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: The 2016 Ranked Season: Updates on Dynamic Ranked and your feedback
What MMR will be used for the start if Dynamic Q? I am solo Q Plat 5. And Played in a normal Ranked Team which ended in Gold 4 last Season. But i play in 2 additional ranked teams with different friends (real life). In this teams we had people from Plat 1, down to Bronze 1 for Solo Q Rankings. One Team looked kinda Plat 1, Plat 5, Gold 3, Silver 3, Bronze 1. The Other Team looked kinda Plat 1, Plat 5, Silver 4, Silver 4, Silver 5. Now with the abandon of Team Ranked i want to know: - Will i be able to play with my lower Elo Friends in Dynamic Q or won't we be able to play together again, after Teamranked is gone?


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