Chermorg (NA)
: I suspect this is one reason it wasn't implemented for a while - to allow time to fine tune it to not punish legitimate criticism, even if slightly heated, in post game chat. But I'm not sure.
if that is really the case, kudos to riot for adjusting it. but why did it take them sooo long? i mean cmon. the system is doing an awesome job about ingame chat, you cant tell me basically pressing ctrl c ctrl v took them like 3 seasons.
: You deliberately did not mute him, this says a lot about your intentions. And even making post about it is even more ironic.
i have no idea why he should mute that guy. i had games where someone was flameing in champ select and continued to flame ingame. not even 2min into the game i muted them. at the fucking 70 minute mark (THE 70 MINUTE MARK!!!) we just aced the enemy and are about to end the game. i unmute said person and see that he is STILL flameing towards me. so yea i dont see why you give Lost R shit because he didnt mute some dickface.
Lost R (NA)
: I watched it happen in real time.
i think the chat system is almost perfect. the fact that i just cant stand about is that riot doesnt give us an option. i ALWAYS want to see a notification if my report got a player punished within the last 24 hours. but right now its like a 1% chance that i get that notification. and that sucks. i feel like my reports do nothing. i want to see it! its literally a great system riot has (for chat), but they dont let us see it. its such a rare chance. its literally riot that makes players think their reports are useless and they are helpless. literally riot themselfes do this. which i just dont understand.
Promarsu (EUNE)
: Is honor level too hard to get?
40 honors per checkpoint? LOL if thats all you'd need i'd be honor lv 20 by now. it took me almost 4 months of 4-6 games a day with i swear to god at least 2 honors each game, to reach honor lv 3. 40 honors per checkpoint would be way too kind now listen... there are not even 10 skins in the game that i want. so im fine with not having all of them. champs? i got some IP left (fuck blue essenze, its IP) ward skins - i got my favorite 2. a border for ranked? i dont really care. i literally dont care if im honor lv 0 1 2 3 or 4. (i care about 5, i think the flair is ugly), yet i still want it to be easier to climb in honor lvs. why? idk maybe because every time i end a game i have to see the honor option. which is a good thing BUT I WANNA CLIMB TO 4! :/
: your example isnt extreme enough depending on the champ. It pisses me off more that if i go 0/10 and win i get more than if i went 10/0 and lost
not to mention that minions still count like 75% of the mastery grade...
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Kei143 (NA)
: How do you know they didn't
certain posts wouldnt exist if they did. for example "kill taiwanese" a guy who had a history of over 5000 games that he legit just ran down mid, which he uploaded to his youtube channel. thats just the "biggest" example i know right now.
6AuGis9 (EUNE)
: 14 ban for they first time with no penalty box
"soraka you will get banned noo need report i will send to forum" enjoy the permaban that you will get in 2 weeks.
nosnnirc (EUW)
: Can somebody give me a list of drain tanks in the game?
drain tanks? swain i guess? and train tanks = sion hehe xD
: If kayle would be an Ascended, She might look like this
isis... quite a beautiful name now destroyed thanks to terrorists. same as adolf. i think its a cool german name. but you cant use it anymore :(
: The PBE is the most toxic portion of this game
i didnt use my pbe account in over 3 years... but from what i can tell back then, the tribunal didnt exist for pbe. wouldnt be surprised if there is no IFS either. in the rare moments where vandiril for example shows a bit of chat in his "gameplay" on the pbe, there is ALWAYS insult to see. so yea.
Kei143 (NA)
: Yeap, premades who do that for fun get punished with 14-day ban. We've seen cases like that here multiple times.
really? i cant remember that 4 premades surrendering a won game is actually a rulebreak. quite a few youtubers i know did this before lol
: Apparently Trolling does go by with Riot's punishment system i posted this on the euw boards a while ago and got a riot respone. since i dont really stalk korean trolls i cant tell for sure, but from what i heard this guy is still trolling lol
Kei143 (NA)
: Just report them and let riot manually review them.
i do LET them manual review. but they dont.
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StunnaaX (OCE)
: my account is back to lvl 1 and no champs
its not a bug, its a feature. if the riot support does help you PLEASE tell me ok?
: I think Butchers Bridge should stay
i think we should have the option to turn the skin on/off but that will never happen riot isnt a friend of giving us the option... tho i have to say, i had problems adapting to it. i didnt even see the "snowballs" at first and certain skillshots were also pretty stealthy on this map. i prefer the snowwhite map because its easier to spot stuff there. but yea having the option would be cool
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Nhifu (NA)
: Worse time now than ever to play league
well to be fair... most of the things you said were always like this. ALWAYS!!! but i have to agree i feel like trolling is a bigger problem than it ever was
: > [{quoted}](name=Arammus,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Q6A9HFAL,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-06-19T08:14:18.311+0000) > > well... the only champ that has crit without any items is tryn with his ragebar. {{champion:202}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:80}}
> [{quoted}](name=Warlord Rhinark,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Q6A9HFAL,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-06-19T08:29:12.615+0000) > > {{champion:202}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:80}} crit % chance* all these 4 (hehe 4... jhin...) have a 100% crit in some way.
: Infinity Edge should be disabled on champions that don't have any crit
well... the only champ that has crit without any items is tryn with his ragebar.
Terozu (NA)
: It took me 2 months total to do it playing very minimally.
it took me 4 months to get from h1 back to h2. hm.
: How are these champions healthy for the game?
they arent. but i mean its assassins. just with the stupid fact of "no counterplay". ppl like yasuo, tryn, urgot are so tanky/have so much lifesteal they mostly dont die, if they dont oneshot you. while yi, kha etc just one shot but COULD be stopped.
Śtone (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Arammus,realm=EUW,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=AiakiI9N,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-06-18T19:28:19.506+0000) > > what do you mean? > 5x20 min (at worst) is an insane punishement!!! > noone can deal with that dude. I have plenty of friends who deal with that. 😕
yea it was sarcasm. its a joke.
: A whole lot of summoner Icons on the PBE
SynAce (NA)
: Riot gave me another chance (perm)
i got a smurf of "mine" permabanned 2 years ago and i sent in a ticket and they didnt even want to talk about one more chance ;(
Śtone (NA)
: There needs to be bigger punishments for AFK's
what do you mean? 5x20 min (at worst) is an insane punishement!!! noone can deal with that dude.
: Then why why don’t you just murder the child
i have no idea wtf you are talking about but your weird... "arguments" wont change reality. there are enough kinda well known youtubers and streamers that troll 24/7 since several seasons now and riot doesnt do shit. unless ofc someone creates a reddit post that gets over 15.000 upvotes and everyone is like "yo riot wtf!?" otherwise riot does nothing against trolls. yea i mean they review 1 game... per day (at best) so yea. if youre lucky they review the game of a troll.
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: That’s sounds like giving a drink called poison to a child who’s thirsty and your telling him poison is hard to detect
well. thats how riot works on the troll problem. or doesnt work on it lol.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: {{champion:412}} ?????
{{champion:236}} i will kill you
: Why are players like this allowed to be a part of the league community?
because trolling is harder to detect and riot is not doing anything against it. at least i cant remember riot ever mentioning anything they work on against trolls for the past... 6 seasons lol
TKP B1lly (EUNE)
: the community does not support this system. most are ignorant. riot supports it. Besides that, i said that according to riot, what i said is true. i believe according to riot, if you dont play to win, that is a punishable behavior. now then, if they dont actually punish it 99% of the times, its a entirely different subject. edit: i didnt make the ticket to riot support to get him banned. i know they do nothing.
ofc the community supports the system. why do you think did rito create it? because THE COMMUNITY wanted something faster and more accurate than the tribunal. and now 3 years later everyone is like "oh no i never wanted that!" some of them even have old posts where they legit said 2-3 years ago "riot ty so much i love the new system" fucking lying kids.
: midbeast trolling on stream.
im not a riot employee, but i can give you the EXACT answer a riot employee would give you, if they didnt have a "guide" to follow. Hello there Summoner. trolling is way harder to detect than just flameing and we dont want to review every single game. so please fuck off and stop annoying us, we have to work on ignoring mordekaisers 200+ bugs. with worst regards, rito shames .,|,. (<- thats the riot fist symbol how it really looks)
: So it IS possible! :O
a few patches ago riot said they made it a bit easier to climb out of the low honor pit. cant imagine how long it takes to get from h0 back to h2. i assume 2 entire seasons of constant crawling into everyones asshole and not saying anything bad/neutral at all. if you really care super much about your honor lv and you happen to get to h0, just consider your acc permabanned lol. youre about 50 times faster leveling a new acc and getting to honor lv 3 this way.
TKP B1lly (EUNE)
: @Riot Tantram Clear case of trolling is not getting banned by Riot Support. I guess its allowed.
your last part is a bit wrong. you can play WHATEVER YOU WANT you dont even have to play to win. if you dont get a manual review, which is like a 1/10.000.000 chance, nothing will happen to you. just shut up and dont say anything in chat and you will eventually even get others banned. welcome to the system that the community supported for years. but finally, very slowly, more and more ppl realize the flaw in the system. ps: CAN WE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD STOP SENDING IN TICKETS TO THE RIOT PLAYER SUPPORT ABOUT TROLLS!? we had so fucking many threads where they ALWAYS give you the answer of "i'll look into it" and they dont do jack shit. literally nothing is done and i bet everything that 99% of the times, they just close your ticket and dont even look a second towards the reported player. just stop it. riot support is fine for any question thats not related to player behavior. but for player behavior, they are useless. accept it for fucks sake.
Akàshí (EUNE)
: I would love to make account in another server like Korea and Japan since in EUNE there are always a few polaks that destroy my game experience. Sadly I can’t ...
well i meant euw. since there you wont have lag (or not much)
Akàshí (EUNE)
: So he can basically do whatever he wants ? And I should mute him ? How muting him helps me when he leaves his lane and comes to my lane ? If someone comes and starts living in your house you will quitely go outside and leave the house to the stranger ? And Yeah Im a smurf that got permabanned
i mean its off topic but trolling is harder to detect than simple flame in chat. yea trolls kinda have a free time right now. but flameing at someone does you no good. you got your main permabanned and now got a clean lv 10 acc alrdy punished so yea. use mute all. (and change servers lol)
Echo3s (NA)
: How do you carry at a low elo in league of legends this season?
i play tryn jungle. afk farm till i got statikk + ie and then just 1shot ppl.
Akàshí (EUNE)
: Chat Restricted for Self-Defense
are you lv 10 for real or just a smurf who got his main permabanned? because if you are new to the game and alrdy got a CR thats quite sad. "self def" would be mute and report. flameing someone no matter the reason isnt def. its harassement. others actions dont justify yours. also just in case: post chatlogs
: Why did I get a perma ban...?
i mean your name includes toxic. and you said you are happy to lose and that you dont care about being reported. and just to trigger some ppl lets "ignore" your sexist comments towards males (OMFG DID YOU JUST CLAIM A FEMALE MADE A SEXIST COMMENT ABOUT MALES!? HOW DARE YOU THATS IMPOSSIBLE ONLY MALES CAN BE SEXIST YADA YADA YAAADAAA) whats the matter? lol
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: Are you really complaining about someone picking a specific jungler and accusing them of trolling for picking him **in a normal game**?
even if he picked amumu in ranked, its his choice. i mean flameing someone for picking amumu is just stupid. i have to say amumu is a meh jungler right now, but still wtf.
: Anna has some legit words on how to be a better person. (This may or may not help fight tilt)
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: Let us all remember that this is the whole community BEFORE the Vlad bot & Morde mid fiesta
i want change. im rdy to change. lead the change? riot headquarter, im coming for your lazy ass.
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