: Mordekaiser's new bio - It sucks. It sucks hard. All of the epicness from before is just gone.
I would rather argue it is a Power Shift rather than a Power Loss. Firstly, it is heavily said than most spirits in the Death Realm simply disappear into nothingness. > Surely this emptiness could not be all there was… yet there seemed no end to it. He watched as the lesser spirits slowly faded into the fog, unmade and lost to time. So Sahn-Uzal actually had a strength of will enough to defy the natural order of things. To go even beyond. > His will, tempered by rage and torment, held him together. And > Slowly, a deceitful plan began to form in what was left of Sahn-Uzal’s mind. All of this that, despite his mind being eroded by the Death Realm, his will survived. His will is of such strength that it survived its loss of identity and the natural order of the world. Also, the loss of intellectual is simply not true, though maybe less shown. > However, there was far more to Mordekaiser’s plan. He raised the Immortal Bastion at the center of his empire; while most assumed it was merely a seat of power, some came to know the secrets it held. Mordekaiser hungered for all the forbidden knowledge of spirits and death, and a true understanding of the realm… or realms… beyond. And > And so, Mordekaiser was cast out of the material realm. However, unbeknownst to anyone, he had planned for this—indeed, it was a pivotal part of his design. He has a plan, whatever that be. And a good plan requires intellect. So yeah, I believe you are underestimating him.
: Vote for a Champion VGU for 2020!
That is interesting. I remember a Rioter saying before that they wouldn't start a VGU on a champion if they didn't have a strong direction for it. If Riot is doing this, it either means : - They have a solid direction for each of these, and decided that community involvement was interesting to see which should be prioritized. It also means that we may choosing the order of the next 5 VGU instead of only the next ones. - They have enough experience with VGU and thrust in their creative process for choosing a character, then finding what would work with it for a VGU. I am curious for which it is.
: Feedback/Analysis:The Riot Balance Team Failed to Meet their OWN Design Goals in the Marksman Update
I believe you are under a wrong assumption at Quote 3. You are calculating taking into account the fact that the build of ADC post-update will be IE, RFC, SS. If we assume that one is rushing the IE Zeal-Item build, if they start by IE, they will sit on a 3700 gold item that does nothing except giving AD, until they get a Zeal. On the other hand, if you are rushing the Zeal item, it will cost 2800 gold for the same kind of non-existant powerspike. Meanwhile, Riot reduced the price of BotRK to 3200, created Stormrazor and reworked Essence Reaver, both are 3200 gold. And all of these three items are far better first than IE or a Zeal item. And this is where Riot has been better than what some think. The standard build for an AA-centric ADC was three crit items (IE, two Zeal items, or IE, ER, one Zeal items), one % armor penetration item, one defensive item (Lifesteal item or GA) and boots. But now, there are three items that are good standalone items and that doesn't necessarly fit this build that exists and you can't exactly replace the defensive item, the Armor Penetration (situationally, you could skip this one, if there are no tank/fighters in the enemy team) or the boots, which means that one of the crit items will probably go, one of the Zeal item, or maybe IE itself. There is a reason why we weren't seeing anymore BT and Rabaddon, and that was that 3700 and 3800 gold cost respectively.
: But thats not always true either...ive been on many teams that have won with no tank. You can have a Juggernaut like Garen and win or even win without a tank or juggernaut.
Juggernauts are not even remotely close to Tanks. If you have a Darius Top, you need to consider it more like you would consider a Fiora rather than a Sion.
: Oh that's right. But that was old Irelia, is new Irelia still under the same classification?
Actually, it is debatable. I believe the new Irelia is in a grey zone between Diver and Skrmisher, mostly like Jax.
: Riven's passive charges change so often it'd be hard for it to be really helpful. They did have some Riven changes where she had a secondary resource bar but it was scrapped because the changes were too much of a buff for Riven.
The changes were as following : - Riven gains 20 of a new ressource, Edge, when she an passive-enhanced autoattack. Edge was buffing her AD, and capped at 100. - Its passive could only have one charge up at a time. - Its ultimate damage was the same, but scaled with the amount of Edge she has instead of the missing HP of her opponent. Not exactly a buff, more of a sidegrade.
: I disagree with the central claim made by the OP that counterplay inevitably comes at the cost of fun. At the end of the day, counterplay is just a fancier word for interactivity, and interactivity is essential to the fun of a PvP game. Even in real-life sports, football would likely not be nearly as interesting if it only resumed to teams taking turns scoring conversion goals, for example. Additionally, those same real-life sports have all sorts of rules that force players to interact with each other, precisely so that games can be more fun and interesting to all. As such, League isn't really all that different. While I agree that not all counterplay has been implemented in a fun manner, and many champions have had fun playstyles erased in the name of counterplay (which I don't think was always justified), counterplay itself lends itself to both fun and mastery: in a game where a player can reliably perform one action all the time to get from point A to point B, once they've gotten that action down, they're done, and have no more room to grow. Over time, repeating that same action also becomes repetitive and less fun, if the player is only faced with the same situations each time. By contrast, if the player has to not only play around that action, but also around the actions of a live opponent, one that will dynamically try to adapt and counter them, suddenly the situation gains a ton more depth, because there's a huge amount of variety in how the player gets to approach every situation, how they try to perform that successful action, and whether they even do so depending on their opponent. It pushes the player to learn around each opponent, and so raises potential for mastery significantly. This is the basic kind of gameplay offered by the counterplay of a delayed ability, for example, as opposed to one that reliably and instantly affects opponents, so ultimately I think the reverse of the OP's claim is true: counterplay is not only _necessary_ for fun to happen in a PvP game, but it _contributes_ fun when implemented correctly. As a side note to this, I also severely disagree with the idea that failing is anti-fun. Failing and subsequently learning from that failure can be one of the most powerful and fun experiences in a video game, and entire games are designed around that, punishing the player for failing before getting them to pick themselves up, try again and again, and feel the immense satisfaction of eventually succeeding (this is the core gameplay loop in Dark Souls and Cuphead, for example). The same happens in team sports, where players can build bonds and healthy competition by trying to outperform each other. League does have issues where the amount of punishment is sometimes disproportionate, and may not offer all that much potential for recovery, but that is a separate issue from that of counterplay. If there is something I agree with, though, is that several classes in League are exempt from rules of counterplay, and so with very negative results. Marksmen are the chief example of this, as their excessive reliability, and subsequent lack of interactivity, have given them the worst reputation among classes now, because dealing with a marksman is rarely a fun affair. Similarly, older enchanters also have the same problem in that they're too reliable, and mostly operate by shutting down more interesting plays, instead of fostering them, and as a result a great deal many players hate going against them as well. These are clear examples where lack of counterplay has translated to a _loss_ in fun, and because of this I think the answer should be to instil counterplay in those classes, rather than to go back to a state in League where everyone had less counterplay.
I guess I am still not good enough at expressing myself clearly. Counterplay is not handled correctly in League, because when you take into account the amount of effort that you need to actually create a favourable output and the cost of a failure are disproportionate in League right now. Most people will of course be frustrated by failure but most of the time will be able to handle it. In most sports, scoring a goal or not will increase or reduce the distance from victory of yourself, or your team, but won't affect your ability to score at your next try. That is why failing is not fun in League. I should have emphasised more the snowballing aspect of the problem. It is more the coexistence of counterplay as as it is now, and snowball as it is now, that causes the problem of fun. Counterplay is of course not a bad thing in itself, sorry for the lack of clarity.
: Maybe I'm biased since I am myself a professional game developer, but you are vastly underestimating what it is and what it takes to do game design. It's a lot more than just coming up with a handful of ideas for what you would or wouldn't like in a game - especially in a game like league where the preferences of 100 million people have to be considered.
I like you, you create an interesting flow of conversation that allows to structure well my thoughts. Designing by taking into account the main incentive of players, which is « to win », is easy. Really easy. Designing by taking into account the main incentive of a developper, which is « to have his game be played », is what is hard. A game will be played because it is fun. Now, I ask anyone to give me a strict definition of « fun ». And this is only for new games. For older games, changing the game in meaningful ways without taking the risk of reducing maybe significantly your playerbase becomes harder as time goes on. Let's take the solution I presented in my last paragraph. From a technocal point of view, it will definitely work. I am ready to bet on it, but it will never be implemented, because these changes are simply too brutal. These are both some of the problems linked with managing the developpement of a game from only a game design point of view. So, don't worry, I know it is more difficult that what I made it sounds previously, but it was just because I ignore the difficulties bound to the developpers.
: Actually not true. You and I merely aren't at a high enough level of play to notice the types of risks and safe decisions that pros make. As you increase in skill and experience, you both iron out your foolish risks and become more aware of the risks of others. The amount of outright mistakes being made on both sides decrease as you go up the ladder, but players still take calculated risks and must roll with the outcomes on the fly even if they aren't in their favor. Sometimes that means you have to take an unfavorable risk if it's the only way you see to come out on top. Sometimes playing it safe merely guarantees your loss later on down the line. It's just a lot more complex than you're implying here. If there wasn't any counterplay where accuracy, timing, reactions, etc. matter than this wouldn't be an action game. It wouldn't necesarily be a bad game, it would just be a pure strategy game... which isn't what Moba's are.
Wanna know something funny ? There was a time I watched a French streamer, ranked Master, Alderiate. He was a main Top Laner, a master of split-pushing and its three favourite champions were Jax, Olaf, Tryndamere. He somehow disappeared now, having emptied its YouTube channel and all. I honestly admired him, because through sheer intellectual skills, he beated even champions he had bad match-ups against. He always knew when the Summoner Spells and Ultimate of its opposing were on cooldown, he always knew when to engage and when not to, he had great map awareness. I have never seen him lose a single laning phase, never with a negative KDA (when he played top). And, despite playing top lane, and favourising split-pushing as its main strategy, he was present on most important fights. He did some mistakes, of course, but he was instantly recognizing them for what they were. He was a great player, nonetheless. It is funny, because, when you mentionned strategy games, well, despite calling himself a warrior, Alderiate played the game as a strategy game. And it is really not hard at all imagining professionnal players having skills superior to his. A player/team wants to win and will use the most effective and less risky way to do so. Right now, League of Legends doesn't force players to take any risks and we can probably count on the fingers of one hand the amounts of time when professionnals actually took meaningful risks. Most of the time, we only see them when we see them fight is when one team has already an overwhelming advantage, or to contest an interesting Dragon, or Nashor. Must I remind you why we have a Turret First Blood and why Botlane Turret doesn't have the Fortification passive anymore ? Don't underestimate yourself because you are not as good as a pro, or high-ELO player. Game Designing doesn't require high level in any game. Anyone can design a game as long as they know that a player wants to win. All of my reasoning find its foundation in this.
: Counterplay is good. Teammates being able to cover for each other's weaknesses is good as well. 1 diving fighter or assassin should of course be at a disadvantage trying to defeat a team of two players who are covering each others weaknesses. To go over your 4 possible outcomes statement,there are multiple ways to argue against it being an issue. For example, the game is not played in a vacuum and all characters are not in fact equal in potential in power at all times in the game. It is because of this difference in champion potentials and matchups, as well as team compositions, that your '4 outcomes' aren't really split evenly to 25% each. Let's examine laning phase for this: one champion could have an edge in a 1v1 duel purely on stats due to spiking in power earlier or die to the matchup being favorable thus shifting all out possible outcomes more into their favor, one players jungler may favor ganking that lane and if not matched by the other jungler could tilt the direction of the lane, one champion may be a key part of a scaling team composition that will run your team over later on if you do not shut them down early - and this would shift the 2 'going even' possibilities to be more favorable to the scaling team,... There's just a lot of stuff going on that shifts these variables around. To even be able to get a broad idea of what these outcomes and percentages actually mean in terms of an actual game you're playing in real time is a huge talent and skill cultivated over practice, research, and experience. Even in a mirror match players could pick different runes, items, and strategies that through all of these percentages and outcomes off. Counterplay exists in part to keep all these estimations more interesting. Counterplay is what allows the game to be more than just two players click on each other and the one with more stats wins over and over, allowing mechanical skill in the game to be relevant. Without counterplay the game might as well just be chess or something similar. Such games exist and are good, but they aren't league.
I believe you miss my point in this passage, i am sorry that my explanation wasn't clear enough. Of course, the 4 outcomes will actually be as cleanly cut as in my example. You can shift the percentage by taking specific actions. But there is one thing that is true regardless of your actions : a player wants to win, and will use the more effective and less risky way to win, according to its individuality. In League of Legends, the best players are the professionnal teams, we can thus assume that the methods of these players are the most effective ones. In proplay, players don't take initiative, they capitalize on the mistakes of their opponents, and won't make a move if their opponent don't make any mistakes. They won't play unless the odds aren't more than 25 percents. If I take any sports, like Tennis or Soccer, the best player/team wins. The game is always on. In League, right now, the worst player loses because the winner waited the whole game to play a few minutes that allowed them to win. And counterplay, as it is designed right now, is the cause of this attitude.
: counterplay is a good idea what isn't is some champions having a bypass to that philosophy and the only way to counter them is through macro game (twitch kog) like, if melees were like that it would have been totally fine but then riot calls irelia stat checking when she had (old irelia) more counterplay than kog, twitch, singed, or any champion that you counter through macro game you could disengage during her W, apply persistent slows like singed W to avoid her passive reducing cc duration, you could not stand near low hp minions but somehow, she was deemed stat checking when kog can legit press W and rightclick an entire team ?????????? point is, riot has to decide if countering through macro is ok or not they should not be "it's not fine for melees, but totally fine for ranged champions"
I do not think counterplay is an absolutely bad idea in itself, I pointed the fact that it is one of the cause of player frustration because of the way it is handled. I agree with you about the fact that champions should have equal reward for equal spent effort. ADCs are the worst offenders of that principe in the game right now. It is a bit sad that the basic design of the game with the wish of Riot to make a competitive game warped League the way it was, but it is our duty as players to make them notice. In the specific case of Kog'Maw, I believe they should have make him something closer to an Artillery ADC, and not emphasize its Hyper Carry aspects. We just need to wait for when they will attempt to rework it again.
5050BS (NA)
: Im inclined to agree with you.
Just to make sure, you didn't think the text was too bothersome to read ? I know my writing can be heavy sometimes and it can affect the will of those less inclined to read walls of texts. Can you give me some advice, if you have any, please ?
Rioter Comments
: When it comes to gameplay matching a champion's thematic and personality, Ekko is absolutely perfect
Actually, every champions designed by August have a really strong thematic-gameplay relationship. Jynx, Vi, Jhin, Ekko and Gnar, these are the champs he designed. The link is basically his trademark.
Snowic (NA)
: Weekly reminder 1: It has been 5 years, 2 months, and 4 days
The Taric Rework is considered as primarly being an Enchanter, and being secondarly Warden.
Reav3 (NA)
: The problem with that is we wouldn't want to force though a bad design. When we are in early ideation we generally try out kits on a couple of different champions, and there are times when we end up hitting a dead end on a specific champion and pivot to something else. This is why I don't mention a VGU in my roadmap until after we have a solid thematic and kit direction we feel confident we will release. If we started on a Champion chosen by the community and then we couldn't fins a strong direction and had to cancel the project or picot to something else it would probably upset people quite a bit. We do however have survey data on what the most requested VGUs by our players are that we use to determine which champions to start ideation on.
Simple guess here, but are you having trouble with champions like Mordekaiser with thematics too broad, which lead you to have trouble finding a solid direction for them the times you tried ?
Rioter Comments
: "Currently most champions are tied into one position."
Ask yourself why they were. It is partly the players' fault. Riot nerfs what is too strong, and the only incentive players have is to win. So players create things that allows them to win. Things that allows to win are things that are strong. If it is strong, it is nerfed. It is as simple as it sounds. Playstyles are not nerfed if they are not strong, but neither are they played.
: is Magical footwear bad or am i imagining things?
It unlocks Predator sooner too and allows for some very early and easy gank.
: Ideal Hecarim builds
Start Talisman and rechargeable pot, full clear, with at least one successful gank and one Scuttle Crab taken. Back, buy blue jungler item, boots T1 and Hunter's pot, then rush Trinity. Itvis the thing that works best for me. After, you can modulate between more tanky or more burst, but that is up to you (and your elo).
: Never underestimate what Riot will remove and will not remove. I know this by experience. They've been known to not release something that doesn't have a positive influence on their game. I can name a recent champion who had Yasuo's abilities but was almost scrapped, and that champion is Aurelion Sol. Even if it does, they could delay or completely remove it. Many teased champions were known to be not to be released. Been here since beta, and I've seen quite a few champions that were to be released but wasn't.
Ao Shin was iceboxed a long time ago. Most named champ teasers that we never got to play with were also from a long time ago (all before S4, actually). I thrust your experience, because it is easy to dig up, but things, such as the teasing management of Riot, can change, and I take the bet it did.
: 2 things about assassins that i'm still confused about.
1) Let's imagine an hypothetical game where there are 3 characters, X, who is the tankiest, Y, who is the only one to have mobility, and Z, who is the only one with range. The game is a 1 VS 1 between two of the three characters, which can only end when one of the two is destroyed. Y and Z have the same tankyness, and they are 1-shot if they are attacked. X need 2 attacks to be killed. Y has enough mobility to close the distance from longer than the range of Z and will always attack first. Z can attack and move at the same time. With these conditions, it will always goes like this : X beats Y, Y beats Z, Z beats X. If you convert this in League of Legends, it works like this : X is a Juggernaut, Y is an Assassin, Z is an Marksman. But at the same time, it doesn't work, because Juggernaut can't take the fight to the Assassins, because mobility allows you to choose your fights. So, in fact, Assassins have nothing specifically designed to kill them. 2) Because they want damage, but they do not want it late game, they want it ASAP.
: Then there were 3: leaked content not yet seen
Well, at this point, the only thing I am still doubting is Star Guardian Ezreal.
Brascus (NA)
: Why does Hecarim have such a weak early game?
He looks weak, and maybe he is at high elo, bit in the lower tier, he got a quite insane snowball if you can get some kills on him. But stealing his first blue means his game is over.
: IT makes me sad knowing that some poor noob will fall into this trap
: Another fact you're overlooking, is hurricane applying on-hit effects. And it's a common item since it was buffed. So while you're applying grievous wounds from being hit, the marksmen is still getting healed by the other two allies.
It is not how it works. This Thormail will reduce all forms of healings, so the heals from the secundary targets will also be reduced.
Birbonius (EUW)
: You're right,{{summoner:4}} Needs to have a channel time. I mean,it's like {{champion:1}} 's ult,but at least she has kind of an animation,This thing doesn't have anything .-.
Or it could work like in Smite. Needing to be out of combat to actually be used.
: the question im always asking is why is {{item:3107}} so god damn cheap for how good it is
Because it is a support item. Really, there is no other particular reason.
: What if CDR cap was removed and was multiplicative?
If there is only 10 % CDR on items, I believe it could work.
: Basically Orianna?
Oh true. Didn't think about that, to be frank. Still not a bad idea aside from lack of originality.
: Azir Gameplay Update: Goals and Directions
If you explore the no mobility Azir, I had thought about a spell like this for the E : Azir could target himself or an ally, the soldiers would go to the target and the target would be then shielded. It wouldn't need too much work and it doesn't seem like too bad design.
Ônyx (NA)
: Someone tell me the counter play to Veigars R (legit no sarcasm)
It sucks, but you need : 1) Not to get caught by/in the walls of the cage 2) If condition 1 is not fulfilled, trying to dodge the Q and the W of Veigar 3) If condition 2 is not fulfilled, pray for the divine intervention of your support (if you are not the support) 4) If condition 3 is not fulfilled, you are dead. MR stacking will help, but since Veigar has infinite-scaling AP, it won't help you long.
: > Sure, there is strategical depth in this choice. You have a seemingly interesting decision to make: do I max out CDR, or do I want Locket? Except, well, too bad for you, you NEED Locket. Or you could decide to just go {{item:2303}} like in your example build?
The shield of FotM and the Quest Reward are quite good (and cheap).
I7A6X2v2 (NA)
: **WTF is DD?**
Eggbread (NA)
: Dr. Mundo Is Not the Best At His Own Niche: Regeneration
I believe there is a confusion here : strengths aren't niches, they define what the niche is. Mundo's niche is « Juggernaut extremely good in very long fight » (compared to others Juggernaut, at least).
: I think mundo's playstyle is fine as it is. Giving him more regen would mean he has to lose somewhere, and I don't like that. I play mundo to give my enemies cancer, land cleavers on people, and punch them as hard as a carry despite being a ~~tank~~ ahem, a "juggernaut."
He have one CC on his kit. The rest is 3 damaging spells and two defensive spells. He is a Juggernaut. There is no need to show disdain for newer terminology because you don't agree with it.
: what exploit?
He is speaking of animation canceling, which is technically true.
4Jhín (NA)
: [Forum Game] Guilty or Innocent
I think I understand how this works. Innocent (Satan is not adorable) : You play the Yu-Gi-Oh Trading Card Game.
Sir Nope (NA)
: I agree with that. It's doing Bloodthirster's job atm.
With a cheaper price and good tank--shredding.
: Unrealistic Types of Damage
In most case, it is for putting design and balance before realism.
Hige (NA)
: So let me get this straight, according to this forum, the support isn't supposed to buy sightstone either so It's not your job to tank It's not your job to heal It's not your job to provide vision It's not your job to CS It's not your job to deal damage uhm... may I ask then, why the F are you playing support if you aren't covering your team weaknesses???? EVERY ROLE is supposed to pick the right champion for a comp, what is this BS of: IT'S NOT MY JOB TO DO X! IT IS YOUR JOB TO WIN Stop playing league if you don't or AT LEAST stop playing ranked
I believe it is more of a « It is not my exclusive work to do X » missformulated than a « I don't want to do X ».
: considering ashe has one of the lowest dps of all carries. this was lol to watch. wonder how long it takes caitlyn to kill tanks by herself.
I am not too sure about Ashe being one of the ADC with the lowest DPS. She still has one of the best AA-steroïd of the game, and her passive virtually doesn't lower her overall dps, it just flattens it.
: Is Gragus a Diver, a tank, a juggernaut or a mage?
He is a Vanguard. Not enough damage to be considered as a Diver, a Juggernaut, or any kind of Mage. Too much CC to be a Juggernaut or a diver. Not enough ranged tools to be a mage. Mqgic damage =/= Mage.
: > [{quoted}](name=Annoxis,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=hWYq3EjJ,comment-id=0008000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-01T18:24:01.110+0000) > > Then, can I ask you how he isn't right now these ? Because he builds like half tank items. Because his play is spammy and quite telegraphed. Because there's several champions in the game rn who fulfil the hunting/stalking fantasy better than he does. Deer do not know that they are being stalked by a Lion, that's the entire point of stalking. But for some reason, everyone in the game knows when Rengar has popped his ult, even if he's hella far away.
1) This is more of a balance issue than a design issue. 2) I don't see how he is more or less spammy than any other assassin in this game, but I will agree that he is telegraphed, because of his ult. 3) I pain to see who. His ult and bush jump seems to fulfill the fantasy nicely, or am I missing something ? 4) I believe that this is for the sake of counterplay. While I agree that it feels bad, it is needed.
Rengooo (OCE)
: Assassin/hunter/light fighter Are the three that come to mind, which is backed up by his new lore and his very concept as a champion.
Then, can I ask you how he isn't right now these ?
Rengooo (OCE)
: Never said he shouldn't have been changed.. He needed the rework, but the rework he recieved was/is a joke. Wouldn't have minded him being heavily changed, but a rework should hold true to a champions identity, which Rengars has not.
Can I ask you, sir, what is Rengar's identity to you ?
: Funny I used to remember level 1 top lane cheese Rengar and no one complained back then. If I'm not mistaken didn't he start becoming a massive problem when juggernaut itemization came out and he started abusing their items which turned him into a monster? I dunno because I distinctly remember being able to one shot squishies while being one shottable yourself. So there was a trade off.
No, I don't think so. Fiora was the main offender, with Akali.
: What's the difference to your mind? I'm genuinely curious.
A lot of your game designing philosophy of today give this feeling. The most important thing is the attention given to skill and counterplay. At the very start of game, a lot of champion did their thing and, despite the fact that everyone was a bit frustrated by these deeds, no one actually cared, because it was that way for everyone. Now, champions seems more like glorified tools that you need to learn to master to be effective. An example of that your new definition of what a low-skill-floor champion is : the Warwick Rework is a lot harder than Old Warwick. Also, on a side note,there were some element that games could have (namely, dodge and crit chance per level), but sports couldn't.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: April 28
What do you think about Xayah in a game designer perspective ? I think she is particularly similar to Sivir and I have difficulties to see what she has that Sivir doesn't have, outside of a personal support and a CC. I would like to have some information of the thought process behind her.
: Make sense if they pass on-hit effect to the target object.
I have trouble understanding what you are saying here...
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