: Do both the games played and time passed minimums apply to honor levels above 2 as well?
Based on what I have seen I think the minimum time between honor checkpoints is 2 weeks.
: Experimental "Max Cast Range" Changes Coming to PBE!
Please add Soraka her Q to this list. This is one of the most frustrating things when playing her. Edit: Same goes for Zilean Q btw. This setting would also be really great as a toggle on off setting I think (for every ability it can be used for) Because I can see how some people would hate it and people like me that have been waiting for this for a long time would love it.
: yes - we will activate it after channel ults end
Will this be really broken on champs like kog/corky/nid ect. Or will there be some kind of mechanic that will prevent that. Something I could think of is making it gain % of max value over time after 30 seconds or so it would be at 100% effectiveness. not sure how much movement speed it is going to give but if it would be 100 you would get 20 movement speed at 6 seconds 40 movement speed at 12 seconds 60 movement speed at 18 seconds 80 movement speed at 24 seconds 100 movement speed at 30+ seconds
: > [{quoted}](name=Void Kaiju,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=MjrsLTba,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2019-09-04T20:19:02.704+0000) > > Are milestones permanent or on a per-game basis? > > For Chogath, would I get a notification every time I get to 10 stacks but also get one when (if) I reach a personal best? > Or is it a flat number of notifications as I reach milestones and then one for my personal best which I will likely almost never see? > > (Also for his specific challenges, putting the multi hit on q seems more fitting to me? With ult stacks already being the most basic of basic skills, asking a little more with the q doesn't seem unreasonable.) Milestones go across games. So let's say you have "Kills with Jhin's R." It tracks those kills game after game, and the first milestone might be something like 5. Then the next might be 10 or 15, etc. until you get to a higher number for milestone 5 (let's say 50). Once you've finished milestone 5, it continues tracking all kills with his R forever, but it also starts showing you your personal best within each single game.
Its probably just because it is a example but I assume people buy it for champs they play a decent amount. So bigger jumps for the mile stones would be desirable I think. In this example I would say: 5 for the first is fine (2 Jhin games +/-) 25 for the second (10 Jhin games +/-) 100 for the third (40 Jhin games +/-) 500 for the fourth (200 Jhin games +/-) 1000 thousand for the fifth (400 Jhin games +/-) Maybe I play my mains to often but 50 for the fifth mile stone seems to quick in my opinion. 100 games average as a minimal to reach the fifth milestone seems reasonable to me. Thinking about that would be nice to have those stats on your profile (current and games need to reach milestone)
: Eternals Feedback Thread: Set 1 Uniques
As a enchanter main some input on my mains. Janna{{champion:40}} For Janna I like 2 of them the heal 2 allies with monsoon for taking the spot of the easy one. and the lethal damage prevented by shielding some one was actually exactly like i had in mind my self for the medium one. for the q knock up I would like it to change to ult or q knock back some one that is mid dash for example a Rengar, Le Blanc, Lee sin ect. Because knocking people up doesn't really feel like something special if it isn't at a meaning full moment. And making it like this makes it a lot more often meaning full. Lulu{{champion:117}} For Lulu I feel like some small changes could be made. The knock up with the ult one seems fine. For the shielding one I don't know why not the same like Janna making it prevented lethal damage feels way more like it tracks something meaningful than just shielding done. Number of champions polymorphed also doesn't really feel like something special either but if it have to be something simple than I would ready see something more out Lulu's core job enchanting something like amount of extra basics teammates could get off because of your bonus att speed (whimsy ardent buffs) or maybe bonus damage done by allies with your passive. It still isn't something special to archief but at least i feel like it is a way more interesting stat to track and feels more like its representing Lulu. Yuumi{{champion:350}} Yuumi on one hand seems fine on the other hand I feel like I want to see some more of her W but sitting on top of people when they kill some one or damage done by allies with your bonus stats, are not really impressive stats to track so I guess its good how it is now. Nami/Morgana/Soraka/Zilean/Sona/Rakan/Kayle{{champion:267}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:497}} {{champion:10}} Seems oke there are some other things I would have liked as well but the current are fine. Small note for Sona why is a Q basic more important than others? Kinda feel like this encourages the use of Q basics over others.
Meddler (NA)
: Entirely understand the desire for something that feels like it caps out before the game's over. We spent a while trying to find other versions of a CDR rune to offer. Eventually concluded though that this was what we'd need to go with for it to be balanced relative to the other options. Looking at early data CDR seems to be performing really well already statistically as choice in that slot, so doesn't look like we've got room to buff it.
Is it a idea to make it based on the average level of the 3 highest players on your team, instead of your own level. Now it kinda sucks to take on sup just because you are so far behind in levels.
Meddler (NA)
: Noted, and thanks for the feedback. We'll be considering all the points brought up in this thread, so please, do keep them coming!
I feel like the Fiora one is a little weird when she is walking like that out of combat. But I think it will look pretty good when she is doing some abilties/basics in between.
Keyru (NA)
: 2018 End of Season Rewards and Honor
Feels way better and fair this way :) GJ!
Sirhaian (NA)
: May I reply with our famous... Soon™? :') For realsies though, we should preview it in the coming days!
How about Zilean, I feel like he is really outdated as well.
: Preseason Dev Update Number 3!
Would it be a idea to make the cdr rune 1-10% from levels 1-10 instead of levels 1-18. I feel like this would be a really nice one on supports but it just feels kinda bad on sups. On sups you hit level 18 so late that you are stuck with a incomplete amount of cdr or you still have to over cap it and take transcendence with it.
: People Who Need Updated Splash Art or Better Looking Models...
Its already in there but i feel like Zilean really needs it hard started playing him lately and damm his model looks outdated.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Well the borders are only part of the Event, so you don't have to unlock them. They also said that they are a bit high up and will be looking to lower them.
Ah good good was hoping they would do that. But I know you don't have to take them but I do like the borders but I also like the splash arts. often I feel (not only with this skins) that the borders would look better outside (kinda at the spot of ranked borders) than you don't hide those nice looking splash arts but you still have those borders. So nothing bad about both the skins and borders really like them both just the position that i feel could be better ^^
Sukishoo (NA)
: Tales from the Rift Splash Arts! (Janna, Ekko and Kled)
Really like them, only sad thing is that the borders hide some of the splash art. Often feel like it would be better to have to borders more outside of the skin instead of covering it. :S None the less great skins especially the Janna one. ^^
: Leveling and Rewards - Early Impressions and Adjustments
> [{quoted}](name=Riot Cactopus,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=hAaYMrEs,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-11T02:58:09.454+0000) > > #**FIRST WIN OF THE DAY** > > First, let's talk about **tweaks to the First Win of the Day (FWotD) bonus**. We've seen more than a few of you asking for some way to gain blue essence while you’re in-between levels so you can buy champions that would otherwise be _just_ out of your reach. > > Our plan here is to convert some of the XP from the First Win of the Day boost into straight up blue essence. At system launch, FWotD granted 575 XP. When we ship this change (aiming for sometime during patch 7.23) it'll instead grant 50 BE and 400 XP. > Any chance to turn this off if you don't want it or when you already got all champs? I don't need blue essence, the only thing I want is to grind those levels.
: That's actually a good call out. Carl actually levels from 3rd win, but before FWOTD kicks in. The FWOTD actually puts him 575 XP into the next level. It's difficult to get EXACT 1 to 1 comparisons due to things like this, which is why it's more accurate to look over time (which is why we use the 39 example)
Can you maybe show a calculation for when the exp curve is maxed out 175+ I think it was.
Meddler (NA)
: I think there's a decent amount of value in letting some players go deeper into vision than others (specialization of skill/output, lack of even vision across the map etc). Pushing all warding onto trinkets has some problems as a result. One useful thing we saw with the Ardent Censer rushing though was that quite a few more people were interested in playing support if they got to buy a 'real' item first', rather than being forced to spend their initial gold on vision. Once pre-season's settled down we've got some interest into looking at whether we can make that a reasonable option without screwing your team on needed vision.
Is it a idea to add sight stone and control wards as a option that you can unlock with summoner specialist. So that you can chance your summoner spell to be a sight stone or a control ward slot. You don't get the stats like health from your sight stone when its your summoner spell but it at least allows you to have 6 real items as a sup and you don't have to rush sight stone anymore but it will cost you one of your summoner spells. Also something that might be useful when running summoner specialist, like the keybindings in your item sets a option to give your summs pre set keys so you don't use the wrong summs on accident.
Cosnirak (NA)
: This isn't that kind of issue. This is my entire connection going out, regardless of what I'm doing. It has nothing to do with League, protocols, or priority rules.
I know it was the same for me I also had that problem when i wasn't playing league and I also lost my connection for some where between a few seconds till some where arround 2 mins.
: Azir or Aurelion Sol?
With the huge preseason update coming our way i would suggest taking a fresh look with the new runes and look what fits the most than.
: Oh we're definitely aware of the gold game for supports being non-optimal, finding the solution to it though is a bit trickier unfortunately. Do you just put power in the kits? Do you make the items more efficient? Do you increase gold income for supports? Do you change the warding system so supports aren't the only people doing it (already done). There's a plethora of directions that we can go, but it's finding the right one that isn't just "change all of the supports kits to be exciting, satisfying, and have an impact on the game". That's certainly the most appealing option to me personally, but there's also a ton of cost / risk in going down that route as well. On the relic shield note...I wonder if we just made it so that minion kills that happened around you after 35 miuntes or something automatically proced fotm charges. That's a bit... ham fisted, but it's a frustration point that might be nice to smooth out a bit. That's just me thinking though, not necessarily something that'd be implemented
Maybe for the relic shield let it work on ward kills that you assisted (hit 1 time or revealed the ward)
: That data would be pretty hard to pull, and our data bro is currently neck deep in runes reforged stuff. Without having data though I'd be willing to bet that you're correct in that {{item:3301}} will always come out ahead of the other two, but judging by both the averages, and the std in the graph I'd expect it's not by much. If you're losing your lane it means you're likely getting pushed into turret so farming up your {{item:3302}} is still quite doable, same with being able to harass the enemy to get {{item:3303}} procs when they're trying to damage your turret.
Infact Having a relic shield is a huge help when you are losing your lane. With relic shield you can safe the farms that your adc is going to loss under turret really easy.
Cosnirak (NA)
: I have issues with my connection going out temporarily, but visibly. It's not bad ping, packet loss, or jitter, it just drops completely but for usually short periods of time like 5-30 seconds. Often it will happen 2-3 times within a single minute, stop for a little bit, then go through the same cycle. Some days it happens a lot, others it doesn't happen at all. It happens to all computers in the house simultaneously, wireless or not. Will this show up in the lag report? Comcast is known for having this issue (around the nation, not just in my area) but it's so intermittent that it's hard to measure or test in a meaningful way and makes it nearly impossible for their techs to see happen live. It averages out to a relatively small amount of down time in total, but can have a large impact if it happens during a game of League. I've had 4 techs come out over the years to try to deal with it, most have made things temporarily far worse and none have even remotely seen it let alone fixed it.
I had the same problem till a year or so back. The thing that fixed it for me was making some QoS rules. Basically what i did was changing the protocol for league from udp to tcp and gave it the highest priority possible. Also I made some general rules for other things like browsing and downloading and gave them priority's ranging from low to medium. after that a consistent connection from 16 - 18 ping all the time even when all 6 of us where using our network intensively at the same time.
Dreampod (NA)
: As a support player the real problem I see with not nerfing ardent and giving other supports an equivalently powered item is that it dramatically contributes degrading the individual champion's identity as so much of their power is captured by an item that flattens the differences between each member of that subclass. I would rather see ardent nerfed and the supports each individually buffed in a way that highlights their unique strengths rather than playing a wide variety of differently skinned enchanter supports that aren't as meaningfully distinguished.
Well I wouldn't mind that either. But as a enchanter main I think although they have a lot of similarity's they still have a lot of different ways to get to a similar looking result. Buffing some items for the other sups I think would be a easier way to accomplish the targets. But if they can pull it off to give all the sups that need it a meaningful buff that would give a more satisfying result, definitely agree on that one.
Meddler (NA)
: Desire to play support has increased meaningfully yeah, which then reduces the frequency at which we have to autofill people to support, or put people with support listed as secondary there instead of their primary. Some of that increase is likely dependent on some things that aren't sustainable long term (e.g. Censer having been very strong and recognized as such) so possible we lose some of it again.
If instead of nerfing ardent / enchanter sups the other supports get a buf or better items for them I don't see why that wouldn't be possible to sustain or even to continue down that road.
3bdo mo7med (EUNE)
: i want RP
I can advice playing some tournaments earned +/- 10k rp with it already and got a nice triumphant ryze skin on top of it ^^ And its also nice to play in a tournament format with some friends so win win!
Zerenza (NA)
: What's more important your DPS or your Tank? Let me tell you, it's your DPS as in your ADC. What makes ADC's unkillable when ahead? Support's, how strong are supports right now? Very strong. Supports don't just have an Impact, them and the ADC are the sole focus of games. It's almost impossible to carry a game if your bot lane is losing because no matter what you are you cannot match the enemy ADC's DPS. You could be fed as fuck mage and that might help prolong the game for everyone to catch up BUT if you aren't? If your going even with your laner as a mage or assassin, it won't matter what you do, the game is probably lost as long bot lane keeps losing. Your Tanks, Fighter's, Diver's they can be as fed as they want to but if the enemy ADC is fed, it's basically over. Once you get into late game its all about your team comp, if the enemy team's comp better protects their DPS then you lose, if not then you win. It's that simple. PS: I keep saying "Probably" and "Basically" because there's always that tiny chance that the enemy will mess up bad enough to put you back ahead but if they don't, you lose. ADC's and Supports control the entire game right now and get mad us when we complain.
I definitely think mages could use a buff so they have a better chance at shutting down a fed adc or in general have a higher impact. But in the scenario you are sketching its the right team that won. If the enemy team is doing a way better job at playing around there winning adc they should win the game most of the time. And yeah if you play a tank and you might be winning your lane hard it might feel shit when the enemy adc just destroys you. But tanks get countered by adc's so that's not that weird. That's the same as at the start of the season when the 2k17 adc meme started because there natural counter was doing really well.
: Right now it feels like no matter how other lanes do, if the enemy bot lane beats yours you lose. It doesn't feel like you can snowball to carry the game. The game shouldn't revolve around one position, it makes it unfun and feels like your only purpose is to help the ADC kill the enemy.
Well if the enemy top and mid are winning but your bot is winning that means both teams have 2 people winning there lane. Winning bot lane should be twice as important as the other lanes because there are also twice as many players in that lane. That till this season sups didn't impacted the game as much as they do now doesn't mean that its a bad thing that they finally getting on that same level as the other roles.
: I can't sign up for a PBE account
I had the same, i've just been spamming f5 and retrying for over a hour but at some point I finally got lucky ^^
: Hey Lupan! Do you have any suggestions for Death Sworn Zed or Death Sworn Katarina? We're wrapping up the skins, and have already made some updates, but happy to hear you out! *There's also a bit of a story behind these three, but I'm not sure if/how we'd be sharing that just yet!*
I think they are already quite nice. But maybe for kata I feel she misses something maybe some kind of cape like vic in those same colors. And maybe make her pants colors a little darker. But the kata mains in my friend list are all pretty hyped already so good job ^^ {{sticker:katarina-love}}
Broporo (NA)
: You can get those chests by earning an S rank, or having someone on your team earn an S rank, and you'll get a chest as long as you own that champion. You can only get one for that champion per season though. You'll need keys to open those chests as well. Playing games will get you key fragments randomly, and it takes 3 to form a key!
"or having someone on your team earn an S rank" this has to be a premade.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 11
Not sure if this is the right place to ask. But I really like the new option in champ select to sort on mastery. But it would be really nice if you could just safe the options so you don't have to select them every time again. Any chance this will be a option soon?
Meddler (NA)
: Yeah, there's a multiplicative effect that hypercarries, tank junglers/tops and Censer supports all have on each other that's pushing out a lot of other parts of the game, in particular on 7.18 (Worlds) but also on Live (7.20). We're expecting pre-season to reset some of that, if it doesn't go far enough we'll need to be heavier handed in getting things back to a more even state.
I also think that a part of the problem lies in the poor mage itemization atm. If mages get some better build paths and there items buffed a little bit they will be stronger in general blowing up adc's way more as a result. Mage sups might also see some benefits from it giving them some extra time to shine as well.
Doxila (NA)
: Riot Changed ARAM RANDOM to robot player
Also i rather have them afk than turning them in a bot. Bots are just free gold en exp.
Broporo (NA)
: Keep in mind that if something gets you punished and makes you drop to Honor Rank 0, you will those honor rewards.
Also dropping in honer drops you to 1 or 0. Going from 2 to 3 already takes at least one month because its time locked. so dropping means there is no chance you are gonna get back to honer 3 before the end of te season.
Broporo (NA)
: Disqualifications won't be lifted. These were announced well ahead of the specified date which would have given everyone the chance to not get punished again after 8/22.
I agree but i think it the ranked border should still be gifted. The ranked borders don't feel like a reward and at least I feel like its just a indication for what ranked some one reached last season.
Broporo (NA)
: Except the people who haven't been toxic this season still have the opportunity to get these rewards! Since these rewards are based on congratulating people on how well they did in the season, it doesn't make much sense to give out skins to everyone. You can still get rewards for having exemplary behavior, those rewards come in the form of a Ward Skin.
Well they should give you a reward for all the time you put in this forum ^^{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Broporo (NA)
: Yea we can totes check what Honor Rank you are, so we'd be able to tell whether or not someone ever reached the rank they are claiming. Plus, people would only be able to get the lower valued ones with this idea.
I mean in game if some one places a blue one you know he was honer level 3. If everyone can choose their reward, (what I think on it self is great) but you don't know if he was honer 3 or maybe he just liked that color more. Its like those players that are silver and than say yeah but on my main i'm diamond can be true can be a lie but you can't tell although with rankes you can at least see it a little bit by the way they are playing.
: he specified the patch "increased the stats by 30 from 30" but OP should definitely fix their post. Ardent gives only 10% heal shield power. Not 15. also the gold efficiency regarding the flat ap is kinda dumb since most supports have not-so-good ap ratios nor do they care too much about getting ap (hence why there's like 1 musical support who actually builds deathcap) since getting more cdr for cc spam/shield spam is way more important than competing in the damage/stats game. competing in the damage/stats race is more of an adc/mage thing which is also why comparing item cost efficiency for supports as a whole isn't too smart to begin with. It's a game of utility not of raw power.
Jup same goes for giving the buff to your self or everyone in your team there are a lot of champs that don't benefit much from extra att speed and on hit damage that much.
: So I've put in the time and hit platinum this season in solo/duo but I've neglected flex and am bronze. So do I need to start spamming flex to get the multiple queue reward?
The good thing is as a plat player you win like 90% of your games on your way to gold so it will be a lot of fun and won't take that long ^^
Broporo (NA)
: Y'know, this could actually be a pretty good idea for future stuff like this. I'm gonna do my best to pass this suggestion along, no promises on anything changing though.
The only problem I see is that it actually reduces the value of the tier 5 reward. If its like this everyone can just claim yeah I was tier 5 but I liked the tier 3 one more. And well no way we can check that so hard to say. But for next year maybe if you can choose the color but the size of the flare/ward increases like in loading screen based on what ranking you got. Basically a chroma skin for you ward skin.
Isaian (NA)
: Store won't open just blank.
I got this issue a lot. For me it get fixed if i just swap between one of the other options and back for example collection or profile and than back to store. Not sure if it is the same issue but might help as well for you :)
TomiMan7 (EUNE)
: Agreed but since Brand is not a support he should not be balanced around that role. That is just nonsense. Making him worse (in this case not making him better) just because that would/could hurt his support potential is just not the way it should be.
The thing is if Brand is balanced for mid but completely stumps as a support you have to balance him as well for the support role.
TomiMan7 (EUNE)
: Dont forget he has to use his full combo to even get to his passive stacks. Any shield support just can use a shield preamptively before its exploads, you dont have to shield some1 right before they get damaged :)
Agree but those shields don't have that much cd. 1 extra second when your shield only has 6 seconds cd just gives you some extra chances to safe some one.
Meddler (NA)
: As an occasional thing to help supports hit a particular power spike I think it's a really cool use of the item system. If it's quite common however it likely suggests some element of support itemization is out of line, in terms of how much power it offers early game, if marksmen should consistently be opting out of offensive itemization for themselves to get extra gold to their support. That certainly seems like the case here, given how impactful getting Ardent first in lane tends to be.
Maybe if other items for tanky/mage sups also get stronger, it would balance out more. Although I think it wouldn't help avoiding the relic shield on adc's. I think if tanky sups would have a option to reduce att speed of the enemy adc to counter ardent that would be a good counter item for ardent. At first I was thinking about Knight's vow, replacing the Chain vest for a Warden's vest and giving the cold steel passive to the one you are binding. But I don't feel like Knight's vow would need some kind off buff atm. Although if the stats would be balanced out and the unique cold steel passive is the weakest of all the cold steel items it might prevent top/junglers from buying the item because they would waste there unique passive from their Tornmail/Randuin's. For mage's sups maybe some kind of item that would give a mark on a enemy champ for a few seconds. They can mark enemy champs buy dealing a certain amount of damage to a enemy champ say 400 damage over 3 seconds. That marked enemy champ than takes 15% extra damage from allies for 4 seconds something like that not sure what would be the right numbers but somewhat like this example I guess.
TomiMan7 (EUNE)
: yes that is true, but there is a lot of minor/quality of life thing that should be changed about him. His burst window is just toooo big. I'd make his Dot dmg a bonus dmg instead(same dmg but just not over 4s) His stacked passive takes 2s to expload. Yes this is the counterplay part but 2s is IMHO is just way to much, make it like 1 second. That way its easier to see how much dmg will you do. Do i need to AA more or can i just run and be safe. Brand already has to walk into AA range if he wants to use his E. Making him a bit more safe after his combo wouldnt hurt. This would not make support Brand more powerful just mid lane a bit more viable. Also could mean he can earn more gold since he could take more kills, and wouldnt just stand there in that 2s watching the enemy get killed by his teammates instead of his passive :( Also his E's spread range is abismal.. I play a lot of brand...i play him as i write this. I could go on and on what could be changed.(dont worry im not afk im just dead) **A lots of small changed could go a long way on him**. **_Also may I ask - if You can recall- In 6.09 You guys said Brand could have been a lot cooler if we could fully rework his ultimate. Could you give some info what those changes would have been?_**
> [{quoted}](name=TomiMan7,realm=EUNE,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=TbHlfb46,comment-id=004e00000000,timestamp=2017-10-06T19:55:53.525+0000) >His stacked passive takes 2s to expload. Yes this is the counterplay part but 2s is IMHO is just way to much, make it like 1 second. That way its easier to see how much dmg will you do. Do i need to AA more or can i just run and be safe. Brand already has to walk into AA range if he wants to use his E. Making him a bit more safe after his combo wouldnt hurt. This would not make support Brand more powerful just mid lane a bit more viable. I actually think its a way bigger buff for support brand than it is for mid brand. In the bot lane brand is playing against other sups that have heals and shields that can be used in those 2 seconds. I'm not against a buff for mid brand but this one feels more like a sup buff to me.
: Mixed feelings on Enchanters
Jup don't nerf the enchanters just buff the other types of sups.
Sparkle (NA)
: Aery flies out to damage opponents or shield allies. She'll then make her way back to you before you can use her again. You can cut down on the time it takes for her to get back by moving out to meet her. She should not disappear during the game, though she sometimes tries her best to get back to you from across the map and it takes her a while (i.e if you hit someone and then TP to bot without grabbing her, Aery will go on a desperate quest to get back to you from across the map which may take a very long time).
Is there a minimum time before she will return to you? Or can you just stand on your ally and get her back instand.
Khumari (EUW)
: Make 1 v 1 mode in Bilgewater Theme to differentiate it from ARAM!
The whole point was that its the same so it cost no extra time investment to sustain this mode. But maybe its now easy to sustain map skins in the new client with all those new ones every event.
Fearless (NA)
: You would need to have 0 charges, and the spell on cooldown for Perseverance. Chilling smite is not an item active, so does not trigger Glacial Augment.
This question was also answered in one of the rune corners. [link](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/F8us08uT-runes-corner-three-more-resolve-runes?comment=000600000000) So the spell only has to be on cd if you have 1 charge it will only be quicker off cooldown. Or has this been changed in the meanwhile?
Fearless (NA)
: Runes, Expectation, and the FUTUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURE!
Will there be some changes to the current sources of tenacity. Because with the 2 new runes Legend: tenacity (20%) and Perseverance 2 * 10% + 15% for 10 seconds. With the 2 old sources elixer of iron (25%) and Mercury's treads (30%) you can get 95% tenacity with both your sums on cd and 100/110% after the use of 1 of your sums. I'm afraid that it maybe leaves to little counter play for certain champs if they get excess to 100% tenacity but I might be wrong haven't been able to play against it. A easy solution would be to cap it like cdr but than at 80% or something.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 26
3 questions. 1 Will some of the runes get a stronger/quicker version in aram. Especially the runes that have there thresholds at 10 mins like magical footwear and gathering storm. I understand if this isn't at the top of the list and the SR version will be your main priority but just wanted to know if there are any plans for aram already. 2 Will there be some changes to the current sources of tenacity. Because with the 2 new runes Legend tenacity (20%) and Perseverance 25% for 10 seconds. With the 2 old sources elixer of iron (25%) and Mercury's treads (30%) you can get 100% tenacity. 3 The most important one. Can we feed poro snacks to our Ghost poro's in aram. ^^
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