: bc it's so simple right?
never said that. but enough forum posts, youtubers, twitch streamers, reddit posts etc showed us that even after 300 games of straight up going 0/20 and losing every single game, sometimes nothing is done
Terozu (NA)
: Actual trolling when caught is a 14 day ban.
"when caught" yea theres the problem.
: How is this fair?
manual reviews are needed and they take way longer. also let me just add "troller" = a car. its called troll trolls
Savunahka (EUW)
: This is why LoL is such a great game
"but riot does permaban inters it just takes them several years because they have to manual review" there i wrote the most useless comment that the majority of ppl would write.
: Why there should be a report for "Doesn't deserve this rank"
i bet everytime i'd lose a game (even if i myself played as good as possible) ppl would report me for me not deserving my rank. even if i was wood 4, i mean iron 4.
Faryá (NA)
: This time i swear its an unjust ban
you asked for reports and made sarcastic comments aka "wont fight again" "honor zyra" etc. dont get why ppl here behave like this is something new
: Odyssey missions dont work because.....
after 18 times someone spammed surrender because his mission wasnt done, i got a group of 4 randoms who actually all worked together well. we played again and did the 3 augments mission again in a perfect go and played another one and did the "all 5 same champ" one. so yeah i mean it took me 19 games to get to this point but it can happen.
RuFiot (EUW)
: tbh if you trolled the whole game and did one good play in the end you still trolled
: so... if you could turn back time, you would intentionally allow the game to be lost (with full knowledge you can win it obviously) just so one player will lose while punishing the other 3 teammates who did you no wrong? This is the mentality of a troll (a specific kind). e.g. - If one person ban your champ at champ select, you are going to troll and int and purposely lose that game to punish that one person meanwhile dragging the other 3 people down who did nothing to you. This is why people get punished for chat toxicity. Not only because they flame the troll, but they created a negative gaming experience for the other 3 people who were not involved. People can claim they just flame the troll all the want. They cannot justify for the other 3 teammates. The good of the many outweighs the good of the few....
youre wrong about this in many ways. 1. the game was lost. 3 enemys were pushing our nexus towers and i was the only one alive with the other 4 being on 40 sec respawn timers. 2. i only feel like this because this diana was such a giant asshole and so ungrateful.
: /mute all. And don't hate yourself, if you do though, seriously consider talking to somebody. I doin't know you at all but from what I can see you seem like a pretty cool guy. Don't go through life hating yourself, talk to anybody about it, either a professional or just somebody you care about, and it'll be easier. If ur just mad at yourself in this instance and it's not a recurring thing, just /mute all and try not to worry about it i guess.
thanks im fine im just mad at me right now. even if i mute all RIOT STILL MAKES US HAVE TO READ POST GAME CHAT! this is where she called me troll. so even with mute all i still had to read that. i didnt even expect that coming so yeah.
Rioter Comments
: penalty system is going to cause a LOT of problems
the kind of person who can get sued for fraud and still goes like "its my right to do that!" even after alrdy proven guilty lol
: Flaming makes things worse...
faker is a pro. HA! now i totally addet something important to the discussion. wow i have to downvote my own comment but still post it. wtf is wrong with me
: I Think I Broke Kayn On The New Game Mode
Akaash (NA)
: Reminder that Riot tried to make us refer to ADCs as marksmen. Treat iron tier the same way.
we cant do that. if we call it wood tier, kshaway has to rename his vids lol
Blitz (NA)
: Do you think any form of argument is flaming?
no but its pretty pointless. since usually you "argue" with someone whos as stubborn as you are. while you are in a game. you most likely annoy the ppl around you and you and the other guy also focus less on the game than they should/could. just my opinion. trust me im a person who loves to discuss and argue aswell. so i know that feeling. but i also know how it feels when 2 ppl on your team are argueing. its annoying as all hell.
: The case for Mercury tier below Bronze
ok so uhm english isnt my first language so im not sure if i understand this correct so if i get it wrong, im sorry i will delete this comment: but from what i understand right now is, youre saying that the ppl that will end up in "iron" (below bronze) are toxic "brainless" (ik not your words but mine) ppl that are uncarryable?
Blitz (NA)
: I have been banned 50+ times, played since s1 and have played in bronze to challenger.
i think you shouldnt give the guy such a bad time. yeah sure he is banned 50+ times and toxic and i dont wanna have him in my team, but he seems pretty calm and reflecting about it lol.
Jo0o (NA)
: Last I heard, it was ongoing.
makes sense i guess. i'd like to get some infos. riot pls <3 share with us your wisdom
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Rate my toxicity on a scale of 1 to 10! (poll)
: Unpopular Opinion - Emilia is best girl in Re:Zero
who what where? all i can since we talk about "girls i wanna date" is i landed in a weeb thread. so let me just get all the hate: your waifu isnt real and she sucks.
: One of the things I miss about Ryze
what i miss most about ryze is... his monthly reworks
: Not for playing it for fun. For willfully ruining it for 4 other players, repeatedly, and taking satisfaction in it. You could just as easily go on discord, join an LFG chat, and say you're looking for a group for casual onslaught runs. But you don't.
i want to play a game friend... live or die, make your choice... EHEHEHEHEHE
: They said from the start it was meant to be a 4 week alpha, and based on results of that alpha they'd decide if it would be RGM, Permanent, or 'Nobody liked it so we're never doing this again'. August (Riot Jinxylord) said it was enough of a success that they're definitely bringing it back, but they haven't decided if it's going to be permanent or if it's going to be RGM. Either way though, they'd need to make new art assets for it so it doesn't look like smaller Summoner's Rift with a slightly different shape.
in a nutshell: call me whatever you want, but my weird theory seems to be correct. riot will NEVER implent a new mode permanent because they see the numbers in ranked drop and go panic.
: Nobody actually _wants_ to play onslaught. It's boring. People only play it for missions. I think you're probably a sociopath
yea im a sociopath because i play the mode for fun. makes sense. may i ask what you are doing in LoL?
: If a majority of the people are in agreement on a mission which is the entire point of onslaught and you decide to waste everyone's time then you are just being a dick to spite them for no reason other than being childish
what if my mission is all play the same champ but the premades are like "fuck you we are 3 or 4 and you are alone you do as we say or we report you"?
: Anyone else can't wait for Nexus Blitz to return?
i literally have no idea why riot removed nexus blitz for odyssey. isnt it supposed to be a permanent gamemode? (at least now i can say i called it, the mode wont last 2 months) oh i see why... because then they had to resize the gamemode selection window in the client to fit every gamemode. i swear thats legit their best reason
Rioter Comments
abca98 (EUW)
: So I sent that support ticket about that inter Zoe, and this was Riot's response.
thread number 290875349515734 showing that riot support isnt doing jack shit even if you keep writing them until a human answers you "personaly" again saying just the same copy pasta in his own words. yet ppl will still say "send a ticket to riot support. they help"
Rioter Comments
Phoenixdust (EUNE)
: Riot officially doesn't give a fck about soft inters.
in my opinion they do care but not even close enough to actually tryhard on banning them
: Autofill Protection only lasts a single game.
Terozu (NA)
: Did it seriously bug you that much I got honor 1 that fast? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
its not about you. its that you are the FIRST person i see who did it that fast. so i had to ask. arent you confused yourself? theres like several thousands and thousands of players taking months and you are the first one to do it in 5 days? that should raise some questions. still congratz lol
Rioter Comments
: > if you get reported and literally did nothing, does just the actual report slow down honor progress? No. Only valid reports.
even with an answer from tantram himself, this still is hard to believe. just cause it takes soooo damn long. and i mean if you get enough valid reports for it to take several months, im pretty sure you also get a punishement.
  Rioter Comments
: when you submit a support ticket at the very bottom there is a live chat option
and when it comes to euw riot support... i dont trust them at all
Jo0o (NA)
: ***
i shower at normal temperatures so i cant tell hm.
Hμghes (EUW)
: are you fcking kidding me?
its unlikely but yea mmr wise you could be unlucky. this kinda happened to me i went 2:8 in placement and got placed in silver 5. its a mmr thing. you can go 0:10 if you had ppl with good mmr (but hardstuck) in your team, you will get ranked higher
abca98 (EUW)
: After this Zoe suicided under tower for the third time our Yasuo asked her why she was trolling.
MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE is still that riot support does nothing when it comes to player behavior. and inting is still a case of "manual review or nothing happens".
Rioter Comments
: This feels more "Memes and Games" than "Player Behavior".
: Short Answer: You can't.
+1 this sadly its true unless said person gets a manual review (WHICH THE RIOT GAMES SUPPORT IS NOT DOING) nothing will happen
Rioter Comments
Terozu (NA)
: Keep in mind 2 things, 1. Climbing from honor locked and honor 0 takes less time than getting from 2 to 3, 3 to 4 or 4 to 5. 2. I got my punishment a little while after they made the 0-2 climb somewhat easier. I got my honor 3 the same day as the first guy to get it, 3 hours after him actually, but I dont think that matters. What I think matters is that normally I'm a friendly and fun person, I make jokes and get along with people, I do dumb role play and have fun with the enemy even when I'm losing. The reason I got a chat ban was twofold. Game 1, I was defending a person who was having a bad game, our other 3 teammates were flaming him. Game 2, I was defending myself from an intentional feeder who said it was my fault he decided to int since I didn't pick everything he wanted as his support. Between these games my profanity and massive amount of messages I earned a 10-game chat ban, the inter was apparently either 14day banned or perma banned. That is to say it's entirely possible my punishment simply wasn't as severe as others.
still i dont get why you are legit the ONLY PERSON i ever saw climbing this fast
Terozu (NA)
: Riot Tantrum congratulated me on it. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/2dLK3IWP-i-got-out-of-honor-0-in-5-days
i dont get it. when the new honor system went live, i was among the ppl who got honor 3 the first. all i did was my typical "gl hf" and "gg wp" and sometimes "we could do baron free now" so i know this method works because again i was among the first to get h3. then i got my well deserved 10 games CR, and it took me almost 4 months to get from h1 back to h2 BY DOING THE SAME THING I DID BEFORE so how the f can you climb honor in 5 days? that cant be possible man i still can not believe it.
: Perhaps more like this, then? https://i.giphy.com/media/daDA43pfSyeHK/giphy.gif
Terozu (NA)
: I got out of honor 0 in 5 days.
how man? this is actually impossible lol i cant believe it. i myself (when i hit h1 and unlocked it) played like 4 weeks without saying ANYTHING and didnt even hit the first checkpoint. ik positive behavior speeds it up further but come on.
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