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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 29
So about the gameplay updates, they will slow down in the preseason but once the season starts they'll have the same speed as of right now correct? Also Rengar's update closer to a yes or a no after LB's?
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: September 1
Hello meddler, I want to use the fact that you touched on sounds in general: > Generally we can act on that feedback, especially in cases where it's a small change that's quick to do and a clear. Everyone, mains and non mains, agree that Rengars old sounds were better. The jump, the W, the E. All got changed to the worse. We made a resource pack to replace these sounds with the old ones. But have to update them/install them with everypatch. Since the sounds already exist, most of them are in the sound banks could any one pherhaps think about changing them back? Thanks for your work.
: Hey Repertoir! Would you happen to know how many of these roster updates we'll be getting? I wanted to make a compilation post but don't know how many we can expect before I should begin!
: I think he meant Shaco is being done by the other guy, or the conversation.
: sooooo... he can jump on someone then die before he can kill them?
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: Man. Keep calm. Lol wont die because of Rengar... Learn how to control your salt {{item:3070}}
This game is League of Rengar for us mains. Other champs are just meh.
: My current plan is to make it so that you can cast one spell in the middle of a leap. This may come as some disappointment to some Rengar players (the ones that have optimized their Q+E+Tiamat+W inputs), but being able to cast all your spells mid-air leads to some of the omgwtfburst problems he's had in the past. This will be less of an issue altogether with the Q changes we're looking to make.
So if passive doesnt apply Q, Q isnt a basic attack anymore right?
: The team has spent a considerable amount of time coming up with ways that Thrill of the Hunt can be fun and satisfying for both Rengar and opponents. I think the version we're looking at is going to hit the mark, and I hope players will feel the same.
Well thats amazing to hear however Isnt his ult all you needed to fix? Why do you feel the need to rework his other abilities?
: I expect that someone will make a post about some of the upcoming changes to stealth, but I'm not sure when. To the best of my knowledge, there are still quite a few moving parts there. That said, Rengar's update is currently operating under the conditions of the new stealth system.
Do you feel that if you managed to balance stealth Rengar would still need a rework?
: > just curious if there something there that makes him jumping in 1v3 or something like that a little more in his favor coming out. I'm looking at some changes to the W to try and improve his ability to "get out." > what is his "niche" as an assassin Rengar excels at providing his team a sustained vision/tracking advantage over the enemy team. He also excels as circumnavigating enemy vision.
That last line is really disapointing.
: Assassin Roster Update - Rengar Direction
Hi thanks for the post. I just want to ask/Kinda beg to try to keep him viable top. Mainly asking if we can still heal with W?That is one of the important things to keep viable in lane.
: Hey Velasan - We're aware of a lingering bug where Azir can start automatically moving after issuing soldier attack commands. However, because movement is canceled by other inputs and Azir is a high-input champion, we feel it didn't warrant leaving Azir disabled. It'll be fixed next patch!
Legit Question:Are you looking into fixing some rengar bugs anytime soon? or hes not considered a champion anymore?
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