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: shes getting a buff, no mimimum cast range on w anymore
> [{quoted}](name=Jenivie,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=GAgmRroy,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-07T22:15:15.157+0000) > > shes getting a buff, no mimimum cast range on w anymore Really ? I admit it can help her but... The big problem comes from her useless passive (since she has no legs she can't buy boots, LOLOLOLOLOL, tell that to Vel'koz, Zac, Nocturne, Nami and Aurelion Sol !) Since she has no mobility and her build doesn't really fit her gameplay, she needs either a buff on her early game or on her passive, the w buff is, to me, just a way of saying "Ok we buff her, now see you in 2 or 3 years"...
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: Yuumi is a broken champ
Win rate has nothing to do here. The champ in herself isn't attractiv, ppl did complain about the design beeing to childish after Zoe's drama. Now, it's not because she's not played as often as yasuo after his release that it makes her bad. Not at all. She's broken and beyond op, since 80% of ppl games are won on bot lane because the support dies first or feed. Most of them can't escape while most of adc can ( flash heal for example ). Yuumi is untargetable, you can't feed on her since she will just leave her adc if he's about to die. Same in teamfight, she'll stay with the fed champ, helping him till he dies, and she'll go on an other one. This is a big problem, one less champ to feed on, she won't gives golds nor XP. Her perma shield is kinda op in late, her heal works exactly like Sylas's before his nerf and it heals for too much plus she can do it 2 times !!! Her poke is fine, the q is a really hard skillshot since it has no aoe you can hide between minions it's ok, but i don't get why sometimes it goes far and sometimes it just disappears after 1 sec xd ! Her ult is ok too. Her passiv is cool, but since she can't be punished while someone is near her, you just get auto and then she runs away ( she can aa + attache at the same moment and it still works ). SOOOOO ! Her heal needs a little nerf, her shield scaling too. Since she will probably not die more than 5 times ( all the yuumi i have seen would not die more than 3 lol ! ) she can't be SUPER usefull, she has to be easier to punish ! And to make it easier, you've to give cooldown to her w or charges, even a little mana cost since she doesn't suffer from mana losse with her passive + w. Then, she will have to think before just using w to everybody in teamfight to give them heals and ardent and to escape from a certain death. Broken Yuumi resolved, after this, it's all about numbers and it's not my job, but i gave Riot ideas ! ( If you don't want to nerf her this hard, just nerf the w, it's the main reason why she's op, it's like playing has 4v5 with Abathur in HOTS, boosting ppl but giving nothing to the ennemy team lol !
: Nerf Conqueror
Just saying that if you build some lifesteal with conqueror, you destroy anything you want unless you get 1v5 and get chained cc, which doesn't happen since nobody can do ult and summ on the same person or they loose a teamfight. Now, conqueror is beyond broken, dealing true damage is actually game breaking. It's not for nothing that Darius, Yasuo, Irelia and Jax are mostly winning their games when they go conqueror. You've tons of hybrid dmg and you've true dmg too ! And conqueror has no cd ! If you proc it, you can have it for an entire fight until you stop attacking someone ! I even see some Miss Fortune and Draven going conqueror, and it was not designed for ranged at first. You can't go tank against conqueror, you'll die in 4 sec ( if they're not fed LOL ), you can't build dmg either, if they take some lifesteal, you won't have the dmg to break a single shield because you're not designed to do dmg. If you're an ap, you can poke yeah, but 1 mr item and you'll feel like you've no dmg, because hey... BRUIIIIIISERS ! I won't talk about beeing an adc season 8 since bruisers are on top of the meta and they nearly one shot them all. So, what's left ? An other bruiser with conqueror ! So basically, to have a chance against a conqueror 1v1 you must have conqueror, or get camped by your jungler and hoping that the other lanes are fine ^^ ! Anyway, this rune is stupid and unfair, most of the bruisers are beyond broken with that and if you can't tank anything, you're basically dead ( most of them are designed to reach ranged champions, so if you don't have any frontlane that can peel and tank for you, well, you're dead again ! haha ) Nerf this, that's all. End this bruisers retarded meta, and go back to the old "tank can tank, adc can kite and kill a tank, ap can poke and kill squishy, bruisers can kill the adc or the ap and tank can kill the bruiser or the ap !" Putting conqueror in this game just vanish the logic and make bruisers the kings of the rift.
: The real reason the matchmaking system is so bad - and why Riot has zero intentions of changing it
I've just found this post, and o-m-g. This is insane, you're saying the truth ! I was so mad when i learnt that i couldn't chain win even if i was doing my best ! I got stuck in silver for 2 fucking years but i was playing with plats and diamond in normal ( these are my friends who told me that i was a really good support ), but i couldn't win anything in ranked, because i was matched against really high elo ( smurf or not sometimes, i even got a challenger in my game ! Only once in 2 years but still. It's often plat or high gold, i'm actually gold 5 ) Anyway, i hope people will find that post and read it, because Riot really need to change their matchmaking, this is driving the community toxic and insane.

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