-12T19:36:28.205+0000) > I believe Aatrox had that small change to make his passive more useful. > I believe Aatrox has always been untargetable/invincible while his passive is going off. Honestly I doubt making Zac's blobs immune to smite would make any significant difference, especially since Trailblazers is gone.
I meant the passive that lowers cooldown in the lategame, not the invincibility.
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Wuks (NA)
: True damage is true damage, though. They would either need to buff the blobs or redefine smite/true damage. There's generally only one person with smite on a team anyways, so that still leaves the other blobs. Also, teammates can always teleport to 1+ of your blobs to keep you alive!
Those summoner spells are quite situational but I imagine it wouldn't be easy to code this. It seems to be that the blobs take the full damage from smite, but I could be wrong.
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Sharjo (EUW)
: What we learned this year: TL;DR Lore 2015
I was hoping to see something about Shauna Vayne (my favourite champ <3) in the Demacia section but I don't think they added anything about that this year, which is a shame. Seriously though, that was a great read. This should be pinned or something.
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